Sawasdee Kha! First of all, I would like to state that this is my very first review.

This time, I have got a chance to visit Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark. I am not so sure though what I am here for. All I know is that I have got to try some new food.

The main mission of this whole trip is to Eat, eat, and eat. It might sound funny why don't I do something else like shopping. And to answer to that question, for me traveling abroad is to experience the new cuisine in which also bring me the whole happiness as well. The reason why I really like to eat is that I would like to be a Chef. I almost forget to introduce myself. My name is Belle Skarkarn Wongchansil. I just graduated in Culinary Art specialized in pastry from Paris. These might also be the other two reasons why I have come to Copenhagen. First, it is very easy to travel to from Paris. It is about 2-hour flight. Second, the air fare is very cheap. The air fare is as cheap as flying from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. The air fare flying within Europe is quite the same no matter how far you fly to. If you have got a chance to visit Europe, please make sure you prove that my statement is right. Copenhagen is known as one of the safest cities in the world. And after this trip ends, I have got to tell you that this is true. For example, even though the front door to my room is broken, the owner firmly says that it is totally safe. There is nothing to worry. However, I kind of worry a bit though. So I put a table behind the door. And yes, there is nothing happened on the entire stay. Copenhagen is full with bicycles. There are only few cars. It is like people here are enjoying the Slow Life. They ride bicycle to work as an instance. And to ride a bicycle here in Copenhagen, it is totally safe. They have a special lane for a bike. Hence, you can see people riding a bicycle all around the city and you can find a bike parking space at the bike shop .

I have talked for quite sometimes, don't get bored yet. To do so, let's continue my review, shall we?

I am pretty sure that you will like the restaurant where I will take you to. First of all, I reserve a table through the restaurant's website at All you need to do is selecting the date and time, detail how many people will be there, click send, and just wait for the confirmation. Actually, this place is not as famous as Noma Restaurant. However, the chefs of these two places used to work together at Noma Restaurant. And if we talk about the food, both restaurant have pretty much the same concept which is Farm to Table. It means that all vegetables and herbs are freshly from their own garden. On the other hand, meat is from the local Fisher and Butcher. Farm to Table is a very famous concept used in a Michelin-star Restaurant. Therefore, there are many restaurants using this concept too even though they are not the Michelin-star Restaurants. For your information, in order to be a Michelin-star Restaurant, a restaurant has to pass the certain standard of the service, decoration, cleanliness, food quality and taste, food's decoration, and many more. RELAE is a One-Michelin-starred restaurants. I like to eat and try in a one or two Michelin-starred restaurants because I think the food is at reasonable price. There are also Three-Michelin-starred restaurants. I will do the review on that too if I have got a chance.

There are two choices in the menu for you to choose from, a 4-course Menu or 7-course Menu. You can also have your dinner paired with wine as the price shown in the lower photo. Wine will be served not only one glass for 395 DKK or 685 DKK. They will be served according to the course you choose. For example, 5 glasses of wine will be served for a 4-course menu and 9 glasses for a 7-course menu. Please also be noted that this restaurant only serves closed menu. It means that you cannot choose the choice of food independently. Every single dish will be organized by Chef. This might be difficult for those who are picky when it comes to eat. However, in case you are allergic to something or don't eat something. You can always tell them. They won't force you to eat.

Let's this dinner with the Set Menu get started!

It starts with this complimentary dish from the kitchen. It is a cucumber similar to the Japanese one marinated in Italian olive oil. The staff also mention that it is a homemade oile oil. It is served with a sauce as same as Anchovy sauce. I would like to emphasize this dish on its rich in taste.

Then here it comes, the Sour Bread. I truly want to go into the kitchen and see how it is prepared because this Sour Bread is super good. They must have a very good secret in fermentation process. Sour Bread is made by the fermentation of dough using yeast. This bread is so good and smell so nice. If we talk about its texture, I would rate it 9 out of 10. I have graduated in cooking major and I have tried a lot of bread. I have got to say that none of what I had before can be compared to this one.

And now the first menu of my Set Menu is served. It is a Mackerel Fish. It is very fresh, it is like it melts right after you put it into your mount. The side dish is the Cauliflower.

This one look just like a lettuce mountain. I can't even see what is inside. Anyway, the lettuce are sliced into a very thin pieces as you can see.

The lettuce mountain contains pickled cabbage dressed with cream sauce inside. It is very interesting menu and the taste is not bad.

The dinner continues with the zucchini in small size. It is preserved overnight in the olive oil before kneading with something like seaweed and served with some salad in lemon dressing.

The main course of today is this Slow Cook Chicken Brest which is very tasty. The chicken breast was cooked in Sous-vide machine. In other words, it is cooked in a vacuum bag. The brown part is not the garlic but the chicken skin fried in Hazelnut Butter until it is crispy. It smells so good, big thump up to the Chef.

This is Gougère pronounce as Goo - Jae. It is a Choux mixed with cheese. The brown top part is cheese which was informed that it is the local one from the farm here in Denmark. I like Gougère personally and this one is so good. The cheese is very soft. The moment it touch the tongue, it is very smooth. It is a little bit salty but not greasy.

The last dish is served. This is the one that I have been looking forward to try the most actually because I am a pastry chef.

It is a milk ice cream topped with mashed black and white sesame with raspberry. The ice cream is very smooth and soft but I would say it would be better if it is a little bit more sweet. I am pretty sure that the Chef want us to taste the original flavor of milk but personally with a bit of honey or natural sugar would make it more delicious. I would say it is average in overall apart from the nice texture.

In conclusion

Price 8/ 10

Food 8/ 10

Fresh ingredients 8.7/ 10

I really like the fact that all ingredients are totally fresh and the way they try to keep the original taste of the food. They don't flavor much. Therefore, I would recommend this restaurant to all of you. Lastly, I would like to end my very first review here. I might not be that good in writing and you may find some mistakes, please forgive me. I do apologize for that. I am heading back to Paris and I will take you to many interesting and well-know restaurants there. See you next time!

Sakaokarn Vongchansilp

 Thursday, December 17, 2015 5:57 PM