I'm just say nice to meet you again. For this article, I want to talk with you about location beauty in Thailand at Samut Songkhram province, near Bangkok . Distance between Bangkok (BKK) to Samut Songkhram about 72 km. Let's see more reason to visit here!!

1. Good day for Weekend Trip

Samut Songkhram is a province suitable for people love Thai Lifestyle and Thai Culture. And the tourist love to come to Amphawa Floating Market. Because there are many foods and ancient wooden houses. But you can travel to another location more than Amphawa Floating Market such as Klong Khone, Mae Klong river etc. This province has many temples. Because of people's Samut Songkram believes faith in Buddhism.

Next activity

If you love cat don't miss Thai Cat Center (Amphawa) or Baan Maew Thai. Here have cute cats, including more than 100 lives.

Baan Maew Thai

Very cute

My girlfriend has a chance to hug a cat. Soon here have a plan to open a cat cafe, for people love the cat. :)

Oh So cute !!!

Again !!

And again, I focus to take a photo the cat more than my girlfriend. Because I'm jealous of her hug a cat. (LOL)

2. Good-humored person

As far as I am concerned, I always lost the way. (LOL). People at here help me with the intention. And they always give me Thai desserts and friendship. I think this is a good trip if you want to see that. Thailand, the Land of Smiles

3. Delicious food at Samut Songkhram

As you know that Thailand has good food. This province has a lot of delicious food to choose from as well. Let's see the photo. :)

4. Have beautiful nature.

Samut Songkhram is a province with a lot of coconuts tree. And there are natural canals. Good for recharge your life with nature. I really recommend.

5. Not too expensive

Tourism here is not so much money. Perfect for family holiday For one night accommodation starting at 1,500 baht. The food was fresh and the prices start at 100 baht. After all I'm tell you, Believe it or not, but I suggest you travel with your self. Finally, Have a good time. :) Bye

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 Wednesday, August 15, 2018 11:49 PM