Samut Songkhram is a province that have a way of life beside the river, when there is a community then there is a floating market. The most famous tourist attraction place in Samut Songkhram is Aumphawa Floating Market.

Nowadays, floating market is changing from tradition way quite a lot because of the changing of society. However, the floating market is still charming in itself and never be bored every time you come because the highlight for floating market is to eat. Everyone likes to eat, right?

Today, I would like to take you all to walk around in floating market in Samut Songkhram and not one market but three markets in one day which are Bang Nok Kaek Market, Nam Bang Floating Market, and Aumphawa Floating Market. These markets are located at the entrance to a canal that flows to Mae Klong River and not that far from each other.

It is not far from Bangkok only an hour by car. It is such a good idea for travel during weekend.

12.00 น. @ Bang Nok Kaek Market

Only an hour, we are here at Bang Nok Kaek Market and it is Lunch time. For your information, Nok Kaek is a smell egret with color and red eyes.

This market is an old market over 100 years old. It closed because of people are changing their way of life and it opened again to increase tourism in the province. But this market is still not famous as it uses to be.

As there are fewer tourists, there are also less shops. It is not a busy market but there is still restaurant that open.

The famous menus are crab noodle and coconut shell noodle but I choose to try Here Kriet Kao Haeng which looks good and taste good. In the photo, one is rice with chicken and another one with pork ribs.

And continue with dumplings and Chinese bun which taste quite okay.

It makes me feel sad that every time I come there are less tourist and shops even it is not that far form Aumphawa. I would like everyone to come here too.

13.30 hrs. @ Bang Noi Floating Market

This is my third time to come here. It is totally different from Bang Nok Kaek Market, here is quite developed. There are many shops starting from the parking at Wat Koh Kaew to the market. Another interesting thing is all shops are on the left of the canal and the right side mostly renew boutique hotels. I would say that it is a very good idea but the price is quite high.

There are many things for shopping but I am not that kind of person so just take photos.

It is time to eat again (actually I am still full), but we are already here let try something.

We finally decide to eat Kuay Jub (boiled Chinese pasta square), it is not that good but also not that bad.

Then we come to buy drinks at a coffe shop that is next to the Kuay Jub shop; Honey Lemon Soda for me and Blended Lemon Juice with Honey Topping for my lady. In a hot weather, it is better to get some drinks to refresh ourselves. Here are the coffee shop's photos.

16.00 hrs. Aumphawa Floating Market

Luckily, today is not too crowded even there are Chinese Tours Groups. Parking space is not hard to find. We can easily walk around the market.

Wow!!! Rainbow cotton candy....I would suggest to people who really like sweet

Walking around and taking photos

I remember that last time that I came it was still peaceful and quiet which is totally different from today. All shops and hotels are renovated and make it more interesting. "Time is passed by so fast."

This looks so nice, "Pad Thai Kiew Krob" even we still not hungry but it looks so attractive and it tastes good too.

Let's continue with desserts, which is my favorite one. Every time I come here, I have to visit Srimala Ice Cream. It is sorbet ice-cream and topped with salt and chilli (a kind of seasoning that Thai people like to dip with fruits). It makes me feel so good^^.

After that we are walking around and taking some more photos. There is nothing interest me except for food. hahahaha^^

Our last menu today before go home is Kanomjeen (Rice Noodle). The restaurant is quite nice but taste is not pass.

Even thought the floating market is changing its way of life but it still charming in itself and you know there is not only Aumphawa Floating Market in Samut Songkarm.

And this is the end of our trip, three markets with in a day.

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