Hello my friends, brothers and sisters, Latte Pun Yen Yen has some accommodation to recommend you guys during weekends.

"Norndee", is a chic hotel located in Khao Takiab zone, opposite to Cicada market. This trip is held in the middle of July. It is convenient to travel here, suitable for young people like us, now let's see what we have here.

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This is a high speed trip that I haven't make a room reservation and moreover it's on Saturday.

I still think about where to stay, how to stay along the way and when arrive at Hua Hin I have continue searching the place to stay from Naeb Kehardt Alley to Khao Takiab zone. I glimpse to a white building... Aeh!! I just wondering where this place is, what it is, a new school opens at the opposite side of Cicada market?? So, I walk in and make an inquiry.

"Norndee" it is a cool name.

I walk in to inquire and get some information that Norndee is a newly hotel. The hotel just opens not more than 2 months when we go there, such a new one.

And right now the hotel is offering a Soft Opening promotion too...

So lets visit the hotel to see different type of room ... just a moment the staff will bring us to the second floor first.

This is a front lobby area, decorated in a real chic style.

Standard Type is a basic room of this hotel... the sense of new building smell still remaining when opens it haha.

The room has a cute decoration. Highlight of this room is a cute word written on the headboard of a white comfortable bed.

A living corner is decorated by a cool black pillow... some of the room decor I have never seen it before, it's so cute.

Second room is a Deluxe Type, this room is a bit wider than Standard Type.

Living corner has added a bright orange seat but I personally like the first type of the room because it looks cool and more decorate in detail.

The third type is a Family Type, suitable for family and friends.

Decorate in a unique style of bed which 4 people can stay in this room.

The last type of the room is Garden View... this type has only one room at downstairs.

The room is so wide... the clean white bed.

So I decide to choose this room since it's the most widest and beautiful and the most important right now is the low price offering hehe.

I like a cool lamp at the room's headboard the most. A picture of map in a frame make me looks like traveller.

All the pictures that you see in this room is the world maps use to decorate the room.

The bright red sofa gives a vigorous mood which makes the room becomes lively right away.

Take a look on the other side, there is a door exit too see the scenery of bird, green tree and real nature.

and this is a special feature of the room which has only one room, it is a garden to sit and enjoy the view.

Even the bathroom can also opens to the garden area... washing face and brushing teeth in nature haha...

Young people should like it, a big basin and a long mirror.

A build-in closet harmonious with the room, you would not know that it's there if you haven't observe it.

It's a slick decorate which I just notice it in the end haha.

Slipper in the room is Single-use...

Tea, coffee and free 2 bottles of drinking water...

Just walk 3 steps out of the room, you will reach the lobby area..the most nearest room. I personally like this point.

The design and decoration are snazzy even it is small but still can attract people sight.

Since there are not many guests on the day we go there maybe because the hotel is just opened so not many people know it and I can conveniently take a photo and don't have to afraid of offending.

Many kind of books to read.

I like this corner the most, a small chic decoration.

The umbrella is provided, it is necessary during rainy season.

There is no air conditioner in this corner but it's airy decorate. The side is a long window, well ventilated.

A strange logo but I also don't know the meaning of it too...so modish.

Just a moment then the staff will give me a 200 Baht voucher.

The voucher can be used as a discount of La Birra restaurant. It is a kind of bistro in front of the hotel.

The same owner of Norndee hotel... it's evening now, let's use the voucher... there is a live music too.

Have a drink for just a moment then walk across the street to Cicada market, it's very close to the hotel.

I am so tired for today, sweet dream, goodnight with a picture of cool lamp inside the room.

Morning time...taking a bath and let's us be ready for breakfast.

You can choose any corner to sit for having breakfast at the lobby.

Glancing to see where a good corner is, this corner is great but that corner has a beautiful sofa too.

I choose the most widest corner... not too many guests here so I can choose it as I please.

Tea, coffee, bread as normal.

Staff will serve an egg menu.

Now it's time to Check-out. I have to say goodbye to Hua Hin and green bright tree at Norndee Hotel.

In conclusion, the accommodation here is new with a suitable price, convenient to transport, suitable for teenage and young adults who plan to go to travel here, opposite to Cicada Market which I think it's very convenient and in front of the hotel is a bistro with live music show, suitable for people who wants to chill out, party with the gangs. But, it also makes a loud noise to your room. The accommodation is like a Service Apartment, chill, intimately and informally service. Overall is okay because of the new building, chic decoration, cute and park lots are provided.


 Wednesday, September 9, 2015 1:30 PM