Hello fans, let me take you to a newly open Lanna-Colonial styled hotel" Nidhra Lanna Bed&Breakfast in Chiang mai. It's just open its door for the guests only a month, so this visit will get the freshness and not many reviews about this place for sure. So, I want to write this review for your consideration of a next trip to Chiang Mai.

The end of this trip, I will take you to a well-known Vieng Joom On Tea House, which is also located at the centre of the city near the Phae Gate.

To get there is convenient. The hotel is newly built with 3 storeys, each one has 1 room, so there are only 3 rooms in total.

My welcome drink is a sweet pandan juice mixed with jelly.

This is a family business and because there are only 3 rooms, so the owner takes care of everything and he does a great job for that.

Nothing is complicated here just like staying at home. Below is the Front Desk area.

Sweet dream deluxe is the smallest room located on the 1st fl.

Our room is "Sleep tight Junior suite" which is on the 2nd fl.

The last room is Good night Suite

Let's get inside the room after a short talk with Khun Pom, the owner of the hotel. Everything single room here is clean, simple but gives the feeling of colonial-style.

No key-card just a simple key and that is enough.

Once we are inside the room, everything looks clean with white color furniture. A comfortable bed with a black sofa right beside. All small details added here for the guests.

This room is about 43 sqm. with a big Air Conditioning so don't worry with the heat during the day.

Bedding and all details in the room are worth money. More than that we have WiFi here.

Bathroom is near the bedroom separated by a big curtain.

Bathtub gives the feeling of vintage style and I like the tile here. Dark color but well matched.

Big white mirror.

Bath towels and all amenities are well prepared.

Dry and Wet Zones are separated, there are the toilet hose and rain shower with hot/cold water system.

Many channels LCD TV

Complimentary of Mini bar.

Another coner is Sofa Daybed.

A big wardrobe with a security safe.

This evening, we will go to walk along a market street named " Wua Lai Street," which only on Saturday. The hotel has transfer service for this too. But if we plan to drive it would be hard to find a parking space, so we decide to take a mini-bus service, it costs only 20/round/person.

We are tired of walking along the street, but have a great time hahaha.

We are back the hotel had already prepared aTurn down service.

Our unorganized clothes were properly folded and well placed on the daybed hahahaha.

There is another surprise for us when we spot the sweet on the side-bed table with a short note from the hotel to say Good Night.

Every night is different and the hotel orders from the local shop in the city. It comes with a fresh jasmine garland and a Good Night note. What a great touch.

Good Night with this shot!

Good morning with a hot cup of coffee while waiting for breakfast.

Khun Pom choose a good breakfast from a good local restaurant from the city by asking us at check-in time what we prefer for Breakfast.

Bread, Croissant, butter and many kinds of jam.

Mine is hot rice porridge, my father has big boiled rice with fish.

My mom has chicken with rice with side dishes. Everything is well prepared.

Well, it's time to say good bye to Nidhra Lanna Bed&Breakfas., even it's a small hotel but the service is super quality.

Here I sum them for you;

- Great location near the city and Thapae Gat, everything is walking distance.

- Lanna-Colonial styled hotel which I never experienced before

-New, fresh, clean, big Air Conditioning and speedy WiFi

- Free Airport Transfer Service

- Great price and worthwhile your money with all details added in every single room.

- Good breakfast ordered from good local restaurants

There is a parking space for 2 cars, but if it's full you can park near the hotel area.

Overall, I am very impressed with the hotel and rate at 9.5 / 10. If I have a chance I will come back here for sure.

Next is the dessert time with a well-known Vieng Joom On Tea House.

You can sit outside for a good view or chilling inside with the Air Conditioning.

First, we were outside but it seems to rain, so let move in.

All drinks here are mixed with tea. Left one is mine with Thai tea but the rest I don't remember.

Small pieces of dessert.

All cost 500 baht with 5% discount.

It's time to say good bye to Chaing Mai.....see you again next review which I am going to Andaman Sea...


 Saturday, April 18, 2015 11:13 PM