Sawaddee Krab..

Let's continue our cuisine exploring after tasting Mae Linchong, Thai steamed Tapioca dumplings , we are still continuing on eating challenge..hahaha

We can find parking easily when crossing Ratsadapisek bridge because the restaurant is close to the bridge.

Hurry up! let's go.......

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... I don't want to say LOVE to make you feel good

... But I want to do something for you to feel my LOVE...

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Do is in a Must-Visit City...Lampang..... [Part III]

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Do is in a Must-Visit City...Lampang.. [Part V : Final]

Thank you for your support and following me...

Ratsada Noodle Soup or known as Nguan-Choun Restaurant

It's quite close to the bridge..

The owner is waiting to welcome his guests.. with his big friendly smile :)

Time Stopped atmosphere....

The picture of Ratsadapisek bridge when it was freshy finished looks the same as today..

"Khun Do please, have a seat, I will make you a delicious bowl of Khao Soi" he said

It can tell from it's look, how does it taste...

Soft noodle in spiced aroma soup, clearly tasty....

Tender chicken meat ...well done...

If you are a fan of stewed beef, this is what you should try, the beef is very well flavored, cut into thick and small pieces.

Balancing the taste with lemon and fresh Thai shallot.

Cool and sugary drink to refresh before our up coming place.

Menu selections other than Khao Soi

Wat Pong Sanuk is one of the place we should not miss by many reasons, one reason is it's location, which is just right around the bridge.

One stop but we can visit two temples,Wat Pong Sanuk Nua and Wat Pong Sanuk Tai

Wat Pong Sanuk Nua has just received Heritage Award Winner from Unesco Asia-Pacific in 2008 and this is one more reason why we should not miss it..

And I am curious why Wat Pong Sanuk Tai, which is right next to each other, are separated..Hahaha

The first city pillar shrine is in Wat Pong Sanuk Nua

This Ubosot is in Wat Pong Sanuk Tai area.

Oww... up on the second floor looks pretty interesting, let's get up there..

.... I have to hit the break all the sudden....The uncle is taking picture.....

The stairs look like what we are familiar in Thai Lakorn series, I think you know how I am feeling..

Up here you can guess why this place is Heritage Awarded Winners, the reason is what you so beautiful..

Beautifully detailed...I even can not find a word to describe.

Do you want to read the History of the temple?

If you have a chance you definitely have to come here.

Next is Clock Tower, which is considered as the middle point of Lampang province.

As we are here we have to have a quick peak around.

From the Clock Tower facing to the river is Chiang Rai temple (Name of a province north of Lampang...but how come they named it Chiang Rai? Hahaha)

The temple is outstanding with white color tone.

Let's have a look inside..

Outside is white but inside is very colorful with red ceiling, black pillars and picture on the walls, which contrasts my feeling from outside to inside.

My feeling has changed...

Not only the color will make you feel different but also the details in all art works..


Step out to the peaceful white color tone again...Hahaha

Lampang isn't as we used to imagine ...

Then we drive to Thoen District

If we drive from Bangkok to Lampang, Thoen is actually Lampang city's gate way.

But wait! why we are here??

We are going to see local quartz, which is considered as a holly stone.

"Feel free khun Do, or would you like to help me here? " she said

We are on a week day, not quiet as thought, many people are shopping for the quartz.

Khun Moo bin doesn't want to waste his chance, he is shopping too..

Nearby is Wat Mae Thot

Or known as Wat Na Ban Rai

The highlight is the biggest Biddha statue made of the local quartz..

We do have holly stones locally in Lampang Thailand, why should we buy oversea!

Come back to the main road, let's have something light to eat..

Single dish food is my favorite..

Free Wifi, that is an in trend shop

This place is not a bad idea for a quick food and resting on the way..

Good lighting, clean, good looking

Long green bean cooked not too fatty, well made

Rich of spices, soup is on the right level, not too creamy and not too watery..

Well cooked, well flavored, not too fatty, easy to eat

From what we have ordered must enjoy with steamed rice..

As I asked Fatty Uncle .. We agree that this restaurant is good up on our standard.

Then we continue our road trip (by car not by the horse drawn carriage Hahaha)

Then we arrive at our main attraction of Lampang city.

On a big plot of land, a lot of space and very beautiful..

Lampang's local girls come to pray.... so lovely ....Hahaha

The whole Thailand knows how beautiful this temple is.

To walk three rounds at the pagoda is how we pray.... after then it's time to leave...

Eh... the uncle senses a winning lotto !!

she is so cute

"I wish you, Uncle, win 28 up prize and 30 down prize, well all prizes" she wished

As our planed schedule we will be leaving Lampang after visiting the holly Pratartlampangluang Temple...

Heading to Chiang Mai takes about plus and minus 1 hour. We visit a famous temple, Wat Phrathat Doi Kham ....

See here! how famous,,, I am so proud to see this scene...

It's like a fashion, currently praying to Tan Jai Buddha statue is very trendy, the believed preference is offering Jasmin.

Let's pray, I wish happiness for every one and T05 to win this challenge....Hahaha

The amount of people have no effect to my Fatty Uncle for his photo shooting.

The name of the temple resembles of it's location, Doi is a hill, right here we are up on a hill behide where International Horticulture Exposition for His Majestic King Phumipol Adulyadej Royal Flora Ratchapruek takes place.

One more shot before coming back down....Hahaha

Very crowded at the temple..we are getting hungry, let find food, and roll down from the hill...!!!

Let eat Western food, just to fancy T05's trip...

There are out and in-door section and Live singing..

In the front part is with high ceiling, large space with different comfortable chairs and couch to choose for your preferences.

Let's have a seat..

Sweet and sour very refreshing

Clams, clean and good texture, well balance flavored served with roasted bread, delicious (145 bath)

Smoked Salmon Salad (125 bath)

Salmon, thick sliced of Salmon with Thai herbs and spices, mild and smooth in taste (145 bath)

Pork Ribs, well cooked ribs served with BBQ sauce, average is good and not too fatty (175 bath)

Crispy Pork Lek, Tender and still juicy inside, served with tasty deep sauce, good accompaniments (285 bath)

Spaghetti Seafood, rich of seafood and flavors, fresh and clean seafood , very enjoy able (185 bath)

Tender and juicy steak with tasty gravy (395 bath)

To compliment my meal....

Crepe for dessert, good aroma and well balance, very saucy, delicious!

Closing up with a cup of hot coffee...see! how enjoy we are...

The atmosphere is well decorated, the service is excellence, food is well presented and good proportioned, the taste of all dishes are good..

And when we look back at the price, ranking between 100-200 which is fair enough

Tonight we will stay overnight in Nimmanhaeminda Soi 9, ultimately around the middle of the street near Ducati show room.

This is for my boss, Fatty Uncle to play,,,,Hahaha

Prices are ok

The hotel is a small hotel with a few guest rooms..

We are in this room 999 bath breakfast included..

High ceiling but too small LCD TV for one, who is a teenage as I am, can't see that clearly...Hahaha

The bathroom is very outstanding, large, high ceiling, bank and a tree at the middle of the room.


The toilet seat is some what a stage for a performance...Hahaha

Must stand for showering

Trip conclusion for the day, visiting beautiful world heritage temples, seen National quartz, exploring Thai local cuisines and western meal, this is a full option as T05's style

I think it's time to rest for tomorrow to continue our last journey.

See you..

Good night................Zzzzz

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