R e l a x @ X2 Samui Resort.... written by ลาเต้ปั่นเย็นๆ

Hi everyone! Today I would like to take you to stay with me at X2 Samui. I personally love the concept and design of this X2 hotel chain very much. I have been to X2 Kuiburi 2 times and on this very first trip to Samui I definitely can't miss to stay at X2 hotel as well. We stay at X

R e l a x @ X2 Samui Resort....

R e l a x @ X2 Samui Resort....

 Friday, April 17, 2015 9:59 AM

 Travel date:  Friday, April 17, 2015

Hi everyone!

Today I would like to take you to stay with me at X2 Samui. I personally love the concept and design of this X2 hotel chain very much. I have been to X2 Kuiburi 2 times and on this very first trip to Samui I definitely can't miss to stay at X2 hotel as well.

We stay at X2 Samui on the last night of the 4-day and 3-night trip in Samui.

X2 Resort is located in Hua Thanon beach, it is a very calm and peaceful resort which is just perfect for weekend getaway or a vacation to refresh yourself. The hotel design is very simple, most of the stuffs are in square shape just like X2 Kuiburi.

Very nice airy lobby, let's have a seat for a bit!

Lime juice as a welcome drink, very refreshing and can keep you awake.

I am not sure if these green apples are complimentary, they are right where we are sitting. ^^

There are 4 types of villas as follows.

1. Deluxe Garden Villa

2. Deluxe Pool Villa

3. Family Pool Villa Suit

4. Royal Villa

The villas are all arranged one by one from the Lobby further to 4K restaurant by the beach.

There are flowers blooming along the way to the villa, very beautiful...but I don't know their name though.

Very simple design but very mysterious, it is like we are in the magical box and there is something special inside.

We stay in Family Pool Villa Suit #06 not far from the beach.

This is the villa plan, I took this photo from the resort's official website. It is about 180 square meters.

There are 2 bedrooms with private swimming pool and living area.

Once we enter the villa, there is a swimming pool. It is just perfect for the hot weather like this.

This is my most favorite corner in the villa, listening to my favorite music playlist, reading my favorite book, having my favorite refreshment drink by the pool...what else I could ask for.

On the other side of my most favorite spot is a dining table with ashtray and candle to light up the dark and atmosphere at night.

The welcome fruits are normally served in a fruit tray or fruit bowl which some fruits are not ready to eat, you have to peel them first. However, the welcome fruits are served in skewers and ready to eat here, very nice.

It is about 60-square meter villa with 2 entrance.

Let's have a look at the double bedroom first, the bedding is in pure white with feather pillows.

Look at the bed from this angle, it looks like the bed is floating in the air. There is also a flashlight near the headboard in case of the emergency.

LCD TV is right in front of you while in bed.

Another twin bedroom can be seen from this bedroom. There is no certain partition or wall in between but both bedrooms are divided properly with the sinks just like in the picture.

The Twin bed room is in a very simple design but simply beautiful - dark brown floor well-contrasted with the white bedding.

You can also enjoy watching LCD TV while in bed in this twin bedroom too because the TV is on the opposite site of the bed as well as the mini-bar, tea and coffee set, and refrigerator.

There are 2 bathrooms in the villa and they are next to each other.

And now let's take a walk around the resort!

It is not far from our villa to the Main swimming pool. It is huge and beautiful.

Moreover, the pool is right next to the beach, you can enjoy listening to the wave sound while swimming....happy time.

The pool is pretty deep and if I am not mistaken it is about 2-meter depth. So, children should always be accompanied by adults at all times.

There is a lot of relaxing areas by the pool so you can pick your prefer one. And luckily that there is not many other guests in the hotel so this pool is like belong to us right now, never get enough even though we have our private pool in the villa.

There are even sofa beds by the pool, they are in totally black color and well-matched with the color of the pool.

If you are tired of walking around or swimming, you can find a good spot having a refreshment drinks and reading a book.

You can borrow DVD or books from the ConneX2ion Zone nearby the pool.

It was raining right after we checked in, however; it stopped after 2 hours. The clear blue sky is out now.

This is the 4K (Fork) restaurant and there is a long sofa bed right by the beach.

This is an amazing spot for a total relaxation, on the bench, under the big tree, and by the beach.

Or if you prefer an aroma smell, you can go and visit the spa.

There is currently a couple package promotion.

This is how does the spa look like from inside.

It is almost the end of the day, so give me sometimes in my private pool and then will see you once again later on.

Let's find something light to eat at 4K restaurant!

Cocktail Tomyam - Vodka with fresh lime and Thai herb including kaffir lime leave and chillies.

I am about to order some tapas and wine but it seems like it is a little too late to order so I get to order from the a la carte menu.

I have ordered some Vegetarian roll which I wondered what it would be and here we go, it is like spring rolls.

Let's walk pass by the Lobby!

Like I have told you that the design of everything in this resort is pretty much in square shape like a box, and take a look from this angle it is like X2 Kuiburi too.

The walk way is pretty dark so you have to be careful while walking.

It is raining and the walk way is slippery, I better go back to the villa.

Listen to one of my favorite songs while enjoying this calm and quiet ambiance before going to bed.

The turn down service is beautifully done, so I am so ready to have a good night sleep...Good night X2

I wake up super early around 5 AM to get ready for the sun rise.

Guess what! the sun is up pretty late...why I woke up so early.

But it is worth waking up for this spectacular view though.

The first stunning light of the day. I don't want to go back yet....first time in Samui and I fall in love with this place already.

The last morning in Samui.

It has been ages that I haven't waken up this early, it is totally refreshing.

How about jumping into the pool this early too? let's do it!

It was raining a bit and these sofa beds are all wet so can't lie down and chill here, what a pity!

And once again that this main swimming pool belong to us because there is no one up for the pool this early.

I think I have had enough of everything, let's go back to the villa, take a shower, and get ready for breakfast!

What! Champagne for breakfast!!!

I take the best table where it is the nearest to the beach and offer the best view while having a glass of champagne.

I have been to many hotels and resorts and I have to say that I have only experienced Champagne breakfast at X2 hotels.

There is a breakfast buffet line with a variety of food including cereals, salad, etc. and you can order one set of hot main dish too.

Tea and coffee can be ordered directly with the staff. However, fruits juices are on the buffet line.

I have Egg Benedict with French toast for my hot main dish.

There are some bread and jams in the buffet line but butter need to be ordered from the staff.

Boiled rice with shrimp for my mom and dad. I love the ceramic dining wear of X2 hotel very much. They are uniquely beautiful and they make the food look even more delicious.

My sister orders Scrambled Egg served with mozzarella cheese.

And another dish is Omelet served with mozzarella cheese too.

And I end this breakfast with this refreshing watermelon.

We are completely full so let's rest with this view for a bit before going back to the room and get ready to go home.

I would say the Main pool is one of our favorite spots in the resort, it is very simple but beautifully designed with a view.

And it is time to go back, we take the resort's shuttle to the pier.

It is time to say goodbye to Samui. I actually would like to review my food and travel trip in Samui first but can't help to do this review so I decide to do this one first.

I will take you around Samui and stay 2 nights at Ibis Samui in my upcoming review and also the travel reviews of those trip in Koh Lipe/ Hat Yai - Songkhla/ Hilton Pattaya/ Teddy museum/ Hua Hin/ Chiangmai are coming too.

2 days 1 night stay at X2 Samui Resort, I would rate this stay 8.5 out of 10.

What I like;

1. Very calm, quiet, and peaceful resort by the beach

2. Every villa offers you the maximum privacy which is the best for a total relaxation

3. The resort is very well-designed, it is very beautiful in every corner

What I dont' like;

1. Can't swim right in front of the hotel and when it is a low-tide, the beach is not beautiful and not attractive to swim in

2. Pretty difficult to go somewhere outside the resort without a personal car because it is further in from the main street

3. The bathroom can't be locked