Hello everyone...it's close to the summer time and the weather is really hot beyond any descriptions.

Today, Lattae Pun YenYen would like to escape from the heat to Koh Kood (Kut or Kood Island) in Trat Province, the farthest province of Eastern Thailand.

I used to visit to this province when I stayed in Koh Chang last 2 years. However, my memories have faded away....LOL.

So, let's start our trip now!!!

We begin our trip by driving from Saraburi around 5.00 AM. We don't want to be hurry on our journey, so we decided to start quite early in the morning. We drive on the motorway to Klaeng district, passing Chantaburi province and heading to Trat province.

Our destination is Laem Sok Pier. It's on the same way to Laem Ngob Pier for taking a ferry to Koh Chang. But we have to turn left to Laem Sok Pier on the first exit....Finally we arrive at the pier...And we spent 6 hours to drive from Saraburi to Laem Sok Pier.

This time, we are going to use the services of Koh Kut Express.

Once we arrive to the pier, we visit the tour office quickly, to get a ferry ticket. The fee is THB 350 /person for a one-way ticket, so a round-trip ticket is going to be THB 700 /person.

There is a car park behind the office. A daily parking fee is THB 50 /day....We park our car for 3 days, so we have to pay for THB 150.

We arrive here at 11.00 AM. but a speedboat will depart on 12.30 PM. So, we have to wait a little bit.

However, Lattae Pun YenYen is ready to go!!!

It's time to begin our trip....There is a storage area for keeping luggage and all stuffs on the 2nd floor of the speed boat.

We take a seat downstairs, which has air conditioning, a flat-screen TV and life jackets.

It takes 1 hour and 20 minutes to travel from the mainland to the island....Then, there is a free minibus service from Koh Kood Express to pick up passengers and drop off at different hotels on Koh Kood. So, we just tell the driver where we are going to stay...

Today, the weather is great. The sky is very beautiful and clear. And the sea is really blue....So perfect.

We arrive at Away Resort where we are going to stay for 3 days and 2 nights as it's included in a package.

It's 2.00 PM. already. Once we arrive to the resort, a porter comes to take our luggage to the lobby for check-in.

We receive a welcome drink, which is glass of cold fruit punch.

Below is a beautiful view from the opposite side of the Lobby, which we think that it's the landmark of this resort.

There is a bridge stretches down to the sea...So, we can see the view of the island clearly.

After completing the check-in process, one of the staffs is going to take us to our room....Let's rock& roll.

The Villa No. 7 is going to be our accommodation for the whole stay. It's "Deluxe Ocean Front Bungalow".

There are 3 room types here.

1) Deluxe Ocean Front Bungalow is located on the beachfront...You can enjoy the beautiful sea view here.

2) Deluxe Ocean Facing Bungalow is located on the 2nd row.

3) Duplex Bungalow is located on the back row. This type has 2 floors, so you need to walk up to the hill a little bit.

Today, there are many guests in the resort because it's on Saturday.

As I have a glance, most of the materials in the resort are made from wood...Below is a picture of guest houses...

A small water jar to clean our feet before entering to the room....It's really cute.

There are 2 chairs on the balcony for sitting down and enjoying the sea view with natural beach sound.

This is a view from our guest room.....It's so beautiful.

We can sit down and enjoy the sea view for the whole day without going anywhere.

There is a chic wooden sign hanging on the front door, to be used as a "Do Not Disturb" sign.

If we flip over, it will be a picture with a broom. It's a sign to let housekeepers clean the room.

On the side of the guest house, there is a wooden table with 2 benches for dining or chilling out with some drinks.

Once we enter to the room, firstly we encounter 2 big beds, which we can come with a family and stay for 4 persons...But we are only 2, so we can jump from one to another...Hahaha.

There is also a safe box in the room.

There is a white wardrobe next to the bed, an umbrella to use when it rains, and a vanity with a hair dryer. So, girls don't need to carry a hair dryer from home.

Amenities in the room.

Tea, coffee and drinking water are set on the table. Unfortunately, there's no minibar and refrigerator. If you would like to drink some cool drinks or just an ice bucket, you can call for the room service and order some drinks that listed on the menu.

Let's take a look at the bathroom area. There is a small window that we can open to see the view from outside. Also, there is a toilet rinsing spray for our cleanness :-)

There are full bathroom amenities in the bathroom.

There is a big towel hanging on the wooden hanger.....The area behind the door is a shower area.

There is also a water heater for your comfort.

A set of body wash, hair wash and conditioner is from "Yan Spa", the same as in X2 Resort....The aroma is so adorable.

There are 2 pairs of sandals.

These beach towels have been placed in a basket.

The weather is quite hot. It makes me want to drink cool beer.

Let's take a wake around the resort...First, we can start from the beach-side in front of our room.

Also, we can relax ourselves by lying down on these beach chairs and enjoy beautiful sea view.

You can sit at this corner to relax yourself while taking a sip of cool drink. It would be wonderful.

There are several small huts next to the beach for lying down and reading our favourite book.

You can choose wherever you like...

There is a wooden walkway stretching along the beachside where many tall coconut trees cover all the area.

It makes the real feeling of staying on the island.

There is a warning label on a coconut tree to let everyone beware of coconut drop, since there are many coconut trees here.

The atmosphere is quite tranquil and it's suitable for recharging our energy...So peaceful here.

There are many rocks on the beachside in front of the resort. Hence, we can't swim in the sea here...However, the sea view is absolutely beautiful.

There is a small hut for reading a book...It's so relaxing and looks like a beachside spa pavilion.

I really like this corner....Standing here and taking some pictures like I'm a princess in a fairly tale...Hahaha...It's very romantic.

We spend much time to explore the resort....It's time to go for dinner while the sun is going down.

This is the first meal at Away Resort. It's 1 in 5 meal that included in our tour package.

Let's have dinner here....The table that close to the sea would be the best...Haha.

Here is a bar where we can order some drinks.

For our first meal here, we can choose between Thai and Western set menu.

There are 3 set menus for Thai style and 3 set menus for Western style. And we can choose only 1 set menu for 2 persons.

Finally, we choose a Thai set...It's look like this...

There is a dish of fried fish patty, a dish of spicy cream soup with seafood, a dish of stir-fried seafood with chilli and holy basil, a dish of stir fried squid with salted egg, and ending with a dish of banana in sweet coconut milk.

The food tastes so good...It's very delicious with strong flavor and spiciness, which is pleasurable for Thai people.

.....Saying goodnight at Away Resort for the 1st night here....

One more shot....Goodnight.

Good morning Koh Kood with great atmosphere....

These are wooden chairs for each guest rooms in Deluxe Ocean Front Bungalow.

After waking up in the morning, we go straight to a buffet line in the restaurant for having breakfast...So hungry...Haha.

There are many egg menus at the egg station. We can order a chef directly at the station to cook some egg dishes for our breakfast.

After satisfying our stomach with breakfast, let's do some activities in the resort. And the most popular activity here is kayaking.

In front of the resort is a connection between a canal and the sea. If we row a kayak to the left hand side, it will go to the canal. If we row a kayak to the right hand side, it will go to the sea....So we can choose either the canal or the sea. Both ways also have different feelings.

We can also play beach volleyball, beach football, or beach Ping-Pong. And the most important is that there is no charge for this service...these are recreation activities offered by the resort.

There are also some toys for children...

There is also a swimming pool nearby the beach....We can enjoy swimming and watching beautiful sea view at the same time.

The spa area is located next to the swimming pool....near the entrance of the resort.

After swimming, let's take a nap for a while.

Well, I think I am hungry now....Let me order something to support my stomach...LOL.

I ordered a dish of deep fried calamari, which is really crispy and sticky...It's so delicious.

Now, it's time for lunch....I think we take much time to walk to the restaurant because it's already 1 o'clock...

There is a set menu as usual....We choose a Thai set menu like last time since we want to eat Som Tam (spicy papaya salad)...LOL.

Let me order a glass of lemon soda to cool down my body a little bit.

Following by a set of a papaya salad with seafood, spicy & sour soup with prawn and mixed vegetables, fried fish with garlic and black pepper....And ending with ice cream.

On this trip, we only spend our time in the resort and we haven't been out from here.

Inside the resort, we just do some recreation activities, take pictures, eat and sleep....LOL...It's such a real holiday.

This is definitely our real holiday...We spend most of the time in the resort and it goes so fast...LOL...After we do kayaking in the evening, we quickly go to take a shower and get ready for dinner...I think I will gain more weight after returning back home from this trip.

This evening will be our big dinner....

We order a set of BBQ seafood...OMG...That's a lot.

It comes with a cup of tea for washing our hand after peeling prawn and crab's shell.

Well, a set of BBQ seafood is more than enough for both of us. And we also have to finish other dishes....I think we will get enough seafood for a long time....LOL.

After having a great meal, I continue sitting here for a while...Finding a refreshing drink to sip while enjoying myself with beautiful sea view at night would be a good idea.

Let me order a glass of Blue Hawaii :-)

Goodnight everyone...This is the 2nd night at Away Koh Kood with this beautiful view....I just lie down on a beach chair and enjoy viewing the lights on another side of the gulf before going to sleep.

This is the last morning on Koh Kood....I wake up quite early because I need to check-out at 9.30 AM.

Let's lie down on a hammock for a while, to enjoy the sea breeze before going for breakfast.

Let's take some spectacular pictures before returning back home...

My breakfast for today.

Let me take some pictures from this corner again.....Bye Bye Koh Kood.

Farewell the trip to Koh Kood with Lattae Pun YenYen....

If I have another chance to visit here again, I will definitely come. It's quite tranquil here, and I really like this.



 Saturday, April 18, 2015 11:07 PM