A 17 Days 16 Nights Trip to【Indonesia】of a 17 Year-Old Solo Journey, Part 2 written by hoyberry

Part 1 https://th.readme.me/p/1786 From the last part..... I started out the journey, stopped 3 days at Penang before flying to Yogyakarta. When talking about Yogyakarta, many people would think of Chandi Borobudur and Prambanan. But that's not the case for me, my goal is to

A 17 Days 16 Nights Trip to【Indonesia】of a 17 Year-Old Solo Journey, Part 2

A 17 Days 16 Nights Trip to【Indonesia】of a 17 Year-Old Solo Journey, Part 2

Part 1


From the last part.....

I started out the journey, stopped 3 days at Penang before flying to Yogyakarta.

When talking about Yogyakarta, many people would think of Chandi Borobudur and Prambanan.

But that's not the case for me, my goal is to visit volcanoes, the Mount of Merbabu and Mount of Merapi.

I think my journey was quite a successful one despite some small obstacles.

I fulfilled my wish of climbing the Mount of Merbabu. It was incredibly amazing.

The route was both steep and slippery and I had to carry almost 10 kg backpack.

At night, I also had to sleep in the cold. I had never experienced anything like this before.

And, at last, I conquered the Mount Merbabu and safely return.

Of course, when traveling alone, sometimes we get lonely.

Sometimes, we want to talk to someone, but all we can do is talking to ourselves.

However, that we have made the choice to set out for solo journey, we must finish it, haha.

For this review, I'm gong to talk about another 2 volcanoes, which are the Mount Bromo and the Mount. Kawah Ijen

Then, I will travel to the land of gods and faith of Hinduism at Bali.

If you are ready, let's continue our journey!

16 August 2015

According to the plan, today I will take the train to Probolinggo in order to take the bus to Bromo.

I wake up since 5 a.m. to get prepared and ready to go to the railway station.

Before I leave the hostel, the staff gave me a pack of breakfast for me to eat on the train.

Then, I walk about a kilometer and arrive Lenpuyangan train station.

In fact, we can also take the tricycle, but because I want to save money (badly) so I chose to walk and sightseeing the city at the same time.

At the platform entrance, there'll be a ticket inspector.

If you are ready, let's get on the train.

When I get on the train, I got surprised to see AC and power outlets.

If the 3rd class train in our country also provide this service, it would be excellent.

The economy class here is similar to our 3rd class train, in which the seats are facing each other in both sides of 2:2 and 3:3.

What I don't like is that the space between the seats are so narrow. I almost can't move, it's quite uncomfortable to sit.

The train departs on time.

My breakfast is what I brought from the hostel. I'm not sure what it's called.

But it's so delicious. It is a bit sweet (later I try to find it but I couldn't get any).

The staff come to sell food all the time on the train, like rice, water, and coffee.

The outside sellers are not allowed to get on the train to sell food like what happens in our train.

The train takes approximately 9 hours to arrive at Probolinggo train station. It is 2 minutes late.

After breakfast, I almost didn't eat anything besides water and some snack.

I didn't dare to buy anything on the train as I'm afraid it would be expensive. I'm so so hungry.

I walk out of Probolinggo train station with puzzled as I don't know what to do now.

From what I searched, the bus to Bromo should have finished since 4 p.m..

So then I plan to find a hostel here first and take the bus to Bromo tomorrow morning.

Before I walk to the restaurant, someone said "Bromo Bromo".

Then I asked do you still have a bus to Bromo? How much? He said yes and we need to take this car to the bus stop in order to go to Bromo.

From here to the bus stop is 5,000 IDR (13 THB). And the bus to Bromo is 35,000 IDR (92 THB).

I'm ok with it. Then I walk to the car and pay 5,000 IDR. It is a small van in which the Indonesian call it Angkot.

This type of van is to be seen all over Probolinggo city, offered in several routes.

The driver is quite adventurous, he honks other people all around, very fun indeed.

At first, I thought they would take me to the Beemo Bus Station (the bus to Bromo).

But, instead, they take me to a tour company.

I asked do they have local bus to Bromo in a price of 35,000 IDR and they said yes.

Then the tour starts to tell me about the tour program, saying it would be slow if I take the local bus but if I go with them, they will take me to several stops and will take me back to Probolinggo the next morning.

They are so persuasive that I almost went with them and one of the foreigners agree to go.

For me, I insist to go with the local bus for 35,000 IDR.

Then they call another staff and talk in Indonesian. That staff call me out and take me to the front of the shop.

He told me to walk along the street for about 10 minutes and I will find the bus to Bromo.

I asked if they can drop me there but they refused, saying no no no and let me walk there myself.

Fine! ok, I will walk there then.

I open the map and find out that the place they are talking about is Terminal Bayuangga which is about 1 km away.

I walk about 10 minutes to find the scooter drivers whom park there.

It is almost 5.30 p.m. now and I asked if there's still any bus to Bromo.

They said no, all bus are gone. I can go with them in a price of 100,000 IDR (260 THB).

I bargain to 75,000 IDR but they disagree. They said for the distance of 40 km., they can't reduce the price.

Finally, they might feel fed up with me so they walk me to the bus company inside the terminal.

Then I find one uncle asking me if I wan to go to Bromo.

I asked how much and he said 35,000 and asked me to wait.

At this point, I feel so relieve... OMG, this is so good, I thought I would have to sleep here tonight.

At that moment , I am also very hungry. I quickly take some milk and cereal to eat.

Still, I'm very hungry. So I take another two breads topped with chocolate, very piggish, haha.

I am waiting for a while and the bus still didn't come.

Until around 6 p.m. when it's getting dark, someone said the bus to Bromo for 35,000 is finished. Now only the joint bus with foreigners is available.

This bus would cost 60,000 IDR, otherwise I would have to wait here until the next morning in order to take the 35,000 bus.

I start to get nervous, what should I do now....think....think...think...

Finally, I negotiate the price with them to be 50,000 and make a pity face for him.

At last, he agree this price and I pay him money.

Then he put me on scooter and take me to another tour company.

Then we said good bye to each other. I'm very impressed with him.

I sit for a while and then the forefinger tour comes, they explain things a bit about the tour before calling everyone on the bus.

And this is the bus that will take me to the Cemero Lawang village.

I think I've made the right decision that I didn't come with the scooter driver since the road is uphill, very curvy and it's so dark.

The bus takes about 2 hours to arrive at Cemero Lawang village.

The temperature is bout 10 Celsius, so I have to quickly take out my jacket.

The village entrance fee is 10,000 IDR. The driver drops everyone at the hotel before only me and the 2 drivers are left.

Then I asked I need a cheap hotel, do they know any?

They took me to find the hotel, walking from here and there and asking several people.

Finally, we found a 6 beds single room but with no people staying.

Then I asked how much for 2 nights stay? The answer shocked me.

They said 2 nights is 600,000 IDR (1,590 THB). Oh my, are you insane? Why would you want to fool me?

Then I said I don't have money and shake my head while saying no no no.

They said this is the cheapest I can find as everywhere else is already full.

I said "no no no I am no money." Then he asked how much I want?

I said 100,000 (265 THB) per night. Now it's his turn to get shocked and he said this price is impossible.

The conversation ends where I say I will go outside to find the room.

He's a bit upset and said "up to you".

Yeah...I'm also upset with the price, haha.

I walk out with my big backpack, walking around, here and there until finally one uncle approach me.

He asked do I want a place to stay? I asked how much is it?

He said 150,000 per night (397 THB). (At this moment, I'm not sure if I heard it correctly).

I asked him to type the number in the calculator in my phone but he didn't know how to use. He just told me to follow him.

He takes me to a small room of one bed size.

Well, let's say you will see this bed when you open the door, very narrow. The bathroom is outside and with no hot water.

Then I asked again: How much for two night?

He said 150,000 IDR.

I asked again is 150,000 for 2 night? He said, yes, 150,000.

Then, I paid him 150,000 IDR.

Before I can take some rest, it is already 10 p.m. Quite a tiring day today, haha.

When I walk out of my room, I see the Milky Way. But I don't know how to take the photos.

Quickly, I asked google of how to take it. And I succeed for my first time in life.

Then, I boil hot water for showering and cooking instant noodle soup before happily going to sleep (may be?)

17 August 2015

I wake up at 3 a.m confusedly. I wanted to go to Penanjakan to see the sunrise.

In short, I only sleep for 3 hours and now it's time to hike again.

It's about 3 km walk. I walk quickly with long steps each.

For the first 2 km, the road is paved and it's ordinary uphill route.

But for the last kilometer, the road is a mixture of soil and rock that we need to use quite a bit of energy to walk up.

Walking about an hour from the village, now I arrive at the Penanjakan l Viewpoint.

Actually, we can also walk further to appreciate the Penanjakan ll Viewpoint, but I stop here at the first one.

The light below is where the Cemero Lawang village is situated as well as where I started walking.

Light from the sun is slowly rising. I got a first glimpse of Bromo.

It is so grand and breathtaking. I really want you guys to see with your own eyes.

From the Cemero Lawang village, we can also rent a jeep to this Viewpoint.

But for small budget person like me, I chose to walk instead, haha.

Finally, the sky is clear and light. I've wanted the sun to rise for a long time.

Well, my mouth and legs are shivering for a long time.....so cold.

The volcano in front of us is Mount. Batok, and the Mount. Bromo is the one spewing smoke on the left.

And the one to the far distance is Mount Semeru.

I take photos until 7 a.m. before gradually walking down to the village.

Most of local here are plating vegetables and farming.

Some of them are driving the jeep for tourists (perhaps).

These kids invite me to play volleyball with them, haha.

And now I'm back to the village again.

When the sun is up, it helps release the cold quite a bit.

I go back to my room, eat instant noodle soup again before going back to a long sleep.........

I stay in my room until about 2 p.m. before getting ready to go to Bromo.

When I open the door, I see the owner again. He said if I want to stay another night, I must pay 150,000.

What! Did you say two night for 150,000?

Or did you hear it as to night. Oh no no no......

I negotiate to 100,000 but he insist 150,000.

Then I go back to my room, pack up and leave the place. And say thank you to the owner.

I walk out, sit on the street, thinking to myself, what should I do now?

The room for almost 400 THB a night is so expensive.

I turn back to see tables and chairs in which I don't know belong to whom but I place my stuff there anyway.

Then, I decided to go to Bromo first and will think of tonight thing later.

The path to the Bromo is near the Cemera Indah Hotel.

In fact, this is the route for horses so horse feces is all over the place.

This road is quite dusty, so my shoes and pants are all dusty.

Walking shortcut here and there, it doesn't take so long for me to get down.

Now, we will continue walk to the Mount. Bromo for another 2 km.

3... 2..... 1, let's jump!

In the evening, there's less people and car, so it's not too dusty.

But we can't take the Mount. Batok photo due to back-lighting, haha.

Just keep walking and about half an hour we will reach the starting point to walk to Mount Bromo.

Looking back, it's the temple over there in which I'm not sure if we are allowed to visit.

I meet this horse and asked for a photography.

Finally, we arrive at the Mount Bromo walking up starting point, so magnificent!

When looking afar, it seems the stairs are not so steep.

But in a close up look, it's so steep. Just by looking, I'm already scared, haha.

Walking up half way and I'm panting. It\s really tiring.

I stop for 30 seconds before continue walking. I'm not tired, I'm no sore, fighting!

And finally....I'm here at the mouth of the volcano....Oh My Gosh.....

The sound is so loud. It seems like the machine is working.

This photo takes a lot of courage and madness. Just one miss step, I could be down there.

When I sit, I'm so thrilled whether I will be fall too, haha.

The path is wide, not so horrible (really? haha).

Western tourists walk really far to the small point on the peak of that far distance volcano.

I also wanted to go but it's almost dark so let's skip it this time.

The sun slowly goes down from the horizon.

Mount Bromo, I have to go now, I hope we can meet again.

The sound inside the volcano is so loud that we can hear it from the mouth of the volcano.

The sound is like the working machine.

But when I walk down from the stairs, I can't hear it any longer.

That the sun has gone down, now everything is gradually dark.

I'm walking alone in the desert and try to go back to the village.

Everything is so dark but the stars are shining bright.

Thanks god that I didn't forget to bring the flashlight with me. I walk back to the village at about 7 p.m.

The cold starts to visit so does the hunger.

I quickly open my bag, grab instant noodle, boil hot water, make an ovaltine drink and eat with bread.

Now I'm sitting in front of a house that I don't even know whose house is it, haha.

It is so delicious, the instant noodle among the cold.

I sit and relax for a while and the owner of last night came see me (at that time, I'm a bit angry at him as why he didn't reduce the price for me, haha).

He asked me to sleep with him (from the anger turns into impression now).

But I don't know why, I chose to refuse him.

I said, that's alright I will take the photos of stars tonight, haha.

Believe it or not, this is the most terrible mistaken decision I've made.

After that, I walk to the Camera Indah hotel and see some Thai tourists.

They come in a big group. They are drinking while setting the camera for star shooting.

I didn't go say hi to them. I sit alone quietly at the nearby table.

At last, we didn't talk. And about 10 p.m. they go to sleep.

Now, only me left. Everything is in complete quiet. No people on the street, not even a dog.

So tonight I really have to sleep on the street....I walk back where I put my backpack and try to sleep.

It is unexplained cold.....I'm so suffering. I sit shivering the whole night.

Perhaps, this is also because I didn't wear socks, with no Long John and the gloves also didn't help much.

Many times, I'm awaken from sleep to meet this extreme coldness.

And one thought run to my mind, what am I doing here? why would I torture myself?

But I can't answer myself. I just know that I wanted to come.

It is too cold now....perhaps it's time to do something.

Then, I turn on the gas and put my hands there. It does help a bit although not a lot.

Tonight, I must get through it.

I keep sleeping and awakening until 4 a.m. and I decided that what's the point of torturing myself like this?

Le'ts go to the desert and enjoy the Mount Bromo once again.

I wait until the first light is slowly shinning up from the horizon.

And there, the Mount Bromo and the Mount Batok are also gradually visible.


It's morning now but the weather is still very cold (big sigh).

So I just keep walking and taking photos.

This uncle is so diligent, he takes things to sell since early morning.

4 WD car and the volcano is something really cool! Too bad that I didn't get to take that vehicle.

About 7 a.m. and the tourists start to come and I won't walk to the volcano.

Now, I slowly go back to the village.

When I reach here, the Beeno car to return to Probolinggo is already park there.

The first bus leaves at 9 a.m. and the last bus leaves at 3 p.m.

The fare is divided by all passengers. If 15 people are here, it would cost 35,000 IDR per person.

Finally, when we wait until 9 a.m., only 11 passengers show up.

So it is 50,000 per person (130 THB).

It takes about an hour and a half and we are back to Probolinggo.

The bus will stop at Terminal Bayuangga.

Walking a bit further, we will see the bus of Angkot line, the yellow bus is already park there.

I will take this bus to the railway station to find the room as I book the train to Banyuwangi tomorrow.

The fare to the Probolinggo railway station is 5,000 IDR (13 THB) just like when I took earlier.

It takes about 20 minutes to reach the railway station.

From what I search from this review http://pantip.com/topic/32182522, it is said that there'll be a hotel named Madura nearby the railway station.

I then go ask the tricycle for this hotel. They said the Madura Hotel doesn't exit, only the Darma Hotel.

Then they also told me to hop on, they will take me there.

I said no no no, I don't have money, I will walk there.

They give me direction and point here and there but I didn't believe.

Finally, it takes me about an hour before I actually find it.

The blue shirt guy is the one who takes me to the tour company, he is still dare to ask me to take his photo, haha.

The hotel is located not so far from the railway station, just a few minutes walk.

But I'm too stupid that I didn't believe the tricycle so I have to walk in cycle to find it as marked in purple line.

And it took me much longer to find it, hahaha.

If we were coming from Terminal Bayuangga, we can tell the driver to drop us at Hotel Darma. It will follow the blue line and go pass the railway station.

The fan room is 75,000 (200 THB) and the AC room is 120,000 (318 THB).

The WiFi password is januarii.

The room is big and so does the bed. It is quite comfy to sleep but I don't know why they didn't provide the blanket.

I haven't taken shower for 2 days, so dirty. The whole body is very dusty.

So I take shower, wash clothes and cook instant noodle before sleeping to let the time quickly pass.

My stuff is a bit untidy, I'm too lazy to arrange it, my apology here (actually, it's not a bit but very untidy, haha).

In the evening, I come out again. The destination is the Giant shopping mall.

I want to go buy some more instant noodle, eggs and some snack.

It is not so far from the hotel, only about 2 k.m. After that, I go back to the room and take a rest.

19 August 2015

Today, according to the plan, I will take the train from Probolinggo to Banyuwangi and rent the scooter to Kawah Ijen.

In the morning, I wake up, sit and relax, cook instant noodle and save some for the train.

There's several trains to Banyuwangi with several class.

I book the 11.07 a.m. train in a business class for 80,000 (192 THB).

I leave the hostel at 10 a.m. and walk to the railway station.

I show my confirmed booking email and exchanged for the ticket at the counter.

The business class train is more comfortable than the economy class in which two people will sit in a row.

We have enough space to comfortably stretch our legs.

My lunch is the leftover from breakfast. It helps ease the hunger a lot, haha.

And it takes about 5 hours to arrive at Banyuwangi Baru.

The scooter rental shop named Tripoli. It is located in front of the Terminal Blambangan.

When I get off from the railway station, I look for the Angkot yellow mini bus again.

Then, I tell the driver to go to Blambangan and now let's go!

When I arrive at Terminal Blambangan, the driver wanted me to pay 20,000 (52 THB).

I'm so upset. Before I came, the scooter shop told me it only cost 7,000.

Now, I get fooled again, right.......(a big big sigh)....

And just walk a bit, I find this shop, Tripoli www.tripolitour.com

The auto gear scooter is 65,000 (172 THB) per day and the deposit is our passport.

Before I go Kawah Ijen, I stop by at the shopping mall to buy some more food.

In front of the mall parks the airplane, so cool, haha.

Before I get everything I needed, it is already 5 p.m.

Quickly, I open the Google Maps and ask for direction to Kawah Ijen. It is approximately 35 km.

According to the previous years review, they said that the road to Kawah Ijen was really bad, it's like the moon surface.

But when I go, the road is very good, only bad at some part.

For the last 15 km, the road is uphill but not so steep. We can continue riding as usual.

It takes about an hour to reach there. The weather is very cold.

I cook instant noodle again. This time, I cook big size instant noodle with 2 eggs. I have to say that I'm super full, haha.

After that, I bring out my sleeping cradle as I have to hike at 1 a.m. in order to see the Blue Flame at 3 a.m.

Tonight I try to sleep with my socks on to see if it helps ease the cold. But I'm still feeling cold.

20 August 2015

I wake up at 1 a.m. and other tourists also start to come.

The entrance fee to Kawah Ijen for the non-Indonesian is 100,000 (260 THB).

There'll be ticket inspector at the entrance. (Actually, if you don't want to pay this fee, I recommend you to start hiking before midnight since there'll be no inspector).

I walk quickly without looking at anyone. Along the way, all I an see is darkness.

With only the light from the headlamp for me to see the way.

It is the continuous uphill road. It is tiring, very tiring. This help ease the cold a lot.

It takes about an hour to reach the mouth of the volcano, in which the sulfur lakes and the Blue Flame can be found below.

We need to walk through the rocks down there. Some part,the rocks are very slippery. We need to walk with high caution.

Finally, we arrive! Now, it's 3 a.m. and I arrive here with one of the first groups to arrive.

I can clearly see Blue Flame in front of me. It is so close, within reaching distance.

Fortunately that it wasn't windy by that time, so the sulfur's smoke didn't come to me.

Usually, if you come with tour, they will distribute the mask to prevent the gas for everyone.

But since I come alone, I just prepare the plain cloth mask.

I take photo for a while, now the tourists start to gather more and more.

Locals here work days and nights. They dig for sulfur and carry them.

At 4 a.m. I decided to walk up to the mouth of the volcano.

I open the map and see that there's a way to enjoy the sunrise view.

I follow the western tourists and it takes about an hour. Just in time for the sun to rise.

Other people come as couple.

But I come alone....

My shoes and pants are full of dust.

I also carry the gas stove and the pot to boil hot water for Ovaltine drink, isn't it cool? haha.

This morning, the fumes of sulfur are all over the place that the lakes below are invisible.

Many tourists start to walk back.

I decided to walk down there again while the fume of sulfur also starts to fade.

When this uncle is walking by, I took his photo and he said, photo, money money.

So then, I gave him 1,000 (2.6 THB).

And finally, I arrive down here. The fume of sulfur is still all around.

Then, I walk around to find spots to take photos.

The small point on the top left hand side is where we started to walk down.

Ok, now, 3....2.....1....cheese!

I set up the 10 seconds timer before running to sit on that stone, cheese!

And this is behind the scene as of how we get each of these photos, haha.

I'm taking photos for a while before the fume of sulfur start to hurt me.

It damages so badly that I start to feel hurt at my eyes and nose.

Previously I didn't understand when I read some reviews saying that they almost couldn't have their lives safe.

But when I experience it myself, I understand it crystal clear, haha.

I decided to run for lives and running pass many tourists.

I see them wearing a gas mask and wonder why didn't they feel anything.

I start to cough and cough and cough...But now, I finally survive although in a bad shape a bit.

After that, I slowly walk up again.

I have to go now, Kawah Ijen, byeeeeeee

Now only few tourists are left since most of them have walked back since morning.

The starting walking point is back to the foothills, the total distance is about 3 km.

On the way down, I take about an hour from the mouth of the volcano.

When I'm down here, I pack my bag again, go use restroom and wash myself.

Then, I go back to Banyuwangi in order to go Bali.

The road is very good, I ride so fast that I almost get out of curves several times.

After returning the scooter back to the shop, I plan to go to Bali.

From what I searched, I need to take the ferry across from Ketapang to Gilimanuk and then take a car there.

I go to ask the Angkot bus, the yellow bus and tell them that I will go to Bali.

He let me on with a fare of 10,000 (26 THB) and the bus will leave when the passengers are full.

The ride is quite short, just about 6 k.m. and we arrive at the pier.

Suddenly, a person approach and ask me do I want to go to Bali, Denpasar, and I said yes.

Then, he let me follow him, I paid the ferry fare for 7,000 (19 THB).

After that, he takes me to wait. Soon, the bus arrives and he calls me to get on.

He said the fare is 80,000 (192 THB), it is the big bus and I don't remember if it equips with the AC or not.

But at this point, I'm not ok so I refused and told them that I would take the ferry to Gilimanuk.

Then he asked how much I want, he proposed 75,000 but I still insist that I want to go Gilimanuk.

So he let me get off the bus and point me to the pier and get quite upset about me.

After I arrive Gilimanuk, I asked the direction for the Terminal BUs.

They told me to get off the pier and walk to the right.

After I arrive at the Terminal Bus, a person told me to get on the bus for Denpasar (Bali).

I get on the bus, this bus is smaller than before.

He asked me to pay 60,000 (159 THB).

I refused as from what I searched, it costs only 30,000-40,000.

I also insist that I will only pay to the driver.

He got upset and told me to get off the bus, complaining in Indonesian before taking me to another bus.

Now, this vehicle is a small old van.

I have no choice now but pay 60,000 (159 THB).

The van is so narrow with no AC.

I got fooled again, I guess......

If I knew this, I would have gotten on the first bus. I shouldn't think too much, haha.

The distance from Gilimanuk to Terminal Ubung (Denpasar) is only 122 km.

But do you now long this van takes?

5 hours. That's right, it takes 5 hours.

The van leaves at 3 p.m. and arrive the terminal at 8 p.m.

Well, the road is very narrow, only 2 cars can go pass each other and sometimes we follow the slow truck.

And it also stops to take passengers all along the way.

I'm so soar. I can't even move my legs as it struck with the front seat.... so much fun....

In fact, when we arrive at the terminal bus, there'll be a small Beemo bus taking us to Kuta.

But we arrive at 8 p.m. so the last bus is already out.

If I were to take the Beemo, it would cost me 100,000 (265 THB).

Finally, I have to take the scooter for 60,000 (159 THB).

Well, I have negotiated with many drivers and no one give me cheaper price. So this is the first time that I take this expensive scooter.

At first, I was thinking to walk but it's too far, it's about 15 km.

This ride is so torturing, my legs are so soar.

My backpack keeps pushing me backwards so I have to sit still and makes sure I won't go backward.

It looks like we are posing squat for a long time and the driver is quite big so I got to sit in a limited space.

At last, I arrive at my hostel, near the Kartika Plaza.

I booked at Bedbunkers Hostels in a price of 75,000 (198 THB) per night.

I booked for 2 nights with no breakfast.

Inside the room, it is a 3 story beds, the AC is cool. It is my first time to see 3 story beds, haha.

The bathroom is not so good. It offers no place to put shampoo and soap so I have to put them on the floor.

And the sink is also relatively high. It's at my chin level. I think this is clearly built for tall westerners.

21 August 2015

I wake up, brush my teeth and wash my face before going out to find the scooter rental shop.

At first, I was going to hire it from Bali4ride http://www.bali4ride.com/, but no one knows this place.

Finally, a guy asked me how many days I want to hire. And I said 4. He told me to wait for a while and rode a scooter for me.

I asked the price for 4 days. He said 800,000 (2,120 THB). I'm speechless.

I showed him the price of Bali4ride which only cost 60,000 per day.

Finally, we agreed to the price of 250,000 (662 THB) per 4 days. He said this is the new scooter and this is all he can reduce.

I'm also ok because it's only 10,000 more expensive than Bali4ride and I got the new scooter.

I also asked him to send me to the airport on my last day and he agreed.

It is the Honda Vario 125, in Thailand, it would equal to Honda Click.

At Bali, if you are travelling alone or just 2 people, renting a car with a driver could be too expensive.

And each of tourist attractions is quite far from one another.

So I recommend you to rend a scooter. It is only 165 THB per day, quite a cheap choice.

Today I plan to visit Uluwatu Temple and Padang Padang Beach.

After getting the scooter, I find something to eat and head towards Padang Beach as my first destination.

Parking costs 13 THB. Then, just walk a bit and we will see the sea.

I walk to find a good spot to place my sleeping cradle to sit in order to boil hot water and cook instant noodle.

But suddenly several monkeys come out from nowhere, wandering around and around.

They also show their teeth to scare me. I got a bit upset that I have to move to new place.

Many tourists are sunbathing on this beach.

But for the sea, I think Thailand sea is much more beautiful.

While I was walking on the beach, I met a topless woman sunbathing and going to selfie in the sea.

Seems like she cares no one.

And not only her, I found 2-3 women doing the same thing. Or is this a normal thing for westerners?

After walking at the Padang Beach for sometimes, I move to the Blue Point Beach which is located not so far from the Padang Beach.

Here offers a lot of restaurants and it's such an ideal place to watch sunset.

I walk down to capture some moments and sit there to wait until evening in order to watch the sunset at Uluwatu Temple.

Bali has a strong sea wave, it's the perfect place for surfing.

I see this westerner brings the surfboard, I really want to follow him. He also has six-pack, woowow!!!

Like I said, the sea is less beautiful than Thai's. Krabi is much more beautiful.

I sit and enjoy there until the evening, then I ride to the Uluwatu Temple.

The road is closed when I visited so I need to make a detour to the forest a bit.

The entrance fee to the Uluwatu is 20,000 (52 THB).

My purpose of coming to the Uluwatu is to take the view of this cliff and the sea.

In which we can walk along the pathway on the cliff.

I set up my camera and about to take my photo but this Oppa just got in. Look at his post!

Actually, this temple is not that interesting but it has this cliff and the sea as a selling point.

The sun is set now, it means time has gone for another day.

My energy is almost gone too, I'm very hungry now.

Before I go back to my hostel, I stop by to get some Salapao, and bananas.

Then, I cook the instant noodle again at my room.

2 August 2015

I wake up early, pack my stuff and check out form the hostel as I will stay at another place around Ubud.

I book my room at Raffles Country Side for 192 THB per night.

I follow the map in booking.com but I couldn't find it.

Then, I search with Google to find that I have to ride the different route, which is 15 km away from the Ubud.

I got a bit upset now. At first, I wanted to stay around Ubud, but this place is quite far away.

It takes me quite sometimes to find this hotel.

Once i arrive, the staff come welcome and take me to my room.

Overall, this place is ok but it gets very lonely at night.

The WiFi is also not so good, on and off. The 3G is yet covered.

Well, I feel like this is a deserted hotel with only 2 staff. But I already paid, so no choice, I have to stay here.

After putting my things at my room, I set off for other attractions right away.

Today, I plan to visit Kintamani which is a very popular viewpoint where you can see the lake in the middle of two volcanoes.

And this place is not so far from where I stay. It is about 20 km. But when I arrive, the sky is close.

So I keep riding to the below lake.

Locals here are planting rice while viewing the volcanoes as the backdrop.

I ride around until 3 p.m. before going back to my room.

I relax in my room until 4 p.m. and go out to enjoy the city of Ubud again.

Many people fall in love with this natural city of Ubud.

It offers rice fields, temples, and market. This city is such a perfect place for relaxation.

I ride to Ubud and pass this bridge and see this small steam below, so I stop and take a walk.

Then I see the temple nearby but couldn't get in.

I see small route besides the temple with the sign reads, the way to rice fields, why not take a walk?

Wow, it really is the rice fields.

But this kind of rice fields, I have seen ever since I was a child. I saw it all time when walking to school.

Actually, we can walk another kilometer but it's getting dark so I didn't continue walking.

After that, I ride to the Ubud downtown.

There's many restaurants and massage shops as well as tourists.

I just want to take a quick walk, go buy something at the shopping mall and have dinner at Payangan market before going back to my room.

When I return to my hotel, the night time here is quite scary. I feel quite scared as I come alone. If we are here in a group, it would have been better.

The place is very spacious with a dinning table in the middle of the house. It has 2 bedrooms and hangs many photos of who knows who on the wall.

When I go to the bathroom, I have to walk pass this room and I got really scared.

Anyway, everything was fine for that night.

The weather at night time is excellent. It is about 20 Celsius, I fall asleep in no time.

23 August 2015

I wake up, get off my room and greets to the staff as usual.

Soon, they serve me breakfast. Well, in fact, only the bread and coffee will satisfy me.

But they serve pancake, bread, fruits, and coffee, such a full option.

But the taste.....ummm... it is eatable though not so delicious. I give 5/10 for the taste but 10/10 for the service.

Today I plan to go to Pura Ulun Danu Beratan or Wat Bratan which is a temple situated in the middle of Bratan Lake.

From my hotel, I have to ride about 60 km. I would have to ride back to Ubud before riding to the different direction.

Stop by for some flower shots

Finally, I arrive at Wat Bratan. The parking fee is 2,000 (5 THB) and the entrance fee is 30,000 (78 THB).

This temple is situated near the lake with the mountains as a backdrop.

While I visited, the water is dry so I didn't get to see the temple floating in the water scene.

The area around the temple

After walking around the temple, I ride up to see another lake.

After riding up for a while, I have to stop and go back; otherwise, it would have no ends.

Then I ride back to the lake near the temple again.

At first, I wanted to go back and take photos at the temple again but I would need to pay the parking fee again.

I showed him my old parking fee receipt but he didn't care. So I ride out.

Then, I stop at the road near the lake.

I walk near the lake a while and ride back.

Not so far, I see the souvenir shops so I stop. Most of them are snack (perhaps not delicious) and strawberry.

Really, nothing is interesting.

My next destnation is Taman Ayun Temple which is located on the way back to my hotel. The entrance fee is 15,000 (39 THB).

I don't know its history but I assume it's the king caste temple.

It has 11-story roof height with a pond covered all around. We can only visit outside but not inside.

I just walk for a while and cover everything.

After finishing the temple tour, I stop by at the shopping mall at Ubud to buy some food before going back to the hotel.

Normally, I just cook eggs with instant noodle but tonight I will add ham too.

But well, I don't know why. The ham has a sour taste like the Naem (fermented ground pork), haha.

I didn't go anywhere for tonight, just relax in my room.

I let the time slowly pass by before another day is completely gone.

24 August 2015

I wake up early, pack my stuff and get ready to check out and go back to Kuta.

I walk out of my room again and soon, the staff serve me breakfast.

It is the spaghetti, watermelon and banana with salad dressing.

The taste is 6/10, again, it's eatable but not so delicious.

After that, I said goodbye to the staff and go straight to Ubud to take some walk before going back to Kuta.

The Ubud market has a lot of clothes shop. I also got 2 bags. I really like them, they are looking so cool.

When walking around enough, I ride back to Kuta.

I book the Kong Coner Homestay for 80,000 (192 THB) per night.

It is close to the tourist attraction and not so far from Kuta Beach.

The room condition is ok with a 2 story bed but the bathroom shower is running a bit too weak.

In the afternoon, I have some free time, so I cook instant noodle near the sea. When the stomach is full, I set up my sleeping cradle. What a life!

I relax here until about 2 p.m. and return to my room to charge my phone battery.

In the evening, I decided to go visit the final tourist attraction, which is Tanah Lot Temple.

On the way there, two sides of road are accompanied with green rice fields. But like I said, I've seen enough of them, haha.

It takes about an hour from Kuta to Tanah Lot. The parking fee for scooter is 2,000 (5 THB) and the entrance fee is 30,000 (78 THB).

This temple is located along the western sea which is a perfect place to watch sunset.

I just keep wandering around.

The sun is about to set now.

The sun is gradually going down.

This evening is my last evening in Indonesia. The 10 days go so quickly.

Before I know it, it almost finishes. Sometimes, I want it to end quickly, but some moment, I really don't want it to end.

I walk around until the sun is completely set before riding back to my room.

In summary, for the past 4 days of renting scooter, I have driven about 500 km.

25 August 2015

About 9 a.m., I park my scooter in front of Kartikar Plaza shopping mall and call the owner to drop me at the airport.

I wait there about 10 minutes and he shows up and takes me to the airport.

When we arrive at the airport, he said the petrol is running out, he wanted me to pay him 100,000 (260 THB).

But I argued that even with the full petrol, it would cost only 20,000. So he said, 20,000 is ok too.

So I give him 100,000 bill but he has no change. He said that's alright then and wave me to go away.

You wanted to fool my money, it wouldn't be that easy (I think secretly , haha).

Denpasar Airport seems big but it's actually quite small.

I surprise a bit that, if we want to go inside the check-in terminal, we must show the ticket to the staff.

I didn't print the ticket, so I have to open the Airasia application to show the staff. It takes me a while before I'm allowed inside.

I go through the immigration office to wait at the gate. But something happens again.

I leave my luggage there and go back to chill out at Duty Free zone.

When I come back, I find my bag missing. I thought someone stole it and carried on the plane. At that time, I'm very upset and frightened.

So I asked the staff and they advised me to look at Gate 2.

When I walked back again, I really found it on the staff's golf car. So I go to ask for it, the staff asked to see my ticket and passport as well as taking photo as a proof.

They might suspicious it as an explosive bag.

However, everything is fine at the end.

And then, it's time for boarding. For the returning flight, I fly straight from Bali to Thailand.

See you, Indonesia, until we meet again.

It takes about 4 hours and I arrive Thailand.

At that point, I'm very thirsty. The Denpasar Airport at Bali doesn't provide drinking water tank and I'm too stingy to buy water.

So I got some water from the bathroom and drank a bit while on board. I didn't dare to drink a lot as I'm scared it would be dirty, haha.

For the money saver like me, of course, I choose to go home with bus.

It might waste some times as I have to transfer the bus but I can save several hundreds baht.

Now I have returned home safe and sound and thus officially end my trip.

In summary

Bali, for me, it's not that impressive. I think it doesn't have much to offer besides temples. And although I like to go to temples, I don't like to travel to temples that much. Each attractions is also quite far from one another. So we get quite tired from going to different attractions.

This trip is quite a long trip, it is a 17 days trip. Perhaps, many people have traveled to a certain place for months and think that 17 days is a short time. But I've never left home alone this long before, this is my very first time.

Many people might wonder, why I have so much free time, didn't I study?

That's right. I don't study anymore. The simplest answer is...let's say I'm a lazy person, haha.

This trip, I spent about 13,000 THB for my 17 days trip. Don't ask me if it's worthy, it's much more than that.

Even though sometimes, I didn't get to sleep or eat,

sometimes I got so tired that I wanted to just pass out or go home,

and many times that I had to endure the heat, the cold and my skin got tanned,

but I do believe that this experience will help build immunity to life and become the unforgettable memory.

Some people might think that am I too money saving?

I get to travel outside, but I sleep on the street, only eat instant noodle, and torture myself.

Yes, sometimes, I also think that I might be money conscious too much.

But before I can travel, I have to save money for many months, sometimes I have to save it for several months, so I feel that whatever I can save I will.

Well, let's say my travel style is a bit poor and money saving one, please don't blame me on it, haha.

And that you see I only eat instant noodle is also because it's easy, convenient and money saving.

Also, I'm lazy to find the place to eat and the Indonesian food is also not my taste, haha.

For me, Indonesia is a livable country, people have great hospitality.

The cost of living is also not too expensive. Some are cheaper and some are more expensive than Thailand.

Now that the flight to Indonesia is also not that expensive. Airasia has a direct flight to Jakarta, Surabaya and Bali.

If you ask me if I want to return to Indonesia? The answer is yes, but probably not anytime soon..

If anyone has a chance, you can also take a try to visit Indonesia.


I would like to thank everyone for reading until this line, thank you so much for giving me the support.

Next trip, I can't tell when it will happen but the countries I wanted to visit are India and Neal.

If I do have a chance to visit, I would definitely write a review again.

See you again, next trip.

Good Bye (Sawadee krab)....

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IG : Hoyberry

Thank you very much