Hello folks, I'm back to review a new hotel again. Today, I would like to volunteer to take you to chill with a newly opened hotel with good location in Chiang Mai.

Where do you want to stay when visiting Chiang Mai? Out of the city, centre of the town, at riverside or up the hill. If you want me to guess, I bet 90% of the people like to stay on Nimmanhaemin Road, right? And is there any hotel on this road, which is in a good location and worth the price. If you ask me about this, "Eastin Tan" is the first hotel that I would recommend. Let's have a look together why I recommend this hotel. (This review does not focus on boasting, you can easily read it)

What are the good points of Eastin Tan?

The hotel is newly opened thus the room rate is around 2,000 baht. Let's see why it's worth the price.

1. At about 2000 baht, you get the hotel, which is located on the beginning of Nimmanhaemin Road.

You do not need to go into any alley. It's close to MAYA Lifestyle Shopping Centre, the Think Park Art Community Mall, restaurants, pubs, bars, and many chic cafes. You can comfortably walk to eat and go shopping without worrying about traffic jam.

2. At about 2000 baht, you will find a fashionable, chic and uniquely stylish hotel.

No matter where you sit, you can easily find beautiful selfie spots. Let's go and see the lobby first. It is vividly colourful and resonates with a lot of people. Especially, Chinese guests who will surely be ecstatic because it has to be red no matter how much it costs. Isn't it?

Actually, T Cafe is the lobby lounge, mainly sells desserts from 'Melt Me' not liquors.

The only one restaurant of the hotel that doesn't look like it belongs to the hotel because it is located outside the hotel to target also outside customers.

The concept of the restaurant, which is called T Station, is in a vintage train station look. I suddenly think of Platform Nine and Three-Quarters (Platform 9¾) in Harry Potter.

Something that seems to link with the hotel is that this restaurant serves breakfast to hotel guests. The breakfast is neutral, not good and not bad. There is no special menu to be noticeable. (We arrange them nicely for shooting thus they look a bit better.)

Several dishes from the other meals have good taste but the price is not that lovely. The restaurant doesn't seem to consider the food prices of other restaurants in Nimmanhaemin area when pricing the foods here.

Buffalo wings are typically delicious without anything exceptional.

Caesar salad is basic. Let me go over if there is anything else special…Oh, I order an extra chicken but the taste is just typically good.

This dish called 'Khao Soi Duck' is what I see to be the showpiece of the restaurant. The duck is processed using a food method, which I can't remember anymore. It is steamed and then fried. The duck is really delicious. It is slightly salty but still fine. The soup is served in a chic test tube, and it is pretty sharp. The noodle is just normal. Overall, It's rich and delicious and it's met my expectation.

The good thing about Spaghetti Kee Mao Seafood is a large portion. Other that that is nothing special.

Deep Fried Red Snapper with Mango Salad seems to be good but it's still missing something. It needs a bit of improvement to actually become the showpiece menu.

This dish is actually the best of all if it is not that greasy. I can't remember the name; it's properly Braised Veal Shanks With Tomato Sauce. You can give a try and you won't be disappointed on its taste. You have to check the price and if it's acceptable then order. I can guarantee its deliciousness.

This is Chocolate Mousse. It's delicious but not that extremely to be wowed.

3. At about 2000 baht you get a quality Fitness centre, Swimming pool and Kid's Club.

I have not used the fitness centre, but from my observing it looks pretty good in overall though the view is not that spectacular.

Swimming pool is not big, not small, with no view and water in the pool is very cold. It is an indoor pool and it is okay in overall except the low ceiling.

Kid's club in the same size of standard room is modified from a standard room and it is pretty okay.

4. At about 2000 baht you get the room with a stunning view of Doi Suthep, a bathtub and a Japanese toilet.

Honestly, the room has nothing special. It's way too white and plain. However, the bedding is over my expectation because it's so comfy both the bed and pillows. If you book a room, you need to request the room facing Doi Suthep because the room facing Nimmanhaemin Road not only is unpretty but also noisy.

The bathroom is overly white, not too big and not too small. It's great because of bathtub is already equipped in a standard room as well as Japanese toilet. Delightfully!

Let's see a one bedroom suite, it's similar to a condo room with a surplus space.

A two bedroom suite, the size is similar to a one bedroom suite but it's more superior because of the bathtub.

A two-bedroom penthouse suite is the best room type here. It has beautiful view and spacious space. The room rate starts from 6000 baht, it's perfectly fit to family guests.

A three bedroom suite does not looks as good as two bedroom penthouse suite though it's more expensive. However, it depends on the person. If you like the high-ceiling living room and spacious balcony then this room is a perfect choice.

These are all four good points, let's see the bad points or should I say that there is none huh?

From my direct experience during the 2 days, the bad points are as follows.

1. The room facing Nimmanhaemin Road is really noisy at night although the hotel room equipped with glass window to protect the noise but you still can hear the noise from people who are on the street and not sleeping at night.

2. The bed is soft and comfortable making you a tight sleep with nice dream, but the decor of the room is so plain and way too white like it's only for just sleeping.

3. The indoor swimming pool thus the water in the pool is cold. Surrender!


Chakhrit Paksabuy Chart

 Monday, November 2, 2015 11:09 AM