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Starting of the winter season, many people probably plan to go to the northern part to enjoy cold weather. But for me, it is a good time for going to the beach because there will be less people and no need to rush. Moreover, many islands just start to open after stormy season. Today I would like to take you all to the new beautiful island on Andaman Sea which calls "Koh Rok Island". So let's go find out together>>>

(This trip was just happened in 31 October 2015)

This trip I fly with Air Asia from Bangkok to Phuket, there are almost 20 flights a day. So that makes my life easier because I do not have to take a day off.

After one and half hour we arrive to Phuket International Airport. Then we are heading to Koh Rok with Love Andaman for Phuket Pier. The shuttle will come to pick us up from the hotel to Love Andaman Pier. It takes about 1.45 hours to arrive at Koh Rok island.

Finally, we arrive to Koh Rok and what is in front of me is just so beautiful. The seawater is so clear that we can see through corals at the bottom of the sea. It should be good for diving.

The white beach along the coast and clear emerald seawater, it is just so beautiful.

Do not waste your time, jump out to from the boat and walk on soft sand to see how it feels

OMG!!! it is really nice, I really like it here.

FYI: Do not wear shoes on Koh Rok.

Love Andaman will inform everyone before get on board the boat to take off their shoes.


Time for photo taking, everywhere is so beautiful.

There are few people because the national park has limited number of travelers per day.

I really like this idea because I used to have experience that there were so many people on the beach.

Show time...no stop running my shutter.

Please travel with conservative that we can keep this beautiful place with us for a long time.

"Take photo for memory only, do not take anything from the area"... that's what national park officers and Love Andaman are concerning about all the time.

1>2>3 jump...if you can do it, I also can do it as well....Capture!!

Just so you know that there is no Internet on the island so that we can really rest and relax and get away from busyness and other dramas. ^_^

That makes the trip to Koh Rok is full of happiness and we can have a full rest.

Spending more time with my love and people around me.

Koh Rok is so white...^^

Oh no!!!! not this one.... - -"

Cut back to the beach.... ^_^

We will see the white beach and clear blue seawater.

If you feel hopeless, I suggest that you come to the sea...It really help you to feel better :P

Just look out as far as you could>>>

After enjoying views of Koh Rok, now it is time for diving. Koh Rok island is good for diving because it is still plentiful sea nature such as corals and fishes.

As you can see at the bottom is Corals

Then take a boat to diving point about 5-10 minutes. There are lots of corals, we can see it even when we are on the boat. Everyone has already jump in, so it is time for me too.^^

After diving, I really love it here

"The beautiful underwater world with many kinds of coral and sea fishes"

I regret that I did not bring an underwater camera and regret that I did not do scuba divining only snorkeling.

Friends in this trip told me that they saw Nemo (clownfish), Star fish and squid.

I just think that I will go back and take a diving course...hmm!!!

After this, we go to the next diving spot called Koh Ha. The guild tells us that this area has a lot of corals and Nemo. I am so excited.

But due to strong wind and it seems to be raining so we cannot dive here.

Anyway, it is for safety reason so it is okay.

From color of water, it must be very plentiful corals at the bottom

And now we are coming to the end of this journey at Koh Rok island.

I think it is a beautiful island, beautiful beach, clear seawater and also many kinds of coral.

If anyone who like to travel to the beach, you should not miss it.

Even for me, I still would like to come back again to find my Nemo and collect the photo of it.

Lastly, Thank you everyone for following me until the end. Please accept my apologize, if there's any mistake.

Anyone who loves to travel to the beach, you should not miss Koh Rok island.

White sand, clear seawater and the abundance of the underwater world.

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Thank you very much...Sawaddee Krub^^


Special Thanks

Air Asia that makes our trip easier

Love Andaman that take us to see the beautiful island of Thailand

And everyone in this trip and friendship that we have.

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