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From my previous review, I took you guys travel to Kanazawa city which is listed as the world heritage village like Shirakawago, Suganuma and Ainokura and then got back to travel in Kyoto city.

For this part, I will take a visit and admire the scenery of the beautiful autumn leaves at Nara, Kobe and Kyoto before ending the trip at Uji city where the production of the green tea is renowned.

How is the trip going to be? How spectacular of the scenery? Let's go and explore together.


This morning, I have to change the hotel as it is the weekend time and Park Inn hotel is fully reserved. Therefore, I have to reserve the room at Hotel Kaga instead for totally 2 nights before moving back to continue my stay at Park Inn again for 3 more nights. Luckily, both hotels are not far from each other, just only steps away.

The accommodation at Hotel Kaga costs around 500 baht per night; it is the small room with the futon like other hotels I had stayed. There are air-conditioner and refrigerator within the room. Moreover, the shower room is located at the ground floor; it is the single shower room. I think this hotel is one hotel that is worthwhile for your money.

Today's plan is to travel to Minoh (Minoh Waterfall). And since today is Saturday, thus, I do buy Osaka Subway for One Day Pass as the price during weekend will be discounted from 800 Yen to just 600 Yen. It should be saver than buying a ticket per ride.

First, I am going to take subway and get off at Umeda and continue travelling on Hankyu train line to Minoh waterfall. Then from Minoh station, walk for a while, there will be a walk way leading to the valley.

The distance from Minoh station to the waterfall is around 2.6 kilometers.

Along the both sides are filled with big and small trees and if you guys come travelling here during the end of November, you could witness the vivid beautiful autumn leaves here as well.

However, the day that I am there, the leaves still don't change to all red color. Too bad!

Some trees, the leaves have all fallen to the ground.

I would recommend you guys to visit Minoh waterfall during the morning time as there is still not much people here and the weather is also superb.

It takes me around an hour to walk to Minoh waterfall.

It is a 33 meters height waterfall. People like to buy some foods to sit back and have meal around the waterfall area. Moreover, during holiday in autumn period from the late morning to noon, there will be a lot of people coming more than any other times.

Before reaching at the waterfall, there is a bypath leading to the parking lot.

I gradually take a walk up to the above area and pass through the parking lot.

And reach at the trekking trails.

I continuously walk along the way and I have no idea where it will lead me to.

And then I have come up to the top which is the dam area.

There are maple trees that have red leaves lined on the other side.

From the map, I have learned that it is the round path way, thus, I continue walking on the way. Pass through the forest full of lush shady trees.

Walking out of the forest out to nowhere, I have no idea.

Just continue walking on the pathway.

I walk until reaching the area that has maple trees lined up, now I found the return way.

Finally, I arrived at the other side of the dam that I have just walked pass through at first.

There are many Japanese people buying Bento food box to sit back and eat here.

For the way back, I take another route which is considerably nearer than the route that I just have walked through.

I feel a little surprised when I come back to the waterfall once again as the area is filled with people, it is very crowded.

As the time passed by, people start to visit the place more and more, thus, I think I will better go back now.

During the late evening, I come to check-in at the hotel and I didn't go to anywhere else. I just let the time to pass by until the end of the day.


Today is my second day using Kansai Thru Pass; therefore, I will take a train to travel to Himeji. I take a nap again and again during the train ride and it takes me around 2 hours to arrive at Himeji.

From the train station, I need to continue walking around 10 minutes to the destination.

When enter the place, I have found a huge castle stand eminent inside.

The castle has been registered as the world heritage; it is one of the most magnificent castles in Japan. It has experienced through various situations such as World War, earthquake, fire etc. However, the castle still could maintain its structure in complete condition.

Since today is weekend, thus, there are a lot of tourists visiting here. Therefore, I decide not to visit inside the castle, I will just only promenade around the castle instead.

Next to the castle, it's a zoo and the admission fee is not expensive. I think I will go in a bit.

The first animal here, is it kangaroo?

This should be a seal.

It comes up greeting us.

And little duck, they are very cute.

What do they call this animal? Is it “Raccoon"?

The goat is always sleeping.

A huge size Hippo.

Polar Bear, why are you in Japan?

After take a walk all around the zoo, I then gradually head back to the train station

Well! Let's travel to Gobe together.

Arriving at Gobe, I don't have any plan and don't know where to go. I recall that I did take a walk at Kitano village last year.

Therefore, I decide to take a walk in that area once again.

Most of houses in Kitano village were built in Western style and opened as the museum for visitor; the admission fee is around 300-1000 Yen.

There are lots of tourists coming today plus there is the musician playing piano here as well. Thus, I sit back and listen to the music, taking some pleasant time.

During evening, I head to Venus Bridge which is the scenic point to watch Gobe city's stunning view.

Visitor could see the whole city of Gobe city at this area.

The way up to Venus Bridge could be searched in Google Map which you could search for Suwayama Park. It is the public park with the pathway up.

During the night time, the whole city opens the light and the view is very beautiful with the pleasant weather.

I stay at the scenic point until dark, and then I gradually walk down to below area.

The next destination, I intend to walk to is Kobe Harborland.

I walk pass China Town area, and find that there are a lot of Chinese restaurant here.

Finally, I arrive at Kobe Harborland. This area is perfect for shopping, moreover, it is also the entertain district by the river in the Gobe pier area. There are restaurants, coffee shops, shops and amusement park here.

I think it is quiet brilliant to take a walk and watch the scenery here. When looking at the other side, there is Mosaic department store which has the Ferris wheel that opens its lights beautifully.

Walk passes the hotel where the fountain show is still performed.

Then continue walking until Mosaic shopping mall and when looking back at the opposite site will be Kobe Port Tower.

I take a walk until I feel pretty stiff, thus, I slowly walk back to the train station and get back to the hotel.


The new day has come; today I will take a train to travel to Nara.

I travel in the early morning, hence, there is not much tourists around. The atmosphere is splendid.

From train station, you could begin to travel by walking or buying Pass for bus.

For me, I would prefer to travel on foot.

*For your information, The bus system here could not use KTP.

First destination, I would travel to Todaiji temple which is one of the most renowned temples in the past. The temple is the center of all the temples in the country and it is an influential temple as well.

The main building of the temple was the world's largest wooden building.

Inside the temple has enshrined Great Buddha or Daibutsu, it is the largest Buddha statue in Japan.

Tourists come here to worship the Buddha statue.

During the late morning, tourists begin to come and visit the place more and more.

Around the temple area is full with the deer.

Visitors could buy Senbei snacks which are sold in many places to feed the deer, one Senbei snacks costs 100 Yen.

The deer might be very hungry.

I walk around Nara Park area; the leaves are in vivid red color which looks very spectacular.

Nara Park is considerably spacious. Although today is the weekday, there are still a lot of tourists here.

I walk until reaching at Kasuga Taisha.

This place is a shrine which is located in the midst of the forest with the shady atmosphere.

People like to come and worship the Goddess here.

After walking around Nara Park, then I gradually walk back to the train station.

During the way, I pass by Kofukuji temple which was constructed around year 710 during the time that Nara was the capital city of Japan.

The five-storied pagoda of the temple is Japan's second tallest pagoda.

Suddenly, the rain fall downs. Luckily, it's not too heavy.

On the way back, I walk pass Sanjo-dori street which is a shopping street of Nara city.

Both sides of the street are full with a lot of shops and restaurants.

Then I catch a train to head back to Osaka.

It is already evening time but the rain hasn't stopped, thus, I couldn't go out anywhere.


Today I plan to travel to Arashiyama once again. As my last time visit, I still haven't walk around the area yet.

This morning the weather is great. I hurry to take off since the early morning as there is not much tourists in the area.

I gradually take a walk and admire the scenery around.

This place is my favorite place; the atmosphere and the scenery are all spectacular with the nature all around.

Whenever I visit here, I never feel bored.

I buy Bento box to eat here, sit back and watch the beautiful view. Let's the time passes by slowly.

In late morning, I walk to visit Tenryu-ji temple.

There are a lot of tourists wait in the queue to visit the temple.

The admission fee is 500 Yen which only could visit the garden around the temple.

If visitors would like to visit inside the temple, they need to pay 100 Yen additional.

This temple is ranked among the top of beautiful temples in Kyoto city. It is the Zen Buddhism temple and has listed as the World Heritage Site as well.

There is the garden to take a walk located behind the temple and it is also the highlight of this temple.

The atmosphere is pleasant with the maple leaves that are changing their color beautifully.

At the back of the temple building, there is a large pond which is filled with plenty of carp fish.

And at the end of the garden would be a route to the bamboo forest.

If you do not want to exit this way, you could walk all the way back to exit at the front of the temple.

I walked out at the front of the temple and the area is pretty crowded.

The red leaves in front of the temple are beautiful as well.

The autumn leaves are arranged in lines. The tourists also find the most beautiful corner to take their photos.

As I walk to the bamboo forest, there are a lot of people here as well.

I recall that last year, I came at the end of October and there are not many people here.

I stand and look at his drawing for a while before continue walking.

Continue walking from the bamboo forest.

Walk up on the mountain a bit, you would see the scenic point.

And from the scenic point, continuously walk down, you would find the river located at the below area.

There are some tourists on the boat and it is very romantic view to see.

I would like to try on the boat as well; however, I do not have much budget.

Walking along Arashiyama area, it's just a bless.

After walk all around the area; then I walk back to the train station.

Even at the daytime, Arashiyama station still opens the beautiful lights.

Then I take the train to Kyoto, and ride on the bus to Eikando Temple.

There are lots of people here and there are also lots of pretty autumn leaves everywhere.

However, the entrance fee is quite expensive; therefore, I decided to go for a walk at Nanzen-ji Temple first.

Around Nanzen-ji Temple, there will be a park named Tenjuan Park. The admission fee is about 500 yen.

The atmosphere in the garden is pretty awesome. It is a small park and some of the leaves are changing color and some are falling down

In the evening, the park will have the Light Up show which you would need to pay for the show again.

It takes approximately 15 minutes to walk around the garden.

There would be a pavilion to sit and relax and take some photos as well

I leave the Tenjuan garden quite late and when I head back to Eikando Temple once again and I am shocked by the long queue line of the people who wait to visit the temple. Hence, I change my mind and decide to watch the Light Up show at the other place instead.

During the bus ride back to Kyoto, I recall that I have not visited the Kiyomizu-dera Temple. Therefore , I decide to go there today.

Finally, I have reached Kiyomizu-dera Temple. During the night time, the temple is really beautiful.

I come here at about 08.00pm and there are not many tourists right now.

During the night there will be a light show and the show costs 400yen additionally.

Just walking around.

Reaching at the main building of the temple and then look at the opposite site, there are many tourists standing there. Hmmm!! What are they doing there? Let's go and see then.

Well, the highlight area of this temple is at this corner. The corner where everyone would love to take a photo.

Walk straight ahead, you will see the exit below.

I leave the temple around 09.00pm which is the closing hour for the temple actually.

And after my journey back on the bus and the train to the hotel, I arrived at the hotel around midnight already


Today, I will still travel at the city of Kyoto for another day because this city has many temples to go and visit.

Furthermore, it is a popular place to watch the red leaves and it would take many days to visit all the places.

I take the bus no. 207 to Tofukuji Temple which is one of the best places to watch the autumn leaves.

Although, I come here very early, there are still a lot of visitors come before me.

I have to pay 400yen for the admission fee here.

The autumn leaves here are really spectacular and a lot.

Walking here is so chill.

There are many corners to take good pictures here.

Even though, there are many people, but that wouldn't be a problem.

There are many visitors but not too crowded, I would say.

You could watch the entire garden at this scenic point; therefore, there are many people queue up to take a photo here.

Everywhere I am looking to, I see the red beautiful leaves all around.

The entrance fee for this park is 400 yen, I think it is not expensive at all, it's really worth visiting here.

I would rank this park as the best red leaves place to visit.

I would also recommend you all to come around late November, as it would be the best timing.

If you come on the bright sky day; the sun will shine its light on the leaves which would add a beauty and romance to the place greatly.

Walking out of the park, there would be many buildings in the temple area to visit as well.

This is the Sanmon Gate. It is a 22 meters high gate which is built in ancient Zen style.

After finish walking around the temple area, I then head back to Tofukuji station to catch a train to Fushimi Inari as I have never visited the place during the daytime.

This place are packed with tourists as well.

The Torii poles are arranged beautifully.

A tourist is taking photos, thus, I did take a photo of her a bit.

I walk around the Fushimi Inari area approximately one hour and then I take the train ride back to the Gion area.

On the crossroad in the Gion area, you will see the Yasaka Shrine

This shrine is one of the famous shrines in Kyoto which is built for about 1350 years ago.

At the pavilion, there are hundreds of lamps hanging and the lamps would be lightening on in the evening which is very stunning.

Behind the shrine, there is a garden that you could walk and chill around the pleasant scenery.

At first, I would like to visit Kodaiji Temple which is located not far from the shrine. However, the entrance fee is quite expensive, hence, I decide to go back to the hotel and take some rest.


วันนี้เป็นวันสุดท้ายแล้วที่จะได้เที่ยว เพราะคืนนี้ต้องนั่งเครื่องบินกลับไทย

ผมรีบเก็บของ ลงไปเช็คเอาท์ ก่อนจะวางกระเป๋าสัมภาระไว้บริเวณล็อบบี้

เพราะว่าเจ้าของที่พักไม่อยู่ ไม่รู้จะไปฝากไว้ที่ไหน เลยไว้วาง ซึ่งไม่น่าจะหาย

Today is the last day of my trip, as I would fly back to Thailand tonight.

I rushed to pack my bag and hurried to checkout. After that I placed my luggage at the lobby area because I could not find the owner so I will just leave my bag here first. As I do not think it would disappear.

Since today I do not know where else to go, therefore, I just look at Japan travel web pages to see where I shall travel to.

I came across one city which is pretty near and quite interesting. It's Uji city.

Thus, let's go to Uji city today then.

Take Kaihan train ride from Osaka to Uji city as it would take only 2 lines change.

Upon arriving at Uji city, the rain suddenly falls down. First, I would like to take a train back to Osaka, however, I am here now so just go exploring the city a bit.

From the train station, I hurriedly walk straight in the rain.

Luckily, the rain does not fall very hard. But then again, the atmosphere here is very nice.

On the way, I walk by the entrance of one temple; let's get inside to have a look then.

Walk along lush shady trees, the atmosphere is splendid.

This temple is called Kosho-ji; it is a Zen temple.

They beautifully arrange the garden in Zen style.

Around the front area of the temple, there are many Japanese people come and do the drawing.

Although, there are rain showers but they still sit and continue their drawing.

Enjoy my walking around the temple and then I head back to the same direction once again.

Walk along the canal on the same route.

Then I find the bridge to get across to another side.

Across to the other side, there are lots of shops, restaurants and gift shops.

Uji city is reputed as one place that produces the best quality of Green Tea in Japan.

The souvenir shops have many snacks which are made from green tea. It also has Uji tea that is very popular for the city as well.

I bought one of the snacks to try, it costs around100 yen.

As I take a bite into it, I am stunned as it is very tasty.

Inside is stuffed with red beans and it is very great mixing with green tea.

After finish eating, I slowly walk back along the canal to the train station.

Only take a little walk in the city of Uji and enjoy the scenery of the mountains in the midst of the fog is just great enough.

Near the railway station of JR Uji, there are many shops which you could enjoy shopping souvenir which is made from green tea here.

Since I use the KTP pass, therefore, I could not take the JR train.

Thus, I have to walk back to Keihan train to return to Osaka.

This Keihan train has a two-storied bogie that I like it a lot. It looks very cool.

The Keihan train will mainly run between Osaka and Kyoto and a little of small routes.

I fall asleep on the train and once I realize, I already reach Osaka.

I get off at Temmabashi station and then slowly walk to Osaka castle.

Since I do not know where to go, therefore, I will end up my trip at Osaka Castle then.

On the walkway into the castle, there are autumn leaves along the way as well. However, they are not as beautiful as those in Kyoto.

Finally, I have reached the Osaka castle

Nevertheless, I do not visit inside the castle. I only buy something to eat and enjoy my castle view.

Looking out to around the area, there are tall buildings stand in the far distance.

I came across one guy and I am stunned as while I am wearing 2-3 sweaters, I still feel the cold but this guy wear only one shirt!!!! He doesn't feel the cold, does he?

From the castle, I walk to another exit way.

From the castle, I walk to another exit way and

I went across the Ginkgo trees. They are very beautiful.

I spend pretty much time around an hour here and let the time passes by.

It's nearly dark and it's time to prepare to go home.

I take the train to buy some gifts before heading back to the hotel.

Upon reaching the hotel, I go straight to the shower and take a light meal at the lobby area as I did check-out since this morning already.

After finish packing my stuff and wait until 08pm. Then, I say goodbye to the owner and head out to take a Nankai train to the airport which I could use KTP pass for a free ride.

The flight takes around 5-6 hours back to Bangkok.

I take the bus home as usual to save some money.

Get home safe and sound. Yeah!!!!

I have a chance visiting Shirakawago city, a World Heritage Site that previously I just only used to see the pictures of the place in the internet.

For my opinion, I think Japan is the country that is easy to travel around.

It is quiet fun even traveling alone or in groups, everyone can travel in this place.

If you do not know where to go, I definitely suggest this country as there are a lot of attractions here.

Moreover, the air ticket is not that expensive nowadays. You could buy ticket not more than ten thousand bath these days. I also once found the cheapest ticket which costs only 3000 baht for round trip. However, it is summer at that time so I did not booked the ticket.

The cost of living in Japan is considerably high. Although I did save the budget cost in anyway, I still spent almost 30,000baht for this trip.

It is my first trip that I have spent more than 20,000 Baht. T-T

But then again, it is worth it as I travel 14 days together.

Although, I rarely went to the fine cuisine to eat; I just bought from the mini-mart mostly, but I ate and slept well everyday and also went out travelling everyday during the trip.

At last, I would like everyone to go out travelling and explore the world.

It is not necessary to go to Japan or go abroad for travelling, just head out from the same place to the new place. Living the life and enjoy the new experiences, I would say it will give you more than you think.

Thank you everyone for reading this review from beginning to an end.

Today, I will have to say goodbye and see you all in my next review

Sawasdee kappp!!!!

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