Hello everyone! During last November, I have a chance to travel Japan.

Actually, at first I reserved air ticket to Sapporo since Air Asia has opened this new route. However, the route has been cancelled, hence, my Sapporo trip is collapsed.

Anyway, during October, there is the redeem point promotion of Air Asia, the promotion of the round trip ticket between Bangkok - Osaka is just 500points plus 46xxbaht additional. Moreover, the travelling time will be in the period of leaves changing color and I also have some free time as well. Therefore, without any hesitation, I just reserve the ticket right away.

This trip is my second time travelling to Japan. The journey will take totally 14days and 13 nights from 1 3-27 November 2015. My sketchy trip plan is as follows:

13/11/15Arrive Kansai airport at 10.40pm. Sleep overnight at the airport.

14/11/15 Travel in Koyasan (KTP)

15/11/15 Take a train to Kanazawa city and travel around the city (Takama-Hokuriku Pass)

16/11/15 Shirakawago (Takama-Hokuriku Pass)

17/11/15 Gokayama village and Ainokuraguchi (Takama-Hokuriku Pass)

18/11/15 Travel in Toyama city (Takama-Hokuriku Pass)

19/11/15 Back to Osaka and travel in Kyoto (Takama-Hokuriku Pass), (Kyoto City Bus)

20/11/15 Kyoto, Arashiyama (Hankyu Tourist Pass), (Kyoto City Bus)

21/11/15 Minoh Wa terfall (Hankyu Tourist Pass)

22/11/15 Himeji , Kobe (KTP)

23/11/15 Nara (KTP)

24/11/15 Arashiyama , Kyoto (KTP)

25/11/15 Kyoto (KTP)

26/11/15 Travel in Uji and get to the airport in the evening (KTP)

27/11/15 Flight leaves at 00.10am (Arrive at Bangkok 04.00am)

The Pass used in this trip:

Takayama-Hokuriku Area Tourist Pass 13,500 Yen (buy from Thailand )

Kanazawa Loob Bus One Day Pass 500 Yen

Kansai Thru Pass 3 Day (KTP) 2 tickets cost 5,200 Yen each.

Hankyu Tourist Pass 2 Day 1200 Yen

Kyoto City Bus 2 tickets cost 500 Yen each.


Budget spent in this trip is approximately 28000baht which consists of:

Air ticket 4620baht

Ticket Pass and train fares 7000baht

Accommodation for 13 nights 7000baht

The rest is for meals and the entrance fee for attractions which costs around 9000baht

I packed my baggage a few days before the trip. I am extremely excited for my Japan trip. This time, I try to pack my baggage light and take just necessary things as I do not want to buy the baggage weight for the flight. (Saving budget)
The most necessary stuff for this trip is shoe as I have to walk a lot in this trip; thus, I will choose a comfortable shoe with me.

Now! Everything is ready. Let's travel together.

My flight XJ610 departs from Bangkok at 03.20pm and will arrive at Kansai airport around 10.40pm. The flight time for this route will be adjusted in 27 March 2016 onward; the departure time will change to 02.15pm and arrival time at Kansai airport is 09.40pm which is more convenient to get into the town.

After flying for more than 5 hours, then finally I have arrived at Kansai Airport.

As I don't want to spend money on accommodation, thus, I choose to stay overnight at the airport (just would like to save money as always).

The most suitable corner for staying overnight would be beside Lawson convenient store.

However, recently I have learned that this building doesn't allow passenger to stay overnight now, for those who plan to stay overnight at the airport will be stay at Aero Plaza instead, thus, you guys should find some more information about the place beforehand.

Nankai counter will open at 05.00am and JR Ticket Office will open at 05.30am.

After having a light sleep until 05.00am, then I decide to buy Kansai Thru Pass to get into Osaka city and travel to Koyasan in the morning. I will buy other Pass tickets at the train station later, as counter selling Pass ticket hasn't opened yet.

It takes me approximately one hour to Osaka city.

I have reserved the room at Hotel Toyo, it costs around 500baht per night. The room condition is according to the picture; it is a small room with Japanese futon and a thick warm blanket.

You could take a bath on the first floor as there are many shower rooms provided.

The location of the hotel is quite convenient as it is near to Dobutsuen-mae and Shin-Imamiya railway stations, moreover, it is just only 2 minutes walk from the hotel to the station.

Since the hotel check-in time is in the afternoon, I then leave my baggage at the hotel first. Without taking a shower, I decide to continue my journey and travel to Koyasan.

Getting to Koyasan, I would suggest you guys use Kansai Thru Pass ticket as it is probably the worthiest way. However, you will have to connect to many lines according to the picture.

The Japanese trains are rather punctual and you could use Hypeydia website to plan the journey from home, it is very convenient.

Here comes the train.

On the way to Koyasan, the view from both sides is very stunning. The train passed through mountain, river and stream. However, as I feel very exhausted, thus, I have a light sleep almost all the way.

I wake up and appreciate the beautiful view just not more than 10 seconds, and then I fall asleep once again.

When arrive at Hashimoto station, we need to change and take another train.

Travel on the train around 40 minutes, you will reach Koyasan station.

The place is situated in the valley between hills, the scenery is superb!

Then, I have to continue taking tram and it will take 5 minute to get to above area.

Upon leaving the station, then you will find bus parking lot that located right in front of the station.

The weather is super cold with strong wind.

There are bus map as well as bus timetable provided at the station. Don't forget to grab one.

Koyasan is the sacred land which situated in Wakayama and has been designated to be one of world heritage sites. It is the old city with 1200 years history and it also acts as the center of Vajrayana Buddhism.

Nowadays, there are 117 temples situated at this city and has been inherited Buddhism principles until present.

I would recommend you guys start travelling from Daimon Gate which located at the most left side and continue walking until Okunoin Cemetery which located at the most right side.

The distance is not very far with the brilliant atmosphere, you could take a walk pleasantly.

Take a bus not so long, and finally I arrived at Daimon Gate.

In the past, Daimon Gate is the ancient sacred entrance to Koyasan. It is the oldest and most important gate which was built more than 100 years ago. Both sides of the gate have situated goddess who protect the city from the bad things.

From Daimon Gate, you guys could gradually walk to Kongobuji Temple.

Along both sides are the simple houses, however, the atmosphere is quite lonesome. There is mostly no one here.

I'm a bit disappointed as at first I plan to watch the red leaf at Koyasan, but most of the leaves here start to fall, left only a little to watch.

Nevertheless, the atmosphere is really good; it is the calm city and not crowded at all.

I walk till the gate which looks similar to Daimon Gate, and then I enter inside.

The atmosphere inside is quite shady with a lot of big old trees.

Then continue walking until reaching at the 2-floors huge pagoda and you guys could enter and worship the sacred things inside.

There is not much tourists here, mostly is the tour group.

Take a pleasant walk around.

Both sides are full of trees; I love the atmosphere very much.

I walked until reach Kongobuji Temple, however, there is the entrance fee for visiting inside the temple. Thus, I decide to skip the place and walk straight to Okunoin Cemetery.

The rain suddenly falls down during the way, but it's alright as my cloth is waterproof.

By the way, I have learned that most of Japanese people are carrying umbrella with them.

Continue walking approximately 20 minutes and then you will reach at the entrance way of Oknoin Cemetery.

Actually, you guys could just take a bus to get here but I'm not in a rush so I prefer walking instead.

There are many entrance ways to the cemetery; I choose to enter the cemetery from Ichinobashi-guchi bus stop. Then I take a walk until Gobyo and walk back to Okunoin-mae to get on the bus. Total route will be approximately 3.2 kilometers.

Okunion Cemetery is the site of the mausoleum of Kukai who is the founder of Shingon Buddhism or Vajrayana Buddhism; he is one of the most respected persons in the history of Japan.

There are more than 200 thousands tombs lined in this cemetery.

There are many tombs inside, the atmosphere is somehow desolate.

There are some lovely aspects in the cemetery as well.

Some tomb has been decorated exquisitely.

I continue walking through a lot of tombs.

There are a lot of old trees line up at both sides of the way, it is very shady

The mausoleum of Kukai will be situated inside; however, taking photo is prohibited.

After I walk to the end of the way, then it is time to head back.

While I was walking, I think that we all have to leave this world in the end; “With empty hands we come; empty handed we go"

Happiness and sadness come by and gone, we should not hold on to anything.

I sleep all the way back like always; don't know why I feel such exhausted.

After get back from Koyasan, then I do the check-in at the hotel and immediately take a shower as I haven't take a shower for more than 30 hours now and I feel very dirty.

After that, I hop on the train to Osaka station to get the “Exhange Order" changed to Takayama-Hokuriku Pass for using tomorrow.

I have some free time during the evening, thus I go out and take a walk around Shinsekai area which is not far from the hotel.

It's just only 05.00pm, but the sky here is getting dark now. This area is full of restaurants.

Unfortunately, the rain suddenly falls down once again, thus, I have to return to the hotel first.

After the rain stops during night time, I then take a train to travel to Namba area.

Namba area is the place that shopper could not miss out to visit as here is the shopping area full of many shops.

Moreover, many shops' signs will open the light on and the atmosphere is very awesome to take a walk.

Every time I visited here, the area is still lively and bustling as always.

The thing that everyone shouldn't miss out when visiting Namba is taking a photo with Glico Man sign.

From Dotonbori, I take a walk to travel at Namba Park which is located in the south of Namba station.

It is a sky garden in the heart of the city and the lights that decorated the trees will be opened during night time.

The atmosphere is suited for sit back and promenade around; moreover, there is the mall to do some shopping.

This sky garden has many floors.

And this is the scenery during the night time of Namba Park.

After I feel a little tired from walking, I then go back to the hotel. It is just only the first day of the trip and I feel my leg hurt already.


I wake up early since 05.30am in the morning, hurried to take a shower, packed the stuff, check-out from the hotel and straight to train station.

Today is the first day of using Takayama-Hokuriku Pass. I take a train to Osaka station to catch the Thunderbird train that bound to Kanazawa.

I arrive at the station and just in time to catch the first train at 07.10am.

The train to Kanazawa will pass through Kyoto and Fukui city during the way.

It also passes through field and mountain sceneries, the view is considerably beautiful.

I arrive at Kanazawa city at almost 10.00am. The weather here is quite pleasant with chilling wind.

Once I arrive at the station, I walk straight to the office of Hokutetsu bus to reserve a bus ticket to Shirakawago tomorrow morning.

Moreover, I also buy Loop Bus One Day Pass for one day unlimited round travelling on the bus in Kanazawa city.

Most of the accommodations at Kanazawa city are quite expensive. I do reserve the room at Good Neighbors Hostel and it costs me 846baht per night (a little bit expensive).

It is the small hostel located only hundred meters from the station. Therefore, before I go out travelling, I will go to the hotel to leave my baggage first.

I will take it easy today and intend to walk around the Kanazawa city.

I will start travelling at Omicho Market by taking Loob Bus and it is not far from the train station.

They mostly sell newly fresh seafood here, especially crab.

Sea Urchin Roe, as I see its spines, I don't dare to eat it.

I have heard that its taste is very delicious, but I still haven't tried it yet.

There are cooked food selling as well, however, I didn't try it too, feel really regret.

It takes me around half an hour to walk around the market.

This vendor acts the pose for me when he saw I'm about to take a shot.

After Omicho market, I head out and wait for Loob Bus to travel to next attraction, "Oyama Shrine".

It is only 2 bus stops to the Oyama Shrine and then the rain starts falling down.

Walk for only a while from bus station and then I arrive at Oyama Shrine.

This place is a small shrine, there is nothing much to see. Thus, I think you guys could skip the place.

The leaves in the garden of the shrine area start changing their color already.

There is the signboard to write down your wish to the goddess.

After that I go out to wait for the bus once again, for the next stop I intend to go to Kenrokuen garden.

The bus has arrived but I'm not sure whether it will go to the garden or not.

Apparently, the bus took off very far from the city and it took me an hour to find the way and get back to the city.

There are many routes of the bus here which are tourist bus and city bus. Therefore, you will need to watch carefully unless you will loss the way.

When I get back in the city, the rain is still falling but fortunately, the rain is not falling so hard.

According to the map in my mobile, Kenrokuen garden is in a walking distance. Therefore, I continue walking there, during the way I find another road with the red leaves lined up, the atmosphere is extraordinary good and the weather is decent cool, so chill.

I continue walking until 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art where Experimental Arts is exhibited. Some of the arts works are displayed for free, some part need to pay for the entrance. It's pity that I didn't take a visit inside as there are so many people lined up in the queue.

The colorful curve walls, you guys could get in and have some shots, it's quite fun.

From the museum, walk across the road not more than 100 meters, you will reach at Kenrokuen garden.

The garden is ranked as one of the most beautiful garden in Japan. This garden is located in the heart of the Kanazawa city; moreover, since the garden used to be part of Kanazawa palace, thus, its location is near to the palace.

There are ponds, pools, big and small trees with the Japanese garden design inside. If you guys visit the place during leaves changing color, you could see the vivid red leaves which are stunningly beautiful.

We have to pay for the admission fee at 310 Yen as well.

To get here, you guys could directly take a bus from Kanazawa station and get off at Kenrokuen-shita bus stop.

There are many entrances to the garden, if you guys take the entrance at the museum side, you will firstly see the pond when you enter into the garden.

The garden is quite huge and considerably spacious, if you guys would like to take some pleasant walk in the garden, it will take approximately 1-2 hours.

During November, the leaves here are changing into beautiful red color. Nevertheless, most of all the leaves will fall down in the end of November. And in case you visit the place during January-February, you might have a chance to witness the snow and that must be beautiful in another way as well.

The word “Kenrokuen" means “having 6 factors", the reason behinds this name is because this garden consists of 6 attributes that bring out the perfect landscape of the garden which are spaciousness, tranquility, artifice, antiquity, water courses, and magnificent view from the garden.

The garden is extremely beautiful that I don't have any doubt why it is ranked as one out of three most beautiful gardens in Japan.

Walk around in very tranquil and pleasant atmosphere, enjoy the scenery along the way and I don't feel tired at all.

This is the method to protect the branches of the pine trees in the garden by having the ropes attached in a conical array to the trees in order to prevent the branches from breaking and that could help the trees to have beautiful branches as well.

I think it is nearly dawn now, thus, I leave the garden and go to Kanazawa palace.

Not far from Kenrokuen garden, just walk across the street and you will reach at the entrance which located inside Kanazawa castle.

Kanazawa Castle was constructed in 1040 and it used for the residence of Kaga clan.

In the past, the palace has got in fire many times that makes many parts of the building get damaged and collapsed.

Therefore, it was reconstructed according to the prototype of the original building before it was burnt.

Since I visit the castle quiet late in the evening that it is quite near to the closing time, thus, I walk up the hill beside the castle to watch the view above instead.

Take a walk around the castle until 5.00pm, the sky is getting dark and it is time to go back to the hotel for some rest now.

From the castle, I walk back to the main street.

At first I plan to wait for the bus and get back to train station.

However, the atmosphere is good with the pleasant weather, thus, I decide to take some walk to enjoy the view until I reach at Omicho market, and then I get on the bus back to Kanazawa station before walking back to the hotel.

At night, I recall that I will go to Shirakawago tomorrow and stay there for 1 night.

Thus, if I carry the baggage with me, I'm scared that there is no place for leaving the baggage and it would be inconvenient to carry the bag on the journey.

At the end, I decide to take Shinkansen train to Toyama city first to leave the big baggage at the hotel two days in advance.

This is the first time in my life travelling by Shinkansen train and I feel very excited.

The seat is wide and comfortable; it takes just only 23 minutes from Kanazawa city to Toyama city with the rapist speed at more than 260 kilometers per hour.

When I arrive at the hotel in Toyama, I could not get into the hotel as the hotel's door was locked and need to have the key to open the door.

Thus, with my downhearted mood, I walk back to the train station to go back to Kanazawa city.

Nevertheless, I still plan to go to the hotel once again in early morning of the next day.


I get up at 5.00am in the morning, rushing to the shower and then packing my baggage.

After that I head straight to Shinkansen train station to leave my baggage at Toyama city once again.

The reason that I have to take off early in the morning is because I have to hurry catching the bus to Shirakawago as the bus time I have booked is at 8:10 am.

However, when I reach at the hotel, the door is still locked and I couldn't get inside.

I wait around in the front for quite sometimes and about to leave the place, suddenly the guy come out to pick up something at the door, therefore, I quickly followed him inside before the door is closed.

I went to the lobby and the door is closed, but it doesn't lock.

Therefore, I go inside, place the baggage and write a short note saying that in two days I will return back to check-in before rushing back to the train station to take the Shinkansen back to Kanazawa

Huhhhh…I am so tired since the morning.

Fortunately, I return to Kanazawa just in time.

I wait at the bus stop approximately 10 minutes for the bus to Shirakawago to arrive.

I have booked the first round bus ticket which has the departure time at 8:10am and this is what the ticket looks like, just a purely written in Japanese.

Finally the bus arrives. Let's go.

Along the route we will pass many mountains and there will be tunnels that get through mountains as well.

Stunning views along the way, however, I sleep almost all the way. I do not know why I feel such exhausted.

From Kanazawa, it takes about one hour and a half to reach af Shirakawago heritage village.

The weather is pleasant cold as the place is located in the midst of the mountains. During the morning, there are still not many tourists here.

The village is between 200-300 years old and located on the mountain in the area of Gifu and Toyama cities which are in the central of Honshu Island.

What I like the most is the shape of the roof here as its slope is up to 60 degrees to the ground and it seems like a person pressing the palms together.

Moreover, there are made from the materials that come from nature which is simply and yet beautiful.

We call this architecture as “Gassho-zukuri" style.

From the bus parking spot, we have to walk across the bridge to the village.

Today, I have a lot of time to hang out here all day. Hence, I walked around in the alley from one street to another.

My walking is really a mess and I also take some pictures with the house as well, when comparing with the size of the house, me in the picture looks very tiny.

Shirakawago village has been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995.

Therefore, it had become a new attraction in the blink of an eye. Many houses have become souvenir shops, restaurants and museums.

During January and February of each year, this place will be covered with snow.

Besides, there will be lighting show called “Light Up" which would perform the show during night time.

Please find more information about the day they will perform the show.

I met this cute dog; it's just had its tongue hanging at one side of the mouth.

I do not know where the owner is and let the dog sit here all alone in the front.

The weather is awesome and the sun is very strong as well.

There are many tourists visiting here.

I ran into a very bright red maple tree.

There is a scenic spot here on the hill to overlook the village of Shirakawago from a high angle view.

You can walk from the village in a walking distance

The view from a high angle, it is like a village in a fairytale for me.

As you can see most of the houses are facing in the same direction according to the wind direction, this could help keeping the house cool in summer and warmth in the winter.

Go down from the scenic spot, I stop by a little bit for an ice cream.

I take a walk around the village since 09.00am until nearly 04.00pm, then I head back to wait for the bus.

I am still confused what did I do for that six hours.

Actually, it takes around 2-3 hours to walk around the village only.

Tonight, I will be staying at Guest House YAMASHITA-YA. The price is 800baht per night.

The accommodation is located near Gokayama world heritage village and it is around 30 kilometers from the Shirakawago.

At first I thought that the atmosphere would be much crowded here. However, when the bus stops, I am stunned as the atmosphere is desolate, there is not much people here, no shop and no restaurant as well.

The accommodation here is a traditional Japanese house. The owner is very generous and I'm the only one who stays here tonight.

Upon checking-in process, the owner recommends the restaurant which is about two kilometers away.

Moreover, the owner offers to drive me there but I said it is alright. I could walk there by myself.

The bedroom is a bunk bed with one heater.

The floor is covered with Tatami mat.

The walkway in front of the bedroom is a wooden floor that if you walk, it will create a loud creaking noise.

Therefore, when you walk, you need to wear slippers.

And there are the sliding doors which are made from a thick wooden frame covered with white paper.

This is a sitting room area; there is a small table in the middle and cushions for seating.

I've watched in the Doraemon cartoon only and today I have a chance to see the real one.

After check-in and keep all the belongings and then I walk to the restaurant.

The atmosphere is very quiet and the sky begins to get dark. Every house is closed and there's no sign of any people.

I walk pass the cuisine which sells bear meat but it seems very expensive.

Therefore, I keep walking until reaching at the cuisine the owner recommended.

It is pretty late when I arrive at the restaurant and the sky is already dark.

I am very hungry at that time as I haven't eaten since the morning.

I order the tempura with rice and soup set which I thought it will be shrimp tempura, nonetheless, it is only fried vegetable.

The menu is written vegetable beside, so I guess it is just the side order. Poor me.

This meal costs 750 yen, and yet it is the most expensive meal for the trip I would say.

After finished eating, I walk back to the hotel in the dark.

Tonight, I sleep pretty well with all the warm blanket and the heater.


I wake up this morning with the best atmosphere surrounding me.

Looking out the window and there are beautiful mountain views.

During January, this place would be covered with snow.

I have my morning coffee and enjoy the view for a while before rushing to pack my bag and check-out.

My plan for today's morning would be at Suganuma Village which is one of the World Heritage Villages.

It is only 3.5 kilometers away from the accommodation.

Actually, I could take the bus there; however, the first ride is at half past nine. Therefore, I choose to walk and admire the pleasant view in the morning instead.

I continue walking and passing through the dam.

Pass through the small villages.

Pass through the hills and rivers.

Finally, I have reached at Suganuma village.

Here, the house is a Gassho-zukuri style as same as those in Shirakawago but lesser.

It is a small village and not many tourists here.

Let's take a walk around the village.

Some houses are using the front area to grow trees.

Some used as a storage area.

This house is open as a gift shop for souvenirs.

It takes about half an hour walking around the village.

However, the bus will arrive around noon, so I will have around an hour and a half to take pictures and watch the view around.

I take a walk until noon and then go to wait for the bus at a bus stop.

From Suganuma village, I will continue my journey to Ainokura village.

Getting there, you could take Kaetsuno Bus that runs between Shin-Takoka and Shirakawago.

The Kaetsuno Bus runs between Shirakawago and Shin-Takaoka is no need to book in advance. You can wait at the bus stop and hop on the bus right away.

The bus takes only 15 minutes to Ainokuraguchi stop.

And from the bus stop, you guys have to continue walking up a hill around five minutes to Ainokura Village.

The place is also designated as the World Heritage Village like the Shirakawago village.

The atmosphere at Suganuma village is tranquil, there is not much tourists like Shirakawago village.

Here, there are several museums and visitors could visit and pay for the admission fee around 200-300 Yen.

Or if you do not want to visit the museum, there are restaurants and small cafes to sit back and enjoy the mountain view.

This village is a little larger than Suganuma village.

Some of the houses open for tourists to stay.

I saw lots of Thai people along with their suitcases here.

The scenery around the village is mostly mountains, mountains and mountains.

This weather is really the best for sleep mode.

This old lady is pretty cool as she takes the bus and travel alone.

After walking for a while and it is time for a bus to Shin-Takaoka.

Therefore, I gradually walked down to wait for the bus. And while waiting for the bus the rain falls down.

There is no rain since yesterday at Shirakawago until now which I consider myself very lucky as it rains when I am about to head back.

The bus gradually drives up the mountain and the scenery slowly changes from mountains to the plain area, passes through rice fields and the rain is keep falling down.

From Ainokura village, it takes about an hour to arrive at Shin-Takaoka station.

It is the station that Shinkansen train will run between Kanazawa and Toyama.

And Takaoka city is the birthplace of the famous cartoonist, Mr.Fujiko F. Fujio who writes the cartoon “Doraemon" that is very popular.

I booked the hotel at Weekly Sho Hotel Toyama, it costs around 500baht per night.

The nearest railway station is Toyama station and it's just a five minute walking distance.

The room is in very great condition, as they have air conditioner, refrigerator, desk and lamp provided; just only there is no bathroom inside the room.

Guest could take the elevator to the eighth floor where a shared bathroom is provided.

If do not consider the bathroom, I think the price is very reasonable as the accommodation around the Chubu area mostly would be starting from 800 baht.

When I reach the hotel, find something to eat from a mini-mart then I slept for several hours.

And this is the food that I eat; it is Fried Rice with Saba Fish. I heat it and eat in the room.

Most of the time in this trip, I will buy the food like this for the meal because it's pretty cheap. It costs just about 300-400 yen per meal. However, I did spend money on snack a lot.:>

I wake up again and the rain still has not stopped.

After checking the weather forecast, I found out that it would rain for several days ahead.

Let's sleep then. Zzzz


This morning, I wake up with very cheerful energy.

Today, I intend to walk around Toyama city and during the evening I will go to Kanazawa.

This morning, the rains already stopped. However, there is a strong wind while I am walking out from the hotel and I feel very cold.

In Toyama city, there is a tram that runs around the city.

Walking to the south from Toyama station, you will see the Toyama Castle ahead.

It is a small castle and around the castle is a public park.

I stroll around the castle for a while and suddenly the rain starts to pour and getting to fall harder and harder. Therefore, I need to go in the mini-mart to avoid the rain and the cold weather for a bit.

When the rain begins to subside, then I continue heading out for a walk.

Pass through flowers along the canal.

And also pass through the roadside trees.

And along the walkway, it's a statue!!!

I do not know why they put it there, however, it looks pretty cool.

After walk for quite sometimes, I am too sleepy and think that I better walk back to the hotel to sleep. Zzzzz

I wake up in the evening and the rain still hasn't stopped. Then I think I should take the Shinkansen to Kanazawa. Hoping it would not rain there.

Anyway, Kanazawa also has rain as well. Therefore, I kill the time by walking in the mall around Kanazawa station before walking through the rain to Omicho market once again.

Then, I went back to the Shinkansen station and ride back to the hotel without taking any picture.

This pudding is very tasty; it is sold in every mini-mart with the price at 113 Yen.

It is soft and almost melting in the mouth. I eat and also enjoy the view along the Shinkansen ride. Spendid!!!!


This morning I plan to take a train to Osaka, therefore, I wake up a little early to catch the first ride of Thunderbird train so that I could have time to travel in Osaka all day.

When I reach Osaka, I head straight to the hotel to place the luggage.

I have booked for two nights at the Park Inn hotel and the price per night is about 300 baht.

Luckily, when I reach the accommodation, the room is available so I could check-in right away.

There are a Japanese futon with a thick warm blanket and one set of bathing suit provided in the room.

And of course, cheap room like this, the bathroom must be shared bathroom.

After finished arranging the baggage, then it's time to head out.

Today is the last day that I can use Takayama Hokuriku Pass and I could still unlimited ride on Thunderbird train. Therefore, I take this opportunity to ride the train to Kyoto.

When reach Kyoto, I recommend you guys to buy Kyoto City Bus Pass ticket and the price of the ticket is 500 yen per day

You could purchase directly from the bus driver or at the train station counter. The ticket offers unlimited bus ride in Kyoto.

I will start the day at Kiyomizu-dera temple as I do not know where to go.

This temple is a famous place for autumn red leaves of Kyoto city. Besides, this place also has been registered as the world heritage site.

From Kyoto station, take a bus no.100 and 206 and get off at Kiyomizu-michi stop.

From the stop, we have to walk uphill for about 10 minutes.

Along both sides of the street are filled with shops and many pastry shops.

Finally, I reach at the Kiyomizu-dera temple.

Here, visitors will come and visit this place for all year long as it is the most popular tourist attraction of Kyoto.

You could find many people wearing Kimono around the place, this make this place special and the dress also suits the atmosphere here wonderfully.

When walking up the stairs and turn back, you will see Kyoto from a high angle view.

If you would like to visit inside the temple, the admission fee will be at 300 yen per person.

Nevertheless, the day that I was there the red leaves is still not much. Thus, I think it would be better if I will come back here in my last few days of the trip. Therefore, I did not visit inside the temple at this time.

From Kiyomizu-dera temple, I take the bus to Gion area.

I buy some snacks from the mini-mart and then sit and eat by the canal.

Listen to the sound of running water while eating at the same time. It is such a good feeling.

After finished eating, I then take a walk around the city.

Walk to the Kawaramachi area

And walk pass Teramachi shopping street, thus, I go visit inside for a bit.

Along the way, there are a lot of shops, clothing stores and restaurants.

I walk until go out at another street, and then I would like to take the bus to the Heian Shirne.

However, I could not find a bus stop, therefore, I think I would just walk there instead will be easier.

It takes about 20 minutes' walk and I came across Torii pole. It is a really big one.

Then walk another 100 meters, I have reached the Heian shrine finally.

There are many children on a field trip with their school. Years ago, I visited here and there are not many people here.

This shrine was built hundred years ago in the occasion of the anniversary 1100 years of Kyoto city.

There is a large garden at the area behind the shrine; however, since it is already late evening so I did not visit there.

After walking around the Heian shrine, I then take a bus back to Gion area once again.

At Gion area, there is one street that has wooden houses in traditional Japanese style.

The atmosphere is great to walk around and take pictures.

Both sides mostly are tea shops and gift shops.

Walking around the Gion area and I did not know where else to go next.

Then, I recall that last year I once walk at Fushimi Inari area during the night time but did not go up to the to p. Then, today I will go there.

From Gion, take a bus to Tofukuji train station and take bus no.5 to get to Fushimi Inari area.

The most convenient way to travel to Fushimi Inari is JR train.

From Inari station, you will find the entrance of Fushimi Inari right away.

However, I do not want to pay for a train ticket, hence, I take a bus instead.

Now, Let's explore inside.

Fushimi Inari or popularly known for Thai people as the Fox shrine.

The place is famous for its thousands of Torii poles or red pole gates that are arranged on the entire area of Inari Mountain. This shrine is an ancient shrine and it was expected to be constructed approximately 1000 years ago.

All the way up to the top will be filled by Torii poles.

Total distance is about five kilometers circular walk and it takes about 1-2 hours walking.

During the night time, the pathway is pretty scary as there is no light in some areas.

During the first kilometer of the walk way, there will be a viewing point to watch the city of Kyoto.

Most people will just come up to this point, and then go down as there is nothing much different in above area.

Nonetheless, today I have a lot of time then I'll just go up to watch the view.

The walk way is just straight up on the hill and there are many shrines along the way.

This time I walk along with the Japanese girls and they chats all the way up.

Therefore, the atmosphere is not that scary.

And then finally, I arrive at the top area and I feel a little tired.

There is nothing to see much at the top, just only shrine and many small Torii poles around the area.

For those who would like to take a walk in the scary atmosphere, you should take a walk here during the night time. The weather is kind of cool and nice. Moreover, you could have some good thought while walking here.

Before I head back, I will stop to take some pictures.

I am a bit shocked as I see a shadow standing.



However, I found out that it's just my own shadow. Lol

After that, I take a bus ride back to Kyoto station, and then take the train back to Osaka

I am very hungry and sleepy.


Next morning, the weather is very cold and I don't want to get out of my bed.

Today, I use the Hankyu Tourist Pass for the first day. For this pass ticket, I could unlimited travel on Hankyu train lines.

But then again the first station from Osaka for Hankyu train is at Umeda station; therefore, I have to pay for the ticket to Umeda station first. I have to pay for little bit more but the price is still reasonable.

I take the train to Kawaramachi station in the heart of Kyoto city.

The weather today is nice with a little sunny and a little windy. Oh!! Life is good.

I take the bus no.5 to Enkoji temple; however, the ride could not use Kyoto City Bus Pass as it is out of the service route. Therefore, I need to pay an additional 160 Yen for the bus.

From the bus stop, continue walking about 10 minutes and you will reach at the temple.

The admission fee is 500 Yen. Inside, you will firstly find the rock garden.

This temple is the temple of Rinzai Zen. The place is one of famous places to admire the red leaves in Kyoto.

The landscape is very beautiful, there are maple trees that their leaves are changing color.

There is a place to sit back and watch the red leaves as well.

The atmosphere here is very tranquil.

The day that I visited, the leaves is still not red as it should. I think if I come during the end of the month, the place would be more beautiful and filled with all vivid red color.

There is a small hill at the area behind the temple to walk up to watch the scenery of Kyoto city as well.

The weather is pretty good today.

After Enkoji temple, at first I would like to go to Ginkakuji temple and then continue to Eikando temple.

Nevertheless, I think that the leaves are still not red as they should, thus, I will visit the places later.

Therefore, I then take the Hankyu train to travel in Arashiyama in the afternoon.

Since today is Friday, thus, there are a lot of people visiting here today.

Well. Actually, the place is crowded every day.

The red leaves here are so nice and the area is perfect to walk around.

While I was walking, I meet the old couple walks hand in hand; it is so romantic.

I walk until I reach at the entrance of Adashino Nenbutsu-ji temple, and as I see that the temple is filled with the beautiful red leaves, thus, I decide to visit inside.

The admission fee is 500 Yen.

There are many cemeteries inside.

There is the walk way through a bamboo forest to visit the small cemeteries in the above area.

Moreover, there are many small stone statues dotted everywhere. These stone statues are the symbol for memorial to remember of those who have passed away.

There are stone statues lined up everywhere.

Although it is already late in the evening now, however, there are still people bustling around.

Shops and restaurants are opening up the lights and the atmosphere is very beautiful.

Finally, I walk back and reach at the Arashiyama station.

The station is beautifully decorated with the lamps that lined up everywhere.

And this is the end of today's trip. Until now, this would be half way of the trip already.

I would like to end my Part 1 review here. This trip is quite long so I would divide the review into two parts.



 Friday, January 29, 2016 2:01 PM