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From the headline, you may have guessed that I have tried something new at the Bangkok Planetarium.

This happens due to I've heard so much from my friend who keep saying that the Bangkok Planetarium has something new to offer.

Many people might have seen this headline of "The Bangkok Planetarium gives the happiness to Thai people by opening the new look of star room using the "Digistar 5" technology, the latest HD technology from the USA with the full option of magnificent sound and light."

And also another latest new!!! Bee asks Gubgib for marriage...Oh my...what a romantic man.

So as soon as I have holiday, I go straight to the Bangkok Planetarium. But....it's all fully booked!!! Oh my....

Once I return home, I asked my friend to help me book for the working day ticket as she lives nearby.

Then, I return again on the normal day.

For the transportation, if you drive your personal car, you may park along the street inside the ally.

But for those who's afraid of traffic jam, you can take the BTS by getting off at Ekkamai station and continue to walk for about 5 minutes and you will arrive.

It is located opposite to Major Ekkamai.

After walking in, you will meet this "Nong Tam Jang" mascot.

Then, you can go to buy ticket from the left building.

I got here at 11.04 a.m. and so I missed the 11.00 show and it's already full anyway. So I got the 1 p.m. show on Wednesday.

The ticket for adult is 30 THB and 20 THB for children.

And this is the working hours of the Bangkok Planetarium.

Then, let's take a walk around and enjoy different exhibitions since we still have quite sometimes.

Let's go see them together!

The First Building

When walking in, we need to let the staff check our ticket first. I see many people just walking in without giving their ticket to the staff for verification so she has to shout behind.

The Familiar Atmosphere

This is where everyone must take off shoes to find their own home.

A Little Spaceman

This is a very popular ride that is never be available from both adults and children.

Perhaps, because it's just being moved from the inside to locate here.

For the Science Zone, nothing has changed much. Perhaps only something has been relocated to here and there.

I asked the staff and learned that the new zone has yet open. But that's alright, our goal is to see stars.

The Next Building

The Underworld Zone remains unchanged, even the staff is still the same person.

Then, we walk inside to find something light to eat. This area also sells some scientific toys like the invisible ink. The canteen is also located in this area.

And this is the last building where we will be watching the stars today

I'm very excited about this World Map in front of the Planetarium. Well, it looks so new and much cleaner.

After we get in this small round thing,

The lecturer is the same old guy but what has changed is the topic.

He said that now this is the huge change to the Bangkok Planetarium as everything is showing in digital projector. It looks more hi-so, more hi-tech, clearer and more beautiful.

(I got this photo right before the show begins.)

During the show, the lecture reminds the audiences that the light from mobile phone and the flash might interrupt the show.

But still, there's people who ignore this T T. So I have to beg them to not use flash since the light is shining all over the place and it really disturbs the show.

Well, if anyone is going, please also cooperate by not using flash.

This show is the documentary film about the Northern light of Aurora, under that theme "The Amazing Aurora Light".

This is the dream of many people including my friend who really wants to see it and not sure whether they can see the real Aurora light this life TT (the dream can come true at the Bangkok Planetarium ;) ).

The show starts like it used to where they start to introduces all the stars and their horoscopes as well as in which directions we can see these stars. This is so useful for people who like to look up to the stars like me.

After the first half, it is the documentary film about the Aurora which is much spectacular than previously. From the small square screen, it now projects to the full hemispherical dome. The Auroraaaaaa, it's just like this, all over the dome.

This is much more exciting than before. This Aurora just blows me away. It is so beautiful, enjoying and pleasant.

For how this Aurora is generated, we can listen to the lecturer or reading the information from the exhibition outside.

Let's talk about my impressions

- The splendor of the show is considered a success. I feel so excited, give it a 5 stars level.

- For the stars which I have high expectation, it didn't quite meet my expectations as the stars were not so dark, neither as clear.

P.S. I take my sunglasses with the hope that it will help darken the scene. And yes, it does its job,everything is so dark that I can't even see the stars.

- For the shows in other places have also been renovated as well. The staff said that there's more exhibitions as well but have yet open to the public.

- For the entrance fee, I think we need not mention it, it is super super cheap.....For 30 THB, you can see every zones, every corners in every buildings. This is such a worthy price, suitable for everyone.

- During this time, there's a lot of audiences, I recommend you to go early for the ticket. And if you have time left, you can go see other exhibitions or go enjoy at Major Ekkamai or if you still have time left, you can also have a good shopping time at Gateway Ekkamai too.

This is the showtime of the Bangkok Planetarium.

(Please read again!! Do not think that you can get the showtime the same time as you arrive, it is quite difficult. My friend got there at 11 a.m. and got the 1 p.m. show ticket).

P.S. Anyhow, I confirm that the new upgraded Bangkok Planetarium is worth for you to spend an hour in your holiday time).

Lastly, their machine is really new. All chairs and walls have been renovated. This VTR keeps showing the process of renovation.

The Bangkok Planetarium also has the Facebook account as below:

This is the Science Center for Education, Bangkok Planetarium website:

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