Mimosa Resort and Spa Koh Samui : A Perfect Place for Your Next Family Vacation written by Fahpawa - Travel and outing

There are tons of different kinds of accommodation choices in Koh Samui. You can stay in the local village or a calm and peaceful hotel with a private beach according to your preference. Mimosa Resort and Spa is one great accommodation choice which is perfect for a happy family trip. The resort is

Mimosa Resort and Spa Koh Samui : A Perfect Place for Your Next Family Vacation

Mimosa Resort and Spa Koh Samui : A Perfect Place for Your Next Family Vacation

There are tons of different kinds of accommodation choices in Koh Samui. You can stay in the local village or a calm and peaceful hotel with a private beach according to your preference. Mimosa Resort and Spa is one great accommodation choice which is perfect for a happy family trip. The resort is located at a secret Ban Tai Beach where it is quiet and not crowded. Therefore, you can be sure that you will have a total relaxation time with your family here.

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Mimosa Resort and Spa is in Ban Tai area in Koh Samui. You can either take a taxi or a bus from Samui International Airport directly to the resort. It takes about 20-30 minutes. I have chosen to take the bus this time (actually it is a van that is available at the airport). The bus will drop you off right in front of the resort. This is very convenient.

I have arrived at the resort before the standard check-in time a little bit. The room that I have reserved is not ready yet because the previous guests have just checked out. Hence, I need to wait for a while.

The Welcome Drink here is very special and unique. The reception has told me that it is made from Mimosa. It is good for your health because it is considered as an herb as well. Guess what! It is very tasty.

Since the room is not ready yet so I have decided to go for a walk on the beach. The beach in front of the hotel is very quiet. There are not many people around nor other resorts. I would say I like it very much feeling very private.

Are you familiar with this coconut tree? If you are a big fan of Korean Girl Group "Girl Generation", I am pretty sure that you have seen it on the music video called "Party" before. Yes, Girl Generation came to film some part of their music video here at Mimosa Resort and Spa particularly the beach and hammock scenes (I even try to use the same hammock they used and I am feeling great).

Not long after, the room is finally ready. I am going to stay in the Lotus room. It is a Jacuzzi Deluxe room. One great thing about Mimosa Resort and Spa is that all the rooms are equipped with the Jacuzzi.

The room is about 36 square meters. There is a balcony where you can connect to another guest room if you have requested for a connecting room. The room comes with full set of needed amenities such as mini-bar, tableware, cutlery, kettle, beach bag, and slippers.

The in-room furniture are mainly made of mimosa and teak wood even the hangers and trash bin. The resort has a huge resource of mimosa. Therefore, they think they should use it preciously at least to make the resort's furniture and decoration rather than just throw it away. This also reinforces the name of the resort as Mimosa Resort and Spa as well. Moreover, there are a lot of trees in Mimosa species around the resort.

The bathroom is not that big, even though the sink is already outside the bathroom. The bathroom comes with a very strong rainfall shower head though.

Moreover, Mimosa Resort and Spa has a very good concept for breakfast coupon. They use the wood colored with each day color representative as the coupons. I was not sure once I was given these two colors pieces of wood but I was explained clearly right after by the receptionist. This is so cool.

There are 32 rooms in total at Mimosa Resort and Spa. Apart from the Lotus room as the Jacuzzi Deluxe room, the resort also has other 5 more types of rooms available. I am super lucky to be able to see all types of rooms today.

Jasmine - Jacuzzi Senior Deluxe

(Credit: Photo from https://www.facebook.com/mimosasamui )

Mimosa Resort and Spa is a perfect choice not only for a family trip like dad, mom, and a child but also included those grandparents. This Jasmine room even has a support handrail in the bathroom and Jacuzzi to support your grandparents in using the in-room facilities.

Lover Jasmine - Jacuzzi Lover Deluxe

Lover Jasmine room is in the same size as Jasmine room but without the support handrail in the bathroom for the elderly people. This room is a perfect choice for a couple traveling together. In case you are on honeymoon, please don't forget to let the resort know so they can arrange something special to welcome you.

Meranti - Jacuzzi Pool Villa

This room is perfect for a family. The room's design must be well-liked by children with the day bed that look just like a cave where extra bed can be placed. The room also comes with a plunge pool in front of the room. Connecting Room's door can be opened once you travel in a big family and have reserved the connecting room. Therefore, 2 rooms with the connecting access is just perfect for a family trip where you can organize a small family party together as well.

Manikara - Jacuzzi Family Suite

This is one of the most spacious rooms located on the 2nd floor with 1 bedroom and 1 living room.

Mimosa - jacuzzi Family pool suite

(Credit: Photo from https://www.facebook.com/mimosasamui )

Mimosa is the biggest room in the entire resort with 2 bedrooms and 1 living room and a private plunge pool.

As I have mentioned earlier that Mimosa Resort and Spa has a resort's concept that is perfect for a family trip, hence; the atmosphere and facilities in the resort are well designed and created for everyone. There are Play Room, Fitness Center, swimming pool, Gathering Pavilion, and Library (this is where you can rent a DVD and books). Off shore activities is also available such as kayaking, and snorkeling.

There is even a spa in the resort. The spa is also in the concept of Maiyarap, a cast in Ramakien literally "Glory of Rama" (Maiyarap is also the name for Mimosa in Thai). As you can see, the hotel has worked so well on their whole resort concept. Everything links together.

Mimosa Restaurant is located right by the beach. You can reserved the Bean Bag seats for your favorite cocktails right away. However, since I am traveling alone this time, I guess I better take the normal seat for dinner tonight.

Having dinner under the candle light by the beach at twilight is just so perfect.

My first drink is this Seasons Change. Before you drink, you need to stir it well. The drink then will turns into purple color. It taste good as well :)

This one is named Mimosa Cocktail. It is a blend of champagne and orange juice. This one is so good, I have never thought that it would taste this good when we blend this two together.

And my today's dinner has arrived. Oh my god! What I have ordered is actually a lot.

This is the signature dish of the resort, "Thai Spicy Water Mimosa Salad" (Actually they have the specific name for this menu but unfortunately I forgot TT ). It is very tasty and not too spicy.

This is Mimosa Soup made from water mimosa. As water mimosa is one of Mimosa's species, it is impressive that the hotel has created this menu with this unique menu name. This soup is delicious and doesn't smell much from the water mimosa at all.

Tom Yum Spaghetti is so good. It is spicy with Tom Yum spices. This menu is very popular among the foreign tourists.

This last menu is called Mix Grill. The grill consists of beef, pork, chicken, shrimp. It is very tasteful.

This is the venue for breakfast. It is opened from 7.30 AM to 10.30 AM. The breakfast buffet line is not variety but not bad. There are fried eggs, ham, sausages, bread, salad, yogurt, and so on.

In summary...

- The room is very good, soundproof, quiet, and calm

- The staff are all friendly, and helpful. They always greet all guests at all times

- I like that we are able to rent a DVD to watch in our room very much

- Resort offers a motorbike rental service at 250 THB per day

- The swimming pool is a salt water pool which is great and less cause for eye irritation

- There are plenty of activities available in the resort. I would say that there are perfect numbers of them according to the resort's size :)

- It offers the best spot to watch the sunset, I confirm

- I like Jacuzzi Deluxe room even though the bathroom is a bit small

- I would rate the atmosphere of the resort 10 out of 10. The resort has such a nice ambiance, very calm, peaceful, quiet, and not crowded. This is perfect for a total relaxation trip

- If you come to stay here without a car, you should rent a motorbike because the resort is pretty far from the main street and the alley is deserted