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Today Tummeng Travel would like to take to Krabi and enjoy Slow Life here....

During rainy season, people choose to go to the mountain, waterfalls or any other places but not the sea. This time we are going to Krabi in rainy season.

Why do we come during rainy season? Let's go find out the answer together.

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I never think of going to Krabi during rainy season, of cause.

As I have a chance to talk to one22 and Krabi TAT , which they support 7Greens travel project and this project is cooperated by both entrepreneurs and travellers.

For more information about 7Greens project visit website:


This review is SR as follow:

- Coordinate by Krabi TAT with www.one22.com

- Plane ticktet by Nok Air

- Accommodation by TAT and entrepreneurs who attend 7 Greens travel project of Krabi which are

Phu Pi Maan Resort & Spa, Koh Jum resort

- Dinner at Sala Talay

I fly to Krabi with NOK AIR. Once arrival to Krabi, I take shuttle bus to Nang Bay and just tell the bus driver the name of the hotel he will drop us off right in front of the hotel. The price is 150 baht per person.

Phu Pi Maan Resort & Spa, where I will stay tonight, located at Nang Bay. Mostly, guests are foreigners.

The room is so nice, has a lot of space with view of stone mountainswhich we can see from the balcony.

Then we go out to rent a motorcycle. For this trip, we will travel with motorcycle for travelling in Green concept.

Let's go to the first destination, riding a motorcycle around Nopparatthara Beach and continue to Nong Talay for marking point to take photo of sunrise tomorrow.

It is raining while we are riding so we have to stop and go all the way.

For coming to the sea in rainy season, it is good that there are not a lot of people even the beach might not be beautiful.

Finally we arrive to Nong Taley, it is quite hard to find because it has not been announce to be tourist attraction place yet. But it is quite well known for photographer because of it beautiful view. After asking the villager, we have to leave our motorcycle here and walk inside around 300 meters to get to the most popular point for taking photo.

(However, it is raining for both days so I cannot get the photo.)

This is the villager that we talk to while he is fishing.

Then we are heading back to Nang Bay for our dinner.

Nopparatthara beach in the evening>>>

Dinner at Sala Talay...

It is located on Nang Bay road with nice atmosphere. There are both Open Air Zone and Air-condition room.

There are Thai Food and seafood at reasonable price.

We get a warm welcome by the owner of the restaurant, who also attends the Green travel project.

So both of us are really full with 5 recommended menus.

On the second day, I have Green activity with Green travel project at Rai Lay Beach.

While taking the boat here, it is still raining and windy but the driver still can control the boat to Rai Lay beach safely. This is my second time within 10 year to come here.

Rai Lay beach is quite famous for foreigner because there are many activities for them to do especial cave climbing. It is one of activities that I really want to try and today is my lucky.

At the climbing point "Phra Nang cave", there are a lot of people waiting for cave climbing as well as me. Luckily that Krabi TAT has already coordinated with climbing team who will take care of me during climbing.

After talking to staff that this is my first time of cave climbing, he arranges the easiest route to climb but it is the longest one for me.

Put on safety equipment

Real cave climbing is totally different from model cave climbing because you have to find the way to step and to catch by yourself

Shortly will be my turn.... so exciting...

I take only about 10 minutes to finish off the 30 meters cave climbing (Hahahaha)

Before leaving let take a photo with my teacher...

For cave climbing at Rai Lay beach, it is all year activity for 1,000 THB per day per person and you can climb as many as you wish.

Then we have lunch here before go back to Nang Bay.

During this period will meet both sunshine and rain...

Let's get back to Phu Pi Man resort and spa because tonight we will move to a bigger room.

After tried of cave climbing and it is raining in the afternoon so we decide to stay in the room for keeping our energy for the next journey.

After recharging our energy, we decide to go to Klong Muang beach with our motorcycle that we rent.

The advance of travel by motorcycle is >>>

Easy to find parking and save cost...the whole trip I only pay 70 THB for gasoline.

Arrival to Klong Muang beach, there are only few people during low season and it is good for us. So that we can take time to enjoy the atmosphere and take photos.

It is a little bit cloudy so we cannot get a clear picture for sunset.

I spend a lot of time here (from 5pm to 7pm.), to get the beautiful photo of the sea in the evening.

If we are doing what we like, time is passing by so fast.

My third day in Krabi, I have to take boat from Lam Kruad Pier to Koh Jum.

Boat schedule to depart every one hour and it takes about 40 minutes.

People from Koh Jum also take this boat to working in Krabi as well.

I talk to people on the boat, they said that before I came it was raining everyday. Today it stop raining, you see how lucky I am.

Finally we arrive to Mutu Pier, Koh Jum.

Koh Jum resort picks us up from Mutu Pier to the resort.

This resort is nestled in nature on the hill with pathway to private beach.

For the room, it looks like a small house on the hill with wide space.

There are many room type, depend on personal like.

Mostly, decorations are the same in every room by using bamboo wood and spread tail-feathers for main structure and cover with a thick leaf roof.

For traveling to Koh Jum, it is real leisure where you can enjoy slow life because there is low signal for cellphone and WiFi signal at lobby only.

After discovering the resort, I borrow a motorcycle of the resort to go around the island for a while.

Koh Jum is located at Tambol Sriborya, Nuer Klong District, Krabi. There are 3 villages which are Koh Poo village, Koh Jum village and Ting Hi Village. People here still have a traditional way of life as fishing man and Rubber tree planting. Tourism came in to Koh Jum 20 years ago. So there are new resorts and bungalows build in the area but still not that many because the village is still quiet and peaceful.

The famous beaches on Koh Jum are Ting Hi beach or Kidol beach which is located in the Ting Hi village. It is the most beautiful beach on the island that is quiet and peaceful. Lu Bo bay or Koh Poo beach is another beautiful beach of Koh Jum where you can enjoy beautiful sunset but it is better to go to view point on the hill of Lu Bo bay.

Direction to Koh Jum

[Spoil] Click here Journey

1. Ferry boat from Klong Jilad Pier, there are boats twice a day, 8.30am and 10.30am and it takes about one hour to get to Koh Jum. This pier also has boat to Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta and Koh Jum.

2. Ferry boat from Lam Kruad Pier, there are boat twice a day, 12.00pm and 15.00pm and it takes only about 30 minutes. Moreover, there are charter boats for rental all day which will dock on Koh Poo, Koh Jum or in front of the resorts.

Credit by: http://www.edtguide.com/review/425940/%E0%B9%80%E0%B8%81%E0%B8%B2%E0%B8%B0%E0%B8%88%E0%B8%B3-

We are riding around the island and meet a group of children and wondering why they are not going to school...After talking with, it is because tomorrow is an important day for Muslims.

Then after get to know each other a little bit we get this photo ^^

In every trip, I would like to get to know local people because sometime we might need their help.

And the easiest way is to get to know with children first then their parents.

^^Travelling and learning local culture^^

Beautiful sunset at the beach in front of Koh Jum Resort

And it is getting darker and darker.

Turning back to the resort....Wow!!! it is really beautiful with the lights on and competing with dark blue sky.

Night atmosphere at Koh Jum resort

At night, we can only stay in the resort because there is nothing outside, hard to find restaurant or shops so it is better to stay here.

Small pool... if you do not want to go to the sea.

Restaurant with great view

After dinner, we go back to our room and relax...I see a post of my friend on Facebook, it is a photo of The Milky Way from Chiang Rai. So I think that it is also would be nice to have a photo of The Milky Way from Koh Jum as well.

So we go out and set the camera at the beach. And as we expect it is really a nice photo and clear Milky Way photo as you can see below.

I think that many people will ask about how to take these photos hahaha

I take these photo with canon 6D+ 16-35 f2.8 with

- Camera stand

- Also can be taken by Kit Lens

- Find the darkest place

- Focus to Infinity (depend on each camera)

- ISO1600-3200 (depend on light around you at that time)

- Using the widest F as your camera could do

- Shutter speed at 20-3- second depend on light in location

- Read this article from Prof. Jack Suppareuk Karuehanon for not making star in line

[Spoil] Click here: http://www.manager.co.th/Science/ViewNews.aspx?NewsID=9560000154287

For travelling to the sea in rainy season gives me a new aspect because to travel during this period there are not many people, we can do a lot thing and absorb the atmosphere a bit by a bit and do not need to be hurry. The beautiful natures are still almost the same, you just have to wish that it will not be raining the whole trip.

If you are still do not know where to go, you can try to travel to Krabi in Green travel style...Leave all technology behind and enjoy the nature in front of you.

I hope that this review might inspire someone...

Thank you very much for always support me...

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