Today is a great day for me to write a review of a boutique resort near Bangkok, which is a new brand of the SALA Hospitality Group...."Sala Ayutthaya". It is quite convenient to reach the resort, easily access and located by the Chao Phraya River with beautiful scenery of an ancient temple....

This is the second time for me to experience with another resort of the SALA Hospitality Group. The first time I have been to Sala Khao Yai and stayed in a Pool Villa. It was such a great experience.

To get to the resort is not really difficult. After entering Ayutthaya city centre, you will have to drive pass a pagoda of Sampleum temple and go straight. You will pass Phranakhon Si Ayutthaya Rajabhat University. Then turn left at a T-junction, and then drive pass a hospital. Go ahead just for a short distance, you will arrive at Sala Ayutthaya, which is located near a street on your left hand side.

Once we arrived to the resort, a refreshing and cool welcome drink has been served from a staff, which is a glass of lemongrass juice (If I am not wrong...LOL).

Walking straight from the lobby, there is a small art gallery for having a quick look and taking pictures.

This looks like we are going to enter to the kingdom of Ayutthaya. After check-in, we walk out from the lobby for going to our room and keep our stuffs in the room.

This corner is the landmark of the resort. I think no one would miss a chance of taking a great shot at this corner.

The design is quite chic and very unique. The orange bricks were built up high like the Great Wall and it looks like we are entering to another ancient city.

We walk through the restaurant before reaching our room. Today, the weather is really good because the period we visit the resort is during 5-6 October, not the summer time anymore.

I just have a glance around the restaurant because this evening we will have dinner here. ^^

There are 5 room types in this resort, which are:

1. Superior

2. Deluxe River View

3. Deluxe River View Terrace

4. One-Bedroom Pool Suite

5. One-Bedroom Duplex River View Suite

The room that we are going to stay today is "One-Bedroom Duplex River View Suite", room no. 1.

A special feature of this room type is that it is a duplex concept, which there are two floors in this room. The first for is a living room and the second floor is a bedroom.

So, let's begin by exploring the first floor. Entering to the room, we can see a big daybed where we can sit or lie down on it and enjoy a view of Chao Phraya River.

An LCD TV with a DVD player and speakers. Ready for our relaxing time. ^^

The rear side of the big daybed is a small desk with an internal telephone.

This is really comfortable. Having a look around the room, we will see many relaxing corners with daybeds or benches and lots of cushions.

It gives such a cozy atmosphere like we are at home.

A minibar set with cool drinks inside a small refrigerator...

A bathroom is located on the first floor with full bathroom amenities....

Let's go upstairs for exploring another part of this room. The second floor is a bedroom where has a big white bed, which looks so clean, soft and comfortable. In fact, the traditional and uniqueness of every Sala Hotels is super soft and comfortable bed.

Towards the end of the bed, there is a small sofa where we can sit back and relax ourselves by watching TV, listening to music, or seeing the river view.

...Life goes slow in Ayutthaya...

The most favourite corner of this room would be a carved black wood on the headboard with a tiger pattern. A completely black wood is perfectly contrasted with a white bed.... Such a great atmosphere.

We can see the Phutthaisawan Temple clearly from this room.... There is only the Chao Phraya River situated in the middle between the temple and us.

There is a tall lampshade that looks like it is placed on a chair. It is really unique and this is the first time in my life seeing something like this...Very chic and modern.

There are full room facilities in the bedroom, which are the same as downstairs, such as TV, DVD Player, and telephone.

There is a special item in this room, which is a big tree in the middle of the room. However, it is being blocked by a transparent glass between the bedroom and the bathroom.

It looks so natural but it would be a bit scary to look at night.

There is a minibar like in the picture below.... We don't have to walk down and up when we are thirsty...

It is really suitable for a lazy person like me...LOL.

Let's explore a bathroom on the second floor! The special feature of this bathroom is a big bathtub for soaking ourselves with warm water.

Body lotion, shampoo and liquid soap are put into ceramic containers with lemongrass aroma...A uniqueness of Sala Resorts.

There are both normal shower and rain shower.

I like the basin in the second floor's bathroom, which looks like it is made from stainless steel but I am not sure what it's made from.

It is absolutely not a ceramic for sure....Such a unique item...

This section is separate from the main part of the bathroom.... By looking at the door from outside, it is a large mirror covering the whole door. So, we can see ourselves in the mirror with full body while dressing or checking up ourselves before going out.

A wardrobe, bathrobes, a safety box, and slippers are placed in the middle of the bathroom.

Let's have a look at the main pool gives us a feeling of relaxation with white theme.

There is a big daybed nearby the pool for lying down and relaxing on your free time.

Another little corner, which has a smaller daybed but it looks quite comfortable.

We can easily grab these towels to use for drying ourselves after swimming. They look so cute inside a rattan basket.

The advantage of every room in this area is that it is closed to the swimming pool. However, the disadvantage is that there is no river view...That is to say "To get something, one must sacrifice something"

This is a pathway to the spa, which is located behind the daybed beside the swimming pool.

This is the spa area. We just had a look at the outdoor area but we didn't go to have a look inside.

Today, we will have dinner here.... It is a restaurant that has such a great view of the Chao Phraya River.

Or you can choose to sit by the riverside...It is quite private.

We can also see a view of the temple outside clearly while sitting inside the restaurant. A window that made from large transparent glass does not block this great view by looking from the inside. ^^

For me, of course, I am going to choose a table outside...It is because I would like to see a full view of Phutthaisawan Temple, which is really beautiful.

This is a special time that we are waiting for.... Having dinner by the river, complemented with a view of a beautiful temple....I was dreaming this for long and today my dream comes true.

Of course, those tables beside the river have been occupied with hotel's guests as well as other guests from outside.

We didn't reserve it before coming here, so it would be difficult to get a table in this corner.

So, we are unlucky to get a table nearby the river...However, the tables with sofas in the second row are acceptable and we can see the view of the temple clearly. The advantage of sitting in the second row with sofas is that we can lie down after finishing our dinner. ^^

Sitting, sipping mojito and enjoying a beautiful view while waiting for our food...

Looking out from the restaurant, our room is number 1, which is on the first block.

Farewell the restaurant with this picture.... It is such a great atmosphere indeed. Luckily, there is no rain this evening.

Before going back to our room, we have a quick visit at the main pool to see what would be the atmosphere of the main pool at night.

We have to pass this pathway again.... At night, it gives such a mysterious atmosphere.

It is so tranquil and makes me want to swim right now...but unfortunately I didn't bring a swimming suit here...My dream is over!

Another picture with this is pretty, simple but elegant, and clean.

Back in my room, siting and lying down on a big sofa bed gives me such a great relaxing moment. Moreover, the view of the pagoda at night is absolutely amazing.

The staff have done a turndown service before we come back to our room.... Now we are ready to sleep :-)

The great view outside the room makes me do not want to sleep...I suddenly decide to open the drapes and sip a cool drink.... Listen to chill music and looking at the view outside. This is so great and keeps my eyes open.

Good night Sala Ayutthaya and have a sweet dream.

Good morning...Sala Ayutthaya...Having a cup of coffee with a river view gives such a great morning that I really want to stop the time for a while.

There are packages of instant coffee and capsule coffee...All of them are complimentary.

Now, it is the time for having breakfast. The resort has only one restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In the morning, sitting outside the restaurant with open-air atmosphere gives such a great moment to enjoy ourselves with cool wind blowing from the river.

We can order all food and drinks from our table. The restaurant's staff will come to our table for taking order and serving us at the table.

A cup of hot espresso.

A cold late coffee for me with a basket of toast and croissant, fresh butter as well as various kinds of jam.

A dish of Egg Benedict for me.

Another dish which has omelette, sausage, bacon, garlic toast, fried mushroom and cherry tomato.

Ending the trip of Sala Ayutthaya with this set of breakfast....

To summarize this trip:

Things to be proud:

- The thing I really like in this resort is the room that has such a great view. The bed is very soft with lots of pillows and cushions. Also, there are full of room amenities with a standard of the SALA Hospitality Group, which we can use conveniently and comfortably.

Things to be improved:

- I think the staffs in the resort are really less than what should be. The management of all operations is still need to be improved. The service sequence in the restaurant is quite slow. It is probably because this resort has just opened.

However, overall is OK...It is quite impressive....

See you again in the next review.

...Good night everyone....


 Friday, April 17, 2015 10:00 AM