Latte Pun Yen Yen in Phuket : Thavorn Beach Village & Spa written by ลาเต้ปั่นเย็นๆ

Say Hi to all respectful friends at Today, it is auspicious time for Latte Pun Yen Yen to review the hotel. Since two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit Phuket after more than four years. Trip decreases during rainy season. Having thought to go and relax somewhere, and

Latte Pun Yen Yen in Phuket : Thavorn Beach Village & Spa

Latte Pun Yen Yen in Phuket : Thavorn Beach Village & Spa

Say Hi to all respectful friends at Today, it is auspicious time for Latte Pun Yen Yen to review the hotel.

Since two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit Phuket after more than four years.

Trip decreases during rainy season. Having thought to go and relax somewhere, and chance comes to visit one hotel.

And this hotel is Thavorn Beach Village & Spa, Phuket. Many people may not be familiar with its name.

It was opened for more than 20 years. Nowadays, there are uncountable numbers of hotels in Phuket. Though it is an aged hotel but it is very interesting. Whether you believe or not, come and see together with Latte.

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Or you can also search with "Latte Pun Yen Yen", it is made with my heart and care. Today, Latte Pun flies with Nok Air flight DD7500 at 05.40AM - 07.00AM, the first flight of the day.

A hotel van picks up from the airport on arrival at 08:00AM.

Thavorn Beach Village & Spa is located on Nakalay bay right next to Kamala beach.

On hotel arrival, a cold Roselle tea as a welcome drink comes in a lovely box.

And with hunger, I have a liitle breakfast as I wake up really early today.

Marisa restaurant serves breakfast from 06:00AM; there are Thai, Western, Halal, bakeries and many more.

Well-arranged corner, and egg menus can be ordered and a chef cooks it freshly.

After breakfast, hotel staff takes me to the room. Hotel rooms are located into 3 different zones.

1. Beach zone

- Beach cottage is the second roll set of villas, not quite close to the beach but still overlooking the sea.

- Beachfront cottage is really on the beach. Lie down on the bed, enjoy a calm sea view of the Nakalay bay.

Through clear glass windows ... oh really topnotch and chic teens like us deserve this kind of room.

Now let's explore this room together.

Rooms in this zone are decorated in colonial style with white. Looking so clean and so inviting.

Left-hand corner is a desk. Lighting design remains a Thai concept by elephant. It is so pretty.

Look through this glass and see already the sea. It is just a step out of the villa to the sand.

It is rare for the hotel in Phuket having a beachfront room in affordable price compared to the other.

The other side is a wardrobe and mini bar.

Bathroom has a huge vintage and chic tub with sea view.

Don't be afraid to go for a curtain in the closet for those who require privacy. There is a hook to hang it

The bathroom with bare cement walls give different feeling from inside. There are both shower and rain shower.

It is spacious and equipped with full amenities.

Relaxing area inside the room. Cabinets are hidden beside, if you don't notice you may not know. There are safe and shelves that can store stuff inside.

Going to explore the next zone by walking along the beach.

There are big and small trees, beautiful garden, even a tiny garden in pots is very detailed.

It is considered as a distinctive point of this place.... take a break under the tree and look a beautiful sea view.

I am very lucky to come to Phuket today in a very clear water, sunny sky in spite of earlier having rain every day.

Flooding during the last 2-3 days prior my trip is really concerned.

But when I arrive, I have a big cheeky smile and run for the sun hahaha.

One of the activities here is kayak ...foreigners like when it is sunny.

But Thais like us.... beg for shade and wind haha.

Various signs are Thai style similar to hotel decoration that is contemporary Thai.

Main pool is huge. Emphasizing, it is really huge and furnished with waterfall, trees and stones.

Giving atmosphere being at both the beach and waterfall.

No matter how large the pool is, it is really clean. Staff always clears leaves that fall in the pool all the time.

Next we go to see the Lagoon Pool Zone.

The rooms are two floors, next to the pool. They are divided into 4 categories.

1. Tropical Pool view

2. Tropical Pool Access

3.Honeymoon Pool View with Jacuzzi

4.Honeymoon Pool Access with Jacuzzi

The room that we visit is a Honeymoon Pool Access with Jacuzzi located on the ground floor.

This type of room has been renovated. A touch of colonial style has been added while still remain Thai concept as you can see from the bed and dressing table.

Let's have a look the bathroom, 2 wash basins with all necessary equipment such as a hair dryer, shampoo and lotion that contained in ceramic bottles.

The Jacuzzi is one step higher, together with a curtain that can open to see view.

Vintage sofa gives the feeling like being home. Looking out of the room is nice refreshing greenery.

Outside balcony, long daybeds for lying down with a book and listen to relaxing music.

Ordinary holiday becomes extraordinary holiday then.

The special feature of this room is a small door directly access to the pool. What a heaven of people who like to swim.

Even family with children can enjoy this all day long.

The last zone we go to inspect...up to the hill.

Walking through the garden, shade trees during a nice weather, it is so cool.

This is Hillside Ocean View Zone.

Located on a hill but do not be afraid from a long walk ... the hotel has a tram service.

Awesome right? ... But you have to wait a little; it may not be as fast as teenagers want.

This zone is divided into three categories as per below.

1. Hillside Ocean view with Jacuzzi

2.One Bedroom Hillside Ocean view suit

3.Two Bedroom Hillside Ocean view suit

The room we visit today is Two Bedroom Hillside Ocean View Suit.

Right after the entrance is the living area. A set of sofa is well equipped on a lower step.

Its recent renovation is so interesting, outside of the villa looks very Thai but inside it is decorated in contemporary Thai style.

It is modern and beautiful. It really satisfies Thais, a mix of everything makes such a perfect match.

This room is special with a swinging sofa.... if you are bored, you can sit, swing and watch your favourite TV programme.

Dining corner

The door between to bedroom, thinking of my childhood about colourful glasses ^^

Remaining Thai concept, I really like a curtain at the headboard.

Thai pattern.... very detailed.

Decorated in warm colours give comfortable look ... there are many sitting corners. Girls, many spot for you to take photos.

The bedroom door directly accesses to the balcony.

The bathroom is next to the bedroom. 2 wash basins and full equipment here as well.

It is called two bedrooms because it is connecting room. One connects to another with door between.

This is a smaller room ... mostly it is twin bed.

Same decoration as Pool Access

This room also has a Jacuzzi. On the balcony and there is the door between to a master bedroom.

Now, we see a balcony in the master bedroom.... sea view. What a beautiful!

Very peaceful, ideally for those who want to relax and charge body battery.

Not to miss ... Jacuzzi overlooking the blue sea at daytime and twinkling of stars at night

Oh!!!! Just a thought is already fun...

The living area has a door, walkout to balcony. It is convenient not to detour.

Well, after inspecting all rooms with joy, suddenly feeling thirsty.

This afternoon we go to have a drink at the Thai Sala, serving drinks and bakery.

All restaurants close to the main pool, all of them including Marisa / Thai Sala / Old Siam / Crocodile pool bar.

Enhancing eating experience with beautiful views.

Take a glass of cold drink; Strawberry Soda.

Another glass of iced tea ... it's chic here. Iced tea is compressed into ice cubes.

A milk bottle is given... to pour into cubes and they are slowly melting...

If you want to taste the strong black coffee, Thavorn has another hotel at Karon beach too.

It is called Coffee Talk in front of Thavorn Palm Beach at Karon.

A wide selection of bakery

Not yet having lunch ... I take a little break to eat.

Ordering from the Thai Sala.

First dish is Onion Ring; Crispy fried onion served with chili sauce.

Cheese ball also is very impressive with creamy cheese hahaha ... not fat at all.

It is time for me to relax a bit because at 4:00PM, I have a boxing class.

On my way back to the room, I happen to find this running cute!

Thavorn Beach is a hotel with a lot of space more than 120 hectares. There are big and small trees as well as art of gardening in every area.

It is created with the intention of the owner. Many of the trees here grow up with the owner hands.

There are many activities; you don't even need to go out such as Muay Thai class, cooking class, Thai language class, yoga, fitness, kayak and fishing.

And I think the kids will like to play with many animals. There are people to take care of them and show them according to schedule.

A hero here is this dwarf horse.

Including giant tortoises and birds (photos not taken as I'm scared of bird).

Beach toys for kids, dartboard and many activities.

At low tide, there is a rock reappearing. It's such a favourite to find small fish in the hole.

Lovely garden pots are everywhere along the walkway.... it is so impressive!

It's time for my Thai boxing class with K.Aod. Super fun! It's my first time to learn basic martial arts.

Today we have a dinner appointment on the beach ... it's the highlight of the night but the point is that before the night begins there is Happy Hour.

At the Crocodile Pool bar, so we go to try a bit so that we know hahaha.

Small aperitif

Sip and enjoy the sea view ... and it's almost the dinnertime.

This table is reserved.

The disadvantage is rocks during low tide, not as beautiful as sea view.

But there is nothing more important than the person who dines with me here.

Firstly, fresh coconut water

Follow by appetizer that Latte recommends called "Albino Bat", grilled sweet taro.

The rest of the menu is Thai dishes such as spicy dip with dried shrimp, green curry, Tom Yum soup and chicken satay.

Stir-fried mixed vegetables, chicken with cashew nuts. Ends with Bua Loi (glutinous rice dumplings in sweet coconut cream) and fruit.... the dinner from the Old Siam restaurant.

After sunset, romantic twilight arrives.

Perfectly for sweet couples, surprising, anniversary or marriage proposal and etc.

After dinner, I go for a walk to see beautiful and lovely trees.

Friday night is very special. There are outdoor movies on the beach.

Lie down and enjoy watching movie with the colourful light colourful light background of Patong beach. Oh.... it's most fortunately, more than that no rain at all.

Good morning, wondering if it will rain today since yesterday carried luck from Bangkok.

Fresh air, walking on the beach ... I see a pile of sand together with kid toys. It reminds me of my childhood.

Look up to the sky, this would be a bright sunny day ...the sunshine's super strong.

Walk to the other side of the resort.... long wooden bridge and private dock, isn't it chic?

At night, some days there is squid fishing depends on request from customer.

This side has also a swimming pool in front of the is not that big but very quiet.

There is a net and small football goal for playing beach volleyball or a hard-core football.

This morning at 08:00AM, again I have appointment... yoga class by the sea; there are outfits available to change.

It is the longest yoga I have ever made. What a stretching!

With hunger ... Breakfast is served at Marisa restaurant. There is special menu daily.

Refreshment is a smoothie, changing every day...

Now, time to relax at the spa after the heavy activity.

Walk straight through the beautiful garden and finally arrive at Nakalay Spa.

The open-air front desk is bright and airy because of the shade of the trees and beautiful flower arrangement though no air conditioning.

Drinking warm herbal juice first.

Then foot salt scrub... begins to feel so relaxing.

Change the clothes and prepare to take a nap one hour from now ... gently oil massage so comfortably relaxing.

One act after the massage...and soak in Jacuzzi

Also there is sauna and stream rooms.... or continue soaking in hot water like Onsen.

Finish the mission. Drink warm water and complete customer satisfaction rating.

End the trip before returning to Bangkok.... we go to savour the food from Crocodile pool bar.

Food and beverage such as pizza and hamburgers are served here.

Fortunately, 3 days in Phuket sky, no rain, and beautiful sunny.

Having cool drinks freshly squeezed orange juice with watermelon smoothie.

The first menu is seafood pizza ... it is thin, crispy and tasty.

The second dish is salad comes in pineapple.... delicious crunching bell peppers.

Every dish is beautifully decorated ...neat with great attention to detail.

The last dish is fish finger French fries, it is big and hot...

End this trip with a cute miniature potted gardens. I specially like it.

Lastly, about the visit to Phuket this time, thank you for a special care from Tavern Beach Village & Spa.

Thank you Khun Nan for the care since arriving to the hotel. Khun Nid who is lovely, who shares much information, takes to delicious coffee shop and Khun Aod, a Thai boxing teacher also our yoga.

Spa is very impressive and so relaxing.


- The hotel has spacious land in Nakalay beach. Quiet as a private beach because there is only one hotel in this area. Peace is guaranteed.

- If you want nightlife at Patong Beach is just 5 km. away.

- The landscape and garden here are very attentive to details

- Many activities for those who want to relax, whether you come with lover, friends or family. Both land and water activities

- Despite renovation in some part of the hotel, Thai concept is kept very well.

- Lovely staffs.

The disadvantage is that rooms on the up hill zone takes sometime to reach because of the tram.

But actually, it is worth with a very beautiful view of Nakalay.

I am scared of bird, always scaring when the staff shows them off on the beach.

Other than this, it is so impressive ... who plan to visit Phuket, try to consider here as reasonable rate and worth the money.

Especially, Beach Front room is really affordable compared to other places in Phuket....

You can book directly on the hotel website, promotion is now available.