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Continue the trip...Today we are going to the old market or people call Talad Rat which is located near Lampang Train Station.

Refreshing up yourself and let's Go. >>>

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The market is located on Thanon Talad Rat with free parking space

Here we are...Talad Rat

Enjoy walking in the old market as you wish>>>

Look at him, he almost lays down taking this photo ...hahaha just kidding^^

Half way already!!!

Aha...feeling hungry right???

Oh my mum really likes this kind of banana... I really miss her. (hahaha my mom should not be interfere)

Unlce Auan seems very hungry...hahaha

If you would like to try some traditional food, it is easier to find them at the market. So make your plan accordingly...

Final stage, we meet again in front of the market sign and it is time to eat.

Just right in front of the train station, not that far from the market.

I am sure that everyone knows it..."Por Kuay Jub"


Umm...look so delicious....

The highlight is fresh entrails that they use....Yummy!!!


Self service water

This is by Pee Moo Bin...

And put it in the bowl...

And end this meal with this...

Let's go to the train station

This train is for Chiang Mai...But what is he doing over there????...Do not go, stay with me...Hahaha

Bye Bye

He is really friendly, talking to the train cleaner.

So Lampang is a slow life city since in the part

Welcome to Kukkutnakorn

A must do - activity in Lampang... "Horse Carriage"

"Horse eats more because you will have to carry heavy things"...hahaha


Go go go!!!

Enjoy the view of traditional houses along the way

Hahaha...Uncle calm down... we still have time to take photos.

One thing that I am so impressed is even the Horse Carriage is moving slowly, there is no pressure from cars or other people. Everyone understands and try to support the good thing of their province. That is really good.

Enjoy the city view with carriage and kindness people

If you have a chance, you should try...

Wat Phra Chedee Chao Lang

There are 20 pagodas as the meaning of it name.

The temple history...sorry only in Thai

Pee Moo Bin said that this is Burmese style art.

Can you count to 20 pagodas?

Such a big tree

Next, we will go to pay respect to Luang Phor Kasem Khemgo. Open from 6.00 - 18.00 Hrs.

This sculpture is a new one.

Monk's dwelling that he used to stay.

Everything inside is remain the same

Exhibition of his biography

New building


If you come to Suchada Park... come to visit Wat Prakeawdontao Suchadaram.

Very elegant and beautiful

This is historical stone about the emerald Buddha image.

Very beautiful

Then visiting Ban Sao Nuk

I am just going to say WoW!!! It does hit me...

The entrance fee is 50 baht including drinks...Let's Go>>>

This is my favorite room.

Heavy pillars??? (Pillars = Sao, Heavy = Nuk)

In the photo, it is totally different from the real one. The decorations and atmosphere are really made me into it.

If you have a chance, you should come to visit...I really like it here...it really give me a feeling of real Thai House with Ban Sao Nuk.

For the next, let me introduce you Kuay Tiew Pu Maew. It is noodle with roasted pork. The shop is located on Thanon Charoen Prathat and really close to our hotel.

It looks really old.

In the past, they have to register for the license plate as you can see.

Secret drawers...

Yellow noodle... it is really right for this moment...hahahaha

But...is there anybody home???...T_T I do not want to miss it.

Oops!!! she is here...I think that I have to make it by myself...hahaha

He is always chilling out

She told me that this noodle shop opened since her grandpa...a very old one.

Dry noodle with roasted pork...

It is a little bit taste less but you can add more seasoning as you wish.

Umm...dumpling soup...super!!!

Here is the dessert zone.

He is still very healthy person.

This old bicycle he also still uses it...this how we call..."Time is stopped in Lampang"

Then move on to Mae Lin Jong Sago-Pak Mo which is only 2-3 blog from Pu Maew shop.

Let's try it!

In one word ... "Delicious"

Smell so good and taste so great ....

Oh No!!!! sadly my time is up and I will be back to continue my review later on:

Do is on in a Must-Visit City....Lampang [Part IV]


Thank you very much everyone^^

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