Hi there! I'm back again and this time I'm going to take you to X2 Kui Buri.

X2 Kuiburi is a well-designed resort, located at Muang district of Prachuap Kiri Khan Province about 80 km. away from Hua Hin or around 3 hrs. drive from Bangkok.

I used to visit there about 2 years ago. http://www3.pantip.com/cafe/blueplanet/topic/E10716171/E10716171.html

Time passed by but nothing changes, this resort still impresses me every time I visit.

Sigh.. the rain just came again...

Ice lemonade for my welcome drink.

Early arrival, so I'll find something to eat first to fill up my energy.

I walk along the same path like 2 years ago. Everything looks the same except it was called as Centara Boutique Collection before. And now it's by X2 Kuiburi Crossio Resorts.

Here is the 4K restaurant, it's pronounced as "Fork" how creative it is.

Eating with sea breeze and the sound of sea wave.

Yeah..the sun has come.

Of course how can we miss it. The fresh coconut juice.

My lemonade :)

It should be sea food but this what I want for now.

Big prawn Pad Thai..

One of my favourite things about X2 is the stone. What a creative way.

"My pleasure to have you here Khun Pana, please let me take you around Kui Buri"

After finishing my lunch, a hotel staff takes me to my room. Garden Villa No.9

New area added, there are sofa bed and dining table nearby.

Let me try this sofa bed. :)

My room is Garden Villa, it has a great view of the sea and right in front of the main pool,which different from anther villas and that why the price is also different too.There is a small charge for this room but it's worth it for what I get ^^

The view from my villa, it seems like I have my own private Pool Villa.

There is a rain shower. I did't look around much because of the rain.

The dark color pool is straight right to the beach.

There are fallen tamarind's blossoms on the ground which reminds me of my home ^^

The stone wall bedroom designed by Mr.Duangrit Bunnag, a well-known interior designer of Thailand. This is one the reasons why I want to come back here.

There are many feather pillows provided in the room. I really like this idea because it makes me feel relax like home.

Another side of the bed, there is a shelf stuck to the stone wall. You can open/close and also can do a writing work here.

The way they decorate here is by a concept of "Less but More"

Note pad is well arranged on the table.

There are many CDs for music ready for you.

At the back of the room, you can enjoy a mini bar area with a mini fridge.

Little details of the room.

Bath room is quite big, there is a black marble side table with a basket for the hair dryer and amenities.

Here they use salt water.

You can shower Indoor & Outdoor and they are all Rain showers.

It's been raining so I could not enjoy my shower time.

Sigh..the rain keeps going..

At this point, it's quite hard for me to shoot some photos.

I wanted to shoot this spot but it was raining, so I have to borrow my old photo from last visit.

Back to the 4K, not so many people because of the rain.

Chill on a sofa with my drink or at the bar.

This area you can enjoy chit-chat or reading with the rainy season.

The big glass bottle filled with dried plants and blurry light, they look perfect together.

I'm hungry, let order food and take to my room.

Dinner with the rain. This weather makes me want to stay in bed all day.

Appetizer while waiting for my dinner.

I don't remember the name of this dish, but there are shrimp and avocado :)

2nd dish is Sea bass...something I don't remember it.

The sun is coming, let enjoy the sunrise.

Laying in bed with music and sea view. I don't want to go back to the real world.

Reading in the morning is the best.

Sea breeze and calm weather in the morning, I wish I could have like this everyday.

Look at the lovely granny collecting the shells.

Let's get out of Kui Buri to Cha-am beach and try out many delicious dishes here.

Recommended restaurant is "Pa Heed", special dish is fresh Oyster and side dishes.

So yummy and fresh.

Steam squid with spicy chilli and lemon sauce.

Grilled salty prawns.

Stir fried Clams with young black pepper.

Steaming crabs. Hmm..yummy .

Crab eggs.

Well this is the end of my trip at X2 Kui Buri.

Just like the old time, I like many things about this well-designed resort. Staying in a private villa with sea breeze, it's just like recharging my life's battery even just for 2-3 days and hope to come back here again soon.

The creativity of the stone walls make me want to come back here again...

Ahh..talking about the stone walls, there is another hotel that has the same style named "Hotel de la paix" which I had just visit last few months. http://pantip.com/topic/30843051

See you next time :)



 Friday, April 17, 2015 10:05 AM