Bangkok is still continuing surprising me, Day 2 written by Lae Easytravel

Every open minded traveler who has experienced Thailand creams Amazing Thailand or at least a wow..... It's rarely happen that an open minded person will be back home after traveling to a country with disappointment, especially Thailand! But wait I know someone who came back from Bangkok with

Bangkok is still continuing surprising me, Day 2

Bangkok is still continuing surprising me, Day 2

Every open minded traveler who has experienced Thailand creams Amazing Thailand or at least a wow.....

It's rarely happen that an open minded person will be back home after traveling to a country with disappointment, especially Thailand! But wait I know someone who came back from Bangkok with a big disappointment, well ! she wasn't a like able person..oops!! true..

Ok! let's just talk about us, THAIS, we consider ourselves as a host, so we host all visitors in our country, show our guests our love, be supportive, be helpful and be honest to them. The most important thing is we must love our culture and country, we must give a hand to serve our community, there are many possibilities that a little Thai person can do for his country,, just open your eye and look around...Thais!!


Sawaddee Krab

Today is my second day to carry a backpack and walk around Bangkok old quarter and it was really surprising me even I am a Thai person to see my country in difference way. I will make it easier for today, I have to take a boat at Sathorn pier then get off at Tha Phra Athit, the yellow frag boat's fees is 14 Bath the same... yes SAME SAME but difference :)

Why do I put this picture as my cover picture is that I love to see visitors enjoying being in our country..wait!! but in term of art, architectures and culture,.....not she, he and she-me....

Get in the boat, remember!! if you can't get the ticket while you are in the waiting line, don't worry, because you can get ticket on the boat as well, sometimes it's too busy I couldn't get ticket before I got off...a free ride hahaha....:)

Every time I ride the boat is always so beautiful I just love it and I feel I'm on vacation...It's a kind of cut off from thinking about work even I travel for a day in my city "Bangkok"....

The atmosphere in the boat is every ride the same, this boat is cheap and widely use both for visitors and local residential .... every body is enjoying the ride.....

What a lovely river side living.... but I'm curious how do they deal with noise and smell of the water..

During my ride my mind is already think of walking around Tha Phra Athit pier. On the way we have to pass Siriraj Hospital, what is so attracting my eyes is The Thai Sala (Thai pavilion), which you can see from far away. This is also very interesting, as a Thai person I have only seen it but never known about it. Today, I will educate myself about Bangkok. This pavilion is placed statue of king Rama 5 and his son Siriraj Kakudhaphan on his arms. The pavilion is a unique Thai pavilion style or Sala architecture. In this neighborhood is considered as important and many knowledge to learn, if you guys want to know more about, please just Google or wait for my future review. But for today I won't get off and show you around because I have planed to go to other amazing place...

Here we go, arriving at Tha Phra Athit, the charming of this area is old and classic places but renovated to be very stylish and chick.. This surrounding is every favorable for backpackers because it's cheap and cool. I have been to backpacker sections of many cities but believe me ours is the best!! Believe me..

For example this hotel and restaurant on the left hand as you get off from the boat,

it's such a good blending between old but trendy...

A little alley connecting to the Phra Athit road, just walk through it, it's a lovely touch of Khaosan night market.

A little sign above says " NO Photo" oops ! sorry too late !!!..... I love the color

Walk through the alley was about 100 meters reaching Phra Athit road then I turn left. There are a few Somtum (papaya salad) food stalls in the area, and its look so good and original because as I known this are has quite immigrated popularity from Northeast of Thailand, that confirms the original quality of papaya salad :)

Then follow my left hand on Phra Athit road. Who owns this motorbike? hahaha. A motorbike with a roof, looks funny...

Not for from the pier in a small park which looks quite interesting, let's check it out. Here is Santichaiprakarn Park, Phrasumen Fort and Santichaiprakarn Pavilion...

The surrounding is not bad, I love the green and big trees..

A plate with image of Thai local daily living, it's kind of art.

And this is the Santichaiprakarn Pavilion

It is built for our king Rama 9 for his birthday celebration on 5 December 1999, for his 72 years. The pavilion is attached to a pier for and this is for him to use for royal activities or royal ceremony in Chao Phraya, especaily to watch the Royal Boat Caravan.

The design is concentrated on blending to the surrounding, not around it to be too obvious, the style is designed by Capt. Awut Gnernchooklin. The pavilion is a wooden craved with high Thai architecture of art, its color is blended to the park and decorated with a golden his majestic sign.

Phrasumen Fort, unfortunately it has been re-painting today and covered by some wired color plastic tent, So I don't take the whole picture of it.

Phrasumen Fort is one of 14 forts along Krung canal, built in beginning of Rama 1 period. This is the only fort from all fort along the canal which left until today. There are two forts left one is here and one is on Ratchadamnoen road.

Across Bang Lampoo canal are people who still live in the traditional way...

Walk out form the park! The building on the curve of Phra Athit road is also attracting my eyes..

I want to walk further along the road but suddenly I see Bang Lampoo museum at the beginning of the Bang Lampoo alley, The house looks very nice, so I want to get in..

The building is mix cement and wood, I think it's a good mixture. And around this district has many many of such beautiful houses to see, I can keep walking for a day to see those houses with a lot of enjoyment.

On the other side of the museum is a wooden house which is part of museum exhibition hall.

It's free here, but please register your name for their record..

On the first floor is exhibition mainly about the Queen Sirikit and our King Rama 9 back then when they were in Switzerland, It's kind of old pictures telling story of their live and love. I very happy to see those pictures, it make my heart so smiling:). On the first floor we can walk around by ourselves.

A section on the first floor shows the detail of forts around Bangkok, how to build and so on..

Just take a picture :)

Fort and wall building detail.

For the second floor I will skip it as they allow to take a tour only with museum guide and one round takes about 1 hour. I am at the muddle of the round and I don't want to wait.

On the second floor is exhibition organized by the Treasury Department, presenting the high value of Thai cultural and community.

Ok, Then I leave the museum to walk in the sunshine again! I am feeling hungry because it's passed lunch time. Oh! right across the road is Rong Lhao bar !! I have heard about it, it's a new hang out place for those who love to be in a trendy places..

What is that!, it looks like old wall! I am curious if this wall is apart of Bangkok wall which is built in king Rama 1 period.. still curious....

I see that Bangkok is trying hard to push for being a city for bicycles, here is a lane for biking, but well there are a lot more works to complete this mission. In this district is already fine for biking as I have walked so much around here I personal think we can bike...

Oh! look! what I have found, Thai rice cracker, my most favorite Thai kind of dessert. The sign says Phetchaburi Rice Cracker, I get one pack 20 bath,, Great! I love it, it isn't too sugary.. She in on Phra Sumen road which is connected to Phra Athit road at the museum I just have been.

Passed the rice cracker stall, Then here we find a place for lunch. It is on the same road, a tiny alley on one side is a gold shop and on the other side is ATM Bangkok bank machine.. Looking very inviting for me a professional papaya salad eater:). What makes I decide is the sliced papaya which is done by a knife not a grater and that mortar is an expertise. Ok ! let's have a seat, Please..

There is a coffee stall beside, well F & B , Food and Beverage is all what I need for lunch..

Black roasted Thai coffee and Thai iced coffee...

Fried chicken, fried salted fish and tiny Thai mackerels. I love salted fish and crispy mackerels I can eat the whole fish no bone is left for a cat :))

And this is the highlight, papaya salad with salted crab and Thai anchovy with sun dried chili and hand sliced papaya, only one word ORIGINAL, this is how the papaya salad should look like... I am an expert for this dish..

This can tell how my lunch was..

Samsen intersection, from here I can see some thing interesting on the opposite side....

Cross the road please wait for the crossing light, be safe ! We, Thais should be more serious about it.. Both the drivers and crosser.. Am I wrong? saying that...

Here we are..... Street art , love it with a green bank ..

Continue walking on Phra Sumen road, I see from here a temple roof which we aim for..

On the way we get floor for offering,, the seller is quite aggressive..:)

At the temple gate, I see all images' mouths have blood mark, it looks creepy to me.. May be a ceremony has been hold apparently...

Wat Bavorn Niwet is classed as one of the first class Royal temple, locates on Phrasumen road and Bavorn Niwet raod. Its architecture is mixed between Thai and Chinese.

There are two main Buddha images in the Ubosot, the be hide image is Luang Phor Tho (Phra Buddha Suwannaket) and the one in front is Phra Buddha Sinnasee.

All what I can see is impossible to describe,, It's too deep to try to say a word..

One of the most beautiful Buddha image of Thailand. Under the base of Phra Buddha Sinnasee (front) is enshrined with ashes of the King Rama.

The steps with Nagas are on the both side of the Ubosot.. I just can't stop taking photos..

Be hide the Ubosot is a golden Chedi (pagoda) , covered with small pieces of golden tiles. It's very shiny when touching with the sunshine. It was built in King Rama 4 period and enshrined with some Buddha relics.

Under the dome below is the image of the King Rama 4..

We walk out a temple gate which connected to Tamnak Petr or Diamaon Hall

It is very strange for me that I live in Bangkok and never see this before, where have I been, I should have done it long time ago, but well to day is my first time here and that is why I say "Bangkok is still continuing surprising me" The Diamond Hall is built in H.M. King Rama 6 in 1914. The location was once a printing house of Buddhism books substituting palm leaves inscriptions, set by H.M. King Rama IV.

The colors on the layers are contrast beautifully..

Get out the gate and continue walking on Phra Sumen road. Along the street is every enjoy able to see..

This zone is a kind of picture frame and the King printing image shops..

We turn right to Din-Sor alley, what is the lovely Soi. We went in seven eleven for bottles of water on this Soi.

Keep walking until reaching Ratchadamnoen road and we see the Democracy Monument, this is the symbol of Thailand big changing. The monument was commissioned in 1939 to commemorate the "Siamese Revolution of 1932" which led to the establishment of a constitutional monarchy in what was then the Kingdom of Siam, by its military ruler. The monument is designed by Maeo Aphaiyawong.

At this monument is considered as the 0 kilometer of Bangkok and Thailand..Isn't that exciting to know??.

From this focus can see better..

On the way is many things to see,, This is a random apartment.

A guy is selling fried banana ! but it does not look like he is into his job, facebooking as I see, hahaha

We are crossing Ratchadamnoen road here.

This is the other fort of Bangkok, Maha Karn fort, looking from middle of the road.

Picture of the Queen Sirikit

As crossing the road now we are at the area of the royal pavilion Mahajetsadabadin and Rajnadha temple on the back.

The Royal Mahajetsadabadin Pavilion is built in 1989 for H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej for the propose of receiving royal guests. The location was once a theater "Sala Chaloem Thai", then the business was closed down and removed from the location which opened the scene be hide, allowed the important Buddhism place to pop up. It is Loha Prasat (metal castle) in Ratchanadda temple.

Thai culture is never less than the others in the world, I believe..

Be hide the pavilion is Loha Prasat which is appearanced almost Burmese.

It is a copy of an old Buddhist structure found in Sri Lanka, but now almost unknown. It begun building in H.M. King Rama 3 and recently is still some what not complete yet. This is first and the only Loha Prasat in Thailand and the third one in the world. On the top is enshrined with the Buddha relics which we can reach by a cycle wooden stairs straight to the top.

The first Loha Prasat was built in when the Biddha was still alive by a strong follwer, Visakha. On the top of that castle made of gold.

the second metal castle was built in 382 (Buddhist year count) with 9 floors and 1000 rooms, the walls was decorated with gem stones and elephant ivories, the roof was cover with gold plate.

Thai Loha Prasat is turning from black color to gold leaves, as I said since it has been starting until today is still not 100 % complete.

On all floors is for meditation.

On the second floor is with a very smart design, looking through all windows I see the top of Chedi-Like Thai top-roof.

All the black here will be changing to golden..

Some of them are already gold,shining when touching the sun..

And this is the grand roof at the middle of the castle. The Buddha's relics is enshrined here. To reach up here you must take 67 steps of wooden stairs.

Beside the castle is a coffee shop...

I want to see the main Buddha image in the Ubosot...

The paint inside is in dark blue color tone which makes me feeling calm, and again beautiful image with clean details, this image called Phra Setdta Tamamoni.

A lot of walking but I don't feel tired, I think because of I'm so much into my beautiful city.

Mahakarn fort is also one of the 14 forts of Bangkok..

We have to pass the fort to go to our next destination the Golden Mount, See! the golden pagoda over there..Cross the Phanfa bridge to Boripat road..

Under the bridge is the last Seansab boat station from here we can get into the city easily..

I love Thailand :))

Follow the road until the entrance to the mount, we have to find the steps to go up, from the gatewalk to the right.... This is rest spot with air-con .. kidding krab:) hahaha

Here we are...Let's go...

Look at this, it's on the way to go up, I just love it a Buddha image with mist looking like we are going up to the heaven..

We can see the golden Mount in 2 Bath coins ..Remember !

An image of Goddess of earth

On the way up still! if you are tired and want to hook up with caffeine, this is the place to drop for a rest.. But not for me I still have full tang of energy.

Bells are hanging along the stairs ... We believe that ringing it is a praying..

As I first get in the pagoda, here allows people to wear shoes but even that I can't stay shoes on, I feel bad, so I take off my shoes and put in my backpack curry them with me..

This is at the middle of the pagoda with a small golden pagoda fulled with gold leaves. Inside is believed Buddha's relics enshrined.

Faith is bringing visitors from all over the country..

View from the top, this direction is Silom and Sathorn.. Oh WOW Bangkok's forest of concrete.. and numerous of temples

On the way back down is something to remind that no one last forever...nothing is permanently stay except good and bad karma..

A big drum plate is also know as a praying as hitting it..

We leave the golden Mount and walk back to same way, in front of the temple is along with wooden house, wooden crave factory.

Lucky me! I see he is working with a big log...

On the roof i to dry to wood..

On the way back we walk pass the same place but not the same people.. Some monks are on the walk, So I take a picture of them...

We walk up North on Ratchadamnoen road to Khaosan road direction, we are getting a bit tired, just want to make it to Khaosan road where we will find some where to sit...

Oops Lucky market,, Thai lotto street market..

Symbolic of Black October.

Waiting to cross the road,, the traffic light here is very confusing, I don't know when should I cross. Looking over there is nice with the pray art..

Colorful Khaosan

But I don't want to walk through Khaosan road, I pick the little alley next to actual Khoasan which I used to like but recently is very difference..

A nice Guest House

Then we walk to Rambuttri Alley on the side to Tha Phra Athit Pier be cause I think it's more quiet...

Walk until reach a left turn, then of course turn left.

We finally find a place to sit down Madame Musur with Happy Hour big LEO 90 Bath..

A cold beer is needed..

The restaurant is very nice set up, inside is with triangles pillow to lean back but we are sitting out side to see people walking around.. two beer before ending the trip hahaha..

After my two beer, we walk back yo the Pier then catch a boat to go back to Sathorn

It's the sunset and I see this two guys enjoying the ride...I just take their picture.. thank you guys for visiting Thailand......

On the way home saying good bye with this picture which I also talked about on the Day 1 review, hope you guys remember it.

These two days are my first walking trip in Bangkok, many places I just have been for the first time. I have a lot of new experiences from my own city which I live in.

If you are visiting Bangkok and don't know what to do, try a walk!! Cheap and a lot of fun!!

If you want me to walk with you just email me at [email protected] I am very happy to show you around without any money is involved....I just wanna present my country...

See you next time

Sawaddee Krab

Lae Easytravel