Bonjour everyone, bonjour is a French greeting that means hello.

I'm Bale and I have returned to Paris again after taking you to Relæ restaurant on my last trip. Today I will take you to taste Molecular Gastronomy or simply called a food science that blends physics and chemistry to transform the tastes and textures to another style of cuisine. Molecular is really a modern cosine especially the appearance, taste, smell and texture. It is completely different from classic cuisine from the old world. Well, what is the old world huh? It's quite confusing, isn't it? Let me simply explain with out having scientist to clarify.

If we order a plate of steak and you can still see and smell a piece of beef without tasting this is an old world cuisine. On another hand, if a plate of your order doesn't look like steak. You can only smell the beef but when you eat you realize that it is a steak. The Molecular is distinctive and you can feel its unique texture when eating.

Today, I will take you to an authentic Japanese restaurant with a touch of French cuisine because the chef has inspiration from the French cuisine and culture. This restaurant is called Atsushi Tanaka. The chef had previously worked in a Molecular 3 Star Michelin Restaurant in Paris. However, the difference is this chef has transformed Japanese cuisine to Molecular which is really unique.

You can easily make a reservation online through the restaurant page.

You will be asked to choose the menu, if you are not sure you can book without choosing the menu so that you can decide once you are at the restaurant.

You can get to the restaurant by taking the metro to Metro Saint-Michel, Maubert-Mutualité, Cardinal Lemoine. It is nearby the Notre-Dame Cathedral. You can easily travel around after your meal as it is in the heart of Paris. It is a must to give a try!

I started the day with this set lunch menu at €50 including drink and service charge. Since I am in France, I added also foie gras to the set.

The first dish is Japanese charcoal crackers. The taste is quite plain not as tasty as Thai prawn crackers.

The second dish is Japanese Bunching Onion, Butter Cream Sauce with Jelly. It is like the onion has been marinated with some sauce then put in the oven. This is delicious and I do like it.

The next one is Oyster with Creamed Corn. Underneath is a condensed cream of corn.

The next dish is a black stone lol; it is Foie Gras that I added on. And where is Foie Gras? Well, as I said that in Molecular cuisine, you may not recognize that the plate in front of you is Foie Gras

If we take off pieces of Charchoal Meringue, we can see Foie Gras in another form that mixing with Japanese charcoal powder together with caramel sauce. I am really excited for this dish and it tastes exactly foie gras.

I like the exciting appearance of this dish. The white powder is cream that dip into Nitrogen. The texture is lighter than fluff. It comes together with 2 types of Meringue and Parsley Sauce.

Inside is shellfish Tepanyaki with French sauce comes in Molecular style. It is pretty unique.

This is Focaccia with fresh olive oil. I like olive oil a lot as I can feel fresh olive after eating.

Main course arrives. It is Hake Fish with Zucchini in different colours topped with vegetable and fish soup. The taste is like the soup of Bai-Ya-Nang in Thai or Limacia triandra Miers with pickled fish. I am just kidding, everything is really fresh; the soup is tasty and sweet. I can smell the scent of western spices and fish. It is very fine taste.

This dish supposed to be beef, but I don't eat beef therefore chicken is replaced. I like the sauce very much. It is like the butter cream sauce together with chicken is so tasty.

Now It is time for dessert. The taste is pretty unique like eating the oak barrel. After baking, it gives the Smoky Flavour, I have never tasted a unique taste and seen the appearance like this before.

This restaurant served Molecular cuisine that is pretty easily to recognize. It has a perfect blend of Japanese and French. It's good in overall although some dishes are not easy to eat and difficult to recognize. However, I recommend you to give a try, as the price is reasonable for Molecular cuisine. I have to end this review here, I have to go and search for more restaurants so that I can take you to taste.


Sakaokarn Vongchansilp

 Monday, January 4, 2016 11:59 AM