First of all, I have got to tell you that this is a very short trip of mine. Because I am going to Pattaya for only 2 days with my mom for mom's business. And since the exam is coming so I guess it is not a bad idea after all to be free and just go there with my mom. : )

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You can see the atmosphere during this trip through this video clip as well. : )

We have departed from Bangkok around 9.30 AM and arrived in Pattaya around 11 AM. Once we have arrived, we look for a place to eat right away. However, we don't have much clue since we are not familiar with the area. In other words, which restaurant looks nice we just pick that one. Our first stop is here at Daeng Dam Restaurant.

Daeng Dam Restaurant is located right by the main street in Bang Lamung District. There is a variety of food available here such as , Pad Thai, Rad Na (Stir-fried Fresh Rice Noodles in Thick Sauce), noodle, and so on. The food here is not expensive either.

After filling us up with all these food, I guess we are ready to go to the hotel. We are going to stay at Welcome World Pattaya. The hotel is located in front of Jom Tien Beach and it is easy to find. Well, the hotel is quite new and I love that.

We have been very-well taken care of upon checking in, thank you : )

The hotel is huge. More importantly, the swimming pool is enormous. I like it. It even has a diving board. I have come here to swim later on but feeling tired not long after and I don't know why.

We have been assigned to stay in Suite A room located at the corner with the sea view. The room is spacious and is in white color tone. It looks so relaxing and the bed is very comfortable.

In addition, the bathroom is so sexy. It doesn't have a door, it is just behind the wall. Even though I am with my mom, I still feel shy a bit ><

Because our room is at the corner so we can view the ocean and Jom Tien Beach right from the room.

It is not hot anymore in late afternoon so I don't hesitate to go to take some photos at Jom Tien Beach. However, the beach is full of tourists especially foreigners. Everywhere I turn my face towards, there are people.

The sun is gone and it is time for dinner. There is a few restaurants and cafes that my mom and I like in Pattaya. We are like after dinner we need to go to this specific cafe all the time when in Pattaya. Our favorite restaurant is Mum Aroi Restaurant and our favorite cafe is La Baguette located next to Woodlands Hotel & Resort.

The new day has come and I need to go back to Bangkok before my mom. I need to do some business and need to go back to Khon Kaen the next morning. So I have dragged my mom along to Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden before I go back. It was not easy at first because it is very hot today so my mom doesn't want to go out. But what I have seen in photos before just makes me want to go, so; let's just go there!

We have arrived at Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden around 10 AM and it is getting very hot. There are many garden zones in this Botanical Garden. You can find so many good spots to take photos. Therefore, if you like taking photos, you should not miss this place for any reasons when in Pattaya.

European Garden zone is one of my favorites. It is totally amazing seeing it from high above.

This is the last garden zone that I have found accidentally. I am about to walk back to the car and found it. I like it very much. It is completely beautiful. I wish I could have a garden like this at home.

See! ~ Even though my trip in Pattaya for 2 days and 1 nights is super short, I have done quite a lot of stuffs here. If I don't need to go back to Bangkok in the afternoon, I am sure that I can go to more places. Lastly, for those who are worried that you don't have much time off and have only the weekend, you might take Pattaya into consideration to take your loved ones to because it is super close to Bangkok and it is easy to go : )

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31 Oct 2015

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