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Where ever we travel to, there are two things which we absolutely need are food and accommodation, don't you? But how we are going to choose it, it depends on our preferences and personality right?. As we are the customers we have a complete right to choose the best thing which we think it's the best for us regarding our personality and occasional. Among today high competitive supplies we do have a good opportunity to select the products from so many choices around us to match our occasional and preferences.

To be another source of information I would like to review a good place with good food in the middle of Bangkok, plus accommodation information for one who is may be looking for. This review is from my own experience, with the place which is included in my life memories, it is Ma Du Zi Hotel. For more information please click the link below.

Before I show you how wonderful the rooms is and how delicious the food is, let me tell you why does this hotel very important to me. Back then 4 years ago I had diner in the hotel's restaurant with my closest friend and I proposed my closest friend to be my boyfriend. From that day until today we have promised that we will take care of each other for ever, not only saying but we did sign a paper. Yes! we have married. Is this place should be in my life memories then? I think for sure it is...

Ma Du Zi means a lot for us

It is as I have said, it depends on your occasional and personality......

Ok!! let have a look around the hotel....

My opinion is that Ma Du Zi is suitable for business who travel alone or with a spouse, with the support from its facilities and it business prime location conveniently to reach both BTS sky train and MRT under ground train. The business support facilities such as small meeting room with homy atmosphere or restaurant which every corner is private, set in relaxation and stress release surrounding, including close-up service because the hotel has only 40 rooms, the service can get you more personal hospitality, it is other scene from a big size hotel which the staffs are more stress from many guests' requirements . In here, Even a serious meeting I think can be rocked down easily.

Hotel Information

Hotel address: 9/1 Ratchadaphisek road ( corner of Sukhumvit Soi 16 ) Klongtoey, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110 Thailand

Tel: +66 (0) 2615 6464

I booked for two at 8 pm. because the other one will finish his work late. Anyway I want to get here earlier, so I can walk around for taking pictures as I always have in mild that I will recommend my remembrance place to public. I get to the hotel by MRT conveniently from Lumphini to Sukhumvit station, and that is about 15 minutes. The easiest walk way from MRT is to walk over on the sky-walk which links to the Exchange Tower then keep walking to Sukhumvit Soi 16, passing the soi about 50 meters is the hotel's entrance. But this time I walk opposite the Ratchadaphisek road because I want to take hotel building picture and cross over the cross-bridge in front of the hotel to get in.

This picture I want to take :) It's very easy to find the hotel as it's located obviously at the corner of Soi 16 ..The building is a small one, quite lovely..

This picture is taken as I was on the cross-bridge..good lighting..

To avoid traffic jam you should not get here by car during rush hours... keep in mind ! it's Asoke intersection!!! The very best way to reach here is BTS or MRT....

This is the gate.. with security officer...

On the gate door I see two copper plates which look very serious and promising.. One is A member of Secret Retreats..

Another is a sign of Small Luxury Hotels of the World or SLH. From those two signs is sort of guarantors, clearly tell us what to expect here, of course charming with luxury plus easy going but professional...

Walk through the gate is a parking plot which is suitable for its size. I think may be is up to 20 cars can fit in.

This is the main door, I walk up here...

Don't be shock as you walk in the door if no one await and greet you right the way! I have been here before so I know why nobody is here. Right as walk in the door we will see the bar, if you don't see anyone just ring the bell on the bar counter..

As soon as the staffs see you they will assist you to the check-in desk or for your inquiries and they from now on they will be there for you all the time. I have to give credit for the staffs that they speak good English. What is the bar for? It's a welcome table where you can have 24 hours welcome drink and they serve everything you want! .....

Here is very exclusive for in-house guests and very flexible too, this may be what many hotels called "Home away from Home" but no where can actually provide a complete concept of what they are promising, I thing Ma Du Zi does....

Check out the promotion here......!!

I inform a staff saying that I booked for 2 at 8 pm. And I ask for their permission of I can take a photo in one of guest room.. I have to wait for a bit, mean while I walk around on the ground floor..

Look back to the door I just walked in.. wow! isn't that nice....?

Beside the bar I see an opened door,, let's sneak in :)... Oh wow !! it's a small function room which you can book for a meeting or private diner. I love the homy atmosphere with very private feeling, the room is with natural light and greet touch from bamboos contrast with wooden furniture, this confirms The Secret Retreat....

High privacy and stress-less ...

Other of the room is set as a living room,, How homy is it.. a private party is also an ideal...

Look out through the door.. I just have an idea for a cozy party with friends , imagine book for 10 pax and you can get almost the entire bar,, it could be a party with a private bar.. um !! How does it sound!!! ??

Passing the bar counter is the dining zone

Again the decoration is concentrated on privacy and cozy homy theme. Dining tables are between book shelves. It's also very romantic in the way! For business diner I think the tables can be re-arranged, with this quiet atmosphere should be good for business diner which you might just rock the deal stress-less!

Look further to the back is wine shelf, let's go and check it out. :)

Not bad selections! some good choices and even here is still very homy....

The door beside the wine shelf connects to the terrace little our-door balcony. Some guests request to have breakfast here..... I love this hotel the more I see it. Every thing is looking so my style..

The first time I came here I was telling every friend I met about the their toilet for a long time. It's so difference .... Go and see!!

It's all marble and kind of Japanese blended style. The highlight is here pee area for men, it's a big plate of marble with censer to let water run down to wash out the whole plate, I think it's a little water-fall:)

It is quite small I can not take a good picture in here. The is the copper walls with toilet seat inside, I just love that...

Walk out from the toilet is the check-in desk. So I finally allow to take photos in one of the guest rooms....

Check-in table ..

On the way to guest room, I happen to ask if their is a fitness room in the hotel, right ending my question we are passing the fitness room. Here it is, a small cozy fitness room with all what a fit and firm business man would want for a short business trip.

Here are the weight training, and in the room has also towels and water

I just love the Thai style painting in the little dome at the middle of the corridor, it's a lovely touch for me to see something Thai in the building..

OK! Let's walk in the guest room, the second we open the door, I see this a coffee machine. It's a WOW for me a coffee lover, it's rare to have this kind of coffee is provided in guest room. This machine is to use with grind-ed coffee bean which is a lot better than instant coffee I always have at home every morning hahaha. It must be golden cup for coffee lover business man.

In the drawn below has coffee and tea, all are complimentary..

Have a closer look at the machine

Under the coffee machine is a mini bar for snack and none-alcoholic beverage, everything is included in the room rate.

There is a working table set in the living room, along the window is a day bed, it's really homy, isn't it?

Some art pieces are on the wall in the living room adding some more home decor

This is your home a way from home..

Lookout to the door of living room....

When walk out from the office and living room, you will see an extra size bed, what do I mean by extra size bed? This is again a rarity that a hotel would have this size of bed and Ma Du Zi provides this bed in every room.

The extra size bed, free mini bar and Lavazza coffee machine all of them are provided in each room....

See the pillows, there are longer pillows than usual, three of them are in a row and that is how big is the bed... So comfortably and inviting for long night sleep:).

A Lamp, kind of looking like a heart to me..

There are a curve corridor when you walk follow it on your left in walking cabinet, OMG I love it. There are everything in there deposit box, bathrobe, slippers, towels, umbrella, hangers. This is the biggest room in the hotel which we are in right now, the walk-in cabinet is only in the bigger room size.

Passing the cabinet is bathroom......with Japanese slice door..

All toilet amenities are from Panpuri, they are very aromatic with Thai jasmine base, I have some of this product line at home, well selected..

The bathtub is bigger than usual hotels, This Jacuzzi is also provided in all room type.

Toilet is my favorite :)

The guideline assisting how to use room facilities, it's in Japanese cartoon, I would be so surprised if they were cartoon from studio Gibli my favorite.....

Oops......I got a call, some body is arriving, So I have to go down.. I think more or less I have shown you enough information for the guest room.. Now is time to eat :)

As I get off from elevator, look at the floor, it's real wood which is thick and big plate,,oh wow..just saying.

Our table is the same table as 4 years ago :)

The menu is presented in two languages with the explanation and two types of menus which are set menu and A La Carte style.

I recommend to take a set menu rather than A La Carte. Set menu of 5 courses and 3 courses excluding Amuse Bouche, the set menus are very flexible as well, in each course you can choice one dish of those threes. The price starts from 1,000 for 3 courses and 1,500 for 5 courses, there will be some additional price when you choose a dish with special raw ingredients.

We have decided for 5 courses as our last visit :)

After ordering, we are served a plate of warm French Banquette with butter, which I think the service sequences are correct because usually people will ask for the bead before tasting their wine, in this case the guest no need to ask, it's already served.

We have a bottle of sparkling wine to compliment our 1 - 4 courses...

Here is our first of the first, I would say this is a greeting from chef which is Amuse Bouche. This will depend on the chef's mood what he feel like to surprise his guests..

Smoked salmon with carrot sour cream. Thank you for serving my favorite fish and Um!! with sparkling wine, well surprised.

Mark's first course

Thin slices of rare Kagoshima Wagyu and Australian cream cheese with Yuzu citrus served with organic greens and Awaji premium salt. I ask Mark to try every of his dish hahaha.. This is so delicious!!!

My first course

Truffle-infused home-cured ham served with garden herbs and salad. Even it's not fresh truffle but still full aromatic, it's very inviting...

Mark's second course

Pike conger and salted pork aspic with mussels, ask shell and four pepper vinaigrette

My second course

I have to say that you can't go wrong.. The taste and the combination are better than some 5 star hotels...

French foie gras terrine accompanied with caramel roasted pineapple, ripe mango Coulis and Chardonnay lime Gelee.

Mark's third course

South African Omar lobster bisque, the soup is concentrated on the original lobster taste with light creamy, juicy lobster meat soaking in the bisque is making the dish full of flavors...

My third course

It is the combination of French and Chinese influenced. Sauteed Hokkaido scallops in consomme with snow crab and egg white ribbon, adding green color with Bok Choy....

Our next will be main course which both are beef,, Let's pick a bottle of red wine!!

This is the one, Chateau Bassac, Borddeaux, 2009 price 1,530 ++. It is regular Bordeaux Blend. The taste is quite spicy with soft and thin tannin, I have never try this wine, but why not today as my first choice is sold out. My personal idea is that this bottle need to be drunk 1-2 years older, may be the taste will be rounder. But any way choosing is reflecting your occasion and what you eat plus what your style is.

Mark's Main course

As Mark said, this is sensational steak, his cooking preference is medium-well which is not my linking. His dish is roasted Argentinean beef fillet served with shallot fondu sauce and seasonal vegetables.

My main course

This is my golden main course, Tournedos Rossini with premium A4 grade Miyazaki Wagyu and French foie gras. Mine is rare ! I love it ! Japanese beef with Foie Gras is fattened firm bite, complimented with my spicy wine, they are well married, I am fluke in this game.

We are so full and fulfilled :)) a good diner with memory

For the dessert we don't have to choose because Chef Yuya will create for us

And it is a surprised dessert with some wording in it. Chocolate lava cake, vanilla mouse and fruits

and the other one is as you see in the cover picture...

We have cleaned all courses :))

After diner, Mark is still want to have a glass of wine at the bar, ring the bell remember !!

Looking fulled

Each of us get a glass of red wine to conclude our memory diner, we can't stay out later than a glass because tomorrow in early morning we have to attend the Color Run at the Train Garden

We have to give a million thanks to our loveliest friend who organized the diner for us as our wedding gift,, and Thank you again for being the main person on our diner here 4 years ago.

Today I will say good bye with the words MA DU ZI

which sounds similar to Thai " Come and See" :))

Sawaddee Krab

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