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Today, Lattae Pun YenYen would like to take you to visit Suan Phueng district in Ratchaburi province. The reason why I use the word " I Come Here Because I Miss You" because 3 years ago I came to Suan Phueng district for the first time, tried to use DSLR for the first time, and wrote a review for the first time. Therefore, there were many good things that made me really impressed and desire to go back there again.

This is the 2nd time to visit Suan Phueng and I also choose to stay in the same resort, which is " Swiss Valley Hip Resort". It's because I like guest privacy in the resort and I am impressed with all services there.

Let's see how different between the last 3 years and nowadays in Suan Phueng.

Also, I would like to leave a link here as it is the first review in my life at Swiss Valley Hip Resort, which I visited here 3 years ago.

The first review of Swiss Valley Hip Resort (in Thai language)


The first picture....A shepherd girl @Swiss Valley

We are now arriving to Swiss Valley Hip Resort. This resort has very high privacy because the resort doesn't allow other persons from outside to enter to the resort area. Only the resort's guests are allowed.

We can see this banner very often in social media. After seeing this banner, I just realised that it's located here. This banner is situated in front of the resort where many people usually stop by and take some pictures with this banner like it's a landmark of the resort.

By the way, have you chosen to go with " those you love" or to stay with "those who love you"?

Before entering to the resort area, a security staff tells us some information about the resort and guide us which direction to drive to the car park.

There is a big grass clock on a grass lawn....You can see how big is it by looking at those horses.

Welcome to Swiss Valley.

After parking our car, there is a golf cart waiting for taking us to the lobby for check-in.

The resort is beautifully decorated by many decoration items such as a post box, an ancient minibus, a colourful bench, etc...And you can start taking many pictures on the way from the lobby to your room.

A welcome drink made from grape juice.

We are waiting for check-in at the lobby....Let's sit down for a while.

The lobby is quite spacious with many decoration items.

There is a beautiful vintage-style lamp on the ceiling, which is going well with cushions and curtains.

After completing the check-in process, let's go to our room....

A golf cart takes us to our dream land.

Our room for today is S.6 Riesling.

Each room has its own design. Our room is decorated with traditional British style, which I requested on the day I made a booking.

Each villa has different flag in front of the door, depending on its decoration style.

A small detail in front of our room. It's look really refreshing and relaxing.

There is a stair outside the villa where we can climb up to the rooftop to see the sky full of the stars at night.

After entering to the room, we encounter a pastel green wall. It looks so sweet and it's the main reason why we have to stay in this room.

Sitting down at this corner makes me feel like I am a princess...So sweet...Haha...It is quite different from my personality though.

After seeing this bed, it makes me feel like I can't even touch the bed since it's so beautiful....Very impressive.

These 2 hats are complimentary.

The room price during the period we stay is around THB 6,000. But we made a booking with a travel agent, so the price is a little bit lower.

A vintage-style telephone looks so sweet but it can't be called out. However, during check-in a staff gave us a mobile phone for calling a golf-cart service.

There are many cute and small decoration items all over the room.

In fact, I don't feel too much about this since each item has been placed on the right place with the right position.

A couple of Teddy bears, which is absolutely suitable for honeymoon couples. All items are really sweet and romantic.

There is a sitting area at the end of the bed with many cushions.

There are 2 entertainment corners in our room with TV and DVD player. We can find these corner at the living room and the bedroom.

There is a long sofa bed with many cushions. These items are suitable for our real relaxation.

There are many small dolls that has been placed in almost everywhere in the room. It makes me so happy because I really like dolls.

I think it this villa is really suitable for representing England.

Personally, I like this decoration style. Sitting down in every corner and looking at the room in every moment made me feel so happy.

Even the cups and saucers in our room are painted with vintage pattern.

There are free tea and coffee set, as well as free minibar....So good.

There is a wardrobe that covered by a curtain instead of a wooden door. Also, cloth hangers and bathrobes have been arranged inside the wardrobe.

A safe box and a pair of shoes are already provided for being used.

The bathroom is spacious and comfortable. Also, the bathroom door can be closed properly. What I want to say is that many places I have visited often had little problem with the bathroom door. In some places, the bathroom doesn't have a door or it has a door but can't be locked. As a result, you will feel uncomfortable to use the bathroom when you are staying with your friend(s) or acquaintance(s).

There is a toilet rinsing spray for our comfortable cleanness.

There is a big bathtub where 2 persons can soak themselves comfortably.

There are normal shower and rain shower next to the bathtub. For shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion, each of these have been put into a small container with its own label.

Another cute corner in the bathroom.

After inspecting the room, we call a staff to take a tour around the resort. The reason why we called the staff for golf-cart service is that the resort area is very large and walking from one place to another is quite tired.

The first place we are going to visit is " A Bridge of Love".

We don't have to go to South Korea for leaving a lock on a bridge like other people do, since we can do it here. A staff brings 2 locks for us to write our name and lock into a part of the bridge. Then, we throw away a lock's key under the bridge.

After leaving the lock on the bridge, we are going to play a role of shepherd girls.

A red tractor with a big sign of Swiss Valley contrasts with the green grass lawn.

A small red airplane standing among a group of guarded sheep.

We are going to play archery game for improving our accuracy skill. All activities in the resort such as horse riding, feeding sheep, archery, and golf are free of charge. Unfortunately, we can't play golf at this time because it rains in the evening...So pity.

We compete each other to find out who has a better shooting skill. I just shoot for 4-5 time and my arms are so tired...Haha.

The last activity of the day is spending time in a sauna room....Oooh...Today we have done many activities.

Let's have a look at the fitness centre first.

There is only one sauna room in the resort. If you want to use the sauna room, you just lock the door and use it right away. There are some towels, a shower area, and some bathrobes inside the sauna room...It looks so private...

In case somebody wants to use the sauna room, he/she need to have a look at the front door for availability. If there are some shoes in front of the sauna room, it means that the sauna room is occupied. ^^

The sauna room is located close to our room. So, we can walk here from our room without calling a golf-cart service. On the way back to our room, there is a rabbit house nearby the pathway. There are many rabbits here...So cute...Unfortunately, the ground is quite wet because of the rain.

There are some dewdrops on a grass roof....It is raining the whole day.

The sun is going down and the lights from the resort are going to be turned on. I start feeling hungry again.

Let's go upstair to the rooftop.

Tonight, we will miss our opportunity to watch stars in the night sky, since it's raining all the time.

No worry...We can lie down on a hammock to receive the sea breeze. There is a roof here, so it can protect us from the rain.

It seems like today we are lazy to go out for a dinner. So, we decide to have dinner here.

There is a small candle on the table to add romantic feeling. This evening, we are going to have dinner here.

The atmosphere is really good.

It's 9 PM. already....We order a staff to set BBQ grills with 2 skewers. One with chicken and another one with pork. The skewers are quite long, around 1 foot.

We grill the BBQ with great atmosphere at night....Just take it easy and indulge with the nature.

We are back to our room after having a BBQ dinner on the rooftop. We order 2 pieces of cake which are strawberry and green tea flavour....So delicious.

After satisfying our stomach with great food, it's time to take a rest.

Goodnight Suan Phueng...Let me hug this sheep doll before falling asleep.

Good morning everyone....Let's have a cup of hot coffee before going to the restaurant for breakfast.

This is our breakfast for today. This is just some dishes that we take from the buffet line. Actually, there are many selections of food at the buffet line but we didn't take pictures of those food.

A bathroom at the restaurant is well decorated the same as in the guest rooms.

After having breakfast, we are thinking of doing some activities that we haven't done yet. So, we should go for swimming before going back home.

Let me take a shower before jumping into the pool.

There are some hemisphere-shaped tents where we can lie down and relax during our swimming time. I remember the last time I visited here, they put salt into the pool for hygiene, but this time it has different system.

We still have time to do more activities.

Let's ride a horse...

And let's feed this sheep again for their breakfast before saying goodbye to this resort.

We find a souvenir shop at the lobby area while we are waiting for check-out. So, we don't forget to take a visit and walk around, to see what we can buy for our good memory here.

In summary, for this trip, I would like to give a score for 9 out of 10.


- The staffs are friendly, polite and really helpful with great service mind, which all things are the same as in the first time I visited here. After visiting many hotels and resorts, I think the staffs here are still being my number 1.

- The resort area is quite private. Only resort's guests can access to the resort.

- The resort has such great atmosphere with large area and many outdoor activities. The most important is that all activities are FREE.

- I really like the ambiance during dinner on the guesthouse's rooftop. The weather is really good and there is a private BBQ grill.


- The only disappointment on this trip is a lack of preparing BBQ equipment. When the staffs set the BBQ grill and returned to their work place, we found that they didn't provide plates, spoons, forks, knives, and glasses for our dinner. Even though it is just a BBQ skewer that we can eat by holding with hand, is really big and long so we are not able to eat directly with this skewer. Also, the skewer is sharp like a knife. The staffs also didn't wipe our chairs since the rain just stopped for a while and our table and chairs are totally wet. The staffs just came and prepare the BBQ set on the table. So, we needed to find a cloth to wipe our table and chairs, went back to our room to bring some plates, and we ate the BBQ without a knife...It was totally uncomfortable at that time.

I think I expected too much about this since everything was perfect in the last time we came here. We also had dinner on the rooftop. The staffs already provided everything for us and it's ready to be used...I think this should be improved....

However, our impression here is the same. We are happy every time we visit here. It's full of good memories with a lot of impression.

By the way, the other places in Suan Phueng that we just had a short visit, I will write a review later.

Finally, I would like to say Goodbye with this cute sheep...I love Suan Phueng and I will come back here again.


 Saturday, April 18, 2015 11:06 PM