|| It's a rainy season here ! Not many people want to hang out but I think this season is so good because it is the beginning of Winter season and some place is suit to visit in a rainy season and there is some place that especially can visit in rainy season only which this trip I actually want to go back to my hometown, Khon Kaen Province but I just make some short visit to a place where I have heard about it for long times ago. This place is Thung Dok KraChiao, Chaiyaphum Province. Imagine I live in Isan, my hometown is in Khon Kaen but I have never visited Thung Dok KraChiao !!! So I would like to take you guys there this time

I am going to Thung Dok KraChiao by taking a train and this is my first time taking a train to Khon Kaen too.||

Don't find any excuse for travelling

Spend time and money worthy and let go together with us,

Use the time and money worthy, travelling together with me with little money. I will lead you to travel with almost no money.

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This trip comes from an idea of finding fellow traveler and I don't think that not many people will join it too.

But... there is 1 people appears which many people say that they will come to join us at the first place.

But it's good and I have to say Thank You for coming to join this trip even I would make you feel bored.

*****I want to remind people who want to visit Thung Dok KraChiao to bring your rain protecting stuffs with you too*****

But why my fellow take it but I am not hahaha.

Anyway let's go now. I make an appointment with my fellow at Hua Lamphong Station because it's so convenient.

and 22.45 pm. everything begins here, the train starts departure on time.

but what's wrong is that the time to destination, Kaeng Khoi District is at 00.47 am but it's good to be there late at most. I also don't want to reach there early because the train to Kaeng Khoi will departure around 5.30 am

We reach Kaeng Khoi station around 02.00 am. It's fine, then we sleep at the train station and continue our journey.

Station master give an announcement to passenger who is going to Bua Yai Junction to pick up the ticket around 5.30 am.

I am so sleepy but still have to wake up and pick up the ticket and I just know that this route is so beautiful in the morning.

And we have passed through many stations and each station has it own beauty, it's worth seeing it.

The weather is so cold like in Winter season, so joyful.

The most prominent one is this station, please set your camera prepared.

And this is a view that I see from both side along the way, I am so boring with a mountain view now haha.

and from my search, the train should pass through the tunnel but when is it going to?

I just have a short conversation with my fellow then the train is passing through the tunnel right away.

and I miss taking photo of it, it takes only 5 seconds. You will see the greeting sign to welcome you to Isan region, but I am so pity on miss taking the photo.

If you see the wind turbine, it means that you have already reached Chaiyaphum province.

and now I reach here around 8.00 am.

And how are we going to go on... that is the point, only 3 people are getting off the train here and it's a week day too --*.

Then we see an uncle riding on the vehicle that is modified from motorcycle and he asks us about the destination then I say Thung Dok KraChiao and he says no vehicle is going there and ask us whether we want to charter the car or not, it is like what I guess at the first sight hahaha, but there is really no vehicle which is different from what I know. So, I ask him for chartering 400 Baht/round trip and he then let me quickly get on the car but I think 200 Baht/person is quite okay then we decide to charter it. But, I was fooled by the uncle, but how, I will tell you later because it might affect the mood haha.

He takes us to have some meal then the next journey to Thung Dok KraChiao is going to start.

I can say that the atmosphere is quite cool like we are at Phutabbek, the mist is all the way out.

The uncle is driving us to a long journey, almost 1 hour.

Then we reach at Pa Hin Ngam National Park, the entrance fee is 20 Baht/person.

And it's half price for visiting on weekday. Maybe the normal price is 40 Baht but I am not sure.

and a car service to Thung Dok KraChiao is 30 Baht/person.

Let's see what is in Thung Dok KraChiao.

I think it should have Dok KraChiao because it would be so strange to have Sunflower there hahahaha.

But thing I like the most in this point is the scenery, Pha Sud Pan Din. It is so beautiful that I should be here earlier since the distance is not far away from hometown.

The atmosphere is so foggy that we can't see anything clearly but actually it's raining.

It's raining but I have nothing with me, no umbrella, no any of rain protection equipment, so I just stand in the middle of the rain, get soaked and I quickly keep the camera back into the bag.

And finally my camera is gone, the screen starts to flicker, the screen damages and turn black.

But, it is a miracle to turn on the camera and take photo of Thung Dok KraChiao, I almost miss it T T.


I want to give some advise that going here by train is a good way to see many beautiful things but .... <<<<

Please check the information clearly because I have heard that there is really a car to that place and discuss carefully and clear when chartering a car otherwise you will be facing the same situation like me. But, I also have some good information to share with you guy. Heading to the main road from the train station, not far away from the station or the place where I meet that foolish man. Let him drives you to a fresh market and waiting for a tour bus to Bangkok-Chaiyaphum (Thep Sathit District) and get off at Chaiyaphum transport company and change a bus to Bangkok.

I think the price is not more than 100 Baht and then get off in front of Pa Hin Ngam's entrance and thumb a ride because every car turn to this direction have to pass this way.

Or you can take a motorcycle, I think the price is around 100-150 Baht.

For taking the way back, just go to the way you come and take a bus tour Bangkok-Chaiyaphum (Thep Sathit District) to Chaiyaphum transport company and transfer to Bangkok bus.

But if you want to take a bus directly to Bangkok, you have to buy a ticket at the opposite side of the hotel, there is a noodle restaurant. The restaurant is a ticket seller.

Thank You for reading my review from the beginning till the end. Please excuse any mistaken information.

And don't make any excuse for travelling.

Use the time and money worthy, travelling together with me with little money. I will lead you to travel with almost no money.

Link https://www.facebook.com/maikeebaht


 Monday, September 7, 2015 11:06 AM