Everyone needs the vehicle whenever we need to transportation. It is good to learn the evolution of vehicles. When I google it, I found ¨Jesada Technik Museum¨. The museum is not far from Bangkok. Are you ready to go? I choose the train for my transportation.

Train Schedule - ThonBuri (Bangkok) to Wat Ngiurai


The Train takes about 45 hour from Bangkok.

Today, I have a companion. We like traveling on the train.

สถานีรถไฟวัดงิ้วราย Wat Ngiurai

Walk out from the backside of Train station.

Just walk straight from the road.

Map from Google

Map of Jesada Museum

Map by Google

Finally, I arrived at Jesada Technik Museum.

It is a free Entrance but you need to register it.

History of Jesada Technik Museum

Initiated by Mr.Jesada Dejsakulrit’s affection and passion in automobile since he was a child. When he had chances to travel to Europe for his work, after each business talk he rushed to the transport museum in those cities. Then he was thinking about having an automobile museum in Thailand.

The purposes of the museum are for public interest, preservation of history and heritage of world-wide vehicles and machines. There are also for young and adult to experience, educate, and motivate their thinking in doing something else greater than this museum. Recreational destination for travelers all around the world is another Mr.Jesada idea.

Jesada Technik Museum displays vehicles from land, marine, and air opening with no entrance fee from Tuesday to Sunday. We also have activities outside the museum, for instance, antique car parade for the celebration of the king and the queen’s birthday and international rallies.

Recently, Mr.Jesada has established Jesada Technik Museum Foundation to run all the museum activities and to support educational expenses for poor students and other social organizations.

Open Hours : 09.00 - 17.00 ปิดทุกวัน จันทร์ครับ

Entrance Fee : Free

Address 100 T.Nguirai, Nakhon chaisri ,Nakhon Pathom 73120

Tel. 034-339-468 Fax. 034-339-467

Moblie Phone. 086-979-5777, 086-979-6222

Website http://www.jesadatechnikmuseum.com/about.php

No permission to get inside the car.

The car is from philippine.

It tooks nice.

I walked to the 1st car.

Mr. Jesada first collection is Messerschmitt KR200, a German Microcar. He acquired it through an auction in Switzerland in 1997. His mileage started from that point and he kept gathering vehicles he could from all over the world. A decade later the number of transport had increased very fast to about 500 collections. Mr. Jesada decided to establish a museum and open to the public in January 2007, naming it Jesada Technik Museum. The “K” in the word “Technik” is inspired from Technik Museum Speyer, a famous transport museum in Germany.

It is so beautiful.

I like it.

I don't really know what is it about.

It is a toy car.

It is very big garage.

He dreams to be a pilot.

Then,I walk about 200 Meter to the 2nd garage.

I wanna to be a millionaire.

He wants it as well.

All nice bus.

I wish I could have an airplane.

Thanks for reading.

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