have been to Krabi almost 10 times already, however, this trip to Krabi happens when I participated in the campaign on Facebook with Thailand Circle of Love page and I won the accommodation voucher at The Tubkaak Krabi Boutique Resort for a superior room 3 days 2 nights with breakfast. Nevertheless, I have never been to Tubkaak beach before and for this trip, all the expenses except the accommodation cost such as air ticket, tour program, lunch and dinner, is on me.

This time, I choose Bangkok Airways service for the trip. Actually, I have done check-in and chosen the seating through Bangkok Airways website already; however, I need to queue up to check-in my baggage once again.

The check-in service website makes things more convenient.

After getting a boarding card and having my baggage load, my crucial mission begins which is hunting for the superb Bangkok Airways snack; Khao Tom Mad (Steamed sticky rice with banana filling wrapped in banana leaves).

During the time, Lounge Bangkok Airways is on renovation; therefore, they open the service at Gate 7 instead. Upon arriving, I feel awkward as I don't know where to show my boarding pass to claim for a Lounge service. Normally, we have to show our boarding pass before getting into the Lounge; thus, I show my boarding pass to the staff and ask them that "Do you need to check a boarding pass or not?", she shakes her head showing that there is no need to, then after that my mission begins.

The appetizer on the menu is still the same but only the Popcorn machine is missing.

This time they add additional two kinds of desserts, I don't know how long they add up these desserts but last time I use the service here, they are still not here. Two kinds of desserts are "Khanom Sod Sai" (Coconut-filled Rice Cake) and "Khanom Tien" (Sweet Stuffed Dough Pyramid). However, the most popular dessert here is still "Khao Tom Mud" (Steamed sticky rice with banana filling wrapped in banana leaves). As I taste most of the menu that provide in service, and I have to admit that Khao Tom Mud is the best. It exactly what the word of the mouth saying that Khao Tom Mud here is really good, it tastes sweet and soft with ripe banana and the taste is just right for me. Thus, I have breakfast here at Bangkok Airways Lounge.

I pick first flight in the morning at 09.25am, however, according to my intention; it is somehow a bit late. I originally would like to start my journey around 7 in the morning so that I can have more time to travel in many attractions. However, it is because of Khao Tom Mud that makes me decide to fly with Bangkok Airways. The design pattern of this aircraft is very adorable with the luggage picture pattern all over the aircraft.

After taking off and fasten seat belt sign is off, the airline staffs start to serve us some light meal.

I feel pretty full as I ate quiet a lot in the Lounge already. And after not more than half an hour and I have to eat some more light meal again; however, I don't want to disappoint the service of airlines so I eat it all up. No problem. Ha Ha Ha.

It takes approximately an hour and then we arrive at Krabi airport safe and sound. The sky today is quite bright but not as much as I expect; however, just no rain and everything will be just fine.

Upon arriving at the airport, Khun Phensri, a local guide has come to pick me up at the airport. It is kind like after stepping out from the passenger hall, I can get on a car right away. First destination that Khun Phensri will take me to is to fill up some energy so that I could have more energy to travel according to the tour program.

We have lunch at Ko Joi Restaurant, a well-known Khanom Jeen (Thai Rice Noodles) restaurant in Krabi city. The recommend menus of this restaurant are Khanom Jeen and Fried Chicken. There are 3 sauces serving over Khanom Jeen which are Namya Kathi, Kaeng Tai Pla and Nam Prik eat with boiled egg; it's absolutely delicious. In fact, I love to eat Khanom Jeen, but I can only eat just a little because I am already full. Thus, I need to tell them beforehand that it is not that because their Khanom Jeen is not delicious but I'm really full so I just only eat only one dish of Khanom Jeen and one piece of Fried Chicken.

After we are full, then we head to Klong Thom district. I will start my journey in Krabi at Emerald Pool. From parking lots, we have to pay the entrance fee before getting in and the ticket fee for children costs 10 baht and adult costs 20 baht. There are two routes leading to Emerald Pool which are the shortest route, the distance is 800 meters from the entrance to Emerald Pool, it is a grave path which passes through the abundant forest and another route is the nature trails with the distance of 1400 meters. In both sides of the nature trails, you will walk pass the forest and the stream that flows from spring mount above. The interesting attractions here combine with three hot pools which are Glass Pool, Emerald Pool and Blue Pool. The water in each pool has emerald green color with the temperature approximately 30-50 degrees.

Every time I visit here, I always choose the first route which is 800 meter-long direct grave path. However, this time I will choose another route to walk along the nature trails for the hope that I might experience something new.

You will many spots of clear water streams and big ponds in both sides along the nature trails, and for those who take this route, you will find Glass Pool which is one of the tree pools that I have mentioned before.

The Emerald Pool is only a short walk from the Glass Pool. The crystal emerald green color pool among the forest, it is magnificent!. For the visitors who play the water in this pool, I would really like you guys to strictly act according to the rule and suggestion of the officer. We can help to protect the Emerald Pool to be with us for a long time and could conserve it for other visitors who come after, they could see the great astonishing of nature too.

During the walk around the Emerald Pool, I would suggest you guys to be more careful as the rocks around the edge of the pool that have the water flows through are quite slippery, if you are not careful, you may slip and fall down.

For those who still have some more energy left, I would recommend that you should walk a little further for approximately 2 kilometers to watch the source of the water stream that flows to Emerald Water. On the way, you will walk pass groves of Fern, abundant forest and the water stream that flows along, those can freshen up the energy.

The bright blue color that located before my sight is "Blue Pool" which is the origin of the Emerald Pool. It is a spring mouth with the turquoise color, there is the bubble rising up continuously and it will rise up more if there is a noise for example clapping noise. Swimming is not permitted in this area. I once visited this place and saw that there is a tourist walk out of the walk way and then he steps on the quicksand area and his whole leg sink and disappear in it.

From the Emerald Pool, we then head to Tubkaak beach. However, during the way I will take a visit to worship Buddha image at Wat Tham Suea (Tiger Cave Temple) first. The name of the temple is unidentified but it is assumed that there are tigers live in the cave in the past. There is the bulge of the cave resembling a tiger's paw inside the cave.

The Tiger Cave Temple has a splendid view point to watch the scenery of Krabi city in high view as well. Though, the tourist has to walk up to thousands of staircases to reach the view point. Since my time is quite short and I would not like to hurt my knee so I will skip the view point and just worship Buddha image and watch the history of this Tiger Cave Temple's name.

Inside the temple, there is also the building in Chinese style that was housed Phra Phothisat Kuan Im image in large size for tourists to worship.

After that I head straightly to Tubkaak beach which is the location of The TubKaak Krabi Boutique Resort. Tubkaak beah is approximately 30 kilometers away from the city . It is rather far from the city and important attractions of Krabi. From the information I knew, Tubkaak beach is quiet elite, calm and private which is completely different from Ao Nang. Before we reach Tubkaak beach, we will pass the mine with the conveyor belt for transmit ore to the sea. And when I saw the scenery, a question comes up in my mind that Is Tabkaak beach really beautiful?

It takes approximately 3.5 kilometers from the mine to the small route that separates from the village which most of the villagers are fishermen. The small route cuts across along the mountain, it takes just only a while and we reach at The Tubkaak Krabi Boutique Resort, the area is covered with the greenery large trees.

or the first step that I get off from the car, I am strike with the architecture design of this place. As this place uses a concept of "Timeless Architecture" which means that the architecture style that can be perfectly harmonized with the nature.

Iced Matoom Juice (Bael Fruit Iced Juice) with refreshing towel could freshen up me a lot. The area in front the Lobby is arranged for the guest to sit and relax. The Lobby building is high and airy, there is the wind flows by all the time. Moreover, there is mist fan arranging inside for calm up the heat.

he Tubkaak Krabi Boutique Resort opens for service since October 2003. This place has received the prize from The Association of Siamese Architects under the Royal Patronage of His Majesty the King in the type of "Citation Awards in 2004". I really do admire the idea of the architect that uses the uniqueness of Sounthern part to design the place. The architect designs roof shape resembles Kolae boat and the gable of the roof will have the wooden plate stretches out which represents to be the head of King Naga. This roof style is somehow the uniqueness of this place already as the resort has used this roof style to be the resort's logo.

Apart from has been awarded in the designation aspect, this place has been largely spoke about in the best seller book of New York Time, “1000 Places To See Before You Die". Moreover, this place also received many awards such as 2009 and 2011 Traveler's Choice Award, Best of Romance, Asia and 2013 Best of Service, Thailand from customer's vote and review in Trip Advisor, win the contest of the middle to small size boutique hotels, Thailand Boutique Awards 2010, Natural and Environment of Southern part award, and recently the hotel was awarded Gold Award, Green, Nature and Environment and Silver Award of Architecture and Design from Thailand Boutique Award 2011.

he word “Tubkaak" is the name of the beach. “Tub" means “House" and “Kaak" means “Visitor". You could see 13 islands of Koh Hong Islands from the beach; the villager calls it “Pa Koh" (Forest of Islands). Behind these 13 islands is located Hang Nak Mountain which abundant of the important source of water of Krabi province. The resort location is located at the King Naga's belly area; therefore, you can find that there will be the sign which shows about King Naga inside the resort.

After we have done with the check-in process, Khun Sunny, the Resident Manager of the resort takes me to tour inside the resort area.

In each type of rooms, the door is made from a large teak wood plat with the door latch lock to show Thainess style. There is an umbrella provides for guest in front of the entrance door. The first room type that Khun Sunny takes me to explore is Seaview room.

Sea view Room is in one-story house with 2 rooms inside. The decorative interior design looks pretty comfy; it might be because of the color tone of the room as well as the decorative furniture that make this room looks great. There is a space for some writing as well.

There are various facilities provide inside such as refrigerator, coffee maker, ceiling fan, hair dryer, large LED screen with the satellite signal, DVD player, telephone and safe box.

rom Sea View room, just slide the curtain and you could see Pa Koh at front of your sight.

From the roughly eyes evaluation, approximately 60% is the bedroom area and other 40% will be the bathroom area. Inside the bathroom, dry and wet zone are clearly divided. The dry area combines sanitary ware and washing basin which are made to order, the resort doesn't use the washing basin that ready to install as the washing basin will smoothly connect to the cabinet. And the wet area will consist of Rain Shower and a tub.

This is the attention in the detailed idea of the resort; folded two towels and place them beside each other; it will look like the logo of the resort.

The Beach Pool Villa is a kind of one big villa and the area is quite spacious. When open the door, you will find the bedroom area and a space for writing and working behinds the head of the bed.

There is a bed for leisurely sit or lie back to watch TV or watch the scenery outside the room located at the end of the bed.

At the end of the bed, there is the door which can lead to the outside area. When open the door, it will be the pool area in rectangle shape. The pool is not wide but it rather focuses on the long shape.

t the back of the working area will be the bathroom which is clearly divided into wet and dry area. Villa room type will have two washing basins.

et and dry area will be separated by sliding door. When slide the door open, you will find the wet area which located just outside. It is kind like you are force to take a bath in the outdoor area; however, I guarantee that it is definitely safe from the sight of other people.

he Premier Pool Villa is similar to Villa type with one big villa style. The area and facilities resemble to Beach Pool Villa type but the head side of the bed will be close to the room wall. And for the writing desk will be at the corner of the room.

The bathroom area is located behind the bed with two washing basins in the middle, the left are is the dry area and the right area is Rain Shower area.

There is a door locates beside the bedroom which can be opened to the area that the resort design to be a tub and pool. The pool style is similar to Beach Pool Villa in rectangle shape; it rather focuses on its long shape. I personally love this area.

The Superior Room and the Deluxe Room type, they seem like a 2-stories house. Meaning that one villa will be divided into left and right sections. The room in the upper floor will be Deluxe Room type and the room at the ground floor will be Superior Room type. Therefore, one big villa consists of two deluxe rooms and two superior rooms.

When open the door and get inside the room, you will find the path leading to bedroom and bathroom. The amenities and facilities in the bedroom section will be like other room type which I have mentioned earlier above.

Since superior room is located at the ground floor; therefore the room shape is similar to a square box and the ceiling is not high like deluxe room.

Let's skip to the bathroom area, the wall between the bedroom and the bathroom is a glass wall. Wet and dry area will be clearly divided from each other. Dry area consists of sanitary ware and washing basin which harmoniously connect to the cabinet in a long line.

Wet area provides Rain shower and a tub which no ceiling that you could watch the scenery above.

Now, let's explore the Deluxe Room which is the room that I will be staying for two nights. Deluxe room is located on the second floor above Superior Room. The good thing of the second floor room is the room will airy according to the roof structure; it seems more airy than Superior Room.

Actually, Superior Room does not seem too small as the ceiling of our normal house is like Superior Room. However, since we are comparing with Deluxe Room, therefore, we think that deluxe room is more airy.

There is the area for writing as well; it seems like Japanese style desk with the seat cushion to sit on the floor instead of sit on the chair. There are two lighting lamps place above the writing desk; the design is pretty adorable.

When open the curtain beside the bed, you will find glass wall which could slide to the balcony area for sit back.

Upon walking into the room, the left hand side will be the wardrobe which the one side of the wardrobe will be wooden door for open and close. And another side will be used by fabric instead of wood. I am also surprised by the design of the wardrobe, this is the first time I see something like this. Next to the wardrobe, it is the sliding door made from glass which has the fabric covers it and the back of the sliding door will be the bathroom zone.

Let's see inside the bathroom, when open the sliding door, we will find the dry area which is the area of sanitary ware and wash basin.

The water tap seems to be made from brass, it looks really classy. For the toiletries are packed in the bag, it somehow looks like the wedding gift.

For the wet area will be separated from the dry area by the glass wall. It is completely separated from each other. If you would like to take a shower, you have to open the glass door to the wet area which is a semi-outdoor area, there are the area for the Rain Shower for guest to take a shower under the eaves and the area for the bath tub that guest could soak into the water and watch the above atmosphere in the same time.

The facilities inside the room, let's start from a music player that can load songs from iphone.

There are coffee maker and refrigerator provided as well as tea and minibar free of charge for the first set which includes two cans of soft drinks and two bottles of soda. As for drinking water, they will provide four bottles at first, but you could ask for more as during the housekeeper comes to clean my room, she adds up drinking water to four bottles, although I already drank up two bottles of them.

There are the basket and two towels for carry to change when you swim at the pool or the sea.

Inside the wardrobe, there are safe box, mosquito repellent, electronic mosquito repellent, bathrobe as well as a number of hangers provided. Although there is the mosquito repellent provided but from my two nights stay, I didn't feel that there is a mosquito here which I am quite surprised. Not like at Hua Hin, there are lots of mosquitoes that I have to beat them all night.

Key hanging area together with do not disturb/please clean the room sign.

Recommend resort document

Ending with a welcome Fruits.

Let's see various of activities that the resort has arranged for their guest. Starting with THE SPA.

The building in front of THE SPA is one-story building which still keeps the uniqueness of the roof shape like every villa room.

Inside, it's the Reception Spa area.

Next to the Reception Spa will be sauna room and tub.

The room with outstanding design which does not resemble to other is the massage room; t here are 3 massage rooms with the high ceiling roof design which the designer has an inspiration from silkworm cocoon.

The wall of massage room constructs with many splats; there are lamps decorate behind those splats as well. The top of the silkworm cocoon room will be acrylic which can get the light from the sun during morning until evening time. And this is my first time seeing such a brilliant design.

The Gym is another facility that resort has provided for the guest which is free of charge. Nonetheless, it seems that this room is not as popular as I thought; you could see that the fitness equipment in the gym are quite new. Apart from fitness equipments, if you would like to mountain biking, you also can contact the resort for the service free of charge.

The Library is located on the lower floor of Lobby building; it is separated into 2 zones which are reading zone and internet zone.

The opposite of The Library will be l'artisan which is the souvenir shop.

The pool is divided into kid pool and adult pool which located at the middle of the resort next to The Spa.

Let's see the dining room area “Di Mare dining room" it's the newest Italian dining room which recently open for service. Di Mare dining room serves Italian food in Trattoria (Homemade) style among the romantic atmosphere by the sea and could watch Pa Koh in the front. Every menu has been specially created and designed by the chef that has the experience in cooking Italian food for renowned hotel and restaurant in Italy, England, and Australia for more than 30 years.

Before I recommend another dining room which is considered to be the highlight of the resort, I would like to show everyone the atmosphere of the beach first.

There is the resort signboard located at the front of the beach and area for the guest to sit back and indulge in the sea ambience. You could observe that there is no canvas bed and beach umbrella to obstruct the atmosphere on the beach. On the contrary, the resort has provided large cushion for guest to sit back and watch the scenery during sun set time. Beside from that there is also kayaking boat provided for guest free of charge.

The charm of Tubkaak beach is 13 Islands of Koh Hong Islands or local people usually call Pa Koh which means a lot of islands that line up in the sea on the east side. There are Koh Yao Noi and Koh Yao Yai act as the wind shield as if they are the walls that the nature built; That is why it seems that Tubkaak beach has no wave, calming sea water and no the salted wind like other beaches. It is said that in the ancient times, this place is the area for stopping the boat during the monsoon season.

Before sunset, I would suggest not to miss out sitting back and looking at the view at Hong Islands. During the twilight time, the last sunlight will out shine to the 13 Islands which make all of them glowing in gold. Those islands are in the same area, and the position of the island could make them look beautiful layers. The one that are closer to us will be in darker shade and the one that are farther will be in lighter shade. This is definitely a heaven on earth. The beauty starts when the sunlight is getting weak and then we will see the sun in a big and round size. Before the sun set beyond the horizon, we will see the natural color of the earth and it is splendid.

The Arundina restaurant is the restaurant that has wonderful view I would say. The name Arundina comes from English name of the Penang's orchard. The Arundina is the All Day Dining restaurant style that has various kinds of menus. There are many top recommended unique menus which serve from Thai to International foods all day long.

During evening, the guest usually comes to sit in this dining room for watching the scenery during the sun set time.

The Arundina is Thai modern Style restaurant which is renovated from regular one-story to two-stories built restaurant. The upper deck roof made from big black canvas which has an inspiration from sail ship. You could definitely see from the second story or upper deck that the big black canvas roof hanging with the wire, feels like you are on the roof top of the sailing boat. The surrounding of the restaurant are built on the waterhole that have hundreds of Fancy Carp Fish swimming around and this is very spectacular view.

When you look at The Arundina, it feels like luxurious sailing ship that will take you explores the Andaman Ocean in front of you.

With the remarkable view, during the night time there will be a live band to entertain you as well.

After we have taken some pictures of the guest rooms and the atmosphere around the beach, it is time for diner. Undeniable that from the menus of the Arundina restaurant, you will be a little bit frustrated as it is quite pricy for Thais people like I am. From the glance at the menus, the minimum price I have seen is 220 baht. From the front to an end page, the price for one dish like fried rice is cost around 290 baht.

I discuss with my friend what should we order? A one dish menus or sharing entrée is better. Then when I see the menu in the white color which is one alternative choice for me, those are the set menus for 2 person. You could choose between THAI VEGETARIAN SET which are 5 entrée include rice and fruits, cost at 990 baht per set. And another one is THAI SET, with 5 entrée include rice and fruit at 1,400 baht per set.

You are right, I will choose the first one, THAI VEGETARIAN SET. It is the menu set that I could bare the price.

Let's see THAI VEGETARIAN SET menus here.

Staring with Salad, this menu is Cashew Nut Salad. The material includes cashew nut, spring onions, onions and tomatoes. Serve one person each.

Soup – Mushroom Tom Yom soup. Many type of mushrooms but not spicy at all. I think the foreigner will like this portion. Serve one person each.

Main course – start with Stir Fried Tofu with Cashew Nut. Main ingredients include tofu, bell pepper, mushroom and cashew nut. Stir Fried with Thai Sauce, this menu is a little sweet from the sauce.

Follow with Stir Fried Basil with Eggplant. I did not try this entrée as I do not eat eggplant.

Next entrée we have Stir Fried Mix Vegetable. Main ingredients are cabbage, mushroom, bamboo shoot and carrot.

Main course will be served with one portion to share in the set.

For the rest entrée, I have ordered to add up which are Fried Spring Rolls and Thai Duck Curry.

The THAI VEGETARIAN SET ends with mix fruits which are watermelon, papaya and pineapple

In THAI SET menu will have Fried Fish Salad , Shrimp Tom Yom, Beef Spicy Curry, Fried Soft Shell Crab, Stir Fried Mix Vegetable and Fruits.

For today's diner, the resort takes care of the bills for me. We appreciate that. Thank you so much.

After the dinner, it is bed time as we have to fill up some energy for tomorrow's trip.

The next day, I have to admit that I do not want to get off the bed. The bed is so soft and comfy. When I am inside the blanket, I am too happy to describe. However, today's program we will go to Hong Island. We make an appointment with the speed boat at 8.30am in the morning. Therefore, it is time to get up and have some breakfast.

The breakfast is set at The Arundina

The Arundina opens for service all day. The freshness and quality materials are the crucial parts in each meal, for example; breakfast includes not just a variety of homemade bread, but other menus also will be freshly made in each portion according to the guest's order.

For me, breakfast is not much selection as I thought. For example Thai food only have Fried Rice, Stir Fried Noodle and one more entrée today's menu which is Stir Fried Squid, moreover, there are sausage, ham, bacon and salad as well. I did not eat all the above menu as I rather ate the menu from the freshly made.

This is the fruit corner, it's quite variety. They have dragon fruit, watermelon, papaya, pineapple, rambutan, mangoesteen, longan and banana.

For guest who come to have a meal here, not only having a good food but also having a good time and spectacular atmosphere as well.

In the early morning, the hotel staff will help to keep the beach clean by picking up the trash in front of the hotel beach. Most of the trashes are the little log and wood which come from the wave and stuck at the beach and this will block the beautiful view. And after they clean up the beach, the beauty and cleaness will return to the beach once again.

Every single time that I have been to Krabi, I have to visit PP Island. I think it is because I came with large tour group which require the tour at PP Island. However, this trip I travel by myself and it is time for another adventure to go to another Island apart from PP Island. The Hong Island is an Island that I would like to visit. It is pretty weird if you come to Tub kaak beach and did not visit Hong Island. I have search for some information of the package tour already before choosing the tour program. If I buy a speed boat package at Ao Nang would cost at 1,200 baht per person and the package includes pick up van between resort and the pier, half day tour of Hong Island, lunch meal, however, if buy whole day boat from Tub kaak beach, it will be 1,700 baht with 2 persons ride. We could stay as we like but mostly the boat will back to Tub Kaak beach before 2pm.

When we do our calculation for 3 persons, we agree that we will rent the whole day boat as it will be the best solution. We could contact via hotel and let them make a reservation for us. Normally it is for 2 people but for 3 people, they will cost us 2,000 baht per one boat. Anyway, it is cheaper that the speed boat service from Ao Nang. For the visitor who would like to have a luch picnic at Hong Island could contact the resort for more information. It will cost around 400 baht per set. I am not worry about our lunch at all as Khun Phensri, our tour guide will prepare for us.

A little bit before time, the boat already arrives and waits for us at the shore. I packed all the lunch, drinks and some towel in case we will do some swimming. Today's the wave is calm and the sky is blue.

All of the thirteen Islands, when watching from Tub Kaak beach, the biggest Island on the left side is Hong Island. It takes approximately 20 mins to reach our destination by long tailed boat. We have to pay for the Island fee which cost us 20 baht per person.

I always misunderstood that Hong Islands is in the area of Noppharat Thara Beach - Phi Phi Islands National Park; however, it is actually part of Than Bok Khorani National Park. Moreover, this year Hong Islands has been arranged to be 1 of 10 Dream Destinations from Tourism Authority of Thailand. Hong Islands has beautiful white sand and when you walk on the beach it is very soft. There are a lot of broken coral along the beach as well. During the time when sea level goes down we will see two shores. I would admit that this place is very peaceful and very good for relaxation.

I take my time at Hong Island for sometimes, I want to wait for the sea level to go up a little bit. Because at that time when we reach here the sea level went down and the boat could not take us around to watch how gorgeous the surrounding is.

In the meantime, we kill times by renting the Kayak which cost us 400 baht per hour for 2 person. You could contact for the renting at the National Park information center.

When the sea level goes up, it is time for us to ride around the stunning Hong Islands.

Inside the Island, there will be only one entrance and it is similar to inland sea or lagoon which the water is really clear and the sand is pretty white.

I could get down from the boat and stand in the middle of the lagoon and the mountain. I am speechless with the surrounding.

After astonished with the atmosphere inside the lagoon for quite a while, we head out to visit other Islands. In each Island have their own story to tell, very interesting like some Island have concession of a swallow bird nest, some has small islands in the middle of the sea. For example, Phak Bia Island which I visit have a small beach for the visitor to play and swim around.

In the end, I didn't eat the lunch I bring along for picnic as today we finish our program early, therefore, we will change our location to picnic at the balcony in our room instead.

After we are done with lunch picnic at the balcony, we will head out to our next destination which is Tha Pom Khlong Song Nam.

Tha Pom Khlong Song Nam is the area in responsible of Khao Khram Subdistrict Administrative Organization and if you would like to go inside you will have to pay for the fee at 20 baht per person.

There is natural trail inside which we could study the abundant of the environment both inland and in the water. The most interesting thing is that the water that flows along Tha Pom waterway. During the twelfth day of the waxing moon until fifth day of the waning moon, the sea level will be high and flow into Tha Pom waterway and it will combine with the fresh water in the area which becomes to be brackish waterway. The brackish water will has dark blue murky color but in a little while then the sea level will decrease and the waterway will be replaced by the crystal clear fresh water. The water would be really clean and clear that you could see the fish and seaweed below.

The enchanting of Tha Pom waterway is not only by the clearness of the water but also the root of the water plant that show up from the water face for breathing; its root binds together along both sides of the waterway which looks amazing. The nature really creates its own beauty.

We head back to Krabi downtown again to Khao Kha Nab Nam (The riverside parallel) which is considered as the symbol of Krabi province. Mostly the tourist will come and visit the view point at around the Khao Kha Nab Nam pier. This view point has architecture of the large Black Crab which consists of one mature crab and three baby crabs. Now one of the baby crab turns into gold color mainly because of when the tourist come to take picture with the crab, they usually touches them and that makes the black color worn down.

At the back of the architecture, you could see two limestone hills side by side and that is called Khao Kha Nab Nam. Around the foothill, there is a natural trail for walking to watch the mangrove forest. Anyone who is interested in the nature study could take a walk along the trail. I have been there once and it seems that is not popular among tourists, maybe it is because no one take care of the place properly and it looks old and damage. The tourists usually rather like to ride on a boat to watch the mangrove forest.

Before heading back to our hotel, we stop by at the local cuisine in downtown Krabi province. You could not miss Hoi Chak Teen (Feet-Pulling Shells), it is the best and don't forget to try when you come to Krabi.

The second evening, I could not miss to see the sunset at Tub Kaak beach once again. I am quite impressed by the splendid view here; it is not second best to Promtape Cape, Phuket Province.

The Island on our left is Hong Island.

The sky today didn't fail to astonish us as well, the sky is so clear that you could see the big round sun vanished in a blink of your eyes. And once again the nature creates its own beauty; it is extremely beautiful.

Now, let's see the sunset scenery at the resort.

There are spaces for the guest to sit and lay back to watch the Tub Kaak beach scenery.

The Sea View room beside Tub Kaak beach.

The swimming pool

The Spa

The small pavilion for the guest to relax and watch the water that flows from Khao Hang Nak.

Superior Room and Deluxe Room

Lobby building.

We are done with our second day, now it is our bed time. Energy fill up for tomorrow.

This morning, I wake up with a fresh feeling and indulging myself into the morning atmosphere before breakfast.

We have our breakfast with hundreds of Fancy Carp Fish swim around our table us.

I will have some light meal for breakfast today. And not to miss the banana roti, I have only one of them on my first day. Today I will have at least three slices.

The resort is full of the richness of the shade and trees, no wonder I see monitor lizard walking around.

This morning, I will walk around and take photos of all the surrounding once again. I am very impress by everything.

I have known that before they construct the resort, they tend to keep all the old trees first and not destroy them. Therefore, we still can see various old trees types of peat swamp forest in this place.

They are many strong old trees combine together with the new one and this is the perfect combination of the nature.

The prominent point of this resort is the location. The front of the resort is the sea and the back is the mountain. They have private white sand beach which could see 13 Islands from an eye site. Therefore, anyone who like the peaceful environment, perfect customer service and many various free activities from fitness, library, Kayak to mountain bike, this is the perfect place.

There are some weak point as well for instance:

  1. Limited car parking space in the resort area but could park at the front of the resort, there are guard taking care of the car for you.
  2. The Superior Room and Deluxe Room are built too close to each other as sometimes you feel cramped.
  3. The outdoor area of the bathroom, sometimes the leaves fall down to the bath tub.
  4. The restaurant price is pretty pricy and the taste of the food is only pleasant for the foreigners.

Overall, I am pretty impressed by the time I have been here at The Tubkaak Krabi Boutique Resort. I love the atmosphere and the customer service very much. I would absolutely love to come back and visit this place once again.

Now, it is time for me to head back home and go to Krabi International airport. I choose the first flight in the morning at 11.40am to Bangkok. Before boarding, I will use Lounge Bangkok Airways service once again.

Here, they also have "Khao Tom Mud" (Steamed sticky rice with banana filling wrapped in banana leaves) like Suvarnabhumi Airport but the appetizer seems lesser.

The Wifi connection is really low and slow that I can hardly connect to the Wifi.

I fly the same aircraft that brings me to Krabi.

I am not sure if the Island I saw is Ang Thong Islands or not.

After takeoff for a while, there is a light meal serves. Nonetheless this time, it does not seem to be light meal as they serve Seabass with Sticky Rice. Personally, I do not think sticky rice goes well with fish dish and the sticky rice is quite hard to chew. Therefore, I only finish the fish dish. We reach Bangkok for approximately in an hour safe and sound.

If anyone would like to travel to Krabi, I would recommend to add a program of seeing the sunset at Tub Kaak beach in your itinerary.

You will be surprised by the view, like I said earlier, it is not second best to Promthape Cape at Phuket Province for sure.


 Wednesday, September 9, 2015 1:38 PM