Hello there!!! Have you ever been Himmapan forest... I am not crazy but I believe that there is real at Vana Belle Hotel. The hotel was inspired by mythology then the imagination land became real in the world of living. Follow me, I will take you to the land that names as Himmapan forest

Vana Belle is a hotel chain in the Naka Island both hotels are under A Luxury Collection Resort brand which is one of the three luxury hotel in SPG.

Talking about Vana Belle, what I never forget is the white sand, beautiful beach with peaceful atmosphere in Samui.

This is Chaweang Noi Beach which is not that far from Chaweang beach. It is less busy and peaceful.

Beautiful beach and clear sea water is very attractive...

A big natural swimming pool

The beach here make me think about Similan Islands and Ta Chai Island...If you like to swim in the sea you should not miss this beach...

Ok..Let's go check-in>>>

Vana Belle can make think about Rivendell in The Lord of the ring.

It feels like it is in the mystery forest beside a beautiful beach.

The Lobby is the representative of the castle in the mystery forest...so let's go>>>

If in the Lord of the ring, the guards of the forest will be young elves but the guards at Vana Belle are animal in mythology such as Swan, the guard from female.

And Kulcharawee (Elephant) is the guard from male. So we are staying here, these guards will protect us.

The lobby separate into check-in zone and lobby lounge.

Open-air lobby lounge>>>

It is quite hot here but it is okay with the beautiful and great atmosphere^^

It would be very nice for people who like nature and sea

If you like something cooler, I would suggest you go to the library. It might not be beautiful as outside but it is nice and cool.

For rooms, every room has private swimming pool, only the size of room and view that is different. Grand Pool Suite the room that I will stay tonight.

Grand Pool Suite is the room level 3-4 of the hotel with wide space, bigger pool and ocean view.

Room is decorated in basic style combining with Thai style a little bit.

Working area behind the bed


Big bathtub for 2

View from bathtub...wowowwow

On the left is amenities for this room and on the right is amenities for a higher level of room.

Coffee, Cookies and premium teas are provided in the room. "For Free"

Welcome drinks with young coconut and mango with sticky rice

Gift before bedtime is Thai Desserts with Herbal Homemade soaps

End the room tour with Swans the guard of this room.

Beach Front Pool Villa, the room is closer to the beach, has different layout but the same size and price is higher.

Pool Suites, the room size is about the same as Pool Villa but the pool is smaller.

In the forest zone, there is spa with concept of Himmapan forest such as rooms and treatment is name from character in literature; Busssaba Treatment, Rotjana Treatment, etc.

Spa products are premium grade and original Thai Brand such as Punpuri. I have tried Aroma Massage which I think it is very good and the unique is they do convert massage by starting from the front and go to the back.

Next to spa is fitness center, just use your key card to access.

There are coffee, teas and cookies provided all day in the fitness room. (Coconut cookies are very delicious)

Main Pool (I would like to call Anodard Pool to keep concept of Himmapan forest)

I think the design is quite general and not attractive and the color of the pool makes me feel odd.

It does not match with the nature around but I believe that they would like to design it closer the nature.

Over all it is a big pool with clear water and beautiful ocean view

At night, there will be stars at the bottom of the pool which I think that it is very romantic, I really like it.

Behind the main pool, there is another pool call "The secret Pool"...Let's go find out>>>

This zone is popular for Romantic Dinner or Private Dinner

After walking around the hotel... Feeling hungry a little bit...Let's talk about food>>>

Panalee (Forest) is a restaurant with forest atmosphere beside the beach serve with Italian cuisine. It opens from Lunch until Dinner.

Let's the photo explain itself>>>

For food, I will not talk much about it becasue I do not like Italian food and I cannot tell the different (not like Thai Food). T__T

Ingredients: Use all premium products

Decoration: Good

Taste: As I mention above..hahahah

Price: Valuable for quality of food not too expensive but also not that cheap

Pizza is the menu that you can order without thinking.

From the night to day view, it is also very nice and beautiful even it is quite hot but we are mostly enjoy the view.

Afternoon tea set, this is for 2-4 people

Another restaurant calls Keeree (Moutain) Thai restaurant with vintage style. Let's start the tour now>>>

This is my favorite....

Ingredients: Use all premium products

Decoration: Good

Taste: Not too spicy as traditional shouted food but it is good taste for both Thai and foreigners

Price: Quite expensive

Recommended menus:

- Rambutan with fresh Prawn spicy salad with sweet and sour taste, a little bit spicy

- Pu Ja (Crispy deep fried crab) taste might not be different from other but decoration wins

- Vegetable Fern with fresh Prawn spicy salad, taste a little too sweet with coconut milk and fresh big prawn

- Beef Massaman has basic taste, it is delicious but ordinary even they use premium grade of beef.

Three colors of rice; streamed Jasmine rice with crab paste, streamed rice with Pandanus leaf and streamed Jasmine rice serve for free!!!

For dessert, Mango sorbet with mango is very nice, Mock pomegranate seeds and Flour balls in coconut cream are also taste good.

For breakfast!!!!

I like the atmosphere in the morning more than at night....

Buffet line is full of quality food. Price for outside guest is 1400++.

Let's the photos explain itself>>>

Wow!!! Dessert buffet line

Unlimited drinks, coffee, team smoothie, and juice

With high classical breakfast, there is champagne serve with French oysters (unlimited)

Continue with fresh cooking main course which you can order unlimited.

This one is Fish Steak taste less because it is breakfast chef might not want to make it too tasty.

Foie Gras mixed with eggs

Crab omelet with streamed rice Umm!! Yummy with Thai style breakfast

Egg Benedict with Salmon eggs... very impressive!!!

Lastly, waffle with homemade ice cream, I would say that it is very delicious with chocolate ice cream.

There is a lot more menus for breakfast but I cannot try them all. It is the breakfast that I would like to have it again if I have a chance

Before saying good bye

I would like to conclude a little bit. Here is more than expected, luxury is not just a word to make it look nice but luxury is in every detail of the hotel when you stay. The most impressive is the beautiful beach with clear sea water. If you would like to find a good place to relax with great breakfast, great atmosphere, beautiful beach and clear sea water, here is the best choice for you to choose. I guarantee that you will never disappointed.

Chakhrit Paksabuy Chart

 Tuesday, November 3, 2015 10:02 AM