I am back after being gone for a long while. As usual, I am going to take you to eat and today I am going to take you to L'Arpege Restaurant, 12th best restaurant in the world. It is also A Michelin 3-Star Restaurant Since 1996. The restaurant is considered as one of the most famous high-end restaurants in France owned and run by Chef Alain Passard. It is not easy to find a Michelin-starred restaurant run and owned by the same person. And it is even harder to reserve a table at this restaurant. Well, even though the food here is very expensive; you shouldn't miss to experience it once in your life since it is one of the most famous restaurants in Paris.

Chef Alain Passard uses the popular Farm to Table concept here. I am very interested in this restaurant personally because I like Chef Alain Passard a lot. Chef has plenty of creative ideas on healthy food and organic ingredients. He even has his own secret garden in order to produce only the best quality products. He pays high attention to all details making each dish very special. I have no doubt why L'Arpege is a Michelin 3-Star Restaurant Since 1996.

It is not easy to work on dishes with vegetable mainly. In other words, creating a dish with vegetable as the main ingredients requires certain level of cooking skill. That's why it is interesting to see and try all vegetable menus created by Chef Alain Passardy. And he must be very talented in creating them. No need to mention about the taste, they taste interestingly special. Since every single dish is mainly vegetable, this restaurant is perfect for those who love to eat vegetable. However, for those who don't like to eat vegetable would love it here too because they are all organic and each of them has a very unique taste. You might be wondered why these vegetable menus have been certified by Michelin Star since 1996, let's go and figure it out together! ^^

Today's menu has a wide range of selections.

This looks just like zucchini. Chef said yes it is and it is freshly from his garden. He also mentioned that zucchini is edible from zucchini itself to its flowers. And as you may know, it is organic. Anyway, let's just leave it as the table decoration as its original purpose.

Let's get started with the very first dish, Mille-feuille stuffed with cheese!

2nd dish is Tarts with different Vegetable Mousse including cucumber, tomato, and carrot.

3rd dish is Potato Mousse topped with Brunoise Vegetable cut. Brunoise is a French cooking term meaning to cut a vegetable into small cubes of precise and uniform measurement.

4th dish is Bi-color Tomato Cold Soup. It is a tomato soup in yellow and red color topped with basil ice cream.

5th dish is Bi-color Tomato Salad. Tomato is totally fresh and it tastes so sweet. It goes so well with the organic olive oil and some salt.

6th dish is Vegetable Ravioli. I have got to tell you that although it looks very simple, the taste is very complicatedly delicious especially the beetroot one. The ravioli itself has a very smooth light skin, not thin at all and it is perfectly cooked. I have always wanted to do ravioli like this but I have always failed.

7th dish is Stuffed Radish. It is a good mouth wash dish.

8th dish is Cabbage stuffed with Vegetable and topped with Cheese Sauce. It is so good, I love it.

9th dish is Pumpkin Soup with Potato Cheese Foam Cream.

10th Dish is Radish and Rhubarb.

11th dish is the starting of the main course. It is Squid with Potato and Radish in Saffron Foam Sauce. The squid mild fishy smell goes perfectly with super fresh vegetable and all spices.

12th dish is Potato Mousse topped with Tomato Foam Sauce. It is another mouth wash dish.

13th dish is Pickled Beetroot Salad topped with Foam Cream. This is another dish that I like very much.

14th dish is Stir-fried Vegetable in Organic Oil with Couscous and Vegetable Sausage.

15th dish is Cucumber Choux Cream. It is very refreshing which is perfect as the first dessert menu. This Choux Cream served with some biscuits and Macarons.

16th dish is Saffron Caramel Custard. This is very well-prepared. It is not sugary and giving you a kind of refreshing feeling.

17th dish is Choux Cream Praline Noisette. There are some hazelnut inside.

The very last dish of today is Mixed Fruits Mille-Feuille with Honey Sauce.

In conclusion, even though the food today is mainly vegetable; all menus are very creative. All dishes don't taste like vegetable entirely and they all look very interesting and beautiful. I have got to say that they are very delicious. All vegetables are super fresh and taste so sweet even without seasoning. For me, Chef has worked very well on his menu, his food preparation, and his way of cooking. Chef is so amazing in creating so many wonderful menus out of vegetables. In addition, the service of the restaurant is exceptional. If you have got a chance, I do highly recommend you to come and experience it yourself at least once in your life.

This is the link to L'Arpege Official Website. If you want to reserve a table you can also do so.

Please stay tuned for my next interesting review and thank you for today ^^

Sakaokarn Vongchansilp

 Friday, January 29, 2016 1:57 PM