"There are a few places that we can enjoy the moment in each season.

For us, Baan Pa Bong Piang, Mae Jam, Chiang Mai

is the place that we named it as the rainy valley

In a rainy day, all agriculturists are very happy that they can start planting the rice field again. They have to be hurry to get the field done before the rain is gone.

The steps rice field of Baan Pa Bong Piang, Mae Jam, Chiang Mai is the place that we expect to visit in the rainy season. All the greenery scene that full of mountain and forest that what we are expected for. Many people come to visit the traditional way of life of S'gaw Karen which is simple...

>>> Working during the day, using lantern at night and the light from the moon.

>>> Darkness and silent are friend during the night

"There is nothing here but it is the happiest place ever."

It might be a little bit difficult to get there during rainy season but it is the most beautiful moment because the steps rice field will be in green all over the place. It is valuable for us to come whether how hard it is.

We contact Khun Wichai who provides information on the Internet and responsible the homestay in the village. He also picks up all tourists who do not have a four wheels to go up there.

Are you ready??? Let's start the fun.... Jumping on the four wheels...

As it is raining all day, soil becomes mud and it obstructs our car. We all have to get off and help to push the car.

Finally, we arrive to our destination.

As we did not come here for a luxury life, Khun Wichai has prepared small tents for us beside the rice field. And he guarantees that it can protect us from rain.

Our tents is located beside the bathroom which easy for us at night.

This evening, we only have a greenery steps rice field in front of us and the wonderful moment of the sunset. The dark cloud is moving into the area, it is a sign to tell us that it is going to rain tonight.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the moment...^^...

The sun is gone, the darkness comes to cover all over the place. As we are so tired from the trip, our diner from Khun Wichai is so amazing even it is an ordinary one.

When the dark comes, the lantern and candles are needed. The weather is getting colder but we all still enjoy the moment singing and playing guitar around the fireplace.

The fun night has passed, we put ourselves under the blanket to warm us up. Rain drops to the ground, cold weather and petrichor make us feel so comfortable and relax.

As it is still raining, we cannot go out and discover the area. We do not regret the time that we loose, we just enjoy every moment that we all have together.

Let's it passes slowly...

After a while, the rain has stopped, it is time for us to discover the area.

We have discovered the rainy valley in the morning and it is time for us to get going. An ordinary rice field of villagers, it is very beautiful and amazing for strangers like us. Use your heart to see and touch it!!!

After enjoying the moment for a while, we have to get back to our tent as it is raining again. We stop by at the chalet of villager. It is a very happy moment that we do not have to worry about the time or rain, just let it passes slowly with no pressure and taking photos without worry about light. We just want to keep this pleasant moment in our mind.

Every moment is a good memory for me. Baan Pa Bong Piang, Mae Jaem, Chiangmai is the most beautiful place in rainy season in my mind. If you are the one who is looking for a peaceful place and not expecting for luxury, this place is the right one for you.

If you have a chance to read this review, it might be different from the others because we intent to share our feeling and photos. And we hope that you all will understand and feel the same as we do.

Hope that this review is useful for everyone who is going to Baan Pa Bong Piang which is hidden in the middle of the mountain. It is ready to present to you in rainy season. It is the best time that you all should come to visit....The Rainy Valley....

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