First of all, I must admit that this review will not be too detailed.

I would like to do the review of what I have seen.

My trip is started during my University vacation ( there are only 2 weeks), I really want to spend my vacation in the city outside of Bangkok.

Finally, I decide to go to "Sangkhlaburi" and discover that it is the perfect choice to come here.

I then start searching for more information.

I receive most of information from Pantip forum because it seems efficient.

Once I get enough information, I am not reluctant to persuade my 3 friends in order to make this trip more fun.

. And our trip for 3 days 2 nights have begun.

Sangkhlaburi Trip is from 3th - 5th January 2016

Day 1

We start our trip at 07.00 hrs. by taking public van from Victory Monument to Kanchanaburi' s Transportation Terminal.

We start to take the first photo for this trip.

Once we arrive at the transportation terminal, there are 2 possible ways to get to Sangkhlaburi which are

1. To take a public van to Sangkhlaburi

2. To take a public bus to Sangkhlaburi

. But, we prefer a public bus.


And this public bus has stopped and picked up the passengers all the way to Sangkhlaburi (it takes about 4 - 5 hours to Sangkhlaburi).

This is the view along the way to Sangkhlaburi.

We stay at "Sangkhla Garden Home" and we arrive at the accommodation around 6.00pm.

We take the photo of sunset right away after sunset.

After taking my luggage at the place, we go to rent motorcycles at 'P Guesthouse'.

We ride motorcycles to Sangkhla municipality's market to buy some things and keep in our rooms.

Then, it is time for having dinner. After finishing dinner, we do not have any activities to do, hence I persuade my friends to play with the light. It is so fun.

And sleep.

Day 2

At 05.30 am.

My friends have waken me up and asked " Do you want to take photos, don't you? Wake up, please"

We are hurry to wake up and walk directly to Mon Bridge.

We have offered alms on the way to Mon Bridge.

Here we are, Mon Bridge.

Actually, I always wonder that why Mon Bridge is wet all the time once I read in many reviews and I think it might be because it rains heavily.

But, I am clearly answered now, the bridge is wet due to too much dew in the morning.

We cross the bridge and continue walking to Mon village.

It might be a good to have porridge in the morning.

A sad dog

Once you come to Mon village, it might be weird to not see Mon villagers.

It is very foggy along the way.

It is really lovely.

We then walk to Wang Wiwekaram temple.
But, we could not take many photos because it is very foggy.

After paying respect to Buddha statue, we go to Bodh Gaya pagoda.

It is under renovation.

We have wandered around Mon village, we then walk back to Mon bridge.

We finally reach the accommodation and take a nap.
Below are spectacular photos which are taken from our rooms.

At 4 pm to 5 pm, we go to take photos at Mon bridge again.

We continue walking till late evening.

We come back to our accommodation at 9 pm.
Then, we go to chill out at 'Gath Coffee'

The atmosphere inside coffee shop

We order some light drinks and continue with alcohol.

We come back to our accommodation and take the photo of stars in the sky.

Day 3

There is nothing special for today because we will go back to Bangkok.

We use the motorcycle service to go to market in order to take tour bus.

At first, I discuss with my friends to take the same transportation like when we come to Sangkhlaburi.

But, it will arrive at 1.30 pm. We are afraid that we will arrive at the house very late. So, we will not go with this bus.
Local people suggest us to walk a bit, we will see Kanchanaburi's Transportation Terminal.

See you again " Sangkhlaburi"

According to this trip, if you would like to escape from hasty life, Sangkhlaburi will be a good option because it is suitable for those who like peaceful atmosphere. Furthermore, it is also suitable for those who like enjoy slow life in long weekend.

My personal point of view, this city might not be a good choice for traveling because there are not so many attractions.

On the other hand, it is a good choice for relaxing.

Thank you for loneliness because it makes us have time to be with ourselves more.


 Monday, January 18, 2016 11:54 AM