Hello friends, brothers and sisters. It's the beginning of winter.

Many friends may have planed to go to the north or up hill to experience the cold and breathe in the fresh air to fill the lungs.

Today, I have an easy and short trip nearby Bangkok for you to see.

It's a 24-hour trip to detox the lungs at Wang Nam Khiao, which commonly known as Switzerland of Isan .

It's located in Nakhon Ratchasima Province, the northeastern region of Thailand or so called Isan in Thai. This is an alternative for people who don't want to drive that far.

The atmosphere is very suitable for relaxing and experiencing the cool and chill weather.

Let's start off to breathe in fresh air to the lungs at Wang Nam Khiao.

PS. This review is a personal opinion that I get from my travel. Please use your own judgment in viewing this.

PS 2. There may be portraits to match with the atmosphere of the place, which is ideal for portrait photography.

This trip I traveled since December 5, 2014, almost a year ago. I have just come to review this.

Travelling from Bangkok to Wang Nam Khiao can be made through several directions either going on Saraburi route or Nakhon Nayok route. However, I chose to go to the motorway because it is my most familiar route.

You can drive along the motorway from Bangkok through Latkrabang tollbooth. Then, turn left to take the exit toward route 314/Chachoengsao and continue onto route 304.

Driving through Chachoengsao, Phanom Sarakham District, Kabin Buri Intersection, Thap Lan National Park and continue straight to Wang Nam Khiao.

Our destination is in Khao Phaengma (Mount Phaengma), Wang Nam Khiao.

It takes pretty long due to the long holidays and the road from motorway to Chachoengsao is being constructed. However, the road job is done now.

Once arriving at Wang Nam Khiao, you can turn left to Khao Phaengma. There is nothing to worry since there are many resort signs.

It's about 10-metre height to the top. Driving is quite tiring thus I stop to recharge myself. I made some research on good restaurants prior this trip. Therefore, I give a try here at 'Krua Im-Sook'...it's on the left not long after driving through Khao Phaengma.

The restaurant has a scenic view where you can see this area. The view is really okay. Let's have a look our foods.

Many people tell me that this restaurant is delicious but it doesn't meet my expectation after trying by myself.

Many dishes are bitter. I am not sure if it is because of lemonade or something else.

This restaurant is still not my taste.

The totally price of 3 dishes is between 400 baht and 500 baht.

After eating, it's time to check in to accommodation.

I reserved a tent at Chantara Valley, Wang Nam Khiao.

The rate is 500 baht per person, including tent, bedding and breakfast.

The campsite is a separated part of the resort, which is opposite to guest room area.

This is my tent, separating from others to be alone 555.

There are spots to take chic and cute photos.

And this is the check-in area. You can drive straight in and you will find the parking and check-in area.

After putting away all stuffs, it's time to drive around, take the air and see the view.

I drive out the resort and continue to find a good spot for taking photos during the sunset but I don't find any. I decide to breathe in the fresh air at Lam Phra Phloeng Reservoir and return to the resort.

It's time to return to the resort. The shared bathrooms that are separated for men and women are provided for guests who stay in the tents. The bathrooms are pretty okay without any problem. Let's have a look the atmosphere at night.

There are quite a lot of people due to the long holidays.

The resort also provides a barbecue grill for rent.

I happen to see many families cook. It's quite late till I can get some sleep because the music from the next tent is so melodious. I want to take my money and tip them (to stop)

Tonight there is a lunar corona for us to see. The weather is so chill and refreshing.

The atmosphere in the morning, the weather is cool but no fog.

The breakfast menu here is simple. There are boiled rice, coffee, Ovaltine and deep-fried dough sticks (Pa Thong Ko)

After breakfast, it's time to check out and continue to travel around.

Before leaving, we stop and take photos with the resort signboard.

The first stop we going to visit is the "Flora Park". The park holds a flora festival every year during November onwards.

There are various types of beautiful flowers for us to see and shoot.

The Flora Park is located at the intersection of Wat Pho Chaloemphrakiet

(Highway No. 3052 Wang Nam Khiao -Khao Phaengma KM 9).

Wang Nam Khiao, Wang Nam Khiao District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province.

After that, we go on to "A Cup Of Love".

A Cup of Love is a coffee shop, which is built in the middle of mountain atmosphere. There are wind turbine and sheep house that open for visitors to see and feed the sheep as well.

Suchada Garden, Wang Nam Khiao

Suchada garden is on the area of over 60 hectares in the village in Khao Phaengma. There are farms, vineyards, hydroponic salad garden, orchid farms and many types of spadices for us to see.

Driving to another side is "Wang Nam Khiao Farm"

Wang Nam Khiao Farm is the largest mushroom farm in the Northeast. Many verities of mushroom are cultivated here. There are products from mushroom in fresh and processed for sell.

You can drop in and buy souvenirs or snacks here. They are delicious, I confirm (with out any commission.)

It's time for a lunch break after a tiring tour. This time let's give a try at this restaurant

"Im-Ook Im-Jai"

Let's see how the foods look like. I barley remember their names.

This restaurant is okay. Pass! The taste is quite delicious.

And come to the final destination that we will travel together.

"Montana Farm"

It's a good place with good atmosphere in the middle of the mountains. It's cool and pleasant because of many trees and flowers.

Inside the farm is extensive. There are sheep farm that we can feed them with foods as well as many spots to shoot.

How is the Montana Farm? I like it very much because there are many spots to take photos.

It's better to come in the morning or evening because it's really hot in the afternoon.

And this trip is ended with happiness, a pleasant memory and a breath of fresh air at dawn and dusk though it's quite hot in the afternoon.

Wang Nam Khiao is perfect for a two day one night stay. It's really comfy and chill.

It's not a long drive from Bangkok and there are many beautiful sights and spots for shooting.

If you have a chance, come and visit here.

Lastly, I apologize if there is any error and I hope this review is more or less helpful for people who are interested.

The nature is waiting for you to explore. I want you to go out, explore and stay close to the nature more and more.

Reward yourself and get enough rest because life is short. Don't let various excuses stop you from travelling.

If you would like to know more information or exchange your ideas, here is another channel for us to communicate.


Thank you and see you again soon..

กินเพลิน เดินเที่ยว

 Wednesday, October 21, 2015 2:34 PM