I am thinking of where should I go to find my inspiration for writing the Chapter 3 of my journey. My friends are busy with their jobs, I have no accompany to go on a trip with me. One day, I see new feed on my friends Facebook page. They went to Kanchanaburi and I just went there last month. But the place is really nice so I find to 2 more persons to go with me. : )

...From Bangkok to Kanchanaburi, there are many ways to get there such as public bus, van and train. We decide to take the public van from Victory Monument at 11.30am. and arrive there around 2.00pm. (This is nice to know that you can take a train to waterfall station and spend sometime there then take the red bus to bus terminal). We take the red bus Kanchanaburi - Sungklaburi for 60 baht per person and get off at Ban Kaeng Chor. During the way, it is raining even make the weather better with forest on both side of the road. It takes about 2 hours. Suddenly, I realize of something "..We should have come together.."

.. We arrive to Ban Kaeng Chor around 4 o'clock. Then call the resort to pick us up. The pick up car is a motorcycle with additional seats on aside (actually we can walk to the resort from here). Once we arrive to the resort, there are so many people even it is on Monday. This little cute kitten comes to greeting us at the check-in counter.

After check-in, we walk to our room, this is in front of our room...cribs at the terrace and a big river in the front.

Reading a book on a crib....Today I read "100 words of love and loneliness" and I really like this sentence

.. If I know what love is .. It because of you .. - Hermann Hesse -

Just think about it, if we can come here and read a book together in this atmosphere with someone...would be very nice : )

5.24pm. Let's get change and joining the wet raft activity which is you should not miss. Before departure, staff will give us a life vest and make sure that it fit you until a little bit tight. Otherwise it might lose when you jump. At 5.30pm. the raft will take us away from the resort about 1 KM. While siting on the raft, I am think that "How can I swim back?". Due to water flow quite fast so it does not take that much time as we think.

Arrival to the jumping point, I just like athlete in Olympic Game. And of cause, I am choking...hahaha

However, we have so much fun and laughing so loud.

After that, we continue with swimming pool and follow by dinner. The resort plays the song that I like while having dinner, I am so impressive.

There is signal for cellphone do not worry with Free WiFI...Even we have signal to send message to each other it would be better if we are here together.

Room rate is 1,000 baht per person including dinner and breakfast. The only problem is room cannot keep voice because I can hear snore from the next room.

We are wake up early for breakfast, it rains in the morning so foggy is all over the area....Just feel so nice.... After that we come back to our room, take shower and pack our stuffs for check out. Check-out time is at noon.

.. It is time to go home...We check out from the resort and have them send us to the entrance. We wait for the red bus to get back into the city.

.. For your information, keep your ID card close to you because here is quite close to the border and there is police check point. We arrive to the bus terminal at around 2 o'clock and start to walk around to find something to eat. We end up with noodle but that is not enough so we continue with 7/11.

During this journey, I think "I wish you can be with me in every journey, I think it will be more fun".

25 / 07 / 2015



- This is not a review but it is my journey diary
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