I have moved from Pantip.com to my new house here at Readme.me with this very first review.

Well, I have got a chance to go to Singapura or Singapore for business trip for 5 days.
I bet a lot of you have been there already as it is a well-economic development country and a city of modernity. Most of people wish to bring back the convenience and prosperity from there back to our country. On this business trip, I have got some spare time after work so I would walk around the town. First, I have to tell you that this is my 3rd time in Singapore. Therefore, I plan to explore more into small streets and alleys to see the beauty of this city in different angles. Will I see something new?, something interesting and exciting?, something beautiful and impressive? We shall see.

I will use the same concept on this whole trip using one and only phone camera. Let's see what I see and experience!

I have carried a huge backpack on my back to go to the airport and it seems like no Taxi wants to take me. I am not quite sure if they are scared of me or what. hahaha

I have arrived Don Mueang International Airport almost 4 AM and just finished checking in. Oh! I guess the flight is full. There are so many people.

It is the first flight to Singapore at 6.30 AM.

The Gate is opened and I have taken the bus to board into the aircraft in the middle of the airport.

The flight has taken off safely and this is the last photo I take before I am going to sleep (I went to bed very late last night) Bye Bye

It is not long at all that we are flying above Singapore already. I just woke up and I didn't have enough sleep on board though.

After the flight is landed, I am heading to take the Metro right away. I will go to the condominium to drop off my stuffs first.

I am here at the condominium called "Cassia View". It is located on Cassia Link Road.

This place I booked through Airbnb.com. There are 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 living room, and 1 kitchen.

I am here at CommunicAsia 2015 and it is time for me to work. I will be right back.

I am done at work for today and my traveling spirit has become so high. So let's go to the first stop at China Town!

Oh my god, it is totally cloudy. Is it going to rain?

Luckily, it is not.

A beautiful lantern decoration at Chinese Temple in Chinatown.

Let's continue the trip here at Bugis area! Even though I have been to Singapore two times before, I have never been in this area.

After I arrive, I know it right away that my two previous trips were failed that I did not go through this area.

After taking the right turn at Bugis Junction to Victoria Road, this is what I have seen.

Apart fro the beautiful street arts, there are numbers of coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants.

I have walk along the street. I can't help but keep staring at this cafe.

This cafe is named "SYMMETRY". It is a very nice cafe offering food such as Steaks, and pasta. The highlight of this place would be the waffle and coffee.

The first day's mission at Bugis is completed and now it is time to go back home (This is the view from my room)

The new day has come and I just go to work as usual by bus. However, I have just missed the bus stop and I am now right in front of Garden by the Bay, which is pretty far from my destination. I am walking through Garden by the Bay back and it is super hot. Anyway, at least I have got some nice photos from this incident.

After work, I have started my trip again just like yesterday. I am going to Geylang where it is known as the dark side of Singapore.

However, I am not focusing on that. (if you want to know why it is called the dark side of Singapore, go and google for that). We are focusing on the food here.

Let's get started with Durian Buffet! I can smell its unique scent from far away.

Then we continue our food journey at this 218 Coffee Shop. It is not only coffee that is available here but also the food. The food here is delicious and at reasonable price. This I can confirm.

Even though the food might not look nice, it is tasty and cheap. You will like it for sure.

We eat non-stop and now we are at G7 Sin Ma Live Seafood. This restaurant is famous for its Fresh Frog Leg Porridge.

Huge frog legs look very yummy.

If you are awake in the middle of the night because of your hunger. There are many good Roti's places here in Geylang.

After I have realized, it is already my last day here in Singapore and need to go back to Thailand today. Time flies! I don't forget to stop by this well-known Siopao's place to buy some of them back home. After a chat, I have figured it out that Mother of the owner is Thai from Chiang Mai and his father is Singaporean. He goes to Thailand once a year to visit his mom. Moreover, he speaks Thai fluently. He asked me earlier in Thai "Would you like to have siopao with red bean or with minced pork?" and I was shocked hahaha.

I have arrived at the Terminal. Lastly, it is time to say goodbye to Singapore and I will see you again.

And this is everything on this trip through my lens from phone camera.

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