"The city of art" has given by Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) for Ratchaburi Province. It is one of 12-Must Visit Cities. After they have launched this campaign, people are coming to visit the city to find out and enjoy the artist city more than before.

This journey continue from Travel to Samut Sakhon in August (First Part > http://bit.ly/1VWkYKe) together with TAT under "Chill Out Thailand" Samut Sakhon - Ratchburi by travelling in Thai Style. I will focus on three districts; Mueang, Photharam and Bang Phae.

Nang Yai Shadow Play at Wat Khanon, Photharam District is a Thai style art in Ratchaburi which is very famous in the last 2-3 years. There are only 3 Nang Yai group in Thailand; Wat Khanon Ratchaburi, Wat Ban Don, Rayong and Wat Sawang A-rom, Singburi. Here they build a beautiful museum and theatre and there is a show for free every Saturday at 10.00am. and every Sunday at 11.00am. If you would like to require a full show, the starting price is 2,500 baht. This is income for these young actors/actresses. Nang Yai plays in Ramakien story only.

Of cause we are now here at Ratchaburi, we will not miss the Nang Yai Shadow Play. First, let's walk around the museum to find out the origin of Nang Yai. Nang in Nang Yai does not mean movies or any shows but mean cow's skin which they use to make players. They keep over 100 of Nang Yai in the period of King Rama 5 at the museum. They take a very good care of them, for the show they use the new one.

Walking around the museum and get to know a little bit about Nang Yai, now it is time for the show. Normally it is free on Saturday and Sunday. The story that they always play is Hanuman, Ongkot and Chompupan. The show takes about 20 minutes. It is such a amazing show with movement and sound.

There is Nang Yai Festival every year during Songkran Festival. I will not miss it next year.

Not to far from Wat Khanon, there is another interesting temple calls Wat Muang. The temple has a museum of Trandition Mon with ancient equipment. There is no entrance fee however we can support the museum and young local guide as much as you wish.

Next is Wat Khong Kha Kham, the temple with tradition art of Mon. Actually, I do not know how value these paint, I only know that they are so beautiful.

These paints explain about Buddhis History, Tale and Local traditional way of life. The distinctive point is the Erotic motion hidden in the paints which is explain how do they live in the past.

Outside view

There are Mon antiques, equipment and scripture leaves age of over hundred years exhibit here.

At Wat Yai Nakorn Chum located on the right side of Mae Klong River, Ban Pong District. Enjoiying beautiful wall paint of the temple, it is not old art as you can see the artist is painting on the wall. Even it is not the old art but it is also very beautiful.

It is another that I am very happy with beautiful art in local way of life here...take a rest and continue the journey tomorrow.

Next day, we are going to Bang Phrae Distict, I have been here so many times. There are three recommended places; Siam Cultural Park, Suntree Land of Dolls and The Blooms Orchid Park. Unlucky, Siam Cultural Park is under renovated.

Let's go to Suntree Land of Dolls, our first destination for today. This is my third time to be here and I have never get bored every time I come. There are cute dolls all over the place. I believe that you can get a lot of photo here.

New zone "The Night fairytale", there are mostly princes, princess, fairy and knight dolls display in this zone. They are very cute, just would like to jump in and hug them. I suggest that you should prepare more time for taking photos.

Next is The Blooms Orchid Park. The Blooms decorated in forest garden style with shady atmosphere. There are also a coffee shop and little cute sheep farm.

Orchid planting in small business and today become big orchid farm with these beautiful flowers and develop itself to ecotourism. Orchid lovers should not miss The Blooms.

There are beautiful orchids blooming all years both Thai and foreign species. I have walk around and very impressive, I feel fresh and comfortable. I recommend that you should visit here once and you will see.

Sunset at Khao Kaen Chan^^

On the last day in Ratchaburi, many people might not know that Ratchaburi is one of the city that has their way of life together with the Mae Klong River for so long the same as Samut Songkram.

In Ban Pongm Photharam and Mueang Ratchaburi district have old town beside the river. Nowadays Ratchaburi tries to improve the image beside the river to become a relaxing place to visit with art exhibitions.

Ratchaburi National Museum in the pink building which is used to be a city hall.

With decoration of ceramics and potteries which are also the symbol of the city.

Next is Wat Phra That, the important temple of Ratchaburi. The highlight is the temple with 4 stupas on the same base. It is officially show that this is the art style of ancient Khom.

Today I am so luck that I can see the corona sun over the stupa and I have a chance to visit and pray respect to Phra Chai Phuttamahanak and Luang Por Tawarawadee at the temple.

The atmosphere inside the temple with ancient Buddha images

And the next destination that you should not miss is The Drakorn Jar.

Tao Hong Tai is the most famous ceramics and pottery factory where tourists like to visit and take photos.

The highlight is the dot dog and white alien. It is become a landmark of Ratchaburi.

If you would like to get more special, you should visit the production factory. You will see the process of making Dragon Jar. They also provide a training class for pottery making. If you are interested, you can contact them.

And the place of the trip is Wat Klong Suwan Keeree which is the location of Ku Bua ancient city and Jipatha Ban Bua Museum. It is one of the greatest museum of Ratchaburi but still not attractive enough.

Prof. Udom Somport, who started this museum, he would like the next generation to know about history, culture and knowledge of local which are the unique of Ban Ku bua.

The journey in the city of art "Ratchaburi" where is full of art such as traditional way of life, religious, or human creation. "Arts are around us"

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Nang Yai Shadow Play at Wat Khanon Tel. 0-3223-3386
Ratchaburi Nation Museum Tel. 0-3232-1513
Jipathapan Satan Ban Ku Bua Tel. 0-3271-7165
The Bloom Orchird Park Tel. 08-6111-0084, 08-7111-4436
Soontaree Land and dolls Tel. 08-2024-2888, 08-2021-7888
Tao Hong Tai Tel. 0-3233-7574, 0-3232-3630

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