In this review, Bestie Wanderer will take you diving at Burmese island with ‘Love Andaman’. Only 1.10 hours from Ranong, the best part of this trip is the perfection of the underwater world – beautiful coral reefs and clown fish you can experience within one meter of depth.

How to get to Burmese island? How to get to Ranong? Where to go in Ranong? Where to sleep in Ranong? The answers are here!

Day trip : Cock Burn Island with ‘Love Andaman’

We had the chance to join the opening of a new island in Myanmar sea with ‘Love Andaman’ in January 2018. ‘Love Andaman’ is proud to present. They say that this island is a world class viewpoint, grass fields, separated sea, stone cliffs and shallow waters view in one place! A++

This is not Cock’s Comb Island.

This is not Nyaung Oo Phee Island.

This is not Lord Loughborough Island.

This is… ‘Cock Burn Island’!

Let’s get started by watching this fantastic video: Click here!

From a bird’s eye view, this island looks like an elephant, so we call it in Thai ‘Moo Koh Chang Pueuk’

Once in a life time… stepping onto an unseen island…it’s so cool!!

It’s really peaceful, fresh and raw!

It’s a perfect snorkeling spot!

It’s amazing! …Everyone should visit!

If you want to go to Cock Burn Island, you must only book with ‘Love Andaman’! Cause’ other tours are not available! ‘Love Andaman’ is the only certified company for this island.

  • Price 3,900 baht/person
  • Day trip without overnight accommodation
  • Boat from Lighthouse dock, Ranong
  • 1.10 hours journey
  • No need for passport. Only citizen ID card is needed
  • ‘Love Andaman’ will take care of all immigration processes

For booking or more information:

LINE: @loveandaman

Cock Burn Island Day trip starts with ‘Love Andaman’ picking you up at the hotel to the lighthouse dock at 8 AM. Only citizen ID card has to be presented to ‘Love Andaman’ staff. The immigration process is done in only a few minutes.

Then, it takes approx. 1 hour by speed boat from Ranong. There are drinks available on board.

While traveling, the speed boat will stop at 3-4 points for snorkeling. In each point, the water is green or blue but clear as glass. It’s like a gigantic swimming pool in the middle of the ocean!

Snorkels and life jackets are provided by ‘Love Andaman’

See the perfect clown fish families and coral!

In the afternoon, we stop to have lunch on the white sandy beach. There is a swing and kayak available for use. For those who to take photos, don’t forget your bikinis and sunglasses!

Another activity that you shouldn’t miss on Cock Burn Island is the viewpoints that you can reach by climbing the stone cliffs. No ropes are provided, but you will not be disappointed with the view!

Traveling to Ranong

Exploring the Burmese sea isn’t as difficult as you think! You just need to go to Ranong by bus, by airplane or by car.

If you travel from Bangkok like us, we suggest:

- 7-8 hour drive from Bangkok

- Bangkok-Ranong bus by Niwamit tour:

AirAsia’s new Bangkok-Ranong route is now available!

  • 690 baht/person promotion (1.15 hour flight)
  • Depart from Donmueng 11.45 AM, arrive Ranong 1 PM
  • Depart from Ranong 1.40 PM, arrive Donmueng 2.55 PM

Hotels in Ranong

Tinidee Hotel is recommended

  • Good price and quality (approx. 1,000/room for 2 persons )
  • Comfy bed, air-con and Wi-Fi
  • Breakfast buffet
  • Swimming pool and hot spring
  • Book at :

Recommended restaurants in Ranong

Koonlin Ranong Restaurant

  • Delicious and a wide variety of food
  • The famous crab sitcks, fried mackerel with shrimp paste sauce, crab eggs paste sauce and river prawn with tamarind sauce
  • Open from 8 AM-9 PM. Tel. 077 822 863

Keing Lay Ranong Restaurant

  • Recommended steamed spanner crab, fried streaky pork with shrimp paste, fried spicy rice vermicelli with soft shell crab, spicy krill salad
  • Open from 10 AM – 10 PM. Tel. 086 304 2628

Finally, we hope that you will consider traveling to the beautiful Cock Burn Island. If you are interested, please make a reservation or ask for more information with ‘Love Andaman’

LINE: @loveandaman

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Bestie Wanderer

 Thursday, January 18, 2018 8:46 PM