Hello all, sawad dee krab!

In fact, 17 year-old is not a child anymore but I would like to have this feeling for another year, hehe.

After my previous trip to Hong Kong in December 2014, I almost didn't go anywhere else.

This review I'd like to take you to Indonesia in a solo journey in which I will stop 3 days at Penang.

When we talk about Indonesia, what would you think of? Bali? Chandi Borobudur? Volcano?

For me, it is volcano.

Last year, I read the review of the Mount Bromo and Kawah ljean, and I really wanted to go too. It was so beautiful.

Finally, my dream is realized and I indeed visited those places, haha.

This is my first solo trip that lasts more than 2 weeks. I booked the ticket since the previous year.

I didn't know what I was thinking back then, and why did I book a 17 days trip.


From leaving my house until returning, I spend approximately 13,000 THB, and probably 500 THB more or less to that.

This includes everything, from the flight ticket, car, boat and admission fees.

It also includes other small expenses as well as being fooled. Well, let's say, it really includes everything, haha.

It's not every meal that I'm full and not every night that I can sleep well, in fact, I didn't sleep some night.

But the experiences I've got is beyond priceless ^^

For the flight, I have 4 bookings:

Bangkok – Hatyai for 342 THB

Penang – Kuala Lumpur for 350 THB

Kuala Lampur – Yogyakarta for 680 THB

Bali – Bangkok for 2,300 THB

Total is 3,672 THB

Travel Itinerary

This trip is quite a long one. It is a 17 days trip, starting from 9-25 August 2015.

So then, we need to make a rough travel plan.

I started to plan my trip 2 weeks prior to my travel. I search the information a little bit each day.

Well, this trip I travel alone but most of the review to Indonesia, they will hire the car along with the driver.

Then, I need to find other way to go to my destinations with the cheaper price.

And I found that the easiest means of transportation when travelling alone is scooter!

Finally, this is my tentative travel itinerary.

9-11 August: Penang

12 August: Arrive Yogyakarta at 11.20 a.m. then rent the scooter to the New Selo

13 August: Merbabu

14 August: Depart from Merbabu to Merapi

15 August: Depart from Merapi and back to Yogagarta

16 August: Take the train at 8.55 a.m. to Lempuyangan and arrive Probolingo at 17.31 p.m. then find the hotel

17 August: Get the transportation to go to Cemero Lawang

18 August: Walk to Penanjakan at 3.00 a.m. and g back to Probolingo late morning

19 August: Take the train at 11.07 a.m. and arrive Banyuwangi at 15.30 p.m.

Take the Yellow Public no.6 to Tripolitour to rent the scooter to Kawah Ijen

20 August: Return to Banyuwangi and take the bus to Bali and stay at Kuta Beach

21-25 August: Rent a scooter to roam around Bali

P.S. This route might not look so neat but I'm too lazy to edit it, haha.

This review is meant to be a guide into Indonesia and I wish everyone to start the journey.

I believe that this review will certainly be beneficial to someone.

If I miss anything or anything is wrong, please accept my apology here.

If you are ready, let's go....

This is my first trip that I would carry more than 10 kilograms backpack. Well, there's a lot of things I need to use.

For example, sleeping cradle, sleeping bags, flysheet, gas, pot, coffee cup, and many more in which most of them are hiking equipment.

I'm not sure whether all will be necessary but for the peace of mind, more is better than less, haha.

About Money

This trip I exchange about 4,000,000 IDR and it would equal to 10,600 THB.

Or 100,000 IDR is 265 THB.

At first, I also thought that it might not be enough but I didn't exchange more.

Finally, I have 1,200,000 IDR left home.

I have to say that without Google Translate, my trip would be so bad.

Because I'm very bad at English (well, in fact, I'm not so good at other things too, haha).

I only know some simple vocabularies. Sometimes, when I want to say something, I just acquire the help from this application.

Sometimes, when foreigners spoke to me in long English sentences, I just node as if I understood.

In fact, I understood nothing. Honestly, it's so confusing, hahaha.

Let me make it clear here....language is not an obstacle for travel.

Even I speak almost no English, I survive.

Now that everything is all set, let's go!

9 August 2015

I'm lucky that today is Sunday, so my brother give me a ride to the airport, otherwise, I normally take the bus.

The plane takes off from Don Mueang at 12.15 p.m. and arrive Hat Yai Airport at 13.35 p.m.

Just a few naps and we already arrive, so comfy.

From the Hat Yai Airport, I take the taxi (Song Taew) into the city in order to take the van to Penang.

I read in Pantip that the fare is 20 THB but I pay 30 THB.

Well, this is just the first day but I already pay extra, I really don't want to think of other day, hmmmm....

And take a look, it's super packed. So where do a young boy like me get to sit?

Of course, I will be standing at the end of the taxi, haha.

We can tell the driver to stop at Kim Yong Market or VL Hat Yai Hotel. Then, we just walk along the hotel.

About 400 meter and we reach the van station to Penang, K.S.T. Travel.

The one way fare to Penang is 400 THB and if we book round trip, the fare is 750 THB.

There's 3 vans each day: 9:30 a.m. 12:30 p.m. and 15:30 p.m.

I take the last van, 15.30 p.m. and when I asked the ticket seller, he said we will reach Penang about 20.00-21.00 p.m.


Actually, I reach here at 22.00 p.m. Well, the immigration slow us down as well as the driver drives quite slow.

And at this hour, the street is quiet and before I can find the hotel, it is already 22.30 p.m.

I haven't eaten anything since the morning. And when I find the restaurant, I didn't dare to go in since I'm still a bit puzzled for my first day.

I'm quite scared of everything. I haven't spoken English for a long time and the meal at 7-11 is too expensive.

Finally, I got the soy milk for this first day.

Oh well.....just my first day, I'm already stepping into starvation mode.....

10 August 2015

This morning I wake up starving and recall that this hotel offers free breakfast.

Then I brush my teeth, wash my face, and walk down to the kitchen to find a row of bread and a jar of coconut yam.

Wait no more, I take two breads with 2 spoons of yam and hurriedly swollen them.

Meanwhile, I also drink soy milk to make sure the bread smoothly go down to stomach.

Then, I scream inside, I survive!!! (Everything goes so quickly).

Although it's not that super delicious, it has reasonably helped release my hunger.

After breakfast, it's time to wandering in George Town.

This city is listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.

Sometimes, when we travel, we don't need the exact destination but just wandering around and feel the atmosphere.

Looking at way of people's lives, culture, and how they live is also very pleasant.

I come to Penang with no specific purpose.

I just want to come and walk around here for 2-3 days before taking the flight to Indonesia.

So I need no plan, I'm already very happy just by wandering around.

At noon, I take the bus no. 101 to Penang National Park.

But it's raining, so I just walk for a bit before returning to the hotel to take some rest.

I wake up in the evening with this thought in mind...

Oh my....I come for travel... how can I sleep like this? No no, I cannot do this.

Then, I automatically get up from my bed and wipe out water in my mouth.

And wash my face, take my camera and continue walking, hehe.

At Penang, the most popular tourist attraction is the Street Art.

Each painting is related to the way of life of local people which can be seen on the wall....

doors and windows, and all are scattered around the city of Georgetown here.

Most of tourists come to Penang with the major goal to take photos with these paintings.

But I only take 2 of them here...Well, I'm not so interested in them, haha.

I wander around until the Jetty Pier as I see several buses going to Jetty.

Then, I'm curious as what Jetty might have.

And it has nothing, haha.

It is the ferry port for crossing over to Butterworth side.

I see the yacht in a far distance, so let's take a closer look.

This yacht is so huge. I'm not sure if we can actually get on board and cruising.

A while after enjoy the yacht, now it's time for more walk.

The city is really beautiful, I can just keep walking without a bit of boring.

(In fact, may be just that a little bit of boring) haha.

And this is the court of George Town. I'm not sure if it is or not, but I guess it is, haha.

I walk until I get lost. I find myself along the river, seeing the sun is about to set.

The time of today is about to end but our lives will keep on moving.

The same goes to my feet that I need to walk on, no matte how tired I am.

I walk until this Chulia Street where there's a lot of foreigners with a variety of restaurants.

Well.....in fact... can you be a bit less than this? Honestly, I'm so hungry now.

I walk around to find something to eat. Finally, I choose this dish. It's called Char Kway Teow.

If we were to translate it into Thai, it means fried noodle. It looks like our Pad See Ew but the taste is quite different so does the raw materials.

Here, they use small dried shrimp, with few vegetables and bean sprouts.

At first, it looks like the portion is small, but at the end I can't finish it, I'm super full, haha.

And the sign in front of the shop said it's 4 MYR.

But I paid 5 MYR and the seller didn't give me any change. So I'm not sure how much it actually costs.

Finally, I quietly walk out of the shop, thinking that 1 MYR is additional cost for foreigner, haha.

Just about 7 or 8 p.m., most of the shops are closed, only a few are left as well as restaurants.

But buses run until 11 p.m or midnight.

Before going back, I have one of these to satisfy the thirst.

It's so full that I almost can't walk, haha.

11 August 2015

This morning, the rain starts to pour since 5 a.m. and didn't stop even at 10 a.m.

All I can do is sleep and relax in my room.

At last, I can't endure my hunger any longer. So I wear the raincoat and look for something to eat.

I walk not so far from the hotel and find this restaurant and just order whatever.

Then, I got this dish, Roti and chicken curry, looking so delicious.

I remember I used to eat this kind of Roti once when I went to Singapore but didn't quite remember if the taste is exactly alike.

But the similarity that I remember about Roti in Penang and Singapore is that ...

It tastes so good at first but at some point you will get so so greasy, and very full.

Finally, since I don't want to waste any food, I manage to have them all in my stomach.

I pay about 100 THB for this meal including a glass of Milo drink.

Looking at him, he's just sitting and eating his food and cares no people, haha.

I don't know if many of you guys feel like me or not. Whenever I eat so full, I will get so sleepy too (well, aren't I always feel asleep anyway, haha).

I'm guessing that our body needs a lot of energy in digesting so may be that's why we feel so sleepy.

Oh well, after getting so full, I'm feeling so sleepy. I walk back home slowly.

As walking fast will make me sick.

Once reaching my room, I lay myself on the bed to sleep from getting so tired from eating Roti, haha.

I'm not sure how long I have slept.

But I wake up again late afternoon and I decide to take a walk......

To get relax from sleeping.....

Most of the road in George Town is a one way road which gives us a big confusion when taking the bus.

Well, the bus will run on this side but when going back, it goes to the other side. We could say that it runs in circle.

We will get even more confused when looking at the map because we are not sure which way the bus will run in each street.

The easiest way to roam around is by using Google Maps.

It will tell us where do we have to walk and what number of bus we need to take in order to go to a specific place.

But this time, I didn't buy a sim card. So I can't use this Google Maps. Finally, I just keep wandering.

Let's take a look here, it's not even dark but most of the shops are already closed. I really don't understand Penang people.

I really like the color of this building. It looks so outstanding and gorgeous with aura. I can see it from afar.

And I finally walk to the Chulia Street again. Well, again, I come here for food.

I'm not quite sure what's she cooking but it looks very delicious, she also adds some eggs.

The price is not expensive as well. So I got one Chicken Egg.

Then I unwrap it and put it into my mouth. And just the first bite....

What is this thing?

It's like a dough fried with eggs. It tastes a bit salty and greasy.

Honestly, the taste is awful, haha.

Finally, I can only manage to eat half of it and leave the other half. It's just too awful.

After that, I go back to the hotel because it's evening now and I need to pack.

Tonight, I have a plan to stay overnight at Penang Airport since I will fly early tomorrow about 6 a.m.

I don't think the morning bus will take me here on time so I will spend a night there.

I leave the hotel at 20.00 p.m. and walk to Komtar Building in order to take the bus no. 401E to the airport.

The bus takes about an hour to the airport.

Honestly, I'm not impressed with the chairs at Penang Airport at all.

Every chairs has the barrier that I cannot stretch my legs when sleeping.

I used to sleep at many airport, like Don Mueang, Kansai, Narita.

And I never had any sleeping problem until this airport.

That night I almost couldn't sleep. So sad...

12 August 2015

That I can't sleep doesn't bother me, I consider it just a small problem.

When comparing it to what I will face in Indonesia, haha.

So I keep on waking up until about 5 a.m. then I go to the gate to wait for boarding.

At 6.50 a.m., it's time for the plane to take off and say goodbye to Penang.

For me, Penang is not that much interesting. May be because I love to travel with nature more.

And thus my Penang trip is not as impressed as it could have been.

The sun is about to rise, so so beautiful.

I arrive at KLIA2 airport at Kuala Lumpur at 7.50 a.m. before I go to another gate, in order to take a connecting flight to Yogyakarta at 9.45 a.m.

Since yesterday, I only had milk in my stomach so I'm so starving now.

When I'm on board flying to Yogyakarta, I thought of order a food.

But finally, I don't want to sped too much money. So I just put the menu back to the seat.

Then, I arrive at Yogyakarta about noon. The airport is very small.

The immigration officer ask me some question but it's not a big deal.

The immigration officer: How long do you stay?

Me: I thought of 14 but said forty.

The immigration officer: A little bit surprised before saying, fourteen?

Me: Yes yes, fourteen fourteen.

The immigration officer: May be he meant to ask where's my visa?

Me: Oh... Thailand...no visa no visa.

The immigration officer: You can stay up to 30 days before stamping and returning my passport back to me.

According to the plan, I will have the rental shop deliver scooter to me once I arrive at Yogyakarta airport.

But the shop told me to call them when I arrive.

Then I walk around the airport to look for a sim card. I found one shop but the price is too expensive so I didn't buy.

Lucky that I have saved the map of the rental shop, so I decided to ask direction from the taxi and I will go there.

I asked them what bus I can take. The taxi said just go with him, the price is not expensive.

But I said I have no money, I want to take the bus.

Finally, he takes me to the bus stop inside the airport and I thank him for his hospitality.

Then, I walk to the counter and show the staff my map, asking that what bus should I take if I want to get off here? and the staff said 1A.

The bus fare is 3,500 IDR. Just wait for a while and the bus arrives.

It is the green bus, a bit smaller than our bus. When I get on, I see a young bus boy.

I asked him again if this bus will go to this place and asked him to tell me when it's the stop that I should get off.

Finally, that boy get off before me. But before getting off, he told me to get off at the next stop.

Then, I across the street and look at the map again.

OMG, if I want to go to this rental shop, I need to walk another 2 kilometers.

Oh well, like I have a choice! Walking as it is then.

Walking for a while and I find another bus stop.

I'm so shocked! Why didn't he tell me to get off at this stop? It's much closer. I shouldn't believe him.

For what it takes, I keep on walking following the map under the heat of the sun.

I wipe around my sweat for countless times and finally I arrive at the scooter rental shop.

I got the manual gear one, in a price of 60,000 IDR per day (160 THB). I rent for 3 days.

Along the way, I find the sim card but didn't get to take a look. So now I go back to check it out again.

Finally, I get the internet sim card that offers 4 GB of internet for 30 days in a price of 65,000 IDR (172 THB).

This is considered to be very cheap. It would be awesome if Thailand can also offer this cheap price.

At this moment. I'm almost starved to death. My stomach keeps on crying.

I didn't eat anything since yesterday evening.

Then I ride to a mini mart to buy some bread first.

And also stop at Carefour to buy gas cans and some food for hiking.

Before I can buy all what I needed, it's already 15.00 p.m.

Then I open the Google Maps to lead me to Selo village and find a place to stay.

The Selo village is located in the middle of the volcano Mount of Merbabu and Mount Merapi.

It is also close to the hiking starting point of the two volcanoes.

I ride in high speed, overtaking several vehicles.

The closer I get to the Selo village, the colder the weather is.

So I need to pull over and take out my jacket to wear, otherwise, I could be all numbed.

It takes approximately 2 hours from Yogyakarta to Selo village.

The distance is only about 50 kilometers but it's quite slow because I keep on stopping and looking at the map.

Well, I'm not quite sure about the route and after all we are in a foreign country, right? haha.

From the information I have searched, this village has home-stay named Ratri Homestay and Superman Homestay.

I'm scooting around for several times but couldn't find the place and the weather is so cold with the fog all over the sky.

The sun is also about to set. The atmosphere is just so uncomfortable and strange.

Finally, I find the sign of Superman Homestay.

And I get a room in a price of 100,000 IDR per night (265 THB).

It's a small room within a house with one bed and a bathroom outside.

Overall, it's good for just sleeping but the price is a bit high for one person.

(Please excuse me if it looks a bit untidy, haha).

I asked the owner that if I want to hike both Mount Merbabu and Mount Merapi without hiring any guide, would it be possible?

He said it's dangerous and offers to find me a tour guide in a price of 1,000,000 IDR in which the tour guide fee is 300,000 for each volcano and 200,000 for the entrance fee to each volcano.

I said that's alright. I don't have money and walk back to my room.

After a while, he knocked on my door and said that he will collect the room fee and asked if I will hike alone.

I said yes. Then he said I need to pay the entrance fee of 400,000 IDR.

What? 400,000? Are you kidding me? (from what I have researched, it's only 2-30,000 for each volcano).

So then I told him I would not go to the volcanoes but will return to Yogyakarta tomorrow morning.

And then I paid my room fee.

Well, I wasn't angry with him but I really don't understand why he fool the kid like me?

Did he see that I'm a tourist so I might have lots of money?

That night I just have rice porridge with sweeten pork sausage in a Sunlight Tupperware to survive another day.

Just the first night at Indonesia, I'm already so exhausted.....

The water here is very cold with no hot water.

So I need to boil water with my pot and mix it with cold water for showering (am I smart? haha).

13 August 2015

I wake up and walk out of my homestay, and I have to scream "Wow!"

Oh My Gosh!!! Is that a real volcano? It's just so close to us like this?

I didn't see it yesterday when I arrived since the clouds covered it all.

I hurriedly pack my stuff in order to hike to volcanoes.

Before that, I ride to the market and find many people are buying things here too.

So then, I also take some walk.

It's not that interesting. They sell vegetables, fruits and other ordinary food.

And I got three eggs.

That's right. I will take them and boil with instant noodle on the volcanoes.

(But I need to think hard of how to keep them unbroken.)

From the market, I find the noodle shop written "MIE AYAM".

I take out my phone immediately and open the Google Translate. It said "chicken noodle".

And then I also let it helps me read, it reads Mee Aa Yam.

No, not yet. I also google for its photo to make sure it really is chicken noodle.

I walk in to order and wait for it anxiously.

And then she brings me the dish. I exclaim 'wow' as it looks so appetizing.

They offer chili sauce, tomato sauce and sweet soy sauce.

And of course, I choose the sweet soy sauce, just put it in a little bit and mix them together,

before slowly putting it into my mouth hungrily.

It is so delicious that I feel like I've never had anything like this before.

This is my first meal in Indonesia and it's also my most impressed dish here.

The stomach is full so it's time to start off the journey again. Today, I plan to climb Mount Merbabu.

I ride round and round several times to find the Merbabu Base Camp in order to start climbing.

I keep asking the locals for direction in which I spent an hour here.

We need to park our scooter here and start to climb up the volcano.

The parking fee is 5,000 IDR (13 THB).

On how to travel to the base camp of Merbabu, I go to Google Maps and search for " BC Merbabu Selo".

Here is the starting point and we will need to park our scooter here.

From Selo village, we need to ride up a bit more.

The road is not in so good condition.

I manage my things again, by keeping unnecessary items with my second bag and left it with my scooter.

Then, I walk towards Mount Merbabu.

I don't know what it has up there and I don't know how beautiful it will be.

At first, I meant to climb Mount Merapi but then I opened the map and found Mount Merbabu nearby.

So then I chose to climb Mount Merbabu first.

Then, I walk in without paying any entrance fee. So then it means that that uncle lied to me.....

And this is the start of this torture hike.

Just the beginning, it already is the soy hill, let's say we already get quite tired from the start.

Most of the road is unpaved road. It is quite dusty and slippery.

I must say it is super tiring. Some road is slippery and very steep so we have to walk really slow.

Walking in a long step is tiring, walking with short step is slow.

After 3 hours from the start and some rest from time to time, now we arrive at Pos II.

The peak of the mountain that you see far ahead is yet the highest, this is just the half way, haha.

At first, I also thought that the peak is not far. I see someone is tenting here so I will also spend a night here.

I try to find the trees to tie my sleeping cradle but after nearly an hour, I couldn't find one.

Because trees here are not tall and their branches are so fragile that it can't be used to hold the sleeping cradle.

So then, I decided to continue walking, fighting!

Do you see the small route over there? It is so slippery.

I see many people slip with dust all over their bodies, haha.

Crawling with dust all over the body and half an hour from Pos II, now I arrive Sabana I exhaustively and with shaking legs.

From this point, we can see several peaks in which the highest peak is located behind.

Then I decide to sleep here tonight as I cannot walk any longer.

Because my legs are shaking, I don't know why and it's also hurt.

Apart from the noodle in the morning, I haven't eaten anything since besides water.

I then quickly find trees to tie my sleeping cradle. May be you are wondering why I tie two of them?

Well, one is for my backpack (I don't want it to get dirty) and the other one is for sleeping (am I smart? haha).

Due to the starvation and the tiring from 5-6 hours hiking, I eat rice porridge again.

In fact, I got bored already but I need to eat in order to fill up energy.

I think this time I'm very lucky as I didn't get sick the same way as I did when I went hiking to Phu Soi Dao alone last year.

That time, I had fever, couldn't eat anything, got headache and high fever.

This time, in addition to legs pain, I don't have other symptoms.

After I'm full, I take a walk around. This area is Savanna grassland.

This time they are all dry. I'm not sure if we were coming during rainy season, whether the grass will be green?

In the evening, people who set up the tent come back and their tent is right next to mine.

They are 5 people altogether and one of them could speak English so he comes to talk to me.

I said I come alone and then we talk (in fact, I don't understand much).

Then, he gave me about half a large bottle of water. He told me to keep it for drinking.

Here, I'm both very happy and feel considerate as well as thankful to them.

I carry 2 large bottles of water and I only have one left.

(In the morning, some people walking down and ask me so I gave them,

and now some people just give it to me. I now really believe that "the more you give, the more you get").

Late evening, they also invite me for instant noodle at their tent.

This is the first time I'm very impressed with Indonesians. They are so kind and hospitality.

So then I ask to take photo with them for good memory, haha.

When it's dark, they pack up their tent and told me that they will go to sleep at Pos I.

And then, the new group also arrive and I think they are my age.

They go talk to the new group in Indonesian language.

I guess that they talk to the new group to let me sleep in the tent as they see that I only have a thin sleeping cradle.

And then we said goodbye to each other. And I go talk to the new group.

They can't speak English and neither do I. So we can hardly talk just some very basic conversation.

After they set up the tent, they told me to pack my sleeping cradle and sleep with them inside the tent.

At first I refuse and said it's ok but they insist to have me sleep with them.

Finally, I pack up my cradle and sleep with them in tent. That night, we cook instant noodle.

I gave them 2 eggs, and they cook instant noodle for me. Let's see it as an exchange.

After eating, we go right back to sleep.

I lay down for about 10 minutes.

But I couldn't fall asleep as it's very uncomfortable. I couldn't' turn left nor right.

Well, we are 5 people sleeping inside the same tent and we have some large people with us also.

So I told them that I couldn't sleep and I will go sleep outside with my sleeping cradle and they said nothing more.

Finally I got to sleep in the cradle as I wish. I have to say that the wind is so strong and so cold.

This is such a tortured night. The sleeping bag couldn't help ease the cold.

As when the cold wind is blowing, the cradle is cold and that coldness also goes inside the sleeping bag.

I also got so cold that I sleep shakily and my teeth are hitting against one another.

That night I sleep and wake up from time to time all night long and I take the phone to look at the time several times.

I want to know when the new morning will come.

I wake up at 4 a.m. as I'm so hungry. Then, I boil the water to make Ovaltine drink to eat with bread.

Then, I decide to walk to the peak to see the sun rise at 5 a.m.

But only a few walks, the new light is slowly emerging from the horizon.

The sun light is gradually rising and shining everywhere.

Then, the Mount Merbabu is also slowly visible.

And, when I turn back, I see the Mount Merapi.

It is so breathtaking and grand. I guess if I were to stand on that peak, I would see where I'm now.

At this point, I already give up. I think that that I can hike to this point is already enough and I'm extremely tried.

But then, one thought just comes to my mind that since I'm already here, let's just keep walking to the peak.

And I decide to continue hike to the peak of Mount Merbabu.

On the way to the peak, it's more steep and slippery that we need much more strength to hike up.

Just a few step and we need to stop, over and over again and we yet arrive.

I have to use the tripod as my walking stick in order to help me keep walking up.

I see someone is waving the flag. I'm almost there.....

Finally...... I arrive at the peak of the volcano. Looking back, I think to myself.

How could I come up to this point? With less then 6 kilometers, but I walk for a day.

Just hiking up, I'm already this tired, I really don't want to think about on the way back....... (big sigh).....

Looking around and I see more volcanoes.

The Mount Merbabu is 3,142 meters above sea level.

And the Selo village is about 1,500 meters above sea level.

The Mount Merbabu is an extinct volcano.

Let me take a photo to prove that I once conquer the Mount Merbabu.

From the peak point, I see several paths down the hill, which means that we can also hike to Merbabu from other route in addition to Selo village.

If you are interested, you can find out for more information.

I spend an hour appreciating the scenery on the top before going down.

I think hiking up is already tough, but walking down is even worse. It is both steep and slippery. I need to have my toe pecking the ground in order to not to slip.

Sometimes it's so slippery that I almost go backward.

On the way down is not so tiring but the legs and toes are very sore and hurt.

I spent so much time hiking up but much less on the way down to where I slept last night.

Farewell for now, Mount Merbabu, I wish we will see each other again.

After that, I cook rice porridge again and get packed and ready to walk down to the village.

On the way down is quite easy. We just have to be careful, find the right spot to step down in order to not slip.

I see many people are slippery down. But I have some magic that although I slip but didn't fall, haha.

Then, I walk down to Pos II to take some photos for 5 minutes before continue walking down.

The weather is getting hotter so I need to take off my jacket.

On the way down, I see many groups are walking up so we make some greeting to one another.

Many are greeting me in Indonesian and I don't know how to respond.

In this photo, I almost arrive. I'm so happy that I scream inside.

Finally....I've come back to the starting point. It takes about 2 hours from Sabana I.

I started to pack my stuff and walked down at 9.30 a.m. and reached the starting point at 11.30 a.m.

I went straight down without sitting for any rest but only few standing from time to time.

Once I reach here, I almost lost myself, my legs keep shaking and my toes are all swollen.

My body is dusty from head to toe, but lucky that I don't have any headache nor fewer.

After resting and packing stuff for half an hour, I'm scooting back to Yogyakarta.

At first I was thinking to continue climbing Mount. Merapi, but my body couldn't take it any longer (thinking about it now, I still feel such a regret not to climb it).

Before going back, I go to eat the chicken noodle at the same restaurant again. And it's just delicious like usual.

In between, I also search the hotel at Yogyakarta via booking.

And I got one night at EDU Hostels in a price of 80,000 IDR (212 THB).

Then, I ride straight to the hostel. The closer to the city, the more scooters.

Well, I must say it's really a lot. I think riding at Bangkok is already a challenge, here is more.

After I reach the hostel, I take a shower and just simply pass out as I'm super exhausted.

Then, I wake up again in late evening to walk at Malioboro road.

This place is very lively because it's a shopping center of Yogyakarta.

There're a lot of shops and restaurants as well as people walking along both sides.

After walking for a while and the shops start to close down, I ride back to the hostel. And thus ends our another day.

15 August 2015

This morning I wake up with laziness and don't know where to go.

Then, I recalled that I have yet book the train ticket to Probolinggo tomorrow.

We can book the Indonesian train ticket in advance at www.tiket.com which will have additional fee of 20 THB.

But I didn't want to pay this fee, so I go straight to buy the ticket at the railway station.

There's 2 trains daily from Yogyakarta to Probolinggo, which are at 7.15 a.m. and 8.55 a.m.

The train will stop at Yogyakarta at Lempuyangan station.

At first, I was thinking to book the 8.55 a.m. train as it's cheaper.

But it was sold out when I got here. So I got the 7.15 a.m. train in a price of 100,000 IDR (265 THB) in economy class.

After that, I scooter back to hostel. I just rest there as I don't know where to go.

I didn't want to go Borobudur and Prambanan as the entrance fee is so expensive.

It would cost more than 1,000 THB for both attractions. In fact, the ISIC card would get us half price discount.

But it's still expensive for me and I also don't have this ISIC card.

When it's almost noon, I change to stay at Omah Cilik since I have booked this hostel from Thailand.

It is 80,000 IDR (212 THB) per night including breakfast.

This hostel is quite difficult to find as it's located in the alley without any directional sign. I'm scooting around about half an hour before finding it.

Overall, this hostel is quite ok. It is cheap and with breakfast.

After I arrive at the hostel, I massage via BBM to the rental shop to let them take back my scooter from here.

Because I suppose to return it today. And soon after, they come to take the scooter.

Then, I'm just resting in the room and didn't go anywhere.

In the late evening, I go to Malioboro road again as it's quite close to my hostel, about 800 meter in distance.

I'm just wandering around and find something inexpensive to eat.

What I like very much when coming to Malioboro is the ginger juice in which they will put bread and other things as well.

It's like Black Sesame Dumpling in Ginger Tea. Here, this ginger juice shops are all around. It's about 10 THB per bowl.

Eating hot ginger juice while watching people walking around is also pleasant.

I really recommend you to make a try.

I walk to the end of the road before walking back to the hostel.

This photo I want to show that people are really riding scooters a lot in Indonesia and everyone will also wear a helmet.

Only once in a while that you will see someone without helmet. People here are discipline but not the traffic, haha.

I would like to end my first review here. Since this trip is quite a long journey, I will divide it into 2 parts.

The next part, I will take you to tour Bromo, Kawah ljen and Bali.

Thank you so much for reading until this line.

This is my second part:


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