"Cheow Lan Dam, the water surface alternates the mountains
Fogbound runs around the caves looks like they are hugging above the lake
This can bring happiness to every one who sees
The name of Ratchaprapa is representing Guilin of Thailand.

High mountains are touching the sky
Beautiful caves reflect in the clear water
The beauty of Thailand's pure nature
Please, keep it and remain the beauty, not to destroy"
The light of Siam Kingdom is the meaning of Ratchaprapa dam, which named by The King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

The original name was "Cheow Lan" locates in Khaopang sub district of Baantakhun, Suratthani province, which is one of the well known places in the South of Thailand.

This review includes many photographs of view and surrounding of the dam with may be less information context. But it is not that difficult to travel here, the transportation, accommodations and food are very convenient. All ages and genders of travelers are invited.

Let's just follow me to tour around the dam...

let's go.....

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The first thing to do is to post...as the style of "backpack carrying, smarting around Thailand"

To travel around the dam you can choose between trekking or boating. By boat it can be a day trip or overnight trip. The lake has many of floating raft hotels which are provided by Khao Sok National Park and private businesses.

You must rent the boat, the price is dependent on the distance and the hotel you want to stay.

Traveling in group is recommended because you can share the transportation fees, when it is divided by numbers is cheaper but if you want more privacy, of course you have to except more spending ...

Make sure that you come here, not to miss it "view point" on the back of the dam's wall.

And the best time to come is early morning or evening when it's low temperature with smooth fog, especially if it were rain the day before, there would be sea fog in the next morning.

Not far from the view point is the municipality pier. It is best to take the boat looking at the dam's wall in the morning or evening be cause it's not to hot and you will see the fogbound on the top of the mountains.

Traveling to Cheow Lan Lake is very convenient by air plane, buses or private car.

Pick up service at Suratthani airport when traveling by air just tell the driver to stop at Kaset 2 Market, then take the Suratthani-Dam-Kaho Sok van to the pier.

By bus take Phuket bus line, request to stop at Baantakhun sub district, which is on the way to the dam, then take motor bike taxi about 10 km. to the pier .

Traveling with your private car from Bangkok, take high way 4 (Phetkasem road) until Chumporn province, then take high way 41 to Punpin district, observe intersection to follow the sign of Suratthani down town, just follow the road but not until down town you will see Tharongchang crossroad, turn right onto high way 401. From here is about 40 km. You will get to Baantakhun district center, and there is a big sign of Ratchaprapa Dam (Cheow Lan Lake) on your right hand side.

"Hin Sam Gler" (three-rock mountains) is one of "Don't miss" places to visit when you are here. Usually is included in the boat package both day and overnight trips.

"Talay Nai Ha Roi Rai" (Inside sea, 500 Rai) is also a must to visit.

But to get here you must take a short walk. There were some private businesses floating hotels here inside but they were closed and moved outside.

OK, let me not to explain too long, just have a look the surroundings. These are only some of many photos, you must come to experience by yourself and you will know how the realistic is.

Lhong Bay's surroundings

Let's have a look how clear is the water.

I am sure some of you want to dump into.....

Chilling and reading on a hammock, change the feeling from staying on a raft.

Alright that is all, next time I will collect other views for you.

Thank you so much for visiting my little review.

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