Today Nai Paksabuy would like to take you to see the new resort where has been newly open at Khao Lak. For those who are interested in going to Tachai island or Similan, it is necessary to drop off at Khao Lak. Most of the travelers come here in the morning and go back home in the evening. Hence, it is a good idea to take you to discover the accommodation to stay. Basically, it should be the new place which has never been impacted by disaster. We would like to introduce you the new resort on Tachai island.

According to geographical location, it is located on Don Sak beach where is actually quite far from Ban Khem village. Some of you may notice that this village has been impacted by Tsunami in the last 10 years ago which brought lots of tear for the villagers. But, this beach has been taken care and become as normal now. Furthermore,this beach is one of the most beautiful beach in Khao Lak.

We have skipped at the entrance of this resort and lead your attention to the main lobby instead. For those guests who stay in this resort, lobby will be the first area where they step in. This decoration of the lobby is really amazing and elegant as if it was decorated by professional artist, Mr. Kai Warayuth. The concept of the decoration is deep underworld and it is the big Noah's ark is above our head.

PS. We just guess that the reason of building such a very big lobby, it may be used as the scene for Bollywood's movies.

Furthermore, there are some areas for entertaining guests where are close to the lobby. They can be called entertainment complex where guests can enjoy bowling, singing karaoke, playing snooker, doing fitness.

For kids club is available in other zone, it is located separately in resort area.

For the restaurant, it is beneath the lobby, it is called Pagarang Restaurant. It is quite big restaurant where can actually accommodate many customers. I would like to briefly conclude you about the breakfast over here, this is generally good in according to 4 stars hotel standard (but croissant is so great)

There is also Thai authentic restaurant named Pla Too, it is located in the middle of the resort. I like the ambience and the food of this restaurant. I think the food from this restaurant is the most delicious food in this resort.

The interior design is modern style.

There are various appetizers, all of them are generally great. The crab salad mixed with pomelo is the best one.

I am sure that you may forget the original taste of red curry with grilled duck because this restaurant has grilled duck with western style to cook red curry. The texture of duck is not as tender as Chinese style.

For below signature menu, I would like to certify this dish for the restaurant (but they might not want to get the certificate from me) Khao Soi Salmon (Northern Style Curried Noodle Soup with Salmon). The salmon is wrapped with wanton sheets instead of noodle. For curry sauce is not too spicy because it is cooked for serve to foreign customers as well. I highly recommend this menu that you should not miss it once you come to this restaurant.

For the dessert, I have ordered deep fried banana with coconut ice cream, it tastes good but not so outstanding because it is quite basic menu and you can actually find it in general restaurant.

After getting full, it is time to wander around the resort, I have gone to the swimming pool. I guess this swimming pool is inspired from Morgan tribe.

The swimming pool is quite big, the length is extended till the beach.

There is also Italian restaurant near the beach. The decoration of this restaurant is not so special but the serenity makes it become outstanding.

The food of this restaurant is quite nice especially for Spaghetti Carbonara.

After fulfilling our stomach, I take a walk on the beach, this beach is really beautiful. Its beauty is unbeatable.

For those who wish to see the clear sandy beach, please come to visit this beach " Bang Sak beach" whenever you want, no matter it will be in high season or low season.

So, it is the right time to discover the accommodation, there are various type of the accommodation. Let's discover together.

Deluxe, we have started from this room type, it is beautiful and luxurious. If I could grade this room type, I will give 4 - 4.5 stars.

There will be no bath tube available in the standard room type but the bath room has clearly separated dry zone and wet zone. Furthermore, the spray hose in the toilet too.

Premier Pool Access, this room type is bigger than Deluxe room but the decoration is generally the same.

The difference between Deluxe and Premier Pool Access is bath room ,the bath tube is available in Premier Pool Access.

The most interesting part of this room type is the balcony because you can enter to the pool right away. I highly recommend those who would like to stay in this room type to request for the room which is closed to the center swimming pool. This is because this swimming pool is wider than other zone. Otherwise, you will need to use and share swimming pool with other guests from 6-8 rooms if you stay in this room type in other zone.

Suites, this room type is suitable for family because it has grand living room. There are 2 beds for family. This room is very comfortable. It provides many amenities, this room type is very interesting (if we do not mind about the price).

Villas, there are various style of this room type. For the style which we have taken to show you which is Water Pool Villa, the usable space of this room type is quite small but the lay out is very beautiful, it is suitable for loving couple.

Beach Front Pool Villa, it is the best room of this resort, it is suitable to arrange private party. I have also seen that some guests have arranged BBQ party on the day that I stay in this resort. According to the photo, we may notice that how nice this room type is.

In conclusion

The disadvantage of this place is quite far, hence it is necessary that you need to prepare some food during the trip, because there is no mini mart or convenient shops. The advantage are beautiful room, big swimming pool, beautiful beach.

PS. There are also some restaurants on the beach, you are able to walk and experience some menus over there.

Chakhrit Paksabuy Chart

 Thursday, November 5, 2015 11:03 AM