I believe that many people consider the accommodation atmosphere as main factor when going on holiday to any provinces. Today I would like to recommend a beautiful resort with nice atmosphere at Bophut Beach.

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The Peace Resort is a short distance from Samui International Airport. The ride from airport is about 20 kilometres. The location is not complicated thus it is easy to travel from the resort to other places. The resort entrance connects to the main road. It's perfect for those who don't have cars because you can take Songthaew or truck taxi from the resort entrance. There are also convenient stores across the street opposite the resort.

I have not seen any Thai guest on arrival. There are only foreigner guests. I come to check in quite early thus I have to wait for the room at the lobby first. The receptionist is so kind and takes so well care of me. Shortly, I get the room. The Peace Resort rooms are mostly bungalows like stand alone mini-houses and there are also guest rooms in a building. I get the room in a building this time.

I get the Deluxe Terrace Room; its unique feature is a spacious bathtub on the terrace. We can open the window and see the view overlooking the sea. Unfortunately, I barely see the sea since the sky is smoky. There are shower gel, shampoo, body lotion and salt scrub provided at bathtub.

The bedroom has glass door so you don't have to worry of mosquitoes. Air conditioning is really cool and the bed is soft. I like the day bed the most. It's a perfect place to enjoy reading and seeing view. The minibar is in the room. Kettle and mosquito repellent are provided because it is open-air terrace.

The bathroom is right at the front entrance. Wet zone is clearly separated from dry zone. The mirror at the washbasin can slide to open and watch a television from bedroom.

The amenities inside the room are pretty good. There are bathrobes, sandals, slippers, cloth basket, beach bag and mat to lie down and sunbathe on the beach.

Not only is there bathtub but also writing desk with mirror on the terrace. It's chill for working and reading here. The atmosphere is really good. :)

After exploring my room, I am getting hungry. The resort has a beachfront restaurant called Sea Wrap. It serves Thai and international cuisines. It's also a venue for breakfast.

While eating, seeing the view and the boat sailing. Life is great...

After eating, the hotel takes me to see other room types as usual. As I said, the Peace Resort divides bungalows into units separately. This makes it unique and adds more privacy.

Superior Bungalow

It's the standard room type of the resort. The room size is just right for two guests. There are beach chairs to sit in front of the house. You can make use of it by reading a book or chatting. You don't have to worry that the lights will shed inside your room at night because the Peace Resort positions lighting system very well.

Deluxe Bungalow

It's slightly bigger than Superior Bungalow. There are bathtub and day bed inside the room. It's suitable for family with one kid so the kid can sleep on a day bed.

Deluxe Terrace Room

This room is similar to my room but it's located at ground floor. This room has no view like my room but it's more privacy. Bathtub is at the entrance with a proper roof and wall.

Other than this, the Peace Resort has many more facilities such as playground, pool, bar, meeting rooms, and daily activities including yoga, beach volleyball, and cooking class. The resort is also good for outing or seminar for firms that are interested in.


- The location is great, it's connects to the main road. It's convenient for those who want to travel without driving. However, the resort provides a rental bike if you want to use.

- There are many trees thus it's good for the hot day. However, it may be quite difficult to walk or find the room at night especially bungalow.

- I have to check out at 04:30hrs earlier than breakfast time because my flight is at 06:00hrs. The resort provides me a breakfast to go box. There are ham and cheese sandwich (It's my favourite and so yummy), an apple, fruit juice and water. Thank you very much. :)This is very lovely of the resort.

- The Peace Resort is a short distance to the Fisherman's Village Plaza, you can walk along the beach then you will find a new community mall in Samui called the Walf. It's in the area of walking street same as the Fisherman's Village Plaza.

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