Welcome to my new journey, which think it is very excited and I have the most fun ever.

"Unseen Isan in Thai style" : another good experience for my memory.

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When someone says that Isan is really beautiful, I feel not thing that might be because I do not want to go there that much.... But I might be wrong....

My journey start from Northern to Isan, it is such a long distant. When I think about what I will see, it makes me feel close to the destination.

Stop by a small local shop for "Kao Jee" (Grilled sticky rice with egg yolk) before arriving to Red Lotuses Sea.

It is time for many people who are coming for beautiful blooming red lotuses.

Local food and souvenirs are selling at the parking area.

Small rental boat by villages at friendly price.

Long tail boat at 300 THB per boat and for big boat is 500 THB per boat (capacity of 10 people)

Two - three hundred meters from the pier to see red lotus are blooming sea as well as my feeling of exciting that also blooming in my heart.

Even though they are not fully blooming as in January, it is enough to make me excited.

Apart from beautiful red lotuses that are blooming, money from tourist is also moving to support local people and that also make their life brighter as blooming flowers.

Beside their agricultural occupation, villagers also get extra revenue from selling local products and boat rental service.

Sometime boat wings cut off lotuses...would that reduce number of red lotuses??? (Just curious)

It is easy to travel to red lotuses sea and you should come in the morning from 6.00 am. to 11.00 am.

Passing Kongean bypass to Udonthani, you will see the billboards promoting Red Lotuses Sea on both side of the road.

If you do not have your own car, you can take public bus to Udonthani and get off at Kumpavapee District and rent a car with driver to Red Lotuses Sea as well as people who take a flight to Udonthani International Airport.

Red Lotuses sea, Nonghan, Kumpavapee District is located in the area of about 3,950 acres with many kind of birds and aquatics animals.

Apart from their agricultural activities and service for tourist, they also do fishing for their extra revenue as well.

The boat driver told me that there were a lot of fish here but now number of fish is less than before. However, there are still some fishes to catch.

If we compare Nong Han Lagoon with human body, it could be human veins for local people here.

It is a traditional way of life together with beautiful nature

Even it is not the most beautiful day of Red Lotuses Sea but it is the most impressive day for me.

From Red Lotuses Sea we are heading to Wad Pa Phu Gon

Another one of my dream destination... Once upon a time a place that I have to go.

Wat Pa Phu Gon today has a lot of tourist come to visit as it is a beautiful temple and surrounded by beautiful nature.

Direction: it is 125 KM from the city of Udonthani. Once you arrive to Udonthani then heading to Ban Nakham Yai then turn to Wat Pa Phu Gon. All cars can go there except a big bus.

There is Phraphuttasaiyadlokkanatmunee which is made from marble located here.

Over all the temple is very beautiful with wide area.

I try find the same corner as in many media that I have seen but I could not find it. They probably use small plane to take those photos.

From the temple, we are heading to Sangkhom District, Nongkai Province

We come to see the beautiful view of Phu Huay I-San.

"Pupe Boutique Resort" where we are going to stay tonight. The resort is away from Phu Huay I-San around 15 KM.

A good place to stay beside Khong River with a nice atmosphere

There are many cheap and beautiful resorts beside Khong River in Sangkhom District area.

Khong River today is drying, as there is a dam at the beginning of the river. It makes the river dryer everyday.

Traditional way of life beside the river can be seen as long as the last drop of water in the river.

Good atmosphere and nice corner to take photos.

The restaurant in the resort has such a good atmosphere with Khong River view and enjoins many fish menus that are also very delicious.

Happiness sometime does not mean Luxury, the most important thing is the nature that surround us.

Here is not a luxury resort but their decorations are well matched with the nature.

The area is quite comfortable and airy. It is such a good place to relax beside Khong River.

This morning, we park our car at the temple and take E-tak (Local car) to Phu Huay I-San.

This temple has a few monk and they have to manage traveler to be in line for E-Take

Before, there were villagers who managed for traveler but later they hand to monks in this temple to manage.

During the way to the top of Phu Huay I-San....

At the top of Phu Huay I-San, it is quite cold and we can see a peaceful Khong River in the morning.

There are a lot of tourists come here to enjoin a nice view even they cannot see foggy sea but they are still happy.

The sun is coming up and reflecting the water in the river, it is very impressive.

This is my first time in Nongkai and Phu Huay I-San. I would say that here is also beautiful as much as in the northern part of Thailand.

Happiness is all around us.

Whether it is good or bad day...LOVE is still always beautiful.

That is not different from the nature in front of me.

Whether it is in the most beautiful day or a normal day, the nature is always beautiful in itself.

People with happiness are also a good photo as well as the view in front of them.

Those smiles also make me happy with them.

It is such a new experience for me from the beginning until this point.

Phu Huay I-San might not be the most highest mountain but it is a mountain that full of rubber trees and banana yard with the most special thing ever is the view of peaceful Khong River.

For me...

As I standing right here and breathe in pure air that already enough for me to be at Phu Huay I-San.

Mostly people who come here are looking for white foggy sea.

Even there is no foggy sea today but I am full of Happiness.

This journey should tell you how charming of travelling in Thai Style.

Thank you every one for read my journey diary...See you again on my next journey...

Sawadee Krub

You can find travelling guild in style of Muang Mahakan LIFE FOR TRAVEL at : https://www.facebook.com/PEESAT.PANTIP


 Monday, January 4, 2016 11:55 AM