When talking about Hong Kong, many of you would think about shopping, sitting on a cable car to Ngong Ping or travelling to amusement park.

This review I will take you to travel in Hong Kong in a different style which many of you would ever seen it.

This is my 2nd time I have been to Hong Kong.

First time is in the year 2011, it is when I was 13 years old which my brother is the one who takes me there.

but this time I go alone, so I have to make a plan, book the hotel and prepare many things by myself.

This trip go there 5 days 4 nights since 11-15 December 2014

It is 5 days 4 night with no plan, travel numbing, loss the way, take a rest when I feel tired and sleep when I feel sleepy.

I make myself full in every meal, sleep tight every night even I don't eat luxurious food and sleep in five stars hotel, haha.


Total expense for this trip is around 9xxx Baht

The plane ticket is 3,728 Baht

*1 HKD = 4.26 Baht

I use money around 6,000 Baht to exchange for 1,400 HDK

The hotel expense is 630 HKD, the rest are transportation, meal and other expenses.

I have around 100 HDK back home. Actually I want to use it all but I prefer to collect it as my memorial thing hahaha.

All photos I edit it myself. I don't quite know how to edit the photos and the display's color look strange.

One more thing, I don't actually know how to be a good writer, don't know how to express my feeling and emotion.

I hope that this review will benefit to you guys.

2 days before travelling date, I still feel doubtful that the next next day I will go to Hong Kong alone.

I haven't book for accommodation yet, no plan, haven't exchange money yet, everything is not ready.

The next day I then hurriedly go to Sapan Khwai to exchange money and book the hotel immediately haha.

This time I book the room through Hostelworlds because it is cheap and more beautiful than the Booking.

I recommend you to buy sim card in Hong Kong because the price is not quite expensive, prepare for using Google Maps, finding a way to places.

When finding a way on Google Maps, then you will know a bus number to that place,

and if you want to know how much it will cost, how many HKD, the place they are passing through, you can go and check at http://www.nwstbus.com.hk/pda/routesearch.aspx?intLangID=1

putting bus no. in the Route Number: click search then you will see the bus's price and the way they are passing through information but you can only find the big 2 floor buses not a small vehicle that similar to the van.

Another recommend application is MTR Mobile.

It is using for searching a price of train and detail about train stations.

It can tell you where you can go from each station, very convenient.

Now, get ready to start the journey, fewww.

I stow my things on the night of 10 December and get out of home at 11.00 pm.

Tonight I plan to sleep at the airport because I lazy to get out in the morning and afraid to miss the plane haha.

I take the public bus to Bang Khen and wait for the public bus to pass through the airport. I wait until the midnight but no one there.

Finally I change my mind and take the taxi. I take the public bus to save money or you can call me miserly people. I think I should save what I can save. hahaha.

I reach the airport around 01.00 a.m. and I forget to print out Boarding Pass because my printer is broken.
but I have already Check-in via the website. I go to print the boarding pass at the Kiosk but it turns out that I can't print it out there too. But, go to print at the counter only. Damn it.

I walk around, finding a place to sleep, but the seat is solid cushion.

I haven't have a deep sleep and finally it's 04.00 a.m., I walk to contact the counter to help me print the Boarding pass out. I walk to the custom after I get the boarding pass, check luggage and go to sleep at gate, waiting for the flight, so chilly.

This is my first trip I wear slipper travelling abroad.

I sleep until 6.15 a.m., get myself ready to get on the plane and departure to Hong Kong.

Flight FD508 departure time 6.45 a.m., 10.15 a.m. arrive Hong King.

I am always the last person who get on the plane, so the empty seat is belong to me automatically hehe.

I choose to sit at the 3 empty seats that close to each other, after the plane take off, the seatbelt sign turn off.

I lay myself on those 3 seats, so comfortable, chill, long sleep.

Actually I don't know that it against the rule of not but I have done it many times.

It takes around 2 hours on the plane to reach Hong Kong.

The sky is cloudy, a fog is thick, the vision is not clear so we haven't seen the view from the plane.

Chilly Passing through the custom. The staff throw away my passport to me. It is so funny.

After passing through the custom, I walk around to find a Octopus top up card machine which this card is very convenient to use. It can be used to pay the train, bus fee and using for paying shopping bills at the convenience stores. For those who go to Hong Kong for the first time, I recommend you to have it with you. The detail is at website below.


When cash in the card is ready, now it time to go check-in to keep the luggage and go out to adventure in Hong Kong.

The way to the city from the airport, you can go by many ways such as train, bus and taxi.

I choose the bus service because it is the best way of saving money, have a empty space for placing bag and comfortable seat.

There are many buses in Hong Kong, please check your accommodation and try to choose the bus number at the link below.


The way to bus station, you can keep walking along the sign and you will see full of it there.

I have lost my picture taken at Don Mueng airport to my first step at Hong Kong, so not many picture posted here, sorry.

My accommodation is near Fortress Hill, take the bus number A11.

It take around an hour to reach Fortress Hill area.

I forget to save the map of the accommodation, just note a detail, walking around half hour and finally I see Yesinn in the CONTINENTAL MANSION building, 15th floor.

There is no sign, non of sign in the building, this time I conjecture around and find it hahaha.

It's around 500 Baht/night in a normal day but more than 800 Baht/night on Saturday and Sunday.

I totally reserve for 4 nights, including around 2,700 Baht, more than 600 Baht/night.

The room is located on different floor of the reservation, I got the room on the 5th floor.

After checking in, staff will give you the key card, use for touching at the entrance of the door, 50 HKD is a deposit money for this card.

The room is not quite wide. There are refrigerator, microwave, computer, iron and many other things for you to use. There are many bulk beds, a bit narrow but it's okay. Maybe this is not quite inconvenient but I can sleep well every night.

Some night I can also hear a loud snore, I walk up and also feel frighted of that sound.

After finish packing the luggage, I try to walk around the accommodation.

Walk into Yoshinoya restaurant. The staff can't speak English, I can only just point out, but they can only ask in Chinese. I don't understand what they say, I feel confused and misunderstanding but lastly the food served without knowing what I have ordered haha.

I am so afraid after that circumstance. And after that I ignore this restaurant, just look at it and don't dare to enter the restaurant when I walk past it anymore haha.

After I am full, I then walk back to the room, use Wi-Fi in the room to make a travelling plan because I have no plan at all.

The time is around 2 or 3 p.m. in the afternoon now, finding a detail and bus no. to The Peak on Google Maps.

I haven't bought the Sim card yet because I want to save money as much as I can hahaha.

Getting on the bus no.56 and get off around Queen's Road and walk across the road to the bus no.15 to The Peak.

Going up to The Peak is getting on the bus no.15 or you can get on a tram from Peak Tram Station.

But tram is costly, I trend to save money so I choose to take a bus instead.

Bus in Hong Kong, I really feel content when the bus going up the hill, they drive crazy like playing in an amusement park haha.

After get off the bus, I have to walk up the building to see the outside view.

It is hard to describe, just strolling around hahaha.

Hong Kong view in the evening, a thick fog so I can't clearly see the building on the Kowloon side.

Climbing up here is very cold. I wear only one freeze cloth with sandal, Buerr

The temperature is around 10 degree with a strong wind that almost makes me shaky.

Up there is a curve building. A scenery point up there is named Sky Terrace 428 which you have to pay around 40 HKD

If you want to save money, the opposite site is a mall which you can get up there and see the view for free

If you are taking the bus no.15, the bus will park beneath the firm's building, walking up to the top floor, the scenery point is there.

I go up in the evening when the sky is not dark so I sit and walk there, waiting to take a photo in the night.

The sky starts to turn dark. The weather gradually becomes cold as my hands become numbness.

So I have to walk to the inside of the mall to seek for a warm temperature.

Night time view from The Peak is really beautiful, I can see many tall buildings located in line next to each other.

I can see the river, boat, colorful light of Hong King city.

I come here alone, don't have camera tripod so no one take photo for me hahaha.

Firstly, I plan to wait until 20.00 p.m., waiting to see The Symphony of Lights but the weather is so cold and a heavy rain.

So I change my plan, getting on the bus to go back and take a rest.

I go to buy dumpling from supermarket beside the road, the price is 11 HKD if I remember it correctly and heat it by microwave at my room.

The taste is not that bad, I am not concerned much about the taste, just a food that can make me full is enough.


I go out from the accommodation at 8.00 am. I don't have plan yet for today, just walk around.

I try to take a tram travelling around but this tram only goes to Victoria Park.

I don't know where to go next so I just keep walking and walking.

I walk until I reach Causeway bay.

The weather is cold but I keep walking on by sandal, it is such great match.

I just think that it's not work now so I buy a SIM card to find more travelling information.

So I buy SIM card from 7/11, it's a Discover Hong Kong card, cost 69 HKD.

It is 1.5 GB internet usage, it can be used up to 5 days and you get 25 HKD for free. International call rate is 0.45 HKD/minute. It is not quite expensive. Just insert the SIM and use it right away.

Rice menu picture in 7/11 of Hong Kong look yummy but when open the food package, the real one is totally different hahahahaha.

I immediately search for travelling information in Hong Kong after I get SIM card, I want to try going to the place people not quite visit.

I find out that there is a way going up to Dragon's Back, very beautiful view. I really want to go up the hill now.

It is not hard to get there, get on the train to Shau Kei Wan and transfer to bus no.9 and you will see Dragon's Back. When arrive Shau Wei, I then buy and prepare some food provisions because there is no store located on the hill. There is a small fresh market near the station, it sells vegetable, fruit, fresh food, quite interesting.

I get on the bus no.9 when I get myself prepare for the food provision.

The bus continuously drive up the hill, drive winding and I feel so much fun here.

There are many ways up to Dragon's Back hill but I recommend only 2 ways.

The first way, get off the bus no.9 at Cape Collinson sign, it takes around 3 kilometers to walk to Dragon's Back.

For the second way, get off the bus no.12 at To Tei Wan, it takes around 1 kilometer to walk to Dragon's Back only.

You can walk from point no.1 to point no.2 or walk from point no.1 to another point.

I walk from point no.1 to point no.2. At that time I know nothing about the place, so when I see the sign showing direction to Dragon's Back, I then get off the buss immediately.

I walk up gradually, it's not quite steep. At first it is a cement walkway.

When get on the hill for a awhile, the walkway is change to a clay walkway. The way is simple and convenient, not quite steep.

Some people ride a bike up here too, haha.

I keep walking for around an hour then I see 2 junctions way up to Dragon's Back.

It is a way going to the hill, continuously climbing up the rock, it's simple when compare to Phu Soi Dao that I just visited hahahaha.

Keep walking up on hill, you will see the mountain and sea view. It's a view under my expectation to see in Hong Kong.

It's an easy place to visit, much more easier when compare to many mountains of Thailand, haha.

Really strong wind here, my body shake and jerk hahahahaha

I eat sandwich while watching at the sea, it is such a really cold meal.

I spend my time here for many hours, surf on the internet, enjoy the view and walk down the hill.

I get on the bus no.9 back to Shau Kei Wan and get on the tram to the accommodation.

I sleep on the tram and do nothing, a little bit tired from climbing the hill.

I am on the tram until it was drove to Fortress Hill and walk back to the accommodation and take a sleep.

I sleep until around 6.00 pm, I plan to go to The Symphony of Lights at Avenue of Stars.

I take a train from Fortress Hill and transfer to Admiralty Station to Tsim Sha Tsui

There are so many people when transferring the train since it's the end of the day, I stand there and wait for around more than 10 array of trains have passed and finally I can get on the train, huddling together like sardines hahaha.

We reach Tsim Sha Tsui station, have a short walk then you will reach Avenue of Stars.

From Avenue of Stars, you will see a view of the Hong Kong building turning a beautiful light on.

Sit and wait until 20.00 pm., then the show The Symphony of Lights begin.

A light sound colorful show, buildings are shooting the laser and lights as a music background.

15 minutes show, everyday show.

I watch the show until it end and go strolling around Tsim Sha Tsui.

There are many brand name stores. A rice porridge store that I used to eat there 4 years ago is disappeared now.

People walk chaotically, really not go to sleep.

Chungking Mansions building, it looks old in the past, but they just renovates it and it turn out beautiful, thing always change. People on the street always look at my sandal and then look at my face but I don't know why hahahahaha.

I walk until I feel tired and get on the train back to the room to relax and prepare myself for tomorrow.


The weather is always cold in the morning, it makes me lazy, feel sleepy and really don't want to get up from bed.

I have a plan to visit the Repulse Bay and travelling to Stanley Market.

I go out from the accommodation, take a tram to Victoria Park and walk to Causeway bay.

I firstly think that I walk in the right direction but when I check on the maps and find out that I lose the way and then I have to walk backward again hahaha.

Finally I walk until I see the bus no.40 that will going to Repulse Bay.

I continuously sit on the car and get off in front of that building if you see the high building that there is a hole in the middle of it.

The sea is on the right hand, walking down and you will see Repulse Bay.

I enjoy walking on the beach, I recommend you to come here in the morning because people are not so many here at that time.

I come here alone and sit lonely hahaha.

I want to run into the sea but when the wind blow, I bog down hahaha.

Walking to the end left of the beach, you will see Guan Yin god, I don't quite interested in it so I haven't taken any picture.

After strolling until the late afternoon, people start to come to this place so I go back to wait for the bus no.6 in front of the building that has hole to Stanley Market.

I recommend you to get off at Stanley Plaza and go down by elevator then walk to Stanley Market. Maybe you can get a beautiful view of picture during the way. At Stanley Plaza, you will meet foreigners who mostly come to shopping there. There are stores, restaurants so who feel hungry can come to have a meal here or you can also get off the bus at Stanley Village station and walk to Stanley Market too.

Strolling for sightseeing for a while, this area is a sea but not a beach.

I set my camera here, hahaha.

a strong wind is here, it makes me feel so cold.

After that I walk to Stanley Market which is located nearby.

The stores at Stanley Market is similar to the stores at Jatujak in Thailand but much smaller. Clothes price is not expensive. I want to buy it one or two clothes for myself too but my pocket money is not much left hahaha. Generally people I see in the market are foreigners, not even see Thai people.

Not far away from Stanley Market, you will see Stanley Main Beach which the sea on this area is a beach.

Who want to play in the sea can undress and run into the sea right away, haha.

Many couple of foreigner go there for sun barking and some of them are building a castle but a sand castle.

I strolling here for a while and then go back because the sunlight is so strong but cold hahaha.

From Stanley Market, there are many buses to go to the city, who want to go there can choose the bus no. here.

I take the bus no.6X to Central, It's traffic jam along the way.

I take around 2 hours sleeping on the bus to reach Central.

At first I plan to go up Bank of China to see a free viewpoint on 43 floor which I can walk from Bang of China.

But when I reach there, the staff says that it's open until 13.00 pm. on Saturday only which I go there around 2 pm. And I also forget that it's Saturday, hahaha.

And then I walk back to the Central, I intend to go up IFC Mall 2 to see the view again.

But after I search the detail on the website, I find out that it's open on Saturday too. It makes me feel faded up. I walk around and finally get nothing, wasting my time hahaha.

For those who interested to see the see a free view on the top of the high building, please search the detail first.

Walking for not far away from IFC Mall to Central Piers

There are many piers here, you can cruise to islands around Hong Kong.

Who has time left and want to have an unseen travelling by cruising to strange island,it sound having fun. I take a nap near the piers and take a bus back to the room.

I really feel sleepy and can't stand for it hahaha.

Meeting grandma crossing the road, she is standing in the middle of the road, really cool.

I sleep at 4 o'clock and wake up again at 6 o'clock which the sky starts to get dark. And I still don't know where to go out for tonight.

I search for information and decide to strolling at Temple Street at Jordan.

At first I plan to take a bus to Fortress Hill but when I reach Victoria Park the traffic is jam.

I open Google Maps, view the traffic, the whole road is fulled of red light. It should take me around more than one hour so I decide to get off the bus and walk down to the subway instead. I walk to Tin Hau station. I am so pity of the bus fee arounf 10 HKD hahaha.

I get on a train and get off at Jordan ExitA station, walk for short distance to Temple Street.

Temple Street, it's a night market. The goods is similar to the market in our country like cloth, mobile case

I have nothing to do and just keep walking.

But Ae...people in the picture is going to eat shrimp, I am unconsciously take their picture.

After walking to the end of the alley at Temple Street, I then strolling around. I intend to walk to Mongkong.

It's a Natham road, it's really full of people walking by the street but don't know they are going to.

Just go and take a picture in the middle of the street.

Walking by the Nathan, passing through Yau Ma Tei train station and finally reach Mongkok.

Mongkok really has many stores. I recommend who like shopping and a lot of people are here too.

I am following the recommendation to taste Egg noodle soup with Wonton from the page hongkongfanclub , the link is listed below. I queue up in line for a while here.


I actually don't know how to order it, I want to eat Wonton soup.

He speaks Chinese and I nod then we understand each other and gets this bowl.

In the past, 6 years ago it is only 18 HKD but right now it is rose to 31 HKD.

When I am going to finish my meal, there is a group of Thai people come here too. They also order Egg noodle soup with Wonton and fish ball. I feel a little surprised that this restaurant can order the menu by using Thai language, hahaha.

The taste is ok but I think it's a bit expensive. This bowl costs over 100 Baht.

30 HKD I can buy 2 packs of CP chicken in 7/11 which I can store it for 4 meals hahaha.

I go for a walk after I am full.

I feel my feet pain and tired so I would better get back to take a rest at the hotel.

Before enter the accommodation, I buy a fried chicken and Teriyaki CP chicken from 7/11 beside the hotel which there is a promotional of buying 2 packages for 29 HKD.

I can separate 2 meals for this pack of chicken which I can save a lot of money.

I lie down and sleep until the morning after I am full, hahaha.


I don't know where to go for today so I plan to go strolling at Dragon's Back again.

I take a tram to Fortress Hill to Shau Kei Wan which it is located at the last tram station.

Getting on a tram in the morning, the weather is really cold by the wind blow.

I get on the tram to see the side view around the area, no hurry.

Now arrive at Shau Kei Wan and walk to the bus station, the distance not far away and again take the bus no.9.

I change my mind while I am on the bus and think that I have already been to Dragon's Back so why I have to go there again.

I should sit on the bus a little bit farther to Shek O.

I am on the bus until I reach the terminal station. Shek O is there, there are many big bikes here, maybe they assemble here and drink coffee.

From Shek O bus station, walking for a while then you will reach the beach flanked by the mountain.

So I set the camera to show that I now reach the Shek O beach hahaha.

I walk to the right end and see the stone so I set my camera, set up the shooting time, but it run so fast that I am almost not to catch up the time hahaha.

I should be careful and watch the step because I would be hapless if I fall down,

The sea water is very beautiful but if the weather is not cold I would jump into it.

The mountain behind should be Dragon's Back which I have step on it.

From Shek O, I get on the bus no.9 and return to the Cape D'Aguilar station.

Firstly, I intend to find a way getting on the hill but when I reach there, there is no way going up.

I keep walking on the road. searching for a picture of Cape D'Aguilar in Google, look interesting.

I keep walking on the road, it is a simple road to one of the station.

There is a shortcut way like in the picture.

I can only ask myself why I have been here, nothing interesting.

After that I walk back to the bus station at the same place which it take around 6 kilometers going there and walking back.

But after I go back home, I open the Street View and feel pity that why don't I walk until the end but if I walk to the end of the map I will see the beautiful view there.

If you have time you can go observe there.

I walk to this point only.

I walk back to the bus station and get on the bus no.9 to Shau Kei Wan station

and take a tram back to sleep at the accommodation. I go back to the accommodation in the late afternoon everyday hahaha.

Sleep until 4 o'clock and continuous travelling.

This evening I want to get on the boat so I take the bus to Wan Chai pier to take the boat to Tsim Sha Tsui.

I see this SIM card machine for 50 USD/card at Wan Chai pier which I can use to register for 10 HKD internet

The fee is 15 Cents/minute. If you come here for a few day, I think by using this it can help you save our money from 7/11 or airport.

After that I take a boat to Star Ferry pier. The fee is cheap, just a few minute to get there.

After getting on the boat, I then go to the place near the cloak town. I look at the view and wait for the sun to set.

Then the Sun starts to set down gradually, the atmosphere is very nice here.

So I show out my darken point of mine to you guys.

This night is the last night staying here in Hong Kong, I still have 200 HKD of my money left.

So I plan to spend it all, finding a store that sell a cheap chocolate from website. The result is there is one store located near Jordan.

The store name is PrizaMart so I keep walking from Tsim Sha Tsui.

I walk until I see the PrizaMart, the chocolate prize is really cheap. I buy 159 HKD of chocolate.

I get many of it, actually this store have many branches, if you are interested, you can go to see in the website


I now get a souvenir and walk back to Avenue of Stars to wait for The Symphony of Lights again.

Today is Sunday, so many people here, more than Friday.

I take picture at the same corner, too many people that I have to intervene taking a photo hahahaha.

After that I take a train back to the accommodation to eat chicken and sleep again.


Today it's time to go home, I wake up with a snore sound like everyday, Korfeeee ZZzzzzZZzzz

I collect the luggage and check-out but I remember the wrong floor.

Actually I have to check-in at 15th floor but check-in at 9th floor.

I knock at the door for 20 minutes but no one opens it hahahahahahaha.

Finally, I recheck the hotel detail again and find out that it should be 15th floor, I really want to hit my head hahahaha.

I check out and get my deposit money back 50 HKD to use as transportation fee to the airport, hehehe.

We get out the bus number A11to Fortress Hill and just a moment the bus come.

I sit in the front seat so that I can see the Hong Kong view.

The car is passing the under water tunnel to Kowloon

Crossing Tsing Ma bridge. it's a long and big suspension bridge.

It's take around one hour and to reach Hong Kong airport.

Who use the service of Air Asia have to go to Terminal 2 which you have to take the train there.

It's a train with no people, so funny hahaha.

I haven't print out the Boarding Pass, so I go to the Check in counter to help me print it out.

The staff tell me to bring the luggage to measure the weight. I feel a little afraid because of the almost 2 kilos of chocolate. But luckily the weight to not over 7 kilos so I can pass it easily.

Then I go to wait for the flight at the Gate.

At first I walk to the wrong gate, I look at the seat umber instead of the gate number.

I sit for a while and think that Ummm why things look strange. So I look at the display and it shows the flight to Tokyo and I notice that the plane is belong to Cathay Pacific.

So I walk back to the gate and look at the display again, aowww it is a wrong gate which I firstly have a strange sensation.

The gate I have to go is at the other building and have to take a train to there hahahaha.

Finally I reach the gate and almost miss the flight hahahaha.

Now it time to get on the plane and time to say goodbye to Hong Kong, the city which seems to be nothing interesting.

But there are really many excited things

This time I am the person to get on the plane so I take a seat at the back end hahaha.

I take a long sleep 3 hours on the plane, it takes around 2 hours to reach Don Mueng Airport.

Before the plane landing off, the air hostess ask me whether I am 16 years old or not.

Errrrr, my face looks young or I am short like a child or I sleep like a child haha.

Hello Thailand again, the weather is really cold, I have not prepared myself to take of the overcoat yet hahaha.

I walk out from the airport to wait for a public bus to go back home. Normally, I take a taxi back home because I always reach home late.

But today I reach here in the afternoon and want to save money so I take the public bus back home hahaha.

I go back home safety and the trip end.

This trip is really excited, no plan in Hong Kong

Eat only food from 7/11. This trip I spend around 9,000 Baht and don't know whether it is expensive or cheap.

The food price, I think it is the same as in Japan which I think it's quite expensive.

I like 7/11 here. I buy the food, pay it and heat the food by myself. There is a table for stand eating.

But some 7/11 is a small store with no microwave and table also.

Many Hong Kong people smoke and sometime I feel strange when I walk by them.

If you ask me, what I gain from this trip.

Climbing the mountain, going to sea and strolling at the beach.

Go travelling to see Hong Kong people lifestyle.

Getting close to people in BTS

Getting chocolates

Don't have to pay money and time

Gain so many things... I don't know

This trip is a confusing trip which I haven;t prepare for it, I feel enjoyable.

I almost not speak to anyone because I don't know what to say, just smile hahaha.'

The sandal I bring is only a normal one, and it just broke on the mountain during climbing

and I take time to fix it hahaha.

This trip is the 6th that I travelling alone for many days.

Eat alone, no feeling lonely

I really addict to go travelling alone because it's independent.

If you haven't to go travelling alone, please try and you might feel addicted too.

I afraid that I might loss my camera when I turn back to the camera.

I have to choose the place that Not many people there.

Normally I not often take a selfie, but for this trip I try taking myself photo and I think it's not that bad hahahaha.

If I have my money left, I would go travelling around the world and not really going back home.


Thank You everyone who read my review from the beginning

Today I have to say goodbye, Sawandee Klub

I just created my Fanpage, if anyone want to talk, ask or make friends can contact my there.

IG : Hoyberry


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