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"Hua Hin is a coastal town not far from Bangkok, people keep going back there from time to time". I don't know what has attracted me to come back here so many times this year either. And I am going to Hua Hin again. Actually, I have some business with one of my respectful persons there. Hence, I j

24 Hours @ Royal Pavilion Hua Hin - Nice Stay, Good Food, and Relaxing Spa Treatment

24 Hours @ Royal Pavilion Hua Hin - Nice Stay, Good Food, and Relaxing Spa Treatment

"Hua Hin is a coastal town not far from Bangkok, people keep going back there from time to time". I don't know what has attracted me to come back here so many times this year either. And I am going to Hua Hin again. Actually, I have some business with one of my respectful persons there. Hence, I just can't say no.

This trip is not like any others. I won't go to Hua Hin for a day trip in the town or anything but spending most of the time in the hotel. I don't even think that I will write a hotel review. However, after spending time in the hotel and taking some photos, I have ended up writing this. I guess it is just me that can't help but follow my basic instinct writing a review hahaha.

Royal Pavilion Hua Hin is the meeting point as well as our hotel on this trip. Royal Pavilion Hua Hin is on the opposite side of Esso Gas Station located near Hua Hin 70. I have done some research on the hotel before going there. I have found out that the hotel looks very nice and it has been rated 8.2 out of 10 from more than 2,000 reviews on Agoda.com. However, I feel a little surprised after I have seen its location on Google Maps. I am pretty familiar with the area but I have never seen this hotel before. Anyway, I am going to figure it out soon enough.

My journey to Hua Hin gets started and my wife would be my companion throughout this trip (as requested by the person who has arranged this whole meeting). I have called the hotel and been told that we should take the van Bangkok - Hua Hin of June & James company at the Victory Monument by Rajavithi Hospital. This van will stop right in front of the hotel. The van costs only 180 THB per person. We have taken the van as suggested by the hotel around 10 AM even though the appointment is in the evening. This way we can spend sometimes exploring the hotel. It is about 3 hours later that we have arrived in Hua Hin.

I understand now why I have never seen this hotel before because it is a new one. Royal Pavilion Hua Hin has been opened for only 3 years. Last time I was in the area was when I need to catch the van back to Bangkok and during that time the hotel was not even building up yet. And as the hotel saidม the van does stop right in front of the hotel. We need to walk only 20-30 steps to get into the hotel.

If you are looking for a nice resort by the beach, Royal Pavilion Hua Hin might not be a good choice. But for those who don't care about Hua Hin Beach like me, this hotel would be a good one. The hotel is very easy to travel to, it is located right at the main road and near Hua Hin Night Market. So it is convenient to find something to eat anytime. There are also convenient stores nearby such as FamilyMart and Tesco Lotus Express. If you don't drive here, you can catch a local green mini bus passing by the hotel throughout the day to travel through Hua Hin.

The ambiance of the Lobby is very nice. It is beautiful, clean, and doesn't look cheap. And it is time for me to look for a good angle to take some photos of the Lobby as usual.

Since there is no any other guests around so I have asked the Front Desk staff to line up for me. This is what I get.

Welcome drink is Rosella juice. My wife is super fast. She has taken one glass to sip already. She might have forgotten the tradition that we need to take a photo before eating or drinking anything hahaha.

I am very lucky to be able to take some photos of the Lobby while there is no one else. Because, there is a big group tour coming to check in right after. I have heard from the receptionist that these tourists are Chinese who live in Malaysia as same as the main tourists here in Hua Hin. People might think that they are from Mainland China but actually they are not. The majority of tourists in Hua Hin are from Malaysia and Singapore.

Next to the Lobby, it is The Recipe restaurant. This restaurant is not that big but it offers both indoor and outdoor tables. It is opened from 11 AM to 10 PM. I guess this place should be the venue for our meeting later on tonight.

The hotel offers free shuttle throughout the day to Hua Hin Beach, Hua Hin Railway Station, Plearn Wan, at night to Hua Hin Night Market, and on the weekend to the famous Cicada Market.

Or if you prefer to rent a motorbike you also can. You can contact the Front Desk directly for that and it will be 250 THB per day. The motorbike rental service nearby will drop the motorbike for you right at the hotel. There are also the tour programs to Khao Wang (Phra Nakhon Khiri Historical Park) in Phetchaburi, Khao Luang Cave, Sontorini Park Cha-Am, Swiss Sheep Farm, Camel Republic, The Venezia Hua Hin, Hua Hin Hills Vineyard, and Pa La-U Waterfall. For me, you can just go anywhere as you like with the motorbike.

Anyway, let's check in now! Our room has been reserved and arranged already and we are going to stay in the Premier Suite Room. I have checked the rack rate at the Front Desk and I am shocked. On the other hand, it is around 2,500 THB per night if you book online such as Agoda.com.

The room is very beautiful and totally clean. The room is in white and blue tone color in order to strengthen the feeling of the ocean. The room can be divided into 2 parts.

The first part is the living room. The living room is including Sofa set, Television, mini bar corner, and so on. It is pretty spacious.

The second part is the bedroom. Once I see it I am like what! It is not like there is something bad but there are some special arrangements like those towels in a couple of swan shape and some rose petals on the bed. I don't think every room has been prepared like this. There must be something behind all of these. And of course we don't want to mess all these arrangement up at all, we don't even dare to sit or lie down on it.

The bathroom is in a good shape. There is even a bathtub where we can relax dipping in it. All toiletries and toothbrush set are well-prepared. You don't need to bring anything over.

We have lie down on the sofa for a bit while I am thinking that we should go to Hua Hin Beach or Plearn Wan since we still have plenty of time to kill. Well, after I have got a call, the plan has changed. We are going to the spa instead because the person who has invited us all the way here would like to give us a treat.

I was not sure earlier where it could has been the spa in this hotel. I have figured it out that they have turned the guestrooms on the second floor to be the spa. Even though the ambiance of this spa can't be compared to those ones in big hotels and resorts, it is simply well-designed and well-arranged. Moreover, the treatment price is reasonable.

Let's get all the details!

I have chosen a Foot Reflexology because the therapist has highly recommended this treatment. The Foot Reflexology massage here is different from other ones since it will mainly focus on the application of appropriate pressure to specific points and areas on the feet. These particular points correspond to different body organs and systems. On the other hand, my wife has the Signature Aromatherapy Massage. This Signature treatment offers you three different choices of oils for you to choose from, Lavender, Thai flowers, and Lemongrass. The oil will be warmed before applying onto your body. Foot Reflexology costs 400 THB and Aromatherapy Massage costs 600 THB. These are pretty cheap, treatments in the hotel like this.

I am telling you that this Foot Reflexology is way too good. I love it. I like foot massage and have been having it all the times. But most of the time it is not this perfect, some are too light and some are too strong. My therapist today knows well all the reflexology theory. She knows right away which problem and where I do have a pain on my body when she gets started. Then she started to work on the specific points and areas on my feet right away. She even knows how my lifestyle is. She is amazing. Here!, her name is Seeda. You might want to request her when you are having a spa treatment here especially when you have Foot Reflexology. Apart from her skill of providing the massage, she is very friendly. After the treatment is done, I also get a positive feedback from my wife.

It is early in the evening that we are finally meeting the person who has invited us. The first question we have got to answer is "How is everything?, Do you like the room and the arrangement?". Now I have a clue why my bed is like that. And he ended up asking me just like everybody else does "When are you going to have a baby?" hahaha.

Remember? I thought our meeting venue would be The Recipe restaurant. Well, actually the hotel has a hidden restaurant on the rooftop called Blue Sky Bar. And the meeting will be held here. It is cloudy but it won't rain so the weather is kind of nice. Blue Sky Bar is opened from 6.30 PM to 12.00 AM.

The dinner is only for us two. We have ordered 3 dishes including Black Pepper Pork Chops, Smoked Duck Breast Bruschetta, and Fried Chicken with Herbs. They are all delicious. What I like the most would be Smoked Duck Breast Bruschetta because it is not easy to find.

My cocktail for tonight is Margarita. Tequila Sunrise- a mixture of Tequila, orange juice, and pomegranate juice, is for my wife. And another glass is Pina Colada- a mixture of Rum, Malibu, pineapple juice, and coconut juice, belongs to our host. It looks tasty though.

The ambiance at Blue Sky Bar tonight is so good. It is perfect for a good talk both business and personal. We are here roughly until 9 PM before getting separated. It is time to go to bed and mess up that beautiful arrangement.

The new day has come. I woke my wife up in the early morning for the breakfast. The breakfast is served from 6.30 AM to 10 AM. The reason why we need to be here early is that the hotel is almost full so we better come first then we can get all the photos we want. We are here before the restaurant is opened a bit. We have found this girl looking so familiar. Oh! She was the one who served the Welcome Drink for us yesterday. She told us that they dress like this every weekend.

The restaurant is called Emperor Atrium. It is not very big but airy and clean. After the restaurant has opened for a bit, other guests have started to come down for their breakfast. It is always like this when you travel in a group tour. You need to wake up early, you need to eat fast, and you need to go out right away. Thanks god that I have come just a bit earlier, if not I wouldn't be able to get all these photos.

The breakfast buffet line is not that variety but they have covered all the basic breakfast selections. There are boiled rice with pork, congee, sausages, ham, bacon, fried eggs, white steamed rice, a few Thai food, bread, corn flakes, yogurt, salad, fresh fruits, and so on. I really like the pancake maker. It is not that common to have it in the breakfast venue in a hotel. Pancake tastes not bad and it goes so well with the Maple syrup and honey.

There will be Traditional Thai Desserts Buffet on the weekend. These desserts are from outside contractor.

There is no plan for today nor we need to hurry to go back to Bangkok so we just chill and relax in the room. Then we take a walk around the hotel once again to explore more. We have found this mini swimming pool which could be a good oasis in a hot day.

We have checked out a little before noon. It is very convenient to get the van back to Bangkok since the van hub is right by the hotel.

It is about 24 hours that we have been in Royal Pavilion Hua Hin. This hotel has been nothing but very nice. It is one of good accommodation choices when traveling to Hua Hin if you don't strict with a hotel by the beach. Royal Pavilion Hua Hin is very new, clean, and comfortable. The staff are all friendly and helpful. We are very happy and impressed with everything here. Moreover, one more reason that might keep us coming back here is, Auntie Seeda whispered to me that she will give me some discount on the spa treatment next time.

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