They say they whoever travels to Japan and has never seen Mount Fuji has not truly visited Japan. Many people don't get to see it on their first time in Japan, so they have to come back to Japan many times because Mount Fuji 🗻 is a very shy mountain. Even if you are very close to it, you still won't see it if the weather is bad. 🌧🌩 Since we are in Japan now, we will take you to fall in love with this shy mountain 🗻 in the easy area to travel to like Kawaguchiko. Also, this time we discovered six awesome and interesting attractions (only around the Kawaguchiko lake).

Travel : From Narita Airport, you can take the N'EX straight in to Kawaguchiko on Saturday or Sunday without changing trains/buses.

The photos in this album are taken with the Fujifilm-XH1 / 16-55/ 55-200

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1.Next to the Kawaguchiko station (Bus Stop number 1 : Red line)

On a sunny and clear day, you can see Mount Fuji after getting off at Kawaguchiko Station and if you take a walk around the station, you can see a farm landscape and a Japanese house like Nobita's in the Japanese animation "Doraemon". It looks simple but beautiful. #letslookatmountfuji #loveatfirstsight #fujisan #lazycoup #travelasacouplelookingattheviewandtakingpictures #fujifilmthailand

2.Music Forest Museum (Bus stop Number 17 Red bus line)

Take a photo with Mount Fujisan with European style buildings in Japan for a little confusion as to in which country we are in. I have to say that you have to come to the Music Forest Museum. This location is easy to travel to; there is delicious ice cream to eat and the view is amazing. In the museum, there is a historical hall with automatic music playing inside of a opera singer singing. It really suits the name of 'music forest'

Taking a walk between bus stop number 17-18 there will be a lakeside atmosphere, a beautiful bridge, boats and fishermen.

3. Admiring the cherry blossoms (Bus stop number 16 and 18 of the Red bus line)

If you come in time for the season of cherry blossoms, the area around bus stop number 16 and 18 is very beautiful. The view of pink and white flowers waving in the wind with the view of the shy volcano like Mount Fujisan is very good. There are bicycle riders and people taking their dogs for a walk. So slowlife!

4. Kozantei Ubuya (Bus stop number 15 of the Red bus line)
At this point, you can fully see the Fuji volcano. Also, if you come in the morning, the water is still and you can take a photo of the beautiful reflection of Mount Fuji on the surface of the water.

5. Sunnide Resort (Bus stop number 20 of the Red bus line)

At the time when there is evening light, it is a great time to visit Mount Fuji in this corner because you can fully see the volcano. There is a blue-colored light that explodes into orange and you can take a photo of the Mount Fuji's face in many angles. Even boats, pedal boats or cherry blossom trees can be found easily so you can take photos with them.

6.Oishi park (Bus Stop number 22 of the Red bus line)

This is a flower garden which is located by the lake and you can see Mount Fuji from here. In some seasons, you can see purple lavender and the beautiful view. But if you arrive here, I recommend taking some time and walk into the garden. There are less tourists inside than in front of the garden. Also, there is a long wooden bridge that leads up to Mount Fuji as well.

Finally, we will include an angle you cannot miss. Just book a flight: on the arriving flight, sit on the left; on the way back, sit on the right. That's all you need to do to easily see the view of Mount Fuji!

Lazy Coup

 Wednesday, May 23, 2018 7:23 PM