There is a promotion at 1,999 THB per person for a day tour to Koh Tachai operated by Love Andaman. The trip starts from Tab Lamu Pier in Phang Nga.

We have arrived at Tab Lamu Pier and found out that there is quite a lot of people here. This pier is the one you come to board the boat or ferry to Koh Tachai, Similan Islands, and Surin Island. There are some coffee and snacks for you while waiting for the boat at 9 AM.

This is the registration table where you will get a wristband in different colors indicating which boat you need to take. In other words, you are able to see who would be on the same boat with you by the wristband.

Everyone need to take off the shoes before boarding the boat. Tour guide explains that it is a regulation required when visit Koh Tachai, no one with shoes is allowed on the island. The signage you see in the below photo should be the name of the boat.

This is the atmosphere at the pier and it is almost the time to go to Koh Tachai.

We are now on the speed boat. For those who easily get seasick should have taken some anti-motion sickness pill earlier. For me, I better sit at the front part of the boat now.

There it is! Koh Tachai is right in front of us. The travel time is about one hour and a half. My first impression goes to this crystal clear water.

We have well-arrived and firstly let's take a photo with this sign! hahaha

And then we don't hesitate to run to the beach. Even though the sunlight is totally strong, the ocean and white sandy beach are just way too beautiful. The beach sand is very delicate. It feel so nice walking on it with bare feet. Oh! I forget to mention that if you would like to do the snorkeling, the tour guide will lead you to the spot on the other side of the island. If not, you can chill and do whatever you want anywhere on the island.

We are wandering around taking photos.

It is time for lunch and I would say the food is pretty good.

After lunch, the program is to walk along the nature trail led by the tour guide. It is a pity that we don't see any hairy leg mountain crabs this time because it is a summer time. It is too hot for the hairy leg mountain crabs to come out during this time. The tour guide said that there will be a lot of them during rainy season. However, we are able to see hermit crabs and some snails. These snails are special. They are newly found only on Koh Tachai. It is called emerald snail or Hoi Morakot in Thai. This is named by Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn.

Then we are back on the beach. It is full with people though as you can see on the background.

We want to escape from the crowd so we walk to the rocky spot further down. There are not many people here so we can fully enjoy taking photos.

We have this lovely couple as the company on this trip.

It is time to leave the island which is around 3 PM. We have a lot of fun here and this is another memorable trip. Well, I guess I need to say goodbye to you all now.

Krisda Suwankarn

 Tuesday, January 19, 2016 9:59 AM