'Siam Tulip Field, Sai Thong National Park, Chaiyaphum' - Travel Without A Car! written by มะนาวก้าวเดิน

Sai Thong National Park is located in Chaiyaphum which is a province with high mountains and cold weather during June to August (rainy season) every year. This period is also a high season for tourism. The forest is green and filled with both big and small plants. It is very beautiful and distinct b

'Siam Tulip Field, Sai Thong National Park, Chaiyaphum' - Travel Without A Car!

'Siam Tulip Field, Sai Thong National Park, Chaiyaphum' - Travel Without A Car!

 Saturday, August 4, 2018 12:09 PM

 Travel date:  Thursday, July 12, 2018

Sai Thong National Park is located in Chaiyaphum which is a province with high mountains and cold weather during June to August (rainy season) every year. This period is also a high season for tourism. The forest is green and filled with both big and small plants. It is very beautiful and distinct because of the Siam Tulip field called "Tung Bua Savan" (Lotus Heaven Field). There is also an amazing waterfall called "Sai Thong Waterfall" and a cliff for those who loves adventure.

I followed the news on Sai Thong National Park's official page here:


This year, the rain came quickly. At Tung Bua Savan 1 and 2, all of the tulips have blossomed on the day I visited. Our trip duration is 2 days and 1 night. If you are ready, let's go!

Traveling without a car - you start by going to Mochit Terminal Station 2, 1st floor, line 14 "Petchprasert Tour" Bangkok-Phu Reu to Huay Hin Fon Market. Tel: Mochit 02-936-3230 Huay Hin Fon 044-133-039

There are only 2 rounds of departure per day that will pass by Hua Hin Fon. The first round is at 09.30 and the last round is at 12.30 (6 hour travel). You should choose the first round because you will reach your destination around 15.30 then catch the bus for Sai Thong National Park in time.

The bus will stop on the way for lunch so you can get to stretch your arms and legs. The bus doesn't go fast so it feels safe.

We got down the bus at Huay Hin Fon and crossed the road to Le ขวต Steak restaurant. Next to the restaurant, there is a ticket booth to buy return tickets to Bangkok.

There are 2 rounds. I chose the 13.30 round and bought a return ticket to Bangkok for the next day.

I crossed the road back and met Grandpa Udom who will pick us up take us to Sai Thong National Park on the next day for 1,000 baht. We will return from Sai Thong National Park at 11.00 AM.

I want to go on a bike like this one, but Grandpa Udom said that it was a bad idea because the way up the mountain is dangerous and there are a lot of curves. It will take around 40 minutes (30 kilometer distance)

First, we have to pay to get in Sai Thong National Park (for both the vehicle and visitors). Grandpa Udom just came to drop us off so the officer was kind enough to not charge him money. For Manay and I, we have to pay 40 baht per person at the Sai Thong National Park Tourist Center. (There is a place to put up tents in this area too).

Next, we have to pay for the tents and equipment rental which cost 345 baht. It was a small dome-shaped tent for 3 people complete with 2 bedding pads, 2 sleeping bags and 2 pillows. Now that we are ready, let's go!

We arrived too late in the evening so we couldn't find people to share the car fee with us. So we traveled by Sai Thong National Park's car. The fee is 480 baht (return trip).

Pha Poh Meung Tent Area is around 10 kilometers away from Sai Thong National Park's Office.

There are shops, restaurants and souvenir shops. I bought many of them!

Many tourists bring their own tents. I am kind of jealous of them! My tent is quite strong and good, and there are toilets for use in the behind the shops.

It is time to follow my heart, I had to hurry or else I wouldn't get to see the sun set in time at Pha Hum Hod.

Tung Bua Savan or Tung Dok Krajiao (Siam Tulip field) is filled with pink and white tulips. There are approximately 5 large fields. After looking at the map, we started our walk. We won't get lost!

During my visit, the 1st field had the most Siam Tulips. It takes around 2 kilometers and a half to get there. That means that today we will get 5 kilometers of walking exercise.

The atmosphere was awesome! We had a nice and relaxing walk while admiring the Siam Tulip field along the way.

We passed Tung Bua Savan 2 where there are quite a lot of Siam Tulip fields. Let's visit for a bit!

There isn't much time so we have to move on to Tung Bua Savan 1, the field where there are the most tulips and the farthest field

I came on a regular day in the late evening so there aren't many tourists but they actively take photos and they seem happy with the beautiful colored Siam Tulips.

For those who want to visit have to prepare themselves and their equipment for example sneakers, hats, water, an umbrella, a raincoat, a flashlight and most importantly, food in case you get hungry.

I spent less than an hour at the fields because I had to hurry back to see the sunset at Pha Hum Hod in time.

On the opposite side, Tung Dok Bua Savan 1 which is Pha Atid Asadon. I only admired the view for a short time as I can't be late. Hurrying to Pha Hum Hod takes time.

"Pha Hum Hod" is range of cliffs and part of Pha Poh Meung which is a famous viewpoint of the Sai Thong National Park. It is a large piece of stone extending from the cliff and around 1 meter long/wide and around 864 meters above sea level.

From the highest point of Pang Hei Mountain Range you can see a bird eye's view and the beauty of Amphoe Pakdi Chumpon.

Pha Hum Hod's old name is "Pha Nam Peung" as there are many bee hives under the cliff. However, the villagers changed the name to "Pha Hum Hod". The name originated from one of Chaiyaphum's governors who traveled here once and shouted with fear. (In Thai, what he said means that he was so scared because of the height).

We stayed at Pha Hum Hod until the last light faded out then walked for less than 300 meters (don't forget your flashlight when going into the woods), then returned at the Pha Poh Meung camping area. Eating is very convenient. There is electricity available from 18.00 to 20.00. You can charge your battery at the shops.

We showered after eating (the water in the toilet is very dark colored, but is usable)

We waited for the fog to greet us. The fog came at around 10 PM. We stayed for a long time until morning.

At around 6 AM, we hurried again to Tung Bua Savan 1 (same place).

We stopped by at Tung Bua Savan 2 for a little a while. There was so much fog and it was nice, but it rained a bit.

When we reached the field, there was a little fog but we walked around a took photos for an hour. We wanted to take a lot of photos so we won't miss it too much.

Visiting on a regular day is good because there aren't any people so you can walk around and enjoy the scenery to your heart's content. I took Manay off course and walked to the back of the field. It was quite nice- walking in the forest in the rainy season.

It may be a little slippery, please be careful. I kept on walking until I found a sign 'Tung Bua Savan 5'. This field is separated without any boundaries. The Siam Tulips haven't blossomed that much yet but there are cute little white buds to look at.

I took a walk and looked at the beautiful flowers. You can't get lost in here because the path goes in a circle. I went to say good bye to Pha Hum Hod again. There is a lot of fog this morning. I loved it.

I still have to check in at 2 places. We had breakfast and packed up our things for the officer to send at Sai Thong Waterfall near Sai Thong National Park Visitor Center.

We got to pass an exciting place again! If it rains a lot, the crossing here is dangerous if you drive across it. So be careful!

We payed our respects at the Poh Thong Kam Shrine first.

Then we walked around and enjoyed the view. In less than 100 meters, we turn left and walk down to the stream and cross the cement bridge.

A thousand year old tree. It is very large.

We walked back the same way and turned left. In less than 200 meters, we reached Sai Thong Waterfall, however, the water is dark colored because of the recent rainfall.

We finally reached all of our check in locations in Sai Thong National Park! If you visit some day, don't forget to visit all of them!

For those who love and admire a relaxing walk in the forest, cool air and welcoming fog, I really recommend Sai Thong National Park.


- Car fee from Bangkok (round trip) 239x4 = 956 baht

-Grandpa Udom's fee (round trip from Huay Hin Fon-Sai Thong National Park) 500x2 = 1000 baht

- Sai Thong National Park entrance fee 40x2 = 80 baht

- Tent/bedding equipment for 2 people = 345 baht

- Car fee from Sai Thong National Park to Pha Poh Meung Camping Area (round trip) = 450 baht

Total 2,831 baht (divided between 2 people = 1,416 per person).

** food expenses not included

The price is very good. If you travel with a lot of people, you can divide the travel fees between yourselves so it will definitely be cheaper!

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