This review was from December last year. Due to I had to complete my thesis report, I did not have that much to upload this review.

Last December, I planed to go to Phu Ruea with my friend but she was not available, everything was booked and already paid so I change the trip from Foh Fah and Friend to Foh Fah and Family hahaha.

We stayed at Casa De Pandao, it was a beautiful resort in Phu Ruea District, Lei Province. I came here to take a photo two years ago and I told myself that one day I will be back to stay here and I did.

When I arrived it already dark so we did not have a photo during the day. Then in the morning there were so many people because of tour groups, I missed to take a photo again. However, night photo at Pandao was also beautiful in a different way.

When I got in, the lobby was not that big, there were counters, staffs, coffee bar and living corner with sofa and fire place.

Tadaaaa!!!! This was our room tonight. I did not have many room's photo because our room was not that big and in front of the television was already messed up hahahah because there was no space and I did not know where to put things.

Bed at Pandao is standard of general hotel; there are also many types of room for us to choose both tent or in the building. The biggest room is a family room. Tent is for four people, quite a big one and there is also electrical in the tent.

Bathroom provided with a hot and cold water system, but again not that much space. Once you took a shower, it would be wet all over the place.

Bathroom amenities

Let's go for a night tour at Casa de Pandao ^_^

This building above is a restaurant for breakfast.

Breakfast @ Pandao

I thought because there was a lot of guest or it might be because I came late, I did not take a photo at the breakfast room again T_T.

Breakfast at Pandao included fried eggs, sausages, bread, salad, boiled rice, juice, coffee and tea. The highlight here was Raspberry jam because Pandao planted Raspberry and produced Raspberry jam. Moreover, fresh raspberries were also so delicious.

Here you go, fresh Raspberry

Time was just passed by so fast

Good bye Pandao

Good bye photo by honorable model :P (My Mom)

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 Thursday, April 16, 2015 10:28 AM