Part 3 " Italy Switzerland, and France with NAPIRA TRAVEL STYLIST "

We are ready for another 2 wine factory tours this morning.

We have got another wine tasting before lunch at the old town Colmar as well.

Our lunch is at a local restaurant with so many yummy looking selection of food.

There are the famous menu of the town, pork stew and duck steak with gravy. They are flavorful.

Lunch is done and we are ready to visit the oldest wine factory now.

Then it is time for a walk in one of the most beautiful towns in France.

The village consists of numbers of small canals. Therefore, it is called little Venice.

And once again the dinner organized by NAPIRA TRAVEL STYLIST never disappointed us at Michelin 1 Star Restaurant at JY'S

For more information about JY'S Restaurant please go

We then come back to the Chateau for one more night and yes, it is a good night time.


Breakfast is served and the check out is done. Our luggage will be sent to Paris first while we go to Strasbourg.

STRASBOURG or known as "Petite France (little France)" is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We wander around the town until the lunchtime approaches. We plan to look for a simple restaurant near the train station because we are going to take TGV to Paris right after.

A quick stop for some yummy ice cream.

This is the restaurant we found located right by the train station as we need to leave directly to Paris after lunch.

We just finished having lunch and are crossing the street to take the TGV to Paris. It takes about one hour and a half to get to Paris.

We have well arrived in Paris. I have got to say that spending time on the first class of TGV train even make it feel like the train travels quicker.

The bus picks us up from the train station to the central of Paris to Louvre Museum where the famous glass pyramid is.

For dinner, we dine at BOFINDER where seafood and French oysters are mainly served.

For more information about Bofinder Restaurant please go to

We are staying here at NOVOTEL PARIS TOUR EIFFEL for the next two nights.

And it is time to say bonne nuit.

Anusorn Tancharoen

 Monday, November 30, 2015 8:54 PM