Greeting to all review followers! Once we mentioned about the floating markets in Thailand, I can be so sure that there are various floating markets pop up in your minds.

However, it should not be missed to think of Amphawa Floating Market since this is Thai authentic market and it is one of popular floating market in Thailand.

Thus, I am not hesitate grab your attention as well as offer you the easy traveling during weekend to the place where is pretty close to Bangkok. Please follow me to Samut Songkram.

It is time to begin our trip to Samut Songkram, we will start our trip from Bangkok at 09.00 hrs.

We spend around 1 hour and half from Bangkok - Samut Songkram by driving a car towards Rama II road

This trip is so chilled out and we choose to visit the 1st attraction which is called Talad Rom Hub " Shut Umbrella Market", it is well known since long time ago.

Thus, we would like to take this opportunity to visit this place during the trip.

I have ever seen it only from various medias, they inspire me to visit the real place in order to prove whether it is the unseen place as per media indication.

According to the photo, I am so sad that I could not reach the market before the train arrival. I reach the market at around 10.30 hrs. The merchant told me that the train has just passed a few minutes ago.

After travelling around the market, I feel hungry and it is time to find some nice place to enjoy the meal. My target destination is Sopha Kitchen, this is the restaurant where we make the choice to try delicious menu over here. The restaurant is located near Don Hoy Lhod (Hoy Lhod highland). Let have a look at our menu. The 1st menu is deep fried tuna with garlic.

The taste is quite okay but it is not so outstanding, the size of tuna is small.

To be continued with our next menu, it is mixed seafood spicy soup.

This menu is so great, I really enjoy it. It generates various tastes that are bubbling in my mouth with spicy and sour taste, it goes along very well.
The next menu is Stir Fried Razor Clam (Thai Authentic style)

This menu is quite okay but we do not know why it is not so popular among us. We have 5 members joining this trip but it is left on the dish.

The next menu is deep fried razor clam.

We would like to try some other menu with less spicy. Thus, we choose to have streamed crab, it is also the nice one. It is the menu that I am awaiting for.

The price of this menu is THB 1000 per kilograms. At first, I hesitate to order this menu due to its price. However, I start realizing the purpose of coming here is to try streamed crab. Thus, I decide to order 2 crabs. I have them with seafood dipping sauce. It goes along very well , I had them all. If the crab carapace was eatable, I would eat them all.

As mentioned earlier that we have 5 members for this trip, we order 5 menus, the total price of this meal is around THB 1,8xx

It is expensive because of last menu; steamed crab but it is all okay in general except seafood dipping sauce. It does not meet my satisfaction (my personal perspective)

After finishing the meal, we visit and pay respect Krom Luang Choom Porn Khet Udom Sak shrine at Hoy Lhod highland for the holiness.

Now, it is time to check in to our accommodation, we will stay at Kala Canal Resort.

Finally, we reach our destination; Kala Canal Resort, the reception is just right away at the entrance of the hotel. The parking is just next to the reception.

The atmosphere is very shady, the area is occupied with coconut trees. It is quite private and suitable for relaxing.

After done with check in process, so it time to get some rest.

This is the pavement to our accommodation, it is really shady. The decoration is aligned very well with the nature.

We have seen many marquees on the way to our accommodation, and our accommodation today is Ban Thueng Fun.

Nevertheless, marquee is also interesting, it can accommodate 2 people. You are able to lay down on the hammock and indulge with the canal ambience.

This wooden pavement leads us to our accommodation, we will sleep nearby the canal to spend humble lifestyle. It is such the great moment to escape from the hasten life in the capital city .

Let' s start to indulge the accommodation ambience. For Ban Fun, it can accommodate 4 people, the price is THB 3000.

Since we are 5 members, thus we request an extra bed with additional charge @ THB 300.

The room is quite spacious because it is built as high marquee with spaciously using area for 5 people.

For the toilet zone is wide space. However, the bathing area is quite narrow. Furthermore, there is no curtain to distinguish both areas, thus the water is splash out once we take a bath.

After taken some photos inside the accommodation. It is time to chill out and discover the surrounding area of the hotel before continuing our trip on the boat to Amphawa floating market.

In front of the accommodation

The area of other accommodation and Food & Beverage zone

The time for departing from the hotel has arrived, we are going to Amphawa market. We rent round - trip boat for THB 800, you are able to contact and request fir this service at the report directly.

To sit on the boat and enjoy the moment of seeing humble lifestyle of local people along Lad Ta canal before heading to Amphawa floating market.

We spend around 15 - 20 minutes, we eventually reach Amphawa floating market in the evening.

There are plenty of food and appliances. They are both new and old items for appliances. This represent absolutely humble lifestyle.This place is suitable for wandering, relaxing.

For those people who passionate in classic songs, I highly recommend that you should not miss this place - Soontrabhorn Museum (Kru Ua House)
To indulge with the charming classic song of Soontrabhorn music brand, this place will showcase bibliography and master pieced songs of Kru Ua Soonthornsanan.

He was the pioneer who established the legend Soontrabhorn music brand. The music has been displayed to remind the ambience of former time. Almost albums can be found and sold.

To continue enjoying the wonderful evening at Amphawa

After wandered around Amphawa floating market for a while, I feel hungry again and it is the time to find some place for eating and we decide to have papaya salad and grilled chicken at Aphiwat restaurant.

The restaurant is quite crowd, we guess that their business is growing very well. So, let's have a try.

We have this meal very fast today, we eat all dishes with a few minutes. The food is very delicious and it is not expensive. The total charge of the meal for 5 people is THB 600.

We are so full and it is the time to continue our trip. It is already late evening after finishing our meal.

It is the right time to hunt for the wonderful twilight in the evening and the sky at this moment is such beautiful.

The last light of twilight in the evening finally disappears from the sky and leaves only darkness but it is really impressive to see the sunset with the beautiful atmosphere of Amphawa market.

Our 1st day trip has ended up, it is time to say good night. See you again on our 2nd day trip.

On the 2nd day of relaxing, we start our day by offering an alms the monk.

There will be a monk who paddles a boat in order to receive an alms at the resort pier.

After enjoyed the happy moment of the morning ambience, we also indulge our minds to align with the nature and the fog curtain of Lad Ta canal.

It is the time for our breakfast, let's see what do we have for this morning.

There is some snacks and light food available before you start your breakfast such as boiled egg, snack, coffee and coco (Ovaltine), Or it is a good idea to have some ripe papaya before breakfast.

Porridge is the breakfast for today, the staffs will take the order and serve roundly. They will not prepare it in advance in order to make it freshly cooked.

You will never regret about the porridge at this resort, it is so great. All members request for the 2nd portion.

Once I think of porridge at Kala Canal resort, it makes my mouth to be salivated.

After had breakfast, so it is time to check out. Anyhow, we decide to visit another place on the back to Bangkok

We visit Prok Pho Buddhist sanctuary, this place is named as one of Unseen Thailand as well.

This Buddhist sanctuary is covered by big Bothi tree and Banyan tree

This place is built for Buddha statue, you can see the Buddha statue named Luang Por Nil Manee statue or Luang Por Dam statue inside the sanctuary. This is the holy statue that was built in the late Ayutthaya era.

Local people highly respect this Buddhist statue and believe in his holiness. This has widely spread to the other provinces and attracted many people to visit this place.

I am stunned with the wonderful scenery of this Unseen Thailand, it is so amazing. I spend a few moments to wander around this place.

And last but not least once you visit Amphawa floating, there is another interesting place where you should not miss.

It is the ancient Christian church, it ages for a century. Local people call this place as " Bang Nok Khwag".

It is located on the bank of Mae Klong river, it generates such a beautiful scenery especially on the shinning day. I feel like I am standing in the European countries.

The building is designed as Gothic architect of France, it is glazed by black cement mixed with bonding syrup from black sugar cane

Inside building is decorated with beautiful mirrors from France.

Bang Nok Khwag church is well known as the most beautiful and most ancient church for Catholic Christian in Thailand due to its long legend and wonderful decoration.

Eventually, our Amphawa trip comes to the end and it is actually the funny trip.

It is suitable for those people who do not prefer to spend a long time on travelling, you are able to visit this place in the morning and go back to Bangkok on the same day.

To escape from the busy life in the capital city, relax with humble lifestyle and indulge your mind with the nature.

If you get the chance, I would recommend to travel in Amphawa, I surely say that you will fall in love with Samut Songkram like me.

Thank you very much for your attention till the end of the review. If there are any mistakes, please accept our apology.

If you have further questions, please feel free to reach us at

Thank you very much.